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[ Gasps ] Wiley! Oh, my gosh, get over here and give me a hug. Oh, it’s so good to see you! What are you doing here? Wait, hold on. Freeze right there. I gotta get a picture of this. It’s too cute. Smile for the picture, okay?

[ Camera shutter clicks ] Oh! So I’m not the only one who’s happy to see me back in rotation.

[ Laughs ] Hello, gladys. Oh, you remembered. Yeah. I’m flattered, because I certainly did not forget you. Uh, what’s with the plant? Thank you. Yeah, it’s my way of saying thank you for lifting my spirits when that awful joey novak tried to threaten me and carly at the savoy.

[ Sighs ] Joey has none of the charms of his uncle vincent. I heard they beat the louse up. How’s he doing? Not that I care. He’ll live. Too bad. If you ask me, he deserved it. Well, okay. Remind me never to cross you.

[ Laughs ] I knew you were a smart man. Unlike some other people who just never learn. Okay, why did you want to meet at your house? Aren’t you afraid someone’s gonna be suspicious?

[ Scoffs ] Monica’s at G.H., Olivia’s at work, and yuri just left with a long list of errands, so we are in the clear.

[ Sighs ] Okay, bring him in. Okay. [ Sighs ] Hah! Wow. Now, this is what I call authentic, old-school luxury. Tell me again — how do you know this guy? Um, okay, so I’ve never actually met him, but I-I am familiar with your work. He has done a little acting for nina — for deception. Nice to meet you. I’m kip. Do you actually live here? I have a young baby, so I try to limit the amount I touch strangers, so… suit yourself. Yeah, the work I did for nina was just for fun. My first love is the stage. Ooh, grapes. Mmm. Uh, you should have seen me in “guys and dolls.” I sang, danced, and was really convincing as this badass tough guy. Oh, good. That’s exactly what we need, right? Someone who can be intimidating. Oh, intimidating is so in my wheelhouse. Yeah, so, tell me — in this little drama of yours, who am I gonna play? My baby daddy. Don’t be shy, britt. You don’t want to miss the show. Drew, you look like you’re back to your old self. You smug bastard. I am going to kill you. No, that’s not going to happen. But you will kill someone. You okay? I’m much more concerned about you. You know, it’s really too bad jason chose to marry carly instead of you, britt. We could have been in-laws. At least this way, you won’t be making my sister a widow. Isn’t that right, britt?

Oh, it’s the best surprise to see my grandson, and I love surprises.

[ Laughs ]

[ Clears throat ] Oh, it’s nice to see wiley’s parents, too.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, we just, uh, took him to the aquarium. He’s all into whales now. Oh! Oh, you look like you’re busy, so we can — um, no, I am never too busy to spend time with my grandson. Although, uh, your father and i were, um — well, we were talking. He stepped off to make a phone call, and we were gonna go to my office to have a private conversation, and I think that conversation affects you. Well, I mean, if it affects me, it affects willow, too, so… probably come. You know what, michael? I-I think you need to have some private time with your parents. Wiley and I are just gonna go wash up before lunch. Yeah? We’ll be waiting at our table. Okay. Bye, wiley. Why don’t we go to my office? Your father’s waiting for me there, and I think, um, he has some things he wants to explain to us. Come on. So, I’m from this tiny little town called pautuck, and maybe it’s the small-town in me talking, but I-I don’t think there’s anything unusual about what happened with us at the savoy, because where I’m from, it’s really cool to be nice to people.

[ Laughs ] You got me a plant. Can I — can I repay you with a really mediocre cup of coffee? Sure. Can I? Yeah, it’s in the doctor’s lounge. They got these little things. And I can go back in there now that your boss has done a 180. Oh, well, that’s brook lynn quartermaine for you. She’s all heart. And I know you didn’t deserve what she did to you. I did not. No. Brook lynn is entitled. She sees all people as just a means to an end, and in my case, the end is the quartermaine stock portfolio. Yes, yes. It’s unconscionable… and totally unforgivable. See, you are her family, and that is what matters in my book. But don’t you worry, austin. Brook lynn quartermaine is going to learn her lesson the hard way. What lesson’s that? You reap what you sow. Brook lynn: Do you understand? Y-you look tough, act like you’re crazy in love with me. You leave the talking to me. Yeah, got it. One tough guy coming up.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Inhales, exhales sharply ]

[ Austrian accent ] I’ll be back. Wha? What — what’s that? Who said anything about an accent? Oh, come on. That’s a classic.

