Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack went to see Gwen in jail. They talked about her being in jail. She asked him to give a message to Xander. Xander and Justin talked about what Victor could give Melinda in order for her to let them go. Xander was shocked that Victor wanted to help him since they weren’t getting along with each other. Justin let him know that he was family. A guard came into the cell to get Justin. Jack went to see Xander. Jack let him know that Gwen wanted to take the blame for everything that happened. Xander said she couldn’t do that. Xander told him that Victor was working on a deal to get him out of jail. Jack was curious as to what Victor could be working on with Trask to be able to make a deal like that. The guard brought Justin to the interrogation room. Bonnie was handcuffed to a chair. He told her that he was still her lawyer since he wasn’t disbarred yet. The guard told them they had five minutes to talk. She cried over what she has done to him. He told her to stop crying. He told her he loved her. She told him to look out for himself. She said he needed to do whatever he could to get out of there. He told her about the deal Victor made. He said there was hope for them. He said no matter what happened, he still wanted to marry her.  When Bonnie went back to her cell, she told Gwen about her visit with Justin. Justin and Jack ran into each other at the squad room. Justin thought about Xander telling him Gwen was keeping a secret from Jack. Justin told Jack that finding out the truth could end up making things worse. Abby showed Chad an article about Gwen being arrested. He thought Gwen offering herself to a judge was too much even for her. Abby said Gwen used to be a prostitute, but she didn’t believe Gwen did it. They talked about what Gwen could be covering up. Abby said it would be bad if Jack finds out what Gwen did. Chad didn’t want to think about Gwen. He wanted to focus on their family. She said she couldn’t do that. She said Snyder must have known about something Gwen did to Jack. She said she had to protect her father so they had to find out what Gwen did. She thought Kayla might have been able to find out something from Snyder’s office.

Kayla talked to Steve about Marlena. Kayla told him she was upset that Marlena was keeping Julie from Doug. Steve told her Victor wanted him to find Kristen in exchange for Justin and Xander’s freedom. They didn’t think it was fair for Justin and Xander to be free while Bonnie and Gwen stayed in jail. Steve said he had a plan. He said when he found Kristen, he would tell Melinda to let all four of them go. Kayla thought that plan was dangerous. She thought it was dangerous because of Victor and Kristen. Kayla said Kristen killed people. She wanted to know how he would track her down. EJ and Nicole showed up. Steve thought he had a way to track Kristen down. When EJ and Nicole got a table, Steve and Kayla wondered what EJ might know about Kristen. Kayla didn’t think EJ would sell out Kristen. Steve thought Nicole might do it. Kayla thought they should get Nicole alone. Nicole brought the kiss to EJ. He apologized if he overstepped by kissing her. She said it wasn’t a good idea. He said it could be fun to see what happened between them. Kayla went over to their table. She pretended to be drunk. She spilled a drink on EJ. He went to the bathroom to clean up. When EJ left, Steve and Kayla asked Nicole about Kristen. Nicole said she wished she could help, but she didn’t know anything. Steve said there could be answers in EJ’s phone. Nicole said he could look at the phone. When EJ came back, Steve and Kayla left the table. Steve told Kayla he could trace EJ’s phone and might be able to track down Kristen.

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