Days Short Recap Monday, November 8, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava was glad to see Rafe when he came in the interrogation room. He asked her about the dead body in the kitchen. She told him Charlie killed him. She asked why he was being so cold to her. He said her fingerprints were the only ones on the knife. He asked about her meeting with Philip. She wanted to know why he didn’t show up when Shawn called him. He flashed back to having sex with Nicole. He wanted to tell her something. Tripp showed up at the police station to be there for Ava. Tripp told Rafe he saw Charlie last night. After Tripp told Rafe he saw Charlie, Rafe thought about Nicole telling him that she saw Deimos. Rafe left to check on Charlie’s grave. Mardevil was proud of the trouble she caused on Halloween. She brought up John and debated on finishing him off for good. Brady came in the room. He wanted her advice on what to do about Rachel. He said she was asking about Kristen. Marlena told him to tell Rachel the truth. He was confused by what Marlena told him. She called him out for having impure thoughts about Chloe. He said he was trying to respect her relationship with Philip. He said he had to accept the fact that he blew his chance with Chloe. Marlena told him to lay Chloe down on a conference table and show her how he felt. He was shocked. He said he wasn’t doing that.

Marlena told Brady to be honest about the woman he loved. She said her idea was the best option. She said it was bold and romantic. He said he was Chloe’s boss. Marlena said the conference table worked out for her and John. She said to tell Chloe how he felt about her. He agreed to do it. Nicole told Chloe that she had sex with Rafe. Chloe wanted the details. Nicole told her Deimos came back. She said she killed him. She said Rafe showed up and comforted her which led to them having sex. Chloe asked if it was only one time or was it the start of something. Nicole said she didn’t know. Susan went into Ben and Ciara’s apartment to tell them about their baby being in danger. Ciara didn’t believe her. Ben backed up Susan’s vision because her visions helped save Ciara. Ben wanted to hear her out. Ciara agreed to listen to her. Susan wanted to focus on her vision. She wanted to hold something. Ben suggested she hold Ciara’s belly. Susan put her hands on Ciara’s belly. Susan said she sensed evil. Susan said she didn’t mean to hurt her. She said she would leave. Ciara stopped her. She wanted to know if her baby was in danger. Susan put her hands on her belly. She said the evil was strong. She said the evil was coming from someone else.

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