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Paulina is with Abe in his hospital room. She checks to make sure he doesn’t need his pillows fluffed or more water. Abe assures that she’s already done all of that and asks if something is bothering her. Paulina tells him that she’s just worried about him. Abe says he’s fine but Paulina argues that he was shot and is in a hospital bed, so he’s not fine. Paulina is scared that Abe will push himself too hard, not recover, and hurt himself. Paulina still thinks they should postpone their wedding but Abe disagrees and says there’s no reason to. Paulina thinks back to Devil Marlena advising her to tell Abe the truth that she is Lani’s mother. Paulina still wants to make sure Abe is strong enough. Abe repeats that he will be fine, but says maybe that’s not the problem and maybe the problem is she doesn’t want to get married.

At the hospital, Lani tells Theo how weird it is that Paulina asked her to be her matron of honor. Theo asks why she shouldn’t be. Lani complains about the word “matron” and says she is Paulina’s niece while Chanel is her daughter. Lani adds that Paulina said everything was fine since Chanel is going to give her away. Lani really wants to make sure it’s okay with Chanel.

Chanel meets Johnny in the town square outside the bakery. Chanel asks what took Johnny so long to get back from delivering the 56th anniversary cake. Johnny explains that they invited him in to have a piece of the cake. Johnny then reveals that he brought back a gift for her because he thinks it’s time they start getting serious.

Ciara knows that Ben trusts Susan since she helped find her and now he knows that whatever vision she had was nothing to do with him. Ben says it doesn’t change the fact that Susan thinks someone is out there trying to harm their child. Ciara wonders who it could possibly be. Ben wishes he knew..

Susan tells Devil Marlena that she cares for Ben and Ciara as much as she does. Susan adds that what is coming for them is too big, dark, and powerful for even Marlena to handle on her own. Marlena questions her telling her what she can handle. Marlena says she’s been doing just fine without her and tells her to go back to Memphis. Susan refuses to go until she figures out what this dark thing that is surrounding the baby is. Susan doesn’t care if Marlena approves or not. Devil Marlena grabs Susan’s arm and says she’s not going anywhere. Susan then turns and realizes that the evil presence after the baby is Marlena.

Johnny gives Chanel her present. She pulls it out and it’s a wig. Johnny explains that it’s for his movie since Celeste is blonde and she will also need to learn how to use tarot cards. Johnny tells Chanel that she has to believe the cards have power and says it will be the hardest part of the movie as she believes more than anyone else in the occult so she has to convince the audience that she completely believes the Devil is in Salem.

Ciara tells Ben that it just doesn’t make sense since Susan said someone out there wants to hurt their baby but they don’t know who that person is, so maybe she’s off her game. Ciara knows Ben trusts her and usually her premonitions are right, but maybe this vision has her wires crossed. Ben asks if she thinks the vision could be about someone else. Ciara thinks it makes more sense and questions who would want to hurt an innocent baby and why they would come after their baby.

Marlena questions Susan thinking she’s an evil presences and calls that ridiculous. Susan calls it the truth. Marlena questions wanting to harm Ben’s baby and doesn’t know how Susan could say that to her friend. Susan argues that she is not her friend. Susan declares that she and Marlena Evans are friends but this is not Marlena. Susan declares that she knows the truth that she is the Devil Incarnate.

Paulina assures that she wants to marry Abe and asks how he could question that. Abe points out that she keeps wanting to postpone the wedding. Paulina says that’s only because of his health and being shot. Abe assures that he’s recovered and feels fine. Abe adds that even if he wasn’t, nothing would stop him from marrying her. Abe declares that he could have died, but that reminded him not to take a minute of life for granted and she is so much of his life. Abe tells her that next week, he wants to stand up in front of God, their families and friends, to marry her. Abe states that nothing can stop him from going through with that unless it’s not what she wants. Paulina assures that she does, but Abe feels she doesn’t sound very happy. Paulina apologizes. Abe understands that she was worried but insists he won’t do anything stupid because he wants to be married to her for a very long time. Paulina remembers that she has an errand to run.