[ Austrian accent ] I’ll be back. No! No accents. Okay, and the clothes need to be changed, too. Way too generic. I actually got that covered. I actually borrowed a couple of things from the crimson closet. Oh, see, that’s the great thing about me. My look is so versatile. I can rock a tuxedo or a leather jacket. Calm down, kip. You already got the job. Besides, you’ve got an audience of one, and gladys, though she may talk a big game, as soon as she’s threatened, she folds like a discount lawn chair. Lawn chair, got it. Okay, kip, let’s go get you in a new wardrobe and get this show on the road. Hey, hang on. Slow down. Um, I’m a method actor. So what’s my motivation? Hey, we already agreed on your payment. No, I’m not talking money. Um, if I’m brook lynn’s baby daddy, why am I okay with another man raising my kid? Like, am I, uh, just a player that can’t be tamed by one woman? Or am I so madly in love with you that I’m just fine being your side piece? Okay, fine, mr. Dicaprio.

[ Chuckles ] What kind of motivation do you require? What are you doing?

[ Clears throat ] Silence, mr. Morgan. No! Relax. I only want him gagged. Which seems a bit redundant since he never talks. Well, then, why bother? Well, because I’m a cautious man, drew. You know that. And because I can’t stand him. Okay, this is how this is gonna go. Jason, you’re gonna let these gentlemen gag you, and you’re not gonna resist. You’re not gonna resist because if you do, I will be taking it out on dear britt. Mm. Wow. Capisce? Really feeling the brotherly affection. One brother down. And one to go.

so, why do we have to meet behind closed doors? I guess this has something to do with your meeting with ms. Wu. Ms. Wu — she was, uh — she was at the wedding. Mm-hmm. One of the heads of the five families. But she wasn’t in the limo explosion that killed buscema and novak. I’m guessing that wasn’t a coincidence? No, it wasn’T. Okay, michael, you know how hard I work to keep you separated from that part of my life. Sometimes… the lines get blurred. And this is one of those times? Ms. Wu called in a favor. This time, it’s not business. It’s personal. Personal. And it involves michael? It involves all of us. So, you have your coloring book, and while we’re waiting for daddy, we can read all about the beluga whales.

[ Gasps ] What a nice surprise. Hi, wiley. Willow. Wow. [ Chuckles ] You are the last person I expected to see here. I swear, I had no idea that I would run into you and wiley here. Um, I just had a long, hard day at spring ridge, so I thought I’d take myself out for a little splurge. But if it makes you uncomfortable, I will go somewhere else. It’s fine. Mom, no. You don’t have to go. I mean, we live in the same town. This is a public place. We’re bound to occasionally bump into each other. And wiley’s pretty engrossed with his picture book, so sit down. We can catch up. Oh, well… I appreciate the offer, but, um, is chase here with you? Because I know how he feels about me. He made that pretty clear at the birthday party. No, a lot’s happened since that day. Oh. Chase and I… things didn’t work out. Oh. I’m so sorry. You don’t owe me an explanation. Whatever happened, I just, um… I hope you find your happiness. I did find it… with wiley and his father. So, this is my safe and… …quiet place. Sorry. Feel free to — to share. Speak freely. Okay. So, brook lynn screwed you to the wall to score points with daddy darling, right? Something like that. What’d she do to you? I’m not a gossip. Mm. And, you know, it’s not about what she did to me. I can take care of myself. It’s what she’s doing to a dear, kind, extremely handsome friend of mine. Valentin cassadine. Who told you? Okay, so, the other day… I mentioned to brook lynn that you were here in the hospital to visit valentin and it seemed to really upset her. I’ll bet it did. Hey, listen, um, if you’re free, we could go to the metro court. Continue this conversation with some adult beverages. I’d love that. But now that I’m back on staff, I’m working. Ah, I understand. I bet your patients are happy you’re back on staff, but just promise me a rain check. Deal. Good. What the hell was that?! Good — use that anger. I think we should be a couple that argues really passionately like “cat on a hot tin roof,” but then has really hot make-up sex. Look, buddy, we are not doing some bus-and-truck production of “hello, dolly!” Here. You are being paid to make believe that you are trouble for anyone who crosses me. You do that, you get your money, you go home. You don’t need to come up with some storyline about how we made bailey. Who’s bailey? My baby that you’re the father of! Now, do you understand? No funny business. I had to work opposite someone like her in summer stock once. D-I-v-A. Okay, we really need this to work, kip. Or do you want to go back to waiting tables? Fine. I’ll do it. But if you don’t get my best work, it’s not my fault. Come on, maxie. Let’s go pick out a suit for this guy.

