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Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: It’s, uh, good to see you.

Phyllis: It’s good to see you. How are you?

Nick: I’m good. You?

Phyllis: I’m good. Nick, um…

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yeah?

Phyllis: Uh…I owe summer a call, and I — I just wanted to know… I mean, did you want to tell her about us or…

Nick: Uh…yeah. Uh… I guess you can handle it. Or I can. Either way, our daughter needs to know that her parents aren’t together anymore.

Sharon: Lily.

Lily: Hi.

Sharon: Hey, I’m glad I ran into you. I was actually planning on reaching out an apologizing for the way I acted last time I saw you. I was not upset with you. Billy’s latest wild accusation against adam is just so frustrating, but I never should demanded that you reel him in.

Lily: Yeah, I don’t really know how to take this half-apology when it seems like you’re still blaming billy. And to be honest with you, i don’t think his accusations are that wild.

Sharon: I hope that billy hasn’t sucked you in to his never-ending vendetta against adam.

Lily: Billy hasn’t sucked me in to any thing. I actually just came from seeing your ex, and I can tell you that he’s the one with the vendetta who needs to be seriously reined in.

Adam: So, you say you want to bring me, my father, and ashland down? Well, you better back up and tell me what this so-called threat’s all about. Exactly what evidence do you have?

Billy: I’ve got the original letter from camilla rhodes’ will proving that ashland stole his mentor’s fortune, the same fortune that he built his empire with, the same empire that spawned this company that we’re standing in right now. And wouldn’t it be a shame to see that all come crumbling to the ground?

Nikki: Adam said he had no idea that their little attack plan was putting stress on ashland.

Victoria: Well, I’m sure that’s how ashland prefers it.

Nikki: Yeah, well, he said it was just business and they had no intentions of hurt ashland or my grandchildren, by the way. I mean, the reality is that they have no idea if it’s going to hurt them or not.

Victoria: Well, I don’t know all of the details, but ashland has assured me that the children will not be affected.

Nikki: [ Sighs ]

Victor: [ Exhales sharply ]

Nikki: How is abby doing?

Victor: Not well. Seems that abby is teetering between acceptance and denial, you know? And she’s determined to do something very risky.

Abby: Mariah, that is very generous of you to offer to watch dominic while I search for chance, but it’s — it’s not necessary.

Mariah: I’m happy to do it. I mean, he needs somebody that he’s comfortable with, and I can move back in here and take care of him.

Abby: No, please. You don’t have to worry about dominic. There are plenty of people who can help watch him while I’m gone.

Nina: Just — no plans have been nailed down yet, so…

Abby: But my plans haven’t changed. I don’t care what anyone says. I am going to look for chance. And if no one will go with me, I will go by myself. At least mariah’s on my side.

Devon: Abby, this isn’t about sides, okay? We all hope that chance is alive, alright? This is about life and death and you doing something stupid. We’re not gonna let dominic risk losing his mother, too. Your heart is at the heart of everything you do.

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Adam: Um, I’m still not seeing the danger here, billy. You really think you can prove some alleged crime from the last century? Have you not heard of the statute of limitations?

Billy: I am very aware of the statute. And, yes, maybe ashland can’t be criminally prosecuted at this point. The simple revelation of this story is enough to cause damage — you know that — not only to ashland’s reputation, but to newman media’s, as well.

Adam: Okay. We’ve rebranded. And ashland’s not involved in the direct day-to-day operations of our company.

Billy: But newman media is built on lies. Who’s gonna trust a media outlet like that? Not to mention the civil suits. We haven’t even talked about the personal hell that’s gonna rain down on ashland’s life. Lining his pockets with stolen charity money?

Adam: Wow, you seem very pleased with the damage you could do with this so-called evidence.

Billy: Honestly, adam, I’m a little bit concerned for you. And I’m gonna be generous. I’m gonna take it easy. We have one of our best reporters crafting the story as we speak. But I won’t publish it if…

Adam: If?

Billy: …You, victor, and ashland cease all operations of attacking chanccomm. It’s as simple as that.

Adam: [ Sighs ] No. You know, what I think is simple is your thought process. Believing that you’d come here with this threat — it’s nothing more than a sad bluff from a desperate man.

