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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani went to Abe’s room with Theo. Abe was shocked that Theo came back to Salem. Theo said he got the first plane out. He said he was coming for the wedding unless they postponed it. Abe said he wanted to go with the plan. Lani asked Paulina what she was going to tell her before. Paulina asked her to be her matron of honor. Lani asked how Chanel would feel about that. Chanel showed up and wanted to know the answer too. Lani left so they could talk. Paulina apologized to Chanel. Paulina said she asked Lani because of everything they have been through with Abe. She asked if Chanel could walk her down the aisle. Chanel agreed to do it. Abe told Theo no one would replace his mother. Theo said he knew. He said his mother would be happy for Abe. Abe said he was happier than he has ever been. Lani came in and told them Paulina asked her to be the matron of honor. She wanted to know what Abe thought. Abe loved the idea. Abe asked Theo to be his best man. Theo agreed to do it.

Chad and Abby were spending time together. EJ came in and sat between them. Chad wanted him to leave them alone. EJ brought up how he and Abby had love scenes together. EJ left the room. Abby went to EJ and told him she was quitting the movie. She yelled at him for taking his pain over Sami out on other people. Chad came in the room. He said EJ was quitting the movie. EJ refused to quit the movie. Chad told EJ that he wouldn’t doubt his wife. Chad said their love was too strong. EJ left the room. Chad said he was behind Abby doing the movie. He said EJ wasn’t a threat. Marlena was dressed in a devil costume. Belle was surprised to see Marlena dressed like that. Marlena said she was getting into the holiday spirit. Belle was surprised she wanted to do that considering what happened to Abe. Marlena said Abe was going to be okay. Belle asked how Marlena could dress up like the devil considering she was possessed. Marlena said she wanted everything out in the open. She said that was why she was letting Johnny do the movie. Belle asked how John felt about it. Belle asked where he was. Marlena said he was on an important mission. John woke up in the DiMera crypt. His hands were chained. He remembered what happened. Marlena showed up. She thought it would be fitting to bring him to his resting place. The devil said Marlena stopped him from killing John the other day, but now it was time to finish the job.

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