[ Sighs ] Do you really think this is gonna work? You know what they say — bad rehearsal, great show. Break a leg. Well, if this doesn’t work, I’m definitely gonna break something. Now, release mr. Cain. Britt: You’re letting him go? In a manner of speaking.What does that mean? You’ll see.

[ Sighs ] What are you gonna do to him? Watch and learn. You’re active. Soldier. Reporting for duty.

Ms. Wustepping up, I-I would’ve come home to a grieving family. No wife, no best friend. So to say our family owes mrs. Wu is an understatement. Yeah, no, I agree. Yeah, but you said that your conversation with her was not about business, that it was personal. Yeah, she wants, um, some consideration for someone in her family. Who? Uh, a nephew she’s close with. Yeah? Is he someone we know? I’m sorry to say, but her nephew is brad cooper. I know a little something about baby whales. Your mom and i moved around a lot, and we lived in a lot of different communities, and once we lived by the ocean, and that’s where I learned that baby whales, even when they learn how to swim and manage on their own, they stay with their mommies. Yeah. Yeah, they swim together. And then the baby swims in the mommy’s wake to make it easier and faster. Of course, people are not the same as whales. Whales have been found to have very high intelligence, a lot like human beings. Mom, is there something going on? Um…yeah. Um, an inmate got pardoned today at spring ridge. She’s so intelligent, but she’s an overthinker and she worries a lot, and, uh, I don’t know, she and I just have been having regular talks lately. And you’re going to miss your talks with her. That sounds so incredibly selfish. How can I be anything but happy for someone getting out of prison?

[ Chuckles ] I guess I’m — I guess I’m just a bit lonely. So, you know, I decided to take myself out for dinner. Sometimes it’s nice just to hear people talking, even if they, uh…

[Laughing] Even if they aren’t talking to you. Mom, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. It’s actually nice to see you. It is? Am I not keeping you from michael or… no, no, michael had a family situation. Well, you’re — you’re wiley’s mom. What kind of family situation doesn’t include you?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey, maxie. Why are you here? Are you okay? Yeah, I’m — I’m fine. I’m going to the G.H. Milk bank. I’ve been donating. I figure if I can’t be with my baby, I might as well help other babies and their moms. Right. Awesome. And that way you’ll still be lactating when you get louise back. That’s smart. Maybe. Obviously, whoever has louise is giving her formula. She might not even be interested in breast milk when she gets back. Still, it’s — it’s a really generous donation. You’re courageous and selfless. If you knew me better, you’d know I’d do anything to stay connected with my baby. I think we should fix that. I’d like to get to know you better. Gladys: I’ll have a manhattan with an extra cherry, and I’m starting a tab, courtesy of my boss. Just so you know, my boss is an excellent tipper.