Victor: Devon texted me earlier saying that abby woke up with the intention of flying to the site of the explosion to look for traces of chance, you know?

Nikki: Oh, my god. Poor abby.

Victoria: Does she really think that she thinks she can find him when none of the authorities have been able to?

Victor: Yeah. I’m gonna go over there again as soon as I can.

Nikki: Darling, you need to get some rest. This is wearing you out. At least take a break before you go back there. Isn’t ashley there with her?

Victor: Yeah, but she’s exhausted, as well. She needs the sleep.

Nikki: Well, devon and nina are there.

Victoria: And I’m on my way to see her now before leaving for peru.

Victor: Oh, I forgot about that. That’s a very important trip, you know, for both of you. Say hello to ashland, okay?

Victoria: Thank you, dad. We really appreciate your support.

Victor: By the way, when you do see your sister, please tell her what a foolish undertaking it is to go to the site of the explosion.

Victoria: Okay. I will. I’ll do my best.

Victor: Please do.

Phyllis: Well, I’ll — I’ll call summer, and I’ll tell her what’s going on with us. Unless…you want to give her other news?Nick: What other news? What are you talking about?

Phyllis: Have you heard about chance?

Nick: No. What’s going on with him?

Phyllis: Um, they think that, um, he may have been killed in the line of duty.

Nick: [ Exhales heavily ]

Phyllis: So, uh, anyway, i thought — I thought you heard. I’m sorry.

Devon: Alright, you know what? Can we just take a breath and let’s think this through together, abby? Can we do that?

Abby: I have thought this through. I have thought this through! In fact, I was gonna ask you if you’d be willing to watch dominic while I’m gone. But you know what? It’s fine if you’re not willing to do that. My son will not be put in danger. I have plenty of friends and family that are willing to watch him.

Mariah: Yes, you do.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Abby, you know that i would do anything in the world to protect that little boy, alright? You have to do the same thing, though. Do you not see how flying off to look for chance is not in his best interest at all?

Abby: I am so tired of arguing and wasting precious time.

Devon: That’s just the thing, abby. We’re trying to explain to you that we’re not wasting any time ’cause the state department is looking for chance right now as we speak, okay? You have to trust that they know what they’re doing.

Nina: Abby, you know I had questions, too, but christine persuaded me. We have to let them handle this.

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Phyllis: So, that’s all i know about chance. Honestly, I didn’t know if you heard and you just weren’t saying anything to me because of what was going on between us.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I was kept out of the loop.

Phyllis: Well, I can understand why abby would keep it close to her. She’s waiting for confirmation, I’m sure. I don’t get why nobody in your family let you know what was going on with your sister, but, hey, I’m not gonna touch that one.

Nick: That’s not what matters right now.

Phyllis: Yeah, what matters is abby. I can’t imagine what’s she’s going through.

Nick: I mean, she never got to introduce her husband to their baby. That’s devastating.

Phyllis: I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you. Hey, do you need to talk? I’m here for you if you need to talk.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I got to go.

Jack: Hey, nick. Everything o–

[ Glass clinks ] Hey.

Phyllis: Hey.

Jack: That seemed pretty intense.

Phyllis: Oh.

Jack: You okay?

Phyllis: I’m alright. Nick couldn’t get away from me fast enough. Well, that’s confirmation it’s definitely over.

Mariah: Abby, I understand where you’re coming from and why you feel the need to go. And I’m not pushing things, but I have no problem moving back in here for dominic’s sake.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Nina: Hi.

Victoria: Hi, nina. I’m so sorry.

Nina: Thank you. Come on in.

Victoria: Thank you.

[ Door closes ] Come here.

[ Sighs ] I’m so deeply sorry what you’re going through right now. It’s horrible. I can’t even find the words. Tell me what I can do.

Abby: Um…guys, can I just have a minute alone with my sister, please?

Nina: Yeah, sure. Just let us know if you need anything.

Abby: I am so glad that you’re here because there is something important that you can do for me.

Victoria: Of course. Name it.

Abby: Let me use the jet. My bags are packed, and I need to go right now.

