Days Short Recap Friday, August 20, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle went to Nicole’s office to give her divorce papers. They talked about Sami exposing Nicole’s affair. EJ came in the office. When Belle left, EJ told Nicole that he was grateful that she told him about Sami and Lucas. EJ said he felt liberated that the truth was out. Nicole said he was hiding how he really felt. He was upset. He said Sami was done making a fool of him. Nicole understood his anger but felt his pain. She said she could relate. She said he should face it head on or it would eat him alive. EJ told Nicole he was going to focus on DiMera and Johnny. EJ asked her to talk to him. She said EJ keeping Johnny from pursuing his dream would make him prove EJ wrong. EJ regretted asking Nicole for her help. EJ said he would change Johnny’s mind.

Claire saw Ciara when she went home. Ciara told her she was grateful to her. Ciara said she would have never remembered how much she loved Ben. Ciara apologized for the way she talked to her. Ciara said she wanted to be close again. Shawn came in while they were hugging. Shawn was happy that Ciara and Claire made up. When Ciara left, Belle came home. Claire told them she was leaving Salem. They didn’t like the idea of her going. Claire said it was a great opportunity. Belle asked if she was ready. Claire said she was ready. Allie and Johnny reunited. She introduced him to Henry. Johnny apologized for what Charlie did to her. He was proud of the mother she was and how she got over what happened. He told her about his movie and the way EJ acted about it. Allie and Johnny talked about Sami and her drama with their fathers. They talked about Sami leaving town to be alone. Allie asked him about his love life. He said he met someone.

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