Days Short Recap Friday, October 29, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena grabbed John by his neck in the DiMera crypt. She said she was going to tell everyone that he died overseas on a business trip. He tried to get through to Marlena. He told her to fight for their love. She continued to squeeze his neck. Johnny showed up at the crypt. He knocked on the door. Marlena heard the knocking and knocked John out. Marlena went to talk to Johnny. Johnny didn’t understand why she was there and dressed in a devil costume. She said she was walking around and found the key. She said she wore the costume for his movie. Johnny tried to go inside the crypt. Marlena stopped him from going in there. She asked why he was there. He told her that a Ouija board told him to be there. He asked to take a picture of her in her costume. He said Allie didn’t believe in the supernatural. He wanted to prove the devil was there. He heard a noise inside. She said she didn’t hear anything. John was messing with the chains so he could get free. Marlena told Johnny she would catch up with him.

Ciara found Ben at Jordan’s grave. Ciara said she would have gone with him. He said he knew Jordan tormented her. He said he didn’t want to put her through that. She asked if he was worried that their baby would be like Jordan. He said he was worried, but Ciara’s love would shine through. They left to meet Shawn and Belle. Shawn, Belle, Ben and Ciara met at the pub. They talked about Abe being shot. Ciara said they were with Jake before Abe got shot. Shawn asked Ben and Ciara about Jake’s behavior. Ben didn’t say anything about Jake’s behavior. They talked about Ben and Ciara’s honeymoon. Ben and Ciara told Shawn and Belle they were trying to have a baby. Ben said he overcame his fears about having a baby. He said Marlena was helping him and encouraging them to have a baby. Belle was suspicious about Marlena encouraging them to have a baby. Marlena went to the cemetery. She saw Jordan’s grave. She realized Ben has been there. She said Jordan wouldn’t be the only bad seed in the family. She said Allie didn’t believe in the supernatural. Marlena said she would have to make her a believer. She stood in front of Charlie’s grave and told him to rise from the dead.

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