[ Sighs ] I’ll have whatever ms. Corbin is having. By all means. Give us a chance to revisit our arrangement. I want to make some additions to my wish list. Oh, I don’t think so. I don’t think paulie would like it. Paulie? Who’s that? Vodka martini. Your best top-shelf vodka, three olives, as dirty as possible. Give me that back. I-I mean, I don’t know if valentin replaced yuri, but tell your pet doberman to give it back. Is this the one you told me about? Mm-hmm. Excuse me. The one what? Gladys, I told you you should quit while you were ahead. Now you’re gonna have to deal with paulie. You can let him go now. Take my sister. Give me your knife. No, no, don’t — don’t do this. Got it all wrong.

I’m not going to do anything. Take it. Now, hold it to his throat and wait for orders. Britt: Wh-wh– you son of a bitch! No, now would be the time that you adjust your attitude, sis. Unless you want me to have drew slash jason’s throat. Yes? I’m sorry, peter. Anything else you’d like to add? Please don’t kill jason. Oh, see? There. You said it nicely. Thank you. I appreciate that. Wasn’t so hard, was it? Soldier, stand back. Now, cut your own arm. Britt: Oh, my god, no!

How is brad related to ms. Wu? He’s her brother’s son. He was given up for adoption. Ohh. And brad is coming up for parole. What, does ms. Wu think that you can use your influence to get him out? I told ms. Wu that I wouldn’t do anything to help him get parole because it would hurt you and wiley. Yeah, thank you. But we still owe mrs. Wu. Even though I told her that I wouldn’t do anything to help brad get paroled, I wouldn’t fight against it if he did get paroled. Dad, I respect your position. I do. But as a victim, I-I’m gonna be notified when — when brad’s hearing is set, and I plan on speaking against his release. I made it clear to ms. Wu that you had every right to speak, but you’re not gonna pull any strings or use your influence behind the scenes to block his parole. Dad, it’s my influence. And why shouldn’t I use it?

[ Sighs ] Why shouldn’t I use it to keep the man who stole the first year of my son’s life behind bars? I don’t have to be glued to michael’s side 24 hours a day. I like that he’s close to his parents. Maybe that’s something that, uh, we could shoot for in the future. I certainly don’t want us to be strangers. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement, but I’ll take it. And I hope to get to know you better, too, wiley, because we already have baby whales in common. And, oh, I think I have something for you in my purse. Let’s see. Oh, here, wiley. It’s candy. I’m not supposed to take candy from strangers. Maybe it’s better if we just keep a respectful distance. Okay. But that’s not the answer that I was hoping for. But okay. I can totally respect that. Can I ask you why? Because then you’ll always be the mysterious hiker in the woods who just happened to be there when I needed help delivering my baby. And I’ll always be what you said. Courageous and selfless. If we could just leave it like that, the way it was when we first met, then we won’t disappoint each other. Okay. Okay, I get it. I understand that you seeing me is some kind of painful reminder of you losing louise. I’ve become like a trigger. I’ll say this. Um… there’s a lot of support out there with people who’ve been through what you’re going through, and if you ever wanted to sit in, like, a group, I’d be more than happy to join you. I would feel too guilty. Why’s that? Because [Scoffs] My daughter is still out there. Maxie, if you share the pain of your loss — but my daughter’s not lost. I always knew you were more cash than class, but now you’re hanging around with a nasty piece of work like this guy? I strongly suggest you cut your losses and leave while you still can. Yeah. What’s the rush? Hey, blondie, from what I hear, you’re my girl’s go-fer. Somebody told you wrong. I’m brook lynn’s executive assistant. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that settled — I also hear you’re shaking down your boss for some perks, huh? Spa treatment, raise in pay. Told you to walk away. Okay, I’m out of here. Park it, blondie! You’ve been hearing things you shouldn’t have heard and demanding things you shouldn’t be demanding. I don’t know what you think you know — I think you are a problem for my girl, and that makes you a probI’m the baby daddy. Peter: You need another demonstration? No. Return the knife. Now let the guard shackle you to the wall.

[ Handcuffs rattling ]

[ Handcuffs clicking ] Make sure those cuffs are secure. Stand down. Go get some gauze and tape. Britt. Wh– wait. W-what did I do? You’re gonna patch up drew now. Doesn’t look too deep. I’m just gonna bandage it. Mr. Morgan looks like he has something he wants to say to me. Well, now’s your chance. You should walk away. Wow. Big words coming from a man chained to a wall. Come on, britt. Finish up. It’s time for us to go. Now! Peter! I’m gonna find you. The next time we meet, there’s gonna be a different ending. We’ll see, won’t we?

[ Door closes ]

This isn’t about brad. This is about his aunt. Her warning saved your mom and jason. Yeah. Yeah, I know. And, dad — dad, I will honor — I’ll honor your — your agreement with ms. Wu. I w-won’t pull any strings behind the scenes to deny brad parole. Okay. There’s another thing you have to consider. I-I assured ms. Wu that, uh, if he got out of prison and didn’t go near my family, that there wouldn’t be retribution or an eye for an eye. Carly: Okay. If you already made this promise to ms. Wu, why are we even having this conversation? Because I told her that I — that I spoke for the entire family. I j– I just need to know if we’re in agreement, if we’re all in agre– are we in agreement? Michael! Are we in agreement? Dad, I can’t just answer as your son. I have to answer as wiley’s father. Look, when I found out that — that nina was lying, that she knew that you were alive the entire time, I didn’t hesitate to have her arrested. It had a collateral benefit of keeping her away from wiley. So why should I look at brad any different? I agree with michael on this — I do. Nina hurt our entire family. Shouldn’t the same standard apply to brad? I’m not saying to forget what brad did! She promised me that he wouldn’t go near our family. And — and I have to trust that he’s gonna respect her and — and answer to her. I respect that you gave her your word, and I will honor your agreement with ms. Wu. But I’m telling you this — I-if — if brad does get paroled and he comes within a city block of my son, he’ll have to answer to me and I promise you both, it will not be pretty.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] Ye s, you don’t take candyfrom strangers. That is a very important lesson, and I am so glad that your mommy and daddy taught you that, but even more so, that you are smart enough to listen. Sweetheart… that is the rule your daddy and I taught you. But this lady, um… this lady isn’t a stranger. You just don’t know her yet. Oh. This is harmony. And she’s my mommy. Yeah. Yeah, that is true. But, um… I wasn’t always a good mommy. But you are a very lucky boy to have such terrific parents who always put you first. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Did you just say that louise is not lost? That was a poor choice of words on my part. I just meant that, as far as I know, my daughter is still alive, and those support groups are for parents who had children that died. So, I-it seems wrong for me to be there because my situation is different. I know louise is out there somewhere in the world, and one day, she will be back in my arms. You’re so hopeful.

[ Scoffs ] You are. I-I don’t think… I’m capable of doing that, you know, if I were in your situation. But when I hear you say it, I believe that will happen. Trust me, I-I-it will. Yeah, it’s — it’s

[Chuckles] So weird that you would mention trust ’cause it’s something that’s been on my mind so much lately, ’cause when I was back in pautuck, there was trust everywhere, and it went both ways ’cause I’d known everybody since I was in the first grade. Then I come to port charles, and I’m having a really difficult time finding anyone I can trust. You, of course, being an exception.

[ Beeping ] I really hope… that louise finds her way home to you soon. ‘Cause she doesn’t know what she’s missing. I don’t understand you, brook lynn. You can have your choice of men. You could have someone as charming and handsome as valentin. But you chose this — this “jersey shore” wannabe to be the father of your child. Hey, blondie, just ’cause you got opinions doesn’t mean you need to open your yap and share them. You’re talking to your boss. It’s best you remember that. Or else. Do you know who you’re talking to? Do you know who my cousin is? Sonny corinthos. The don of dons. First among equals. Are you gonna be the one to tell brook lynn’s uncle sonny that you’re blackmailing the apple of his eye? Whew. He’ll squash you like a bug. I hope you understood my message… for your sake. Uh [Clears throat] I’ll see your fine self later.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Clears throat ] Now, gladys, take out your cellphone. You’ve got some deleting to do. You know, what happened back there with drew, I — I regret I had to take such drastic measures, but I had to make sure you knew how foolish it would be to stand against me, britt. Congratulations, peter. You’ve become the man our father never thought you could be. You’re just as powerful as he was. Because I finally stopped running from his legacy and embraced it. And now it’s your turn. Face it, britt. You and I… can never be like everyone else. You have to take what we want. Jason: You hear anything? Nothing. No, they’re gone, and they got no reason to check on us because they know we’re not going anywhere. How’s your arm?

[ Groans ] I’ve had worse. I did this to myself, didn’t I? I cut myself. Peter couldn’t resist a demonstration. I told you that he would make a mistake. Now I know how he controls you. And I know how to turn it off.

The recording’s deleted.

[ Sighs ] Okay. What about the other copies?

[ Clears throat ] I never made any copies. I just said I did because… that’s what they always do in the movies. You know what happens to blackmailers in the movies? Their scheme blows up in their face. Look, you won. I deleted the recording. You got your card back. Poor, dear valentin’s never gonna know the truth. Isn’t that enough? Do you have to rub my nose in it? You know, you got me thinking, maybe I’m letting you off too easy. Excuse me. Maybe i should call my uncle sonny. He’s such a sweetheart, and he really adores me — I don’t want any trouble with sonny. Fine. Then I expect to see you at work tomorrow morning. Sure. I’ll be there at 10:00. Make it 8:00. Kip? What are you doing here? H-how did your performance go? Oh, I think brook lynn would agree I was a big success. Unfortunately, I went a little too method and ended up hurting my hand. Wait, what — is that — is that a gun? Oh. Yeah, I mean, relax. It’s just a prop from “guys and dolls,” but I thought it added to my character. Okay. Well, a-as long as it shut gladys up, whatever works. Uh, here, I… have some money for your medical bills. That should cover it. Harmony? This is a surprise. Hey, michael. Um, I was just leaving. Bye. Everything okay? Actually, yes.

[ Chuckles ] My mother was on her best behavior. What happened with your parents? Um…we’ll, uh — we’ll talk about it later. Suffice to say, wiley’s gonna need us now more than ever. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that side of michael. I’m proud of him.

[ Sighs ] Michael’s not like me. You know, he doesn’t lash out wildly and end up hurting himself. He finds an opponent’s weakness, and he exploits it. He found a way to go after nina for what she actually did, and I’m sure he’ll do the same to brad, if brad tries anything. I’d just be a lot happier if he’d just focus his energy on making his family happy. Well, obviously, michael feels it’s important to protect his family. Protecting the family is my job.

[ Voice breaking ] When you were gone… when we thought you were dead… …it changed everything. Everyone. And you coming back has brought on even more change. You know that saying — once the genie is out of the bottle, it’s really hard to put it back in. You’re not just talking about michael now, are you? Everything’s finally falling into place for me. Soon, I’ll have maxie back, and we’ll find louise together.

[ Sighs ] You have to be realistic, peter. There’s no way in hell you can get maxie here to cassadine island. Have you already forgotten the demonstration I just showed you? You know, maxie thinks she knows what she wants, but I have other ways of bringing about her happy ending, britt.

[ Scoffs ] Remember that.

[ Sighs ] Tarot cards? I saw the first one. It was a — it was a tower. Peter showed it to you and said, “you’re active.” T-that’s the same phrase helena used. And then he had one of the guards give you a knife and ordered you to put it to my throat.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry, man. Why? I looked you in the eye. Y-you weren’t there. Peter puts you under, and — and you’re gone. No free will. Exactly. I can’t — I can’t stop myself, which is why you have to stop me. I-it’s not gonna come to that. But if it does… I’d rather die at your hands than have to carry out another one of his orders. Are we clear? Yes. So, you’ll do it? I will, but I’m not gonna have to. How can you be so sure of that? Because britt saw the second card — the one that brings you out. And we both heard the code phrase. What is it? “Stand down.” It’s that simple? It’s that simple. So we got him. Peter august is going down.

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