Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Melinda called Victor. She told him their deal was off since he didn’t find Kristen. He told her it has only been a day. He told her Steve was on the case. He said Steve was going to find her. When Victor got off the phone with Melinda, Jack showed up. He asked Victor about the deal she made with the D.A. Victor asked why he was interested. Jack said Xander was his friend and Justin would always be family to him. He said Gwen was his daughter. Victor told him Gwen wasn’t part of the deal. Victor told Jack he was looking out for his family. He said he wasn’t worried about anyone else. Jack said Xander and Justin cared about the women he was leaving behind. He told Victor they would stay in prison unless he got them out. Victor wouldn’t change his mind. He told Jack he hired Steve to find Kristen for Melinda. Melinda brought Gwen to the interrogation room to see Xander. Melinda said they had 30 minutes. Gwen told Xander to save himself. He said he wasn’t going to abandon her. He said Victor made a deal that was going to save all of them. Xander told Gwen that he let Justin know she wasn’t a prostitute. He said he didn’t tell Justin about her miscarriage. He said they’re the only ones who know the truth. Melinda told them their time was up. Xander told Gwen everything was going to be all right.

Kristen went in Rachel’s room while Brady was on the phone. Rachel told her she went pumpkin picking with Brady and Chloe. Kristen told her they could go on their own trip. Kristen took Rachel in the living room. When she opened the door, Steve was waiting in the hall. When Kristen tried to get pass Steve, Brady came in the room. Brady wanted to know what was going on. Steve told him to put Rachel back in bed. Brady took her back to her room. Steve told Kristen Victor hired him to find her. He said they could do it the hard way or the easy way. She said the hard way was her stock in trade. Brady showed up while Steve was handcuffing Kristen. Brady couldn’t believe Kristen was back to her old ways. She said he was cruel. She said Rachel was all she had. She said she missed Rachel. She asked Brady not to let Steve take her. She said Victor was behind it. She asked Brady not to keep her from Rachel. Brady couldn’t believe she asked for help. She asked if it was about Chloe. She said she wouldn’t let him replace her as Rachel’s mother. Melinda met Steve in the squad room. He told her if she wanted Kristen, she would have to drop the charges against Gwen and Bonnie. Nicole went to see EJ. He thought about Kristen telling him his phone was hacked. They ate pizza in the living room. She was surprised it wasn’t a formal dinner. He reminded her about running into Steve and Kayla. Nicole admitted to letting Steve hack into his phone. Nicole apologized to EJ. She reminded him of the things Kristen has done. He said Kristen has done bad things, but she always looked out for him. He said she let him know about Sami’s affair. Nicole said he was still wearing his wedding ring. He said he could take it off whenever he wanted to.

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