Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 3, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp walked in and saw Charlie grabbing Allie. He tried to help her, but Charlie didn’t want her to do it. He said that he was the one Charlie wanted. Charlie said he was right, but he didn’t let her go. Shawn went to question Ava. She told him that Charlie was after Tripp. Shawn wanted to hear about what happened to Carmine. Ava told him that Charlie did it. He reminded her that Charlie was dead. Gabi found Jake passed out on the ground. She was able to get him to wake up. Jake wanted to know what happened. She asked him if he was okay. Jake wanted to know if he was in a coffin. Gabi blamed herself for what happened to him. She said that Nick was the one who tried to kill him. Nicole told Rafe that Deimos was in the office with her. Rafe didn’t see him so she tried to convince him that he was there. She told him how she stabbed Deimos with a pair of scissors. She said he was there when she called him. Rafe wanted to make sure he got the story straight. He told her that there wasn’t any blood on the scissors. He wanted to know why Deimos would go after her. He wanted to know why he would go after her. She said he wanted revenge. Nicole told him that she rejected Deimos and that’s why he wanted revenge. Rafe found that hard to believe. She wanted him to go to Ava. He said he couldn’t do it because she was being questioned for murder. Ava told Shawn that she was innocent of Carmine’s murder. Eli went to Philip and questioned him about Carmine. Philip told him about Carmine and thought he should question Jake about it. Nick showed up while Gabi was telling him about what happened with him. He said they would have to do it all over again.

Rafe talked to Nicole about what happened with Ava. He said he was played for a fool once again. Ava told Shawn that Charlie was on the loose and wanted his son back. She said he could be going after Henry now. Tripp tried stop Charlie from going after Henry. Charlie blamed Tripp for dying. He said he could have stopped Jan from killing him. He realized that it was better that Jan didn’t do it so he had the pleasure of killing him. Nick tried to approach Jake and Gabi so she hit him on the head with a shovel. They wanted to bury his body again. Eli told Philip that Gabi broke Jake out of jail. Philip thought he should have been going after them. Eli didn’t want him to leave town. Nicole couldn’t believe what Ava did to Gabi. Rafe didn’t want her to feel too sorry for Gabi because she broke Jake out of jail. Rafe and Nicole kissed each other. Ava continued to tell Shawn that Charlie killed Carmine. Shawn didn’t believe her. She wanted to talk to Rafe. Shawn offered to call Rafe for her. Rafe was kissing Nicole so he didn’t answer the phone. Allie stopped Tripp from fighting with Charlie. Tripp was about to hit Charlie with a pan, but she said he did enough. Rafe and Nicole moved to the table and started making out on it. Jake and Gabi showed up at the police station.

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