Billy: I think that you should talk to victor and ashland before you do something stupid.

Adam: Why? So they can laugh in your face, too, billy?

Billy: Adam, I’m not laughing, and this is not a joke.

Adam: You know, you had a chance to reveal everything when you actually had the evidence in tuscany, but instead you wisely chose to restrain yourself. And you even deleted the video you had on your phone. But make no mistake. Victor and I — we got a hard copy of that letter. And we destroyed it, billy.

Billy: What you destroyed was an authentic-looking copy of the letter.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Yeah, right.

Billy: I have the original letter. And I have jesse gaines in the flesh, and if you think he was pissed as ashland before, you should see him now after the way he was manhandled in tuscany.

Adam: What is it gonna take for you to get that I’m not buying your story? And neither will victor, okay? Jesse gaines — he’s on a beach somewhere. He’s counting his money and his blessings. And you know what? I suggest you do the same before chanccomm ends up a worthless shell, man.

Billy: If jesse gaines is sitting on the beach counting his money, how do you think i know that he was locked in a wine cellar of a tuscan farmhouse? And just so you know, I can make good on every threat that I’ve uttered here today. So, unless you want to risk upsetting daddy and watching your company being trashed all over the internet, I suggest you make the right choice. You have until 6:00 P.M. Tonight, or this story goes wide.

[ Door opens ] My skin but better. Everyone wants it…

Sharon: Hey. This is a nice surprise.

Nick: Nice to see you.

Sharon: So, at the end of our last chat, you said you were gonna grab some quiet alone time. Was the productive?

Nick: Um, yeah, I think it helped me accept that my relationship with phyllis is over, and I think phyllis accepts it, too.

Sharon: Ohh. Nick, I’m sorry.

Nick: We just need to face the facts. You know, this time it didn’t end any differently than it has any other time. I accept a lot of the blame for that. I should have been more cautious and understood that the relationship could end like this. I feel really bad for phyllis. It seems like she’s really hurting.

Sharon: And you?

Nick: I’m alright. Um…it’s not easy, but I’m determined to not wallow in heartbreak.

Sharon: Good. Because you shouldn’T.

Jack: After what just happened with nick, if you need some time alone, I get it. But if you could use a friend, I’m happy to join you.

Phyllis: I could use a friend, definitely, as long as we don’t talk about nick or the break-up or anything like that. Let’s focus on positive things.

Jack: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: Okay. Shoot.

Phyllis: Um, well, the grand phoenix — you know, we’re doing so well. We’re going to expand.

Jack: Interesting. What does a bigger and better grand phoenix look like?

Phyllis: Well, I’ll tell you. Um, the rooftop pool — I’m thinking of putting, um….

[Voice breaking] A new deck in…

Jack: Phyllis —

Phyllis: …With a juice bar.

Jack: Phyllis, stop. You don’t have to do this. It’s me. Look, even if we don’t talk about nick, you can be miserable around me. I think our friendship can handle that.

Phyllis: I know, and you’re my friend! You’re my friend, and it’s okay that you’re my friend. I know that. Oh, we were doomed from the start, nick and I.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. I wouldn’t say that.

Phyllis: Oh, yes! I had my reservations, but I let nick talk me into it, and i believed it was worth a try. But I should have followed my instinct. I should have followed my gut. I knew. I knew, and I fell into this trap again.

Devon: I’m very concerned about abby’s state of mind. And we need to figure out a way to keep her from going on this trip.

Nina: I’m not sure what else we can say to persuade her not to go.

Mariah: Poor dominic. He’s probably absorbing all of this tension. I’m gonna go check on him.

Nina: Wait, mariah, no. I just got him to sleep, and his schedule has been off the last few days. I don’t want to risk waking him, okay? But believe me — he’s alright. There’s no reason to worry.

Mariah: Yeah, of course. Um, you know, I’m gonna go take care of some things in case i need to come back here. So just text me if you need me.

Devon: Of course.

Nina: Okay.

Mariah: Alright. Bye, guys.

Devon: See you.

Nina: I don’t think it’s a very good idea for mariah to move back in here, given, you know, her attachment to the baby.

