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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas and Philip talked about Chloe and Brady. Lucas wanted to know what was going on with them. Kate showed up and wondered the same thing. Lucas said he and Philip saw Brady and Chlie going in the Salem Inn together. Kate said it was predictable. She asked what happened when Philip confronted her. Philip said he didn’t. He said he was giving up on his jealousy and paranoia. He said nothing happened between Brady and Chloe. After they talked, Philip walked away. Lucas defended Chloe to Kate. Kate said he had reason not to trust Chloe too. They continued to argue about her. Lucas said if Chloe cheated, Philip was going to be furious. Brady told Chloe that he was picturing himself having sex with her on the conference table. He told her Marlena suggested that they have sex on the table. He apologized for telling her. She said the table has seen a lot of action. He wanted to know what she meant by that. She said one of their employees had sex on the table. He thought it was Nicole. He thought she slept with EJ. Chloe said it wasn’t EJ. They talked about Philip. Brady was shocked when she told him Philip didn’t tell her about seeing them go in the Salem Inn. She hoped that meant Philip trusted her and believed they were just friends. Philip showed up and heard Chloe tell Brady not to tell anyone about the sex on the conference table.

Ben told Marlena that Susan said his baby was in danger. Marlena didn’t believe it. He defended Susan. He said if it weren’t for Susan, he wouldn’t have found Ciara. He said he would always be open to what Susan says. Marlena said she understood, but she told him not to put his faith in Susan. He said he was worried that he was passing his evil genes to his baby. He said that was why he was there. Marlena said she would take care of Susan. She told Ciara that evil was coming from the baby. She couldn’t tell where it was coming from. She told Ciara she couldn’t force her visions. Susan tried to relax and fight through the darkness. Susan suddenly saw someone who enjoyed pain and suffering to anyone close to him. Ciara said she knew who it was. Ciara showed Susan a picture of Clyde. Susan got bad vibes from him, but it wasn’t him. Susan touched Ciara’s stomach again. She said she felt evil. Marlena walked in with Ben. She told Susan to get her hands off of Ciara. Susan was happy to see Marlena. She thought Marlena could help them. Marlena said she had to stop her. Susan was scared when Marlena stared at her and said she had to stop her. She told Susan to leave with her. Marlena brought Susan back to the penthouse. Marlena told Susan to stay away from Ben and Ciara. Susan said she wouldn’t. She said she felt evil and had to say something. She didn’t care if Marlena didn’t like it. Marlena grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving. Susan realized she was the evil one. Rafe told Nicole that Ava and Tripp saw Charlie. Nicole wondered how he was going to verify their stories. He said he sent units to check the graves. Nicole said if Ava was telling the truth about Charlie, they made a terrible mistake. He said he didn’t sleep with her in reaction to Ava. He said he wanted it to happen. She told him what they did mattered. She said it changed everything.  He said she needed him too. She asked if he told Ava what happened. He said he hadn’t told her yet. He said he was going to tell her. She told him she couldn’t say anything. She said she already betrayed her husband. She didn’t want to hurt her best friend. She said they had to forget what they did. He said he wasn’t going to let it end like that. Nicole didn’t give him a choice and left.

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