Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan talked to Mardevil about Ben and Ciara’s baby being in danger. Mardevil didn’t like the idea of her telling her about the darkness. She told her to go back to Memphis. Susan said she wasn’t going anywhere. Mardevil grabbed her arm and she realized she was the evil she felt when she held Ciara’s stomach. Ciara thought that Susan might be off her game. She told Ben that Susan might have her wires crossed. Ben thought she meant the premonition was for someone else. Ciara didn’t know why anyone would want to harm their baby. Mardevil said that she wasn’t the evil force. Susan didn’t believe her. She said they weren’t friends. She said she knew the truth and that she was the devil incarnate. Abe thought Paulina didn’t want to marry him because she kept trying to postpone the wedding. She said she wanted to marry him, but he was shot. He said he was well enough to marry her. He knew not to take one minute for granted. Ben tried to convince Ciara that Susan was right about her premonitions. She said it was comforting. Shawn and Belle showed up to see Ciara and Ben. Shawn noticed the look on Ciara’s face and he wanted to make sure she was okay. Ciara told them about Susan’s visit. Susan didn’t believe Mardevil was the real Marlena. The devil came out of Marlena to approach Susan.

Belle couldn’t believe what Susan said to Ciara. She told Belle that Susan believed what she said. Belle didn’t care and hoped Ben threw her out. Ben tried to defend Susan to Belle and Shawn. Shawn thought the premonitions were vague. He thought Susan could have made them up. He said that they couldn’t trust her. Ben told them how Susan touched Ciara’s stomach and fainted. Susan pulled out her cross and prayed for Ben and Ciara’s baby. Mardevil couldn’t believe she had a cross. Mardevil grabbed the cross and hit Susan with it. Paulina was outside of the door. She wanted to talk to Marlena. Paulina told Mardevil that she had to keep her secret about Abe not being Lani’s father. Mardevil told her that her marriage would be doomed if she didn’t tell them. She said that might not be up to her. Paulina heard Susan moan and wanted to know what the noise was. Mardevil tried to play it off as if she didn’t hear anything so Paulina looked behind the couch and reacted. It turned out to be a cat. Mardevil said the cat wasn’t doing well and she may have to put her down. Paulina hoped Mardevil didn’t tell her secret. She said she wouldn’t say anything, but she still wanted to officiate the wedding.

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