Devon: Yeah, no, I think it would be a horrible idea if she did that. It wouldn’t help anybody.

[ Dominic crying ]

Nina: [ Sighs ] I know that cry. It’s just fussiness, but… it just breaks my heart to think about what the poor child’s lost.

Abby: I know if I go to the explosion site I can find out what actually happened to chance.

Victoria: I’m sorry. I mean, I understand the impulse of needing to do something, but don’t you think it makes more sense to leave it to the experts?

Abby: No, the experts have failed. And the — the more time that goes by, the trail — it’s just gonna get cold.

Victoria: But this is a very volatile situation. How do you know that the people in spain are gonna agree to talk to you about any of this?

Abby: Look…chance could be out there. He could be hiding. He — he could be hurt somewhere. And I know that I am the only one with the sheer force necessary to find him. So, are you gonna let me use the jet or not?

Victoria: I’m sorry, abby. I just — I don’t think it’s a great idea.

Abby: Fine. Fine. I’ll call dad. He’ll let me use the jet.

Victoria: Our father doesn’t think it’s a good idea, either.

Abby: Why are you all ganging up on me? Why are you all fighting me on this? Them I can understand, but you — you are my sister. You’re supposed to be on my side.

Victoria: I am on your side. That’s why I’m saying no.

Abby: You of all people. You should understand how important this is for me because you’re also looking the& death of your husband in the face.

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Abby: I know that you’re fighting to keep ashland alive, no matter the cost, the risks of the treatment. It doesn’t matter. You’re doing whatever you can to save his life. And that’s what I’m trying to do for chance. I just want to fight for him. Why — why shouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t I?

Victoria: Because, abby, maybe in your heart — maybe — maybe you know there’s nothing to fight for.

Abby: No.

Victoria: Look, I know you don’t want to hear this. I know that. And I don’t want to say it, but it has to be said. Going there to try to figure out what happened — I mean, it’s just going to compound the hurt. And you’ve already had enough of that, don’t you think?

Abby: [ Crying ] That’s why i want to go there — to end the pain.

Victoria: This day is coming for me, too. When I lose my husband… when I lose ashland, I know what I’m gonna need and what I’m gonna want, and that’s to have my family around me to support me and to hold me up no matter what. So home is where you need to be right now, so that you can lean on us and so that we can just — we can wrap you up in our arms.

Abby: [ Sniffling ]

Mariah: So, abby is determined to find out what happened to chance firsthand.

Tessa: Oh, my heart is just breaking for her.

Mariah: I know. Me too. For abby and for dominic. I’m worried about him.

Tessa: Oh, well, why? I mean, you know he’s gonna get taken care of.

Mariah: Well, maybe he could be taken care of by me.

Tessa: What do you mean?

Mariah: I offered to move back in if abby goes to look for chance.

Tessa: Mariah, do you think that’s a good idea?

Devon: It’s just, the more erratic abby becomes, the more worried I am because it’s like she’s spiraling out of control.

Nina: I know. I’m worried about her, too. These massive mood swings — they’re concerning.

Devon: I just don’t get how she went from what I thought was accepting the truth to wanting to leave her child behind and fly out to prove that chance is alive.

Nina: Well, I’m not gonna lie. I know how she feels. It’s everything I’ve got not to jump on an overseas flight. I’d love to just hold him in my arms again, you know, and look in his eyes and…tell him that his mother loves him and that we’re gonna be okay.

Devon: I know. To know that you will never be able to see somebody that you love again is the worst feeling in the world.

Nina: There’s just so much left undone, you know? I want to tell him that the son that he and abby dreamed of is here and he’s beautiful and perfect and deeply loved. But I can’T.

[ Voice breaking ] And it weighs on my heart. And it’s so sad. It’s just… losing a child is so unfair.

Devon: When somebody dies before their time, it’s unfair to everyone that loves them.

Nina: Oh, devon, I’m so sorry.

Devon: Why?

Nina: You’ve lost so much in your life — a wife and a baby that you never even got to meet. I — I know you understand.

Devon: I certainly do. But, you know, what I went through in my experiences doesn’t compare to being left a single parent with a little baby to raise.