Theo offers to talk to Chanel for Lani and says he’ll go catch her at the bakery. Lani calls him a great brother. Theo recalls not knowing he had a sister and how much better everything is now that he does. Lani feels the same. Theo declares that they are brother and sister and nothing can ever change that. They hug as Paulina walks by and sees them.

Ben tells Ciara that back when he was looking for her, Susan didn’t just tell him that she was alive, she did everything in her power to help which led him to her. Ben says that Susan does not quit, so when they have this baby, they will be ready for whatever else happens. Ciara guesses that is comforting. Shawn and Belle show up at the door and excitedly hug them. Belle asks how Ciara is feeling and if she’s having morning sickness. Ciara says not really as Kayla said it could come later. Shawn asks if everything is okay. Ciara claims that everything’s fine and they are excited about their baby, but Susan Banks stopped by and scared the living hell out of her.

Marlena tells Susan to calm down. Susan insists that Marlena is not the person she’s looking at or talking to. Susan repeats that she knows this is not Marlena. Marlena’s eyes then turn yellow as the Devil admits that Susan is right. Susan says she knew it as she knows evil when she sees it, and he’s as evil as they come. The Devil responds that he’s dealt with people like her before like Celeste. The Devil warns that Susan’s powers can’t begin to compare to his and that she will regret the day she took the Devil on. The Devil declares that he will unleash the full force of his powers and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Belle asks how Susan could do that. Ciara says Susan really believed what she was saying. Belle doesn’t care and hopes Ben threw her out. Ciara insists that Susan wasn’t trying to scare them and was just trying to warn them. Ben points out that Susan knew Ciara was pregnant when nobody told her, she just knew. Belle questions believing Susan. Ben brings up that Susan was right before about Ciara not being dead and admits he would’ve never found Ciara if not for Susan. Shawn says Susan’s visions are mystical and vague, so she could make it up and say she was right. Ben disagrees. Shawn argues that Susan cannot be trusted and brings up how she had Will believing he was EJ for years. Belle agrees that everything Susan says is vague including this threat that someone wants to harm their baby as that could mean anything. Ciara notes that Susan is going to keep trying to figure out who this person is. Belle worries that Susan is going to keep pushing her way into their life. Ciara insists that Susan wasn’t trying to scare them but was trying to warn them. Belle questions what they are supposed to do about this threat. Ben doesn’t think talking about is helping. Belle hopes that Susan is going back to Memphis and not staying in Salem. Ben knows everybody thinks Susan is a big hoax but adds that Susan put her hand on Ciara’s stomach and whatever she felt, caused her to faint. Ben says that freaked him out and is why he went to Marlena, who took Susan home with her. Belle declares that if anyone can talk some sense in to Susan, it’s Marlena.

The Devil warns Susan that no one can help her now. Susan pulls out a cross from her purse and says there is a power greater than him and he’s on her side. Susan tries praying to be protected from all evil. Susan explains that she carries a cross because people said Vivian and Ivan were vampires, so God guided her to carry the cross at all times. Susan talks about protecting Ben and Ciara’s baby. Susan declares that there’s nothing the Devil can do to her with the cross in her hand and says with God, she is more powerful than him. The Devil calls her dumb and warns her to never take on the Devil because she’ll only lose. Devil Marlena then grabs the cross from Susan and hits her over the head with it, knocking her out. Paulina then knocks on the door, asking if Marlena is in there because she needs to talk to her.

Lani visits with Abe in the hospital. Abe says he is her father and gave her life but Lani refuses to buy him a pastrami on rye. Abe argues that he’s going to be skin and bones by the time he gets out. Lani jokes about how good he’ll look at his wedding. Lani asks if Abe has heard from his son Brandon and if he’ll be able to make it. Abe reveals that Brandon is going on a safari with Celeste. Abe says they apparently hit it off while taking care of Theo in South Africa. Lani can’t imagine them being friends since she’s heard Celeste is quite the character.

