Days Short Recap Monday, November 1, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole went to see Abe at the hospital. She talked to him about her relationship being over. She let him know that she was seeing EJ now. Abe didn’t understand why she was seeing him. She told him that she dated him to get over who she really liked. She let him know that the guy she’s seeing was dating someone else. Gabi demanded to know why Rafe was keeping Jake at the station when Carmine was the real shooter. She said that Ava knew where Carmine was. Gabi talked to him about Ava and Philip being involved with bringing Carmine to town. Rafe wanted to know why Ava would do that. She told him that Ava wanted to run her company. Jake said that she was telling the truth. Rafe asked them why they didn’t say anything to him. She didn’t think he would believe her. He decided to see Abe and wanted Jake to go back to his cell. Carmine threatened Ava to help him. She warned him not to threaten her. Mardevil conjured up Charlie from the dead. She thought he should have been grateful for being brought back. Mardevil went to Nick’s headstone and felt he could help her. Carmine was about to kill Ava when Charlie stabbed him.

Charlie expected Ava to be grateful that he was there. She was scared when he started stalking her. He knew she only cared about Tripp. She denied it, but he didn’t believe her. He grabbed a knife to kill her, but she pushed him away. Abe continued to ask about the man he would approve of Nicole seeing when Rafe appeared. He showed up so Abe could sign a statement about what happened to him. Gabi and Jake talked about his innocence. She knew he didn’t kill anyone. She said she killed someone. She told him that she killed Nick twice. Mardevil conjured up Nick. She enjoyed how he looked and kissed him. She asked him what he would do if he had one more day. He wanted to avenge his death. He wanted to go after Gabi. Rafe asked Nicole if Ava was involved with the mob again. He informed her about his conversation with Gabi. He thought he was being a fool with her. Mardevil wanted to conjure up someone else to do her bidding. She conjured up Deimos. She wanted him to right all of the wrongs done to him. She wanted him to go after Nicole for killing him. Nicole said that Ava didn’t indicate that she was still in contact with her family. Rafe thought Gabi might have been lying to him. Rafe went home and found Carmine dead on the floor.

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