Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 4, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Amanda’s grandfather Sutton talks to Amanda and gets her to admit that she wants to testify against him jail because she is angry that she forced Naya to put her and Hilary up for adoption. Sutton is recording their conversation to try and discredit her testimony in court. Amanda figures out Sutton’s plan and takes the recording away from him. Amanda later calls Michael to tell him what Sutton did, so Michael can come tomorrow and listen to the recording.

Jesse Gaines tells Billy and Lily that he escaped from the Palazzo wine cellar because he heard members of Victor’s security team were ordered to kill him by Victor and Adam. Jesse also tells Billy and Lily that he stowed away on a cargo ship and then a cargo plane to return to Genoa City. Billy and Lily decide to hide Jesse in a hotel until they can confirm his story.

Nina returns to Genoa City to be with Abby and Dominic and she and Abby comfort each other as they deal with the loss of Chance. Ashland’s condition gets worse as Victoria finds him in her office doubled over in pain and struggling to breathe. Victoria worries that he won’t be able to handle the trip to Peru to see if he is a candidate for the experimental treatment, but Ashland is determined to go to Peru and see the doctor.

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