Days Short Recap Monday, October 25, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina was worried about Abe. Eli went to find out what was going on. Julie showed up to support Paulina and Lani. Julie talked about when she first met Abe. Julie realized knew him for 40 years. She said he would be around for years. Paulina talked about when she met him. She couldn’t believe she was engaged to him after eight months. She said she couldn’t lose him. Kayla tried to save Abe. Eli came in just as Abe flatlined. Kayla told Eli that Abe was gone. Eli wanted her to do something. She said she wasn’t going to give up. She continued to try and save him. Eli went back to Paulina, Lani and Abe. Paulina asked if Abe was going to be okay. Eli told them they were working on Abe. Lani wanted to wait to call Theo and Brandon, but she didn’t want to wait. Lani called Theo. Julie comforted Paulina. Julie told her about not being able to see Doug. Paulina was furious. She said she would get Julie a lawyer. Julie appreciated it. She said Doug and Abe knew they were thinking about them. Julie said they would be there for each other. Lani told Paulina and Julie that Theo was coming home. She said she couldn’t get in touch with Brandon. She said Abe was the father she always wanted. She said they were robbed of so many years together. She said it couldn’t end like this.

Abe was in a bright area. He looked around and saw Lexie. He told her that he missed her. They hugged each other. They talked about their struggle to have children. He said she lived on in Theo. They talked about the things she overcame. He thought about confronting her about switching babies. Abe told Lexie the hardest thing he went through was losing her. He remembered holding her when she died. He said they could be together again. She said they couldn’t be. She said she would be waiting for him, but not right now. They said goodbye to each other. The nurse told Kayla to stop the chest compressions. The nurse told her to call it in. When Kayla was about to call the time of death, the machine beeped. She said they had a heartbeat. Kayla went to the lobby and told everyone Abe was going to be okay. Lani and Paulina went to see Abe. They told him they loved him. John was shocked when Marlena confirmed his suspicion that she was possessed again. He put his hand near holy water so he could splash her, but she was prepared for it. She put her hand in the water. The water turned red. The devil said Marlena couldn’t stand to watch Doug die so she let him in. John wanted to know why Satan wanted Marlena again. The devil said he waited years to do it. He said he got his chance by using Doug. John figured out that Doug did those things to Julie. The devil said he took care of Doug, but now that John knows the truth, it was a problem. John said he beat the devil once he was going to do it again. He said he was getting his wife back. He told Marlena not to surrender. The devil said she couldn’t hear him. Marlena said she could hear him. She said his love was making her stronger. The devil raised his hand and flew John across the room. The devil stepped over John and said he was waiting a long time for that. The devil picked up a candleholder and lifted it up. Marlena told him not to kill John. The devil gave in but didn’t want to leave him there.

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