Chanel puts on her blonde wig and reads lines for the movie with Johnny. Chanel asks if he’s sure he wants to read Stefano’s lines since that was his grandfather. Johnny assures that he wants to and that it will get a lot weirder than reading his lines. They continue reading lines until Theo approaches, jokingly asking if Chanel is his grandmother Celeste. Theo mentions that Chad told him that Chanel was playing Celeste, but he had to see it to believe it. Johnny tells Theo that it’s been forever and it’s great to see him. Johnny talks about his movie excitement and he thinks Chanel will be fantastic. Theo suggests she’ll need a lot of work since Celeste has a New Orleans accent. Chanel says Johnny didn’t say anything about that. Theo offers to coach her but asks her in return to talk to Lani because Lani’s feeling weird about being matron of honor.

Abe tells Lani that he wonders how Celeste feels about him getting married again. Lani is sure that she’s really happy for him. Lani wonders how Celeste and Paulina will get along. Abe jokes that family reunions will be interesting. Lani asks where Paulina is. Abe mentions that she said she had an errand to run. Lani guesses it’s about the wedding. Abe says maybe. Lani asks him what’s wrong. Abe tells her that all day long, Paulina seemed nervous and on edge. Lani encourages that she’s just trying to take care of him. Abe mentions that Paulina still thought they should postpone the wedding. Lani can see why she feels that way since Paulina was scared of losing him when he got shot, so she might be overprotective for awhile. Abe talks about how Paulina worried that he wouldn’t be up for the ceremony but he feels like something else is going on with her.

Devil Marlena answers the door and tells Paulina it’s nice to see her. Paulina responds that she might not feel that way when she hears what she has to say. Paulina declares that she’s decided that she has to keep her secret as she cannot tell Abe that he’s not Lani’s father because she can’t do it to them. Marlena says she never said it would be easy but warns that if she doesn’t tell them, her marriage may be doomed. Paulina talks about how much Lani loves and needs Abe, so she’s decided that neither one of them can know the truth. Marlena remarks that it might not be up to her. Susan begins to regain consciousness, so Paulina questions what she just heard. Paulina says it sounded like someone groaning and hears it again. Paulina then goes to look behind the couch and is surprised by what she finds…

Shawn asks Belle if she thinks Marlena is going to tell Susan to go back to Memphis or will he have to do it himself. Ben proposes a toast. They joke that Ciara can’t have champagne. Ciara knows Shawn is just worried about them but she thinks they can handle Susan their way. Shawn jokes that she’s all mature now but agrees to butt out. Ciara toasts to 9 months of sparkling water while Shawn toasts to a healthy and happy baby with two great parents. Ciara talks about getting the test results and being so happy while having no idea about being a mother. Belle relates and thinks she knows of something that might help.

Chanel goes to the hospital to talk to Lani. Lani tells her that visiting hours just ended. Chanel gives her a bag from the bakery for Abe but says she actually came to see her. Lani guesses Theo spoke with her. Chanel confirms that Theo told her that she felt weird about being Paulina’s matron of honor but assures it’s fine. Lani talks about how crazy the night was when Abe got shot. Lani recalls Paulina coming to talk to her but notes that it was odd as she was so serious and not herself, so when she said she had to talk to her, she thought it was a lot more serious than asking her to be matron of honor. Lani explains that Paulina came over to ask her but the twins woke up and then Eli came home and told them about Abe being shot, so they rushed to the hospital. Chanel thinks back to talking to Paulina at the hospital about Lani being her matron of honor instead of her and how Paulina said she wasn’t planning it and just wanted to extend herself to Lani. Lani then continues, noting that Paulina didn’t ask her at the hospital either because they were so worried about Abe, so maybe she forgot about having to talk. Lani says she had to know what Paulina needed to talk about, so she had to ask her. Chanel responds that she’s glad they talked about this.

