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Philip is at the Brady Pub with his tablet, reading the article on Ava blaming Charlie for Carmine’s death. Philip wonders what Ava is trying to pull. Lucas then joins Philip at the table and asks him what’s going on. Philip says Lucas invited him to lunch, so he asks him. Lucas says that inviting him to lunch is the only way to get him to sit down long enough to tell him about the whole Brady and Chloe thing. Kate then arrives and asks what Brady and Chloe thing.

Brady imagines kissing Chloe until he snaps out of it and Chloe asks him if he’s okay. Brady tells him it’s nothing but Chloe feels it’s definitely something. Brady wants to forget about it but Chloe won’t let it go and tells him to just spill. Brady agrees to tell her and admits that he was picturing them having sex on the conference table.

Susan puts her hands on Ciara’s belly again and says there’s evil associated with this baby. Ciara asks if that means Ben was right about passing his evil gene onto the baby. Susan clarifies that the evil is not coming from Ben, but from someone else. Ciara asks who. Susan says it gets all fuzzy and jumbled up so she can’t see. Ciara urges her to try again, asking who the source of evil is.

Devil Marlena hugs Ben and says that he and Ciara having a baby is the most wonderful news. Ben thanks her but says it’s not according to Susan Banks. Marlena asks what Susan has to do with this. Ben explains that’s why he came, because Susan showed up to warn them that their baby is in danger. Marlena remarks that Susan won’t get away with this.

Rafe brings Nicole to his office at the police station. Nicole brings up last night. Rafe informs her that Tripp and Ava are in the interrogation room because he brought Ava in to question her about Carmine’s murder. Nicole asks what she said. Rafe responds that Ava said she had no idea where Carmine came from and that he just came in ranting, attacked her, and if not for her son, she wouldn’t be alive today. Nicole questions if Tripp murdered Carmine but Rafe says no, it was Ava’s other son, Charlie.

Philip questions where Kate came from. Kate informs him that she lives here. Lucas argues that he invited his brother for a private lunch. Kate decides to join them and asks what about Brady and Chloe. Lucas explains that Philip was down the other day because Chloe moved out. Kate says good riddance. Lucas continues that after walking it off, they saw Brady and Chloe going in to the Salem Inn together. Kate calls that predictable and feels Chloe moved out because of Brady. Kate asks what happened when Philip confronted her but Philip reveals he didn’t.

Chloe questions what Brady just said and what is going on with him. Brady swears there’s a logical explanation. Brady brings up Kristen being arrested. Chloe says she heard and she’s sorry. Brady then reveals that Steve caught Kristen trying to kidnap Rachel. Brady assures that Rachel is fine but she’s been asking a lot of questions about when her mom is coming home and he doesn’t know what to tell her, because he can’t tell her that her mother is an attempted kidnapper. Brady says he was struggling with what to tell her, so he asked Marlena for advice, and Marlena told him that he needed to be honest with himself before he’s honest with his daughter. Brady tells Chloe that Marlena believes everything that went down with Kristen is his fault because he wasn’t honest with her about how he felt about Chloe and then Kristen went crazy with jealousy anyways. Brady adds that Marlena suggested he was just hiding his feelings from Chloe and himself. Brady says he explained that he was trying to respect her decision to be with Philip which is when Marlena suggested he come to the office and throw her on the conference table. Chloe questions Marlena telling him to do that which Brady confirms.

Ben questions what Susan is not getting away with as he just thinks she’s trying to help in her own weird way. Marlena argues that telling them their baby is in danger is not helping and calls it absurd, arguing that Susan doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Ben brings up that when everyone thought Ciara was dead and that he was crazy for thinking she was alive, Susan confirmed it, so he will always be grateful and will keep an open mind if she has something to tell him.

Susan feels Ciara’s belly again but loses her connection again. Susan says she’s sorry as she really wants to help which is why she came all this way. Ciara urges her to tell her who the threat to her baby is then. Susan repeats that she wants to but it’s so much pressure. Susan says her visions come when they are ready and she can’t force them, so she needs to relax. Ciara steps aside to allow Susan to relax. Susan says she just needs to get back to where she was before she fainted. Susan works on her vision and says she sees someone who claims to care about people, but doesn’t, and spreads pain to those closest to him. Ciara declares that she thinks she knows who it is.