Nina: It’s just so tragic. And I know it was a mistake to even consider going with abby. But at the moment, it seemed like the right thing to do, like the only thing to do, and I know that’s how she feels, the imperative to bring her husband back, to bring back the father of her child. Just all these months of waiting, and this is how it ends? Well, no wonder she’s bouncing around the stages of grief, the denial, the anger, the bargaining, back to denial. But it’s real. Chance’s death is real.

[ Gasps ] Oh, god.

[ Sighs ]

Lily: Hey. How’d it go with adam?

Billy: Well, his first response was to call my bluff.

Lily: Well, that’s not surprising. Did you think he would cave that easily?

Billy: No, probably not. But I had to make sure that he knew that I have him in a no-win situation. I had to ratchet it up a little bit, so I put him on a deadline — 6:00 P.M. Tonight.

Adam: Dad, I finally reached you.

Victor: Sorry, son. I’ve been with your sister.

Adam: I know. Um, how’s abby doing?

Victor: Unfortunately, not well. So, how’s our project going, by the way?

Adam: Billy showed up here, true to form. He acted as expected.

Victor: Okay. Well, let’s discuss that in person, alright?

Adam: Oh, and, um, nikki came by earlier.

Victor: Oh, she did?

Adam: She is worried that our plan might be too taxing on ashland.

Victor: I see. Um…I’ll deal with that. Talk to you later. So, my baby, I understand you went to see adam, expressing your reservations about the project he and I are working on?

Nikki: Yes, I did. I didn’t want to bother you while you were so upset about abby. I was just concerned about ashland. I don’t think that he needs any additional stress right now with his illness.

Victor: I understand your concern. But rest assured that we will finish the project without ashland’s support, okay? But there’s no way anyone or anything will stop us from pursuing it.

Phyllis: My relationship with nick was a big trap. It was a big trap. I knew it wasn’t gonna work, but he convinced me it was.

[ Exhales heavily ] It’s that family of his. He’ll never change because his family will not allow him to change. That’s the truth. I can’t take it. They have secrets from him, and you know victor. He just twists things around, and then nick just goes running back to mom and dad, like he always has done, like he always will do. You know this. You know this better than anyone. I can’t take that viper’s nest of a family that he has. But it’s their loss, you know? It’s their loss and it’s nick’s loss because the newmans — you know this — they eat their own.

[ Sighs ] I broke my own rule about talking about nick.

Jack: Oh, I wouldn’t — i wouldn’t say you broke it. You maybe smashed it to smithereens.

[ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: You’re laughing. You should be afraid.

Jack: Oh, I think we’re past that. I know how hard you love. I know you love to win. Losing connection with nick at the same time as…somehow feeling that you failed is not a good combination for you.

Phyllis: I failed.

[ Scoffs ] I’m a failure. It was a break-up.

Jack: It was a break-up. We broke up. And I would never in a million years say we shouldn’t have tried. This is life. This happens. We find someone. We fall in love. We have good days. We have terrible days. We spend day and night together, and sometimes — not always — it ends. And we pull apart, and it hurts. And we feel regret and misery and —

Phyllis: Listen. This is a pep talk. I’m — so, I mean, honestly, I’m about to crawl into a dark hole.

Jack: Hold on. I’m not finished.

Sharon: So, what can I get for you? Coffee?

Nick: Actually, I came by for some of those little mini cinnamon cakes. I, uh, am gonna go see abby. I know those are her favorite. You know, don’t you? Who told you?

Sharon: Mariah called. Actually, at her request, I went and spent some time with abby to try and help her cope.

Nick: How’s she doing?

Sharon: It’s a very difficult time for her.

Nick: I just hope abby understands why I haven’t been by to see her. Nobody in my family bothered to tell me about this. It’s just another example of my father controlling the narrative. You know, I’m not gonna — I’m not gonna do this. I’m not gonna make this about him. I’m just gonna do everything i can to help abby through this. I really appreciate you going by to see her.

Sharon: Grief can be so tricky. It’s difficult for anyone to navigate.

[ Dominic crying ]

Abby: Oh. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. It’s okay. It’s okay. Come to mama. It’s okay, baby boy. Okay. Mommy’s here.

