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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie tries to talk to Victor then complains about him not listening. Victor apologizes and explains that he’s engrossed in an article about Ava Vitali being arrested for the murder of the guy who shot Abe and says it’s wonderful. Maggie comments on that horrible man no longer being a threat while Victor clarifies he’s excited about Ava going down for murder. Victor reminds her that Ava blackmailed Philip and forced him to launder money from his company, so he’s allowed to revel in her misfortune. Maggie says whatever sparks his joy. Victor calls it another miscreant behind bars and jokes that the Salem police department lockup must be running out of room. Justin then walks in and announces that a couple spots just opened up. Maggie excitedly hugs him and exclaims that he is free. Justin responds that it’s all thanks to uncle Victor and Steve Johnson so Maggie then turns to Victor.

Steve and Jack sit together at the Brady Pub. Steve tells him that right about now, Gwen should be getting released. Jack doesn’t know how to thank him for coming through for his daughter. Steve says that when Victor told him the original deal didn’t include Bonnie and Gwen, he didn’t think that was right, so he fought for their release too and was happy to do it. Jack notes that Steve isn’t a fan of either one of them. Steve admits he’s come around on Bonnie and that Gwen is his niece so he couldn’t just let her go to prison.

Melinda brings Gwen to Xander at the police station. Xander asks what took so long since Justin had already been released. Melinda explains that the only reason Gwen is free is because her uncle Steve played hardball. Gwen tells Xander that apparently Victor’s deal didn’t include Bonnie or her. Melinda remarks that if it were up to her, all four of them would be serving time in prison. Xander is not surprised she’d want them all locked up. Melinda responds that their freedom was a small price to pay for what she got in return; the bitch who murdered her daughter.

Chad goes to see Kristen in the interrogation room. Kristen thanks him for coming and asks where EJ is. Chad informs her that EJ won’t be showing up. Kristen asks why not since she needs EJ to represent her. Chad responds that he will let EJ explain it to her himself as he hands her a letter.

Abigail goes to the hospital and asks Kayla if she got her text the other day. Kayla says she did and then everything with Abe got crazy. Abigail hopes Kayla can help her out now. Abigail tells Kayla that she thinks Gwen has been lying to Jack and she needs her to help her prove it.

Justin explains that Melinda dropped all charges so he probably won’t be disbarred. Maggie calls that fantastic news and asks if Victor happened to pull some strings. Victor admits he might have negotiated a mutually beneficial deal with Melinda. Maggie asks what Melinda got out of the deal. Victor tells her it was someone she’s always wanted; Kristen DiMera. Maggie thought Kristen went in to hiding. Victor reveals that he hired Steve to find her and it looks like he already found her and took her straight to Melinda. Justin confirms that Kristen is already in custody. Victor asks if this day can get any better. Justin appreciates Victor’s help since things were looking pretty dire. Victor calls Justin the best of them and says he couldn’t allow him to go to prison even if what he did was very stupid. Justin tells Victor that he loves him and thanks him. Justin adds that he and Bonnie owe him. Victor questions what Bonnie has to do with this. Bonnie then walks in with a bottle of champagne and shouts that it’s time to get the party started.

Xander jokes that he’d love to see the look on Victor’s face when he finds out Bonnie is out of jail. Gwen asks if Victor hates Bonnie that match. Xander tells her that Victor can’t stand the sight of her and is convinced that she’s not nearly good enough for Justin. Gwen can’t imagine what Victor will think of her then. Xander doesn’t give a damn since Victor’s opinion hasn’t mattered to him in a long time. Melinda tells them that she has a psychopath to put away but something tells her that it won’t be long before she sees one or both of them back here again. Xander stops Melinda and reminds her that they have unfinished business…

Kayla asks what Abigail thinks Gwen is lying about. Abigail explains that Gwen admitted to Jack that Dr. Snyder blackmailed her in to being his drug courier. Kayla mentions that Jack told her about Gwen being a sex worker in her past. Abigail talks about how Jack would totally understand and Gwen knew that, so she doesn’t see why Gwen would allow herself to be blackmailed in to delivering drugs just to keep Jack from finding out that she used to be a sex worker. Abigail says Gwen has done worse things since coming to town and has felt no shame, so she thinks Gwen is lying about her past. Abigail thinks Gwen is hiding something much worse.

Victor questions why Bonnie is not in jail. Bonnie laughs and asks what he’s talking about. Bonnie says Victor is the one who got her sprung, so she bought champagne to thank him. Victor says she’s not welcome and that there must be some sort of mix up. Justin asks what he means. Victor complains that he negotiated the deal for Justin and Xander to be released but it didn’t include Bonnie. Bonnie guesses that Steve re-negotiated the terms since she and Gwen are both now free.

Xander tells Melinda that they are not walking out of here until she returns his briefcase. Melinda asks if he means the one filled with a million dollars. Xander argues that now that Bonnie’s case is closed, she doesn’t need it as evidence anymore. Gwen adds that they have really big plans for that money starting with a tropical paradise resort. Melinda agrees to get them the money but says the paper work will take awhile so they can come back in an hour or two. Xander responds that he’ll be there and he expects every last dollar. Xander and Gwen then exit the police station together.

Steve tells Jack that he and Kayla had a hard time accepting Gwen into the family after what she did to Jack, Jennifer, and Abigail. Jack understands but assures that Gwen regrets everything she’s done and the pain she has caused. Jack says she has worked hard to make amends and turn her life around. Steve points out that the only reason Gwen was in a cell was because she was trying to take down a corrupt judge. Jack hopes that counts for something. Steve admits he had to give Gwen a second chance as he’s had plenty himself. Jack says he has too and he truly believes that Gwen has changed and is done for good with secrets and lies…

Kayla asks what Abigail thinks Dr. Snyder was holding over Gwen if she wasn’t a sex worker. Abigail admits she doesn’t know and she hopes she is wrong since Gwen and Jack have gotten close. Abigail says she hates the thought of hurting Jack and Gwen after their fight on the stairs. Abigail talks about how Dr. Snyder treated Gwen after her fall, so part of her feels like she should just let it all go but she just has the feeling that something else is going on which is where Kayla comes in. Kayla doesn’t see how she could help. Abigail wants to take a look at Dr. Snyder’s office to find some clue as to what he was really holding over Gwen.

Kristen reads EJ’s letter, saying he knows that she was counting on him to represent her against her latest charges, but the Board has advised him not to take her case because it would reflect badly on the company. EJ wrote that he would do what he can behind the scenes but he can’t do so in public. Kristen argues that she nursed EJ back from the grave and this is how he repays her. Chad tells her that he lobbied hard but EJ refuses to go against Mr. Shin. Kristen argues that her future is on the line and without EJ’s help, she could spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Steve asks Jack about he and Gwen getting pretty close. Jack says now that she’s finally let down her guard, he got a glimpse of the woman she could’ve been without the chip on her shoulder. Jack calls her selfless and caring, especially when it comes to Xander. They talk about things getting serious between Gwen and Xander. Jack states that now that they are out of jail, they have a real chance to see where it can go.

Gwen and Xander return home. Gwen questions no one being home to welcome them back. Xander points out that no one would be glad to see them except Jack. Xander opens up her laptop because he wants to get started on their vacation plans. Gwen asks about his excitement for it. Xander tells her that they’ve been apart for weeks in tiny cells so the least they deserve is to unwind on a beach somewhere. Gwen agrees as they kiss.

Kayla brings Abigail to Dr. Snyder’s office. Kayla explains that the police had sealed his office but as of this morning, the case is officially closed since all charges against Xander were dropped and he was the last unresolved part of the case as the rest of the drug ring has already been rounded up. Abigail asks if she’s sure this is okay so she doesn’t get in any trouble. Kayla says she’s retrieved all of the patient files so all that is left are Dr. Snyder’s personal things. Abigail thanks her. Kayla tells her to just lock the door when she leaves and wishes her luck as she hopes she finds what she is looking for. Kayla then exits the office.

Chad tells Kristen not to panic because EJ hired another attorney who is supposed to be top-notch and will meet her at the courthouse later. Kristen questions when EJ became such a coward that he couldn’t come tell her to her face that he was abandoning her. Chad points out that it could be considered bad publicity. Kristen notes that it didn’t seem to bother Chad and asks if he’s not scared of incurring Mr. Shin’s wrath. Chad responds that he likes to live dangerously. Kristen thanks him for coming. Chad is sorry that she’s in this mess. Kristen says she’s only in it because Victor sent Steve Johnson after her. Kristen remarks that she really should stab Victor in the heart again.

Victor complains that Steve went behind his back and negotiated a side deal. Victor says he should’ve known he couldn’t trust him. Justin argues that he thought Victor did something nice for a change. Victor responds that he did do something nice, just not for Bonnie. Bonnie doesn’t know why he’s making such a big fuss since he got what he wanted and Justin and Xander are free. Bonnie jokes that she and Gwen are just a bonus. Victor decides he’s going to call Melinda because this has to be fixed right away. Justin stops him and tells him that the deal is done. Justin reminds Victor that Bonnie is innocent and deserves her freedom. Victor argues that Bonnie killed a woman and tucked her in Justin’s bed. Bonnie calls that self defense which Victor finds hard to believe. Maggie tells him to let it go because Justin and Bonnie have been through enough and are ready to put this nightmare behind them. Justin confirms that’s what he intends to do and they plan to pick up right where they left off. Justin asks Bonnie what she thinks about getting married today.

Bonnie questions Justin wanting to get married today. Justin asks why not and says they can have the ceremony right here like they originally planned. Victor claims this venue is booked because he’s having friends over for lunch. Justin argues that Victor doesn’t have any friends and declares they are having the ceremony right here. Justin hopes the justice of peace, matron of honor, and best man are all available. Justin says he’ll call them now. Bonnie questions what to wear since her wedding dress is all wrinkled and still in the bag from being arrested. Justin tells her to wear the dress she was going to wear for the reception. Bonnie decides that’s perfect and tells Justin that she loves him so much as they kiss. Bonnie adds that Justin has made her the happiest woman in the world. Justin grabs her bottle of champagne and they exit. Victor remarks that he’s going to kill Steve.

Steve goes to the hospital and surprises Kayla. Steve figured she’d be on her break so he wanted to see if he could take her for a stroll in the park. Kayla says that sounds lovely but she needs to hear from the lab and then they can go. Kayla asks about his breakfast with Jack. Steve confirms Jack was happy that he got Gwen released. Steve just hopes that their niece can stay out of trouble from now on. Kayla is sorry to say but she thinks Gwen might be lying to Jack again. Steve asks what about. Steve then gets a call from Justin and asks him what’s up.

Melinda enters the interrogation room and tells Kristen that she heard the bad news that EJ is throwing her to the wolves. Kristen responds that EJ did arrange for another lawyer so she’s not worried. Melinda warns that she should be because she’ll be serving the five years of her original sentence that would’ve just been two but she broke out twice and now she’s facing additional charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault. Melinda tells Kristen that she’s going away for a very, very long time and she’s the one that is making it happen.

Chad joins Abigail in Dr. Snyder’s office and asks if she found anything yet. Abigail says not so far. Chad asks where she wants him to start looking. Abigail directs him to the cabinets and asks how things went with Kristen. Chad tells her that Kristen is upset that EJ is not taking the case and he can’t blame her since EJ goes on and on about being loyal but he’s only ever out for himself. Chad asks Abigail what exactly they are looking for. Abigail admits she doesn’t know and is just hoping something will jump out at them. Abigail concludes she might be grasping at straws and there’s nothing to find. Chad assures they are not giving up because if Gwen has a secret in here, they are going to find it.

Xander and Gwen continue kissing. Gwen suggests they take it to her room. Xander points out that no one is here anyways. Gwen reminds him about how Julie feels about the couch. Xander responds that Julie’s not here and doesn’t have to know. Xander says he can’t wait another second as they continue kissing and he removes his shirt. Xander starts to undress Gwen until Jack walks in and then Gwen shoves Xander off of her. Jack apologizes for interrupting. Xander jokes with Gwen about her pushing him off of her. Jack says he should just get going but Gwen stops him and asks him not to go. Gwen tells Jack that she’s so happy to see him. Jack feels the same and says Steve filled him in on everything. Jack hugs Gwen and welcomes her home. Gwen feels she owes Steve so much. Jack tells her to pay Steve back by having a really good life. Gwen says she plans to do that and she’s relieved to never think about Dr. Snyder ever again..

Chad and Abigail continue searching Dr. Snyder’s office. Chad notes that Dr. Snyder was in to legal thrillers but not the classics. Chad opens one of the books and a paper falls out. Chad says it looks like a medical record. Abigail sees that it is for Gwen. Chad realizes it’s about the miscarriage. Abigail questions why Dr. Snyder would be keeping that hidden away in a book.

Kristen tells Melinda that she’s very aware of the deal she made with Victor and Steve. Kristen says she’s a little surprised that an overachiever like her would cut loose four potential feathers in her cap. Melinda responds that it was so worth it for the woman who killed her daughter to waste away in a prison cell. Melinda declares that she will finally have justice for her little girl. Kristen says she’s sorry about Haley but it truly was an accident. Melinda tells her to shut the hell up with her excuses as she took her daughter away from her. Kristen complains that Melinda is doing exactly the same to her as she may never see Rachel again. Melinda says that seems fair to her since she lost her daughter because of Kristen, so she’s just returning the favor.

Steve and Kayla go to the Kiriakis Mansion for the wedding. Maggie informs them that Justin and Bonnie are still getting dressed. Victor tells Steve that this is all his fault as they had a deal and it did not include him going behind his back to make any side deals to release any other trash around town. Kayla questions if Steve was supposed to leave them behind when Bonnie was innocent and Gwen was just helping Xander. Steve declares there was no way in Hell that he was going to leave his brother’s daughter and Justin’s fiancee in prison, so he doesn’t give a damn what Victor thinks. Victor remarks that he should’ve known Steve would go rogue. Victor tells Steve that he is not paying him a cent and is not going to hire him either. Justin and Bonnie then enter the room. Steve notes that the happy couple doesn’t look so happy and asks what’s going on. Justin reveals that the justice of peace is not available so they have to postpone the ceremony. Maggie then announces that she could officiate. Bonnie questions Maggie offering when she doesn’t even like her. Maggie admits Bonnie is not her favorite person, but she is Justin’s, so that counts for something. Justin thanks Maggie. Victor argues that Maggie is not ordained but she reveals that she got ordained in prison last year when she had a lot of time on her hands. Kayla and Steve think it’s a great idea. Bonnie says there’s nothing she wants more. Maggie goes to write a script. Kayla gives Bonnie a bouquet. Bonnie mentions that her daughter Mimi wanted to video chat so she could watch, so she asks if Kayla will hold her phone for her. Justin adds that Sonny wanted to do the same, so he asks Steve to hold his phone for Sonny and his brothers which he agrees to do. Bonnie knows she’s about to have the happiest day of her life and says it’s all because of Steve getting her out of prison. Bonnie thanks Steve for all that he did for her and Justin. Justin tells Steve that they are so very grateful. Steve says he and Kayla are grateful too that Justin is happy again. Justin guesses they are all set and asks if Victor is staying. Victor asks why he wouldn’t since he was there first. Justin tells Victor to suit himself but he better be on his best behavior.

Jack decides to make a toast to Gwen and Xander’s freedom. Jack knows the last few months have not been easy but he’s been impressed by how they looked out for each other. Jack wants to think of this as a fresh start. Xander then gets a text from Melinda that the paper work is finished so he can collect his briefcase. Xander says he’ll be back as soon as he can. Xander tells Gwen that they are one step closer to their paradise. Xander kisses Gwen and thanks Jack for the welcome as he then exits the house. Jack guesses they are official now. Gwen confirms so and asks how Jack feels about that. Jack asks if Xander makes her happy. Gwen says that he does, so Jack gives his blessing. Gwen says that means more to her than he knows. Gwen thanks him and callls him dad. Gwen starts to apologize but Jack says he’s been waiting months to hear her call him dad.

Abigail reads the medical report on Gwen’s miscarriage and it says she drove herself to the hospital 20 minutes after symptoms began. Chad notes that’s not what happened since Gwen took an ambulance. Abigail says this doesn’t make any sense as it doesn’t mention Gwen falling down the stairs. Abigail points out the time on it and it says this exam took place hours before her and Gwen’s argument. Chad questions Gwen being here before the accident. Abigail then comes to a realization.

Maggie begins Justin and Bonnie’s wedding ceremony. Maggie asks if anyone objects. Justin tells Victor not to even think about it. Victor says it was worth a shot. Maggie then continues the ceremony. Justin and Bonnie exchange their vows. Justin and Bonnie then place the rings on their fingers. Maggie then pronounces Justin and Bonnie husband and wife as they kiss.

Xander goes to the interrogation room and asks Melinda where his money is. Melinda places the briefcase on the table. Xander warns that there would be hell to pay if it’s not all there. Melinda then stops him by slamming the briefcase shut and informs him that he won’t be spending a penny of this, because he’s giving the money to her or else she will blow Gwen’s life sky high.

Gwen asks if Jack is really okay with her calling him dad. Jack asks why he wouldn’t be. Gwen says the whole father-daughter thing is new to her and she didn’t know if they were quite there yet. Jack wants to remove any doubt from her mind. Jack tells her that she is his daughter and he loves her so nothing will ever change that. Gwen tearfully thanks him and calls him dad as they hug. Abigail and Chad then walk in to interrupt. Jack calls it perfect as they are just in time to join their little celebration. Abigail responds that she’s sorry but the party is over.

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