Paulina questions what she found behind the couch as Devil Marlena reveals that she has turned Susan into a cat. Marlena picks up the cat and introduces her to Paulina as Susan. Paulina asks if the cat is okay as she’s never heard a cat make sounds like that before. Marlena says she’s had some problems and health issues. Marlena adds that she’s not doing well so they may be at the point where she has to put her down…

After Ben and Ciara leave, Shawn comments that they tore out of there. Belle guesses they wanted to get to the book store before it closed. Shawn credits her for the amazing book that she recommended. Belle hopes that it helps. Shawn feels Ciara regrets telling them about Susan. Belle thinks that Ciara needed to talk about it but then didn’t want anyone to know about it. Belle suggests they go see Marlena. Shawn reminds her that Ciara told him to butt out. Belle just wants to go see if Susan’s premonition was as bad as it seems. Shawn agrees to give it a try but notes that he’ll have a hard time keeping his mouth shut from giving Susan a piece of his mind. Belle and Shawn then exit together.

Paulina tells Marlena that she’s sorry about her cat but she won’t keep her. Paulina just wanted her to know that she’s changed her mind. Marlena thinks she’s making a mistake but says it’s entirely up to her. Paulina asks if she still won’t tell anyone. Marlena says she won’t but she’ll still be glad to officiate her wedding if she wants her to. Paulina says that’s very important to Abe and her. Paulina hopes her cat feels better and says goodnight as she then exits. The Devil remarks that he has more work to do but right now, Susan is his top priority.

Lani tells Chanel that she’s the one who did all the talking, so she still wants to know how Chanel feels about all of this. Chanel assures that she has nothing to feel bad about, so if anyone was to blame it’s Paulina. Chanel says that came out wrong but now that she knows Paulina made a special trip to ask her, that means it’s what she wants. Lani asks if she is sure. Chanel responds that it’s Paulina’s day so it’s all about her.

Theo asks Johnny about dating Chanel. Johnny responds that they’ve been dating for a couple months and asks if that’s weird for him. Theo says they didn’t date long. Johnny is glad so it’s not awkward. Theo remarks that what would be awkward would be running in to Ciara and Ben. Theo then sees Ciara and Ben coming from the book store.

The Devil remarks that he could change Susan back, but life is more simple this way, and he likes Susan better as a cat. The Devil decides they are going for a ride and goes to leave but Belle and Shawn arrive. Marlena says she was just about to leave. Belle questions where Susan is. Marlena claims that she had to leave. Shawn questions when she got a cat. Marlena claims the cat is not hers and she just found it wandering around the hall. Marlena asks them to excuse her but Belle says they wanted to talk to her because Ben and Ciara just told them about Susan’s premonition. Marlena says they have nothing to worry about but they are so terrified. Marlena remarks that Susan has no idea what she’s talking about.

Ciara greets Theo and Johnny. Ciara didn’t know Theo was back in town. Theo says he flew back when Abe got shot. Ciara asks how he is doing. Theo informs her that Abe is doing a lot better and he’s actually getting married next week. Theo jokes that is as long as no one kidnaps his bride on the way to the ceremony. Ben sends their best to Abe. Ciara suggests they get going as they just came in to town to pick up a book. Ciara drops the book, so Theo picks it up and sees it’s “The ABCs of Having a Baby.” Theo then questions if they are having a baby.

Lani tells Chanel that she’s glad if this didn’t screw things up between them since they are cousins and about to become sisters. Chanel reminds her that she always wanted a sister. Lani says she did too. Lani tells Chanel that she will see her later and heads back to Abe’s room. Paulina then returns to the hospital. Paulina sees Chanel and asks what she’s doing here. Chanel responds that she’s leaving and storms off, leaving Paulina confused.

Marlena promises Belle and Shawn that nobody has to worry about Susan. Marlena says she has to get this cat to the shelter. Belle questions turning her in already. Marlena guesses someone must be missing her. Belle worries that if they can’t find the owner, the cat might get put down. Marlena says she’ll see them later and exits with the cat. Belle wonders what that was about.

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