Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe told Brady she had a fight with Philip and moved out. Brady was thrilled that she broke up with Philip. She said she didn’t break up with him. She said she planned on moving out once she recovered. She said she and Philip were taking things slow. She said there was a chance for them if Philip got his act together. She said she loved him in high school and wasn’t ready to give up on him. Brady told Chloe that she could move in with him. She said that would make Philip furious. Brady said she wouldn’t be living with him. He said she would be living with John and Marlena. Chloe didn’t want to take the risk so she decided to move in the Salem Inn. Kate ran into Philip. She noticed he was sad. She said he was always sad because of Chloe. He told her Chloe moved out. Kate asked if he was just saying that because she wanted to hear it. She told him to accept the break up with some dignity. He reminded her that she pretended to be blind and have amnesia to keep Jake. Kate said she felt bad for Philip, but she couldn’t stand seeing Chloe hurt him all of the time. He said it wasn’t her fault. He told her it was his jealousy over Brady. At the pub, Roman told Lucas that he wasn’t funding Johnny’s movie. Kate and Philip showed up. Lucas advised Philip to give Chloe some space and stay away from Brady. Kate told Philip to break up with Chloe.

Roman was uncomfortable with Kate. She wanted to know why. He said she made it clear she wasn’t interested in him the way he was in her. He said they could stay friends. She said they were friends. He said she didn’t treat him like a friend. Kate told Roman that she didn’t like how he was right about Jake. She said it would be embarrassing to hear him say he told her so. She said she stayed away so she wouldn’t have to hear him say he told her so. He said he was sorry that he was right. He said Jake was a moron for not seeing how great she was. Marlena thought about the things she did when she was possessed. The devil told her they were one. John knocked on the door. Marlena was reading the script. She was wearing sunglasses. He asked her why she was wearing sunglasses. She said she was getting the glare off the pages. He said the last time she was wearing sunglasses inside was when she was possessed. John told Marlena that she has been acting strange lately. He said it wasn’t just the sunglasses. He said she changed her mind about the movie. He said she went from having nightmares to letting Johnny do the movie. She said she did it so she could stop all the whispers. He wanted her to take off the sunglasses. She was insulted, but took off the glasses. Marlena asked John if he was satisfied when she took off the glasses. He said he was relieved. He said he was concerned. He said she hasn’t been herself lately. He said he wasn’t the only one who felt that way. He said Kayla came by to ask why she wouldn’t let Doug have any visitors. Marlena said Doug was dangerous. She said he hit Julie in the head. When John kept pressing her about Doug, she was getting upset. She said Kayla needed to come to her if she had any concerns. He apologized to her and left the room.

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