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Brady complains about Philip still thinking that he slept with Chloe and decides he has to warn her. Brady goes to look for his phone. When he leaves the room, Kristen sneaks in. She stops to look at a photo of Brady on the mantle and says she wishes she could stay, but she won’t be gone long…

Victor is at Julie’s Place when he gets a call from Melinda Trask. Melinda asks if their deal is off since she hasn’t heard from him, so she guesses he hasn’t found Kristen DiMera.

Kristen sneaks in to her daughter Rachel’s bedroom. Rachel wakes up and calls out to her mom.

EJ answers the door to see Nicole and says he was just thinking about her. Nicole mentions getting his message and hoped the invitation for dinner still stands. EJ thinks back to telling Kristen that Nicole was with Steve and Kayla when they took his phone. EJ then tells Nicole that the invitation still stands and he’s glad she decided to attend as he invites her in.

Philip goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn and asks if she was expecting someone else. Chloe says she’s just surprised to see him here. Philip asks why since she may have moved out but they are still together. Chloe points out that they haven’t spoken since she left the mansion and she didn’t tell him where she was going.

Victor complains that it’s only been 24 hours. Melinda argues that she’s the district attorney and every minute that goes by, the people of Salem get more impatient and they know about Justin and Xander’s arrests. Melinda reminds Victor that she’s prepared to dismiss their charges if he gives her Kristen, otherwise she will proceed to trial. Melinda asks Victor if he has Kristen or not. Victor admits he hasn’t managed to track her down yet. Melinda takes that to mean that he can’t come through. Victor assures her that he has Steve on the case and he will find her. Victor then hangs up. Jack comes over and questions Victor talking to the district attorney. Victor accuses him of eavesdropping. Jack wants to hear about the deal he just made with Melinda.

Melinda goes to the interrogation room where Xander waits. Xander asks if he’s being released. Melinda asks why he would think that and says that Victor hasn’t met her terms. Xander asks what he’s doing here then. Melinda informs him that someone demanded to see him as Gwen then enters the room.

Kristen tells Rachel that she missed her so much. Rachel mentions that Brady said she had to go away. Kristen says she never wanted to go away and she’s excited to see her. Kristen tells Rachel to promise to keep this between them which she agrees to as Kristen hugs her. Kristen talks about all that she misses with Rachel. Rachel tells her that she went pumpkin picking with Brady and Chloe. Kristen says that must have been fun. Kristen then suggests she and Rachel go on a trip together.

Chloe questions how Philip knew she was here. Before he can answer, Chloe gets a call from Brady. Philip asks if she needs to answer that but Chloe says it’s not important.

Brady leaves Chloe a message, saying he wanted to give her a heads up that Lucas and Philip saw him carrying her bags in to the Salem Inn last night and Philip is assuming they spent the night together. Brady adds that he didn’t tell Lucas anything but he wanted her to know in case she gets blinded by one of Philip’s famous freak outs.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s really glad she’s here with him tonight as it’s keeping her from losing it over Abe. EJ says he’s terribly sorry about what happened. Nicole calls it shocking and insists that he will be okay. EJ is sure her love will make a big difference. Nicole mentions that she didn’t think they would be eating takeout when he invited her over. They joke about being spontaneous. EJ remarks that being unpredictable can keep one’s enemies on their toes as it makes it that much harder for them to betray you.

Xander asks Gwen how she is. Gwen says she’s not bad all things considered. Xander says he’s missed her. Melinda warns that they have 30 minutes and there’s a cop right outside the door. Melinda tells them no touching as she exits. Xander wishes he could kiss Gwen. Gwen feels the same but says they don’t have much time so she asks what’s going on. Xander mentions seeing Jack last night, who told him that Gwen was willing to confess so he could go free. Xander asks what she was thinking. Gwen argues that Xander doesn’t belong here when he had nothing to do with it. Gwen says it’s out of his hands now as Jack is going to speak to Melinda. Xander says he told Jack not to say a word to Melinda. Gwen feels there has to be a better way for him to atone for his sins. Gwen asks why he’s so stubborn. Xander refuses to abandon her since they are in this together. Xander adds that there might be another way out. Gwen mentions hearing that as Bonnie told her that Justin told her that Melinda might drop the charges, but it seems like wishful thinking. Xander informs Gwen that there is a plan in the works.

Victor claims to not know anything about a deal. Jack informs Victor that he saw Xander last night and he said that Melinda strongly implied she was about to drop the charges against him. Jack asks if Victor had anything to do with that. Victor asks why he cares. Jack doesn’t want them going to prison as Xander is his friend, Justin will always be family, and Gwen is his daughter. Victor stops him and asks who said anything about Gwen.

Nicole asks EJ what he means about betraying him and asks if he’s