Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas went to confront Brady about Chloe. Lucas asked if he spent the night with Chloe. Brady said nothing happened. Lucas said Philip deserved better from Brady. Brady reminded Lucas that he lied about having cancer. Lucas said he did that because of Kristen who was a threat to Chloe. Brady said Philip should ask if he wanted to know what happened. EJ left a message for Nicole. He wanted her to come to the DiMera mansion. Kristen showed up. He wanted to know why she was there. She slapped him. She said it was his fault Steve was able to trace her based on the number she gave him. He said he didn’t give the number to Steve. EJ told Kristen about his encounter with Steve and Kayla. He realized someone else was at the dinner. He said it was a business associate. Kristen told him to hide her until it was over or she would take him down with her. He said she could go in the wine cellar. She wanted to go see Rachel. EJ was shocked. She said she wanted to see her daughter. Chloe and Nicole ran into each other. Nicole told her what was going on with Abe. Chloe told her she moved out of the Kiriakis mansion. EJ called Nicole, but she didn’t answer it. Nicole called the hospital and found out Abe was stable. Chloe was happy, but wanted to know whose call she ignored. Nicole told her it was EJ.

Nicole told Chloe that EJ invited her to dinner. Nicole said she let Steve and Kayla hack into EJ’s phone to track down Kristen. Nicole said EJ was a good distraction from Rafe. Chloe said Rafe deserved to know how Nicole felt about him. Nicole said he was with Ava. Nicole told Chloe that she loved EJ once. She thought she might feel that way again. Chloe was worried about what would happen if he found out what she did. Nicole thought he would understand. She said she was going to accept his dinner invitation. Ava went to see Philip. She said Jake was arrested for shooting Abe. They realized that they lost their leverage with Jake was in jail. Carmine showed up. He said they owed him for the trouble he got in with Jake. He said that led to him shooting Abe. He threatened to turn against Ava and Philip if he got arrested. He said they better take care of him. He wanted to hide in the Kiriakis mansion. Ava told Philip to do whatever he had to do to keep Carmine quiet. Philip said she knew how to make people disappear. He said she should handle it. She agreed to handle Carmine. When Philip left, Carmine came back. Ava said she would take care of what he wanted. She said she could still hurt him even though she wasn’t in the business anymore. Rafe went to the interrogation room to tell Jake and Gabi about Abe’s condition. Jake told Rafe what happened with Philip and Carmine. Jake said it led to the shooting. Gabi said Jake tried to save Abe’s life. She said Jake would have left if he were guilty. Rafe told Jake and Gabi that they found additional prints on the gun. Rafe asked if he knew where Carmine was. Gabi told him to ask Philip. Rafe said even if the story was true, Jake set everything in motion. Gabi started telling him about Ava. Gabi said Ava was in this up to her neck.

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