[ Sniffles ] Mommy’s here. It’s okay. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. It’s alright. It’s alright. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

[ Sniffles ] Got him?

Nina: Yeah. Okay. Oh, my goodness. Okay. Okay. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Oh, dear.

Abby: [ Sobbing ] We do it every night.

Mariah: I would just be moving back in with the baby because it’s an emergency situation.

Tessa: Look, I totally understand the circumstances, but…you’re still getting over your own trauma.

Mariah: You don’t think I’ve made any progress?

Tessa: Yes, I do. But that’s my point. I would hate to see all this forward motion just totally wiped out. I think it’s a little soon for you to take on full-time care of dominic.

Mariah: Just when I think that we’re in sync again, you say something like that.

Tessa: Look, I — I don’t want to fight about this, but let’s please — let’s please not go back there.

Mariah: I just want to make sure that he’s okay.

[ Dominic crying ]

Devon: Hey. What happened?

Victoria: Well, I actually think I was able to talk abby out of making the trip. But she’s furious with me.

Devon: Well, I hope that you did ’cause I don’t know what else we can say to her. She’s entitled to have mood swings, but it’s a problem when it’s around the baby like this.

Victoria: Well, I won’t disagree with you on that, but it looks like abby has a long way to go before she recovers from this.

Abby: [ Sobbing ]

Phyllis: I certainly hope this inspirational talk gets a lot brighter soon, please.

Jack: All I’m trying to say is, despite the pain and the regret, this was not a mistake, not the trying, not the loving, and not the breaking up.

Phyllis: I was a failure. Please. A complete and utter failure. Come on.

Jack: It’s an ending. That’s all it is. It’s not an indictment of you or nick or what you two shared. Don’t ask me how I know this, but I know it for a fact. Love with someone… who wants the best for you… is never a mistake. Eventually, it brings you more than it costs you.

Phyllis: So, to be clear, falling for nick again — that doesn’t make me a failure?

Jack: No. Not at all.

Phyllis: And I’m not an idiot?

Jack: You are anything but an idiot.

Phyllis: And I’m older and wiser, right? Older.

[ Chuckles ] So it’s not gonna be that hard this time?

Jack: You will be happy again, red. That I promise you.

Phyllis: Alright, then.

Jack: Alright, then.

Phyllis: Clink.

Nick: Uh, I appreciate your concern, uh, but if you’re implying that I’m grief-stricken over my relationship with phyllis, that is not the case. Uh, if anything, I just feel a little foolish, kind of like i mistook chemistry for something more permanent.

Sharon: Well, I wouldn’t beat yourself up about that. The two are easily confused.

Nick: Well, thank you.

Sharon: For what? These?

Nick: Uh, no, but also for these. Uh, just for not going the, you know, “I told you so” route with phyllis, at least not to my face.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] I hope you don’t think I’m feeling smug about your break-up.

Nick: Nah. I know that’s not your style.

Sharon: And who knows? Maybe not being around phyllis’ unfortunate animosity towards your family will help you get back on track with them.

Nick: Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I’d like that, but with everything my father’s up to right now, I don’t see it getting any better.

Adam: Dad.

Victor: Hi, son.

Adam: How you doing?

Victor: Uh… concerned about abby.

Adam: Well, I can certainly understand that, but I can see that losing chance has gotten to you, too. Is there anything that I can do to help?

Victor: Well, now, his loss must have affected you, as well. You once were friends, right?

Adam: Yeah, we always had each other’s backs when it counted.

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: I saved his life in vegas, and then, um, he took a bullet for me here. I always thought the guy was indestructible.

Victor: All I can tell you is that whoever is responsible for his death — they’re gonna pay.

Adam: Well, count me in. But, uh, while your fleet of investigators take on that job, we have some pressing business to finish here at home.

Victor: Yeah. We’re gonna take care of billy boy.

Lily: So, what do you think will happen next?

Billy: I would like nothing more than that phone to ring and that sob to surrender and admit defeat.

Lily: You think that’s a possibility?

Billy: I wouldn’t bet on it. And you know what that means coming from me. Either way, the time is ticking, and things are about to get very interesting.

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