Lucas questions Philip not saying anything to Chloe. Philip says he realized that he overreacted and maybe Brady was just helping her with her bags. Kate disagrees. Philip says he’s not biting because he’s given up on jealousy, anger, and paranoia, so he didn’t mention seeing them which avoids the third degree. Philip asks why create a huge mess when it’s possible that nothing even happened that night. Lucas asks why Brady didn’t just say so if that’s true.

Brady apologizes to Chloe. Chloe says it’s okay and remarks that the table has seen a lot of action. Brady questions that but Chloe says nevermind. Brady reveals he heard what she said. Chloe refuses to say any more but Brady says she has to now and asks if somebody else was having sex on the conference table. Chloe then gives in and reveals that one of their employees admitted to having sex on the table last night. Brady says that last night means it was someone working late and guesses it was Nicole.

Nicole questions Rafe saying that Ava said Charlie killed Carmine. Rafe says he would normally think Ava was lying to get out of the charges but Nicole saw a dead person too. Nicole says she was trying to convince herself that she imagined Deimos. Rafe calls it weird that Nicole and Ava both thought they saw a dead person on the same night. Nicole notes that it was Halloween and Ava is as scared of Charlie as she is of Deimos, so maybe she did imagine him. Rafe then reveals that Tripp swears he saw Charlie as well.

Susan questions Ciara knowing who the evil presence is. Ciara guesses it’s someone who is very close to Ben.

Marlena tells Ben that he can be grateful to Susan but that doesn’t mean he has to pay attention to her half baked visions. Ben questions what if Susan is right and everything he was afraid of comes true about passing down his genes. Marlena reminds him that they talked about this before and assures he’s no danger to the baby. Ben explains that it wasn’t just what Susan said but she touched Ciara’s belly which caused her to faint, which freaked him out and caused him to come here. Marlena is glad he came and says the last thing he needs is some self-righteous fool trying to predict his future. Marlena declares that she will take care of Susan…

Philip questions Lucas talking to Brady. Lucas confirms that he went to give Brady hell and told him that they saw him carrying Chloe’s bag in to the Salem Inn, so he asked him point blank if they slept together. Kate asks if he admitted it. Lucas says no but he didn’t deny it either and that Brady said if Philip wanted to know the truth, he should ask him, himself. Kate argues it’s obviously true or else Brady wouldn’t be dancing around it if he didn’t want to be caught in a lie. Philip argues that it’s none of Lucas or Kate’s business. Kate asks if Philip is going to hide his head in the sand again about Chloe cheating on him. Kate wants Philip to open his eyes to the fact that he’s once again involved with a lying, shallow, phony who is just going to hurt him again just like in the past. Philip says speaking of the past, Kate’s jealousy has led her to dark places so he doesn’t want that to happen to him. Kate claims not to know what he’s talking about. Philip brings up Kate poisoning brownies when she found out that Chloe cheated on Lucas with Daniel.

Chloe tells Brady that she won’t confirm or deny but Brady says he can tell that he was right. Brady starts complaining, believing that Nicole had sex with EJ and argues that EJ took advantage of Nicole. Chloe stops Brady and reveals it wasn’t EJ, it was Rafe.

Nicole asks if Rafe think Tripp lied about seeing Charlie to protect his mom. Rafe doesn’t think Tripp would come up with a story like this by dragging Allie into it. Nicole questions Allie being involved. Rafe informs her that Charlie apparently was at her apartment. Nicole can’t believe it as she hasn’t even talked to Allie since all this happened. Rafe assures they are okay and that Henry was with Roman. Rafe says that Tripp showed up at the apartment when Charlie was attacking Allie and planned to kill both of them. Rafe adds that Tripp thought he killed Charlie, but he disappeared just like Deimos. Nicole calls it creepy and asks how he will verify everyone’s stories. Rafe says he sent a squad over to check the graves. Nicole mentions Rafe being pretty sure last night that Ava killed Carmine and it was over between them, but asks what if this is all true and Ava didn’t kill Carmine. Nicole worries that they made a terrible mistake.

Ciara shows Susan a photo of Ben’s father, Clyde, and says he’s in prison now after doing terrible things but asks if he could be the evil presence that Susan is feeling trying to harm the baby. Susan confirms she gets bad vibes off of Clyde and he looks mean but she doesn’t think he is out to harm her baby. Ciara asks now what. Susan offers to try one more time so she puts her hands on Ciara’s belly again. Susan repeats that she feels an overpowering evil. Ciara continues to ask who it is. Ben then walks in with Devil Marlena. Marlena demands Susan take her hands off the baby now. Marlena warns that she won’t be breathing much longer if she doesn’t do what she says. Susan is glad Marlena is there and thanks her for coming. Susan declares that if anyone can help them on this quest, it’s Dr. Marlena Evans. Marlena responds that she’s not here to help her, but to stop her. Susan argues that she’s trying to help Ben and Ciara. Marlena argues that she’s not helping, she’s scaring them when they need to stay calm and focus on giving birth to this very special child.

Kate tells Philip that she’s just trying to protect him. Philip responds that he doesn’t need her protection and that Chloe is the woman for him. Philip adds that Chloe only moved out because his jealousy was so out of control, so no more jealousy. Kate invites Lucas to jump in anytime but Lucas decides to stay out of it. Philip declares that he’s going to be the man Chloe wants him to be by romancing her, showing her how he feels, and he’s going to trust her from now on. Philip hopes they can put this all behind them and if he’s lucky, she will move back in with him.

Brady questions Chloe revealing that Nicole had sex with Rafe on the conference table. Brady thought Rafe was living with Ava. Chloe says that according to Nicole, Rafe says it’s over with Ava. Brady questions Rafe just happening to show up on Halloween night when Nicole was working. Chloe feels it’s none of their business but Brady points out that it’s their office. Chloe asks Brady to drop it and forget she said anything because she promised Nicole that she wouldn’t, but Brady has a way of getting things out of her. Brady apologizes for making her break a confidence. Chloe blames herself but feels like a bad friend now, so she asks Brady not to say a word to anyone.

Rafe tells Nicole that last night wasn’t a mistake and what happened between them wasn’t because Ava killed Carmine. Rafe says that was just an excuse. Nicole doesn’t understand. Rafe tells her that he’s been trying to do the right thing and keep distance between them like they agreed, but it’s been hell because he can’t get her out of his head and all he does is think about her. Rafe doesn’t know if Nicole saw Deimos or not or if Ava, Tripp, and Allie saw Charlie, but he does know that what happened is what he wanted to happen and nothing else matters. Nicole responds that it does matter because it changes everything. Nicole reminds Rafe that last night, he thought the worst of Ava and now it turns out Charlie could have been real. Nicole asks what if Ava was telling the truth and she wasn’t hiding Carmine. Nicole adds that then all of Rafe’s assumptions of Ava lying to him could be wrong. Rafe tells her it’s not about Ava but Nicole argues that it is, because she knows he cares about Ava and that Ava cares about him. Nicole knows how terrified Ava was last night because of the monster beyond the grave. Nicole cries that Ava was desperate and needed Rafe but he wasn’t there, because he was making love to her.

Kate sees the article on Ava and remarks that at least Philip isn’t involved with her anymore. Philip questions Lucas inviting Kate to lunch. Lucas says he didn’t. Kate says she’s just saying that Ava killing her former associate, who also shot Abe, and then blaming it on her dead son is crazy, so she’s glad he’s far away from it. Philip decides he’s done here and thanks Lucas for lunch. Kate asks if it was something she said. Philip says he has some place to be. Kate hopes he’s not going to see Chloe. Philip says bye and exits the Pub.

Brady promises Chloe that he won’t say a word to anyone because he doesn’t want to make her life more difficult than he already has. Chloe asks what he’s talking about. Brady says the other night when he helped her move in to the Salem Inn, he’s sure Philip gave her a bunch of grief about that. Chloe reveals he actually didn’t. Brady reminds her about his message warning her about that. Chloe informs him that Philip didn’t seem furious at all and they had a really pleasant evening together as Philip didn’t say a word about it. Brady can’t believe it but Chloe assures that Philip hasn’t mentioned it since. Chloe hopes this means Philip will take the high road and not let the jealousy get the best of him and that he trusts her when she says that she and Brady are just friends.

Susan declares that she would never do anything to hurt Ben and Ciara. Ciara agrees that Susan was just trying to help. Marlena complains that this is enough and accuses Susan of upsetting Ciara with this ridiculous story. Susan insists that she knows what she felt. Marlena knows she means well but warns Susan that this nonsense has to stop. Marlena thanks Ben for letting her help through all of this and tells him to take care of Ciara while she takes care of Susan. Marlena demands that Susan come with her now, so they exit, leaving Ben and Ciara confused.

Rafe agrees with Nicole that Ava needed him, but points out that Nicole needed him too. Nicole asks if Ava tried calling him when he was with her. Rafe admits that she did. Nicole guesses that Ava asked where he was last night and why he didn’t pick up, which Rafe confirms. Nicole asks what Rafe told her. Rafe says he told her nothing about them. Rafe adds that he was going to, but Tripp came in and derailed the conversation. Rafe tells Nicole that he’s going to tell Ava the truth, but Nicole tells him that he can’t.

Ben comments that it was pretty intense with Susan and asks if Ciara is okay. Ciara assures that she is and asks if Ben is okay. Ben says that he is. Ben notices the photo of Clyde and asks what that is doing out. Ciara explains that she asked Susan if the evil affecting their child had anything to do with Clyde, but she said that it wasn’t him and that the evil presence she’s feeling is not Ben or Clyde, but someone else.

Devil Marlena brings Susan back to her home. Susan argues that she was just trying to help but Marlena complains that all she did was scare Ben and Ciara which is detrimental to them and the baby. Marlena wants Susan to stay away from them. Susan argues that this is a storm like no one has ever seen and she feels that the baby is the center of it. Marlena tells her that’s enough and orders her to stay away from them. Susan questions what Marlena knows. Marlena asks how dare she speak to her like that. Susan responds that she feels things that no one else feels and sees things that no one else sees. Susan senses evil coming for that baby and she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t speak up about it.

Kate tells Lucas that he could’ve been more of a help with Philip. Kate thinks Lucas could’ve agreed that Chloe is a lying, cheating, little slut. Kate points out that Brady didn’t deny that anything happened between them. Lucas regrets saying anything at all and says maybe Philip was right that Chloe deserves the benefit of the doubt. Kate asks if he’s joking. Lucas adds that he doesn’t choose to see the worst in Chloe. Kate calls that foolish and laughable, because just like she has damn good reason to distrust Chloe, so does he.

Brady tells Chloe that especially for her sake, he hopes Philip has gotten control over his trust issues because it would make her life easier. Philip arrives outside the door and stops as he hears Brady tells Chloe that the Philip he knows would lose his mind if he thought they had sex.

Kate questions Lucas being naive. Lucas says he’s just giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Kate argues that Chloe doesn’t deserve it, reminding Lucas that Chloe cheated on him with Daniel and how furious he was. Lucas reminds Kate that she slept with Jack while he was married to Jennifer. Kate then reminds Lucas that he recently had sex with Sami while she was married to EJ. Kate remarks that “ex sex” is what got Lucas and Sami back together, so it could’ve happened between Chloe and Brady. Lucas concedes that it’s possible and if they really are getting together, then Philip will blow sky high.

Philip continues listening in as Chloe suggests to Brady that they stop talking about Philip and get back to work. Chloe reminds Brady that he cannot tell anybody what happened here last night. Brady knows she’s referring to the sex on the conference table and agrees not to tell a soul, noting that it will be their little secret which Philip overhears.

Nicole warns Rafe that if he tells Ava the truth, it will break her heart and she can’t let him do that. Rafe refuses to lie to her. Nicole says she’s just asking him not to tell her or anyone else and she won’t either. Rafe questions if that’s it. Nicole cries that she betrayed her husband and it was a terrible mistake, so she’s not going to betray her best friend as she doesn’t want to be that kind of person and she’s pretty sure he doesn’t either. Nicole can see the hurt, lies, guilty, and self loathing. Nicole worries that they could end up hating each other. Rafe assures that he could never hate her. Nicole responds that she knows they have to forget this ever happened. Rafe says no and declares that he’s not going to let it end like this. Nicole says she’s not giving him a choice and walks out of the office.

Susan tells Marlena that she cares for Ben and Ciara as much as she does. Susan adds that what is coming for them is too big, dark, and powerful for even Marlena to handle on her own. Marlena questions her telling her what she can handle. Marlena says she’s been doing just fine without her and tells her to go back to Memphis. Susan refuses to go until she figures out what this dark thing that is surrounding the baby is. Susan doesn’t care if Marlena approves or not. Devil Marlena grabs Susan’s arm and says she’s not going anywhere. Susan then turns and realizes that the evil is Marlena.

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