Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Nick and Phyllis break up because Phyllis is tired of Nick choosing his family before her and their relationship. Phyllis also wants a commitment from Nick so they can have more than a superficial relationship. Nick is tired of Phyllis always going to Jack whenever there is a problem in their relationship.

Victor calls Nikki to tell her about Chance and Nikki tells Victoria the news.

Ashland and Victoria plan to head to Peru to see if he is a good candidate for an experimental cancer treatment.

Billy overheard a call from Victor’s private detective telling someone that Jesse Gaines got away again. The private detective calls Adam later to tell him that the fake phone call worked and Billy and Lily left after they heard the call. Lily tells Billy that the search for Jesse Gaines is over. They can beat Newman Media without Jesse Gaines. Jesse Gaines knocks on the door of Billy and Lily’s apartment and asks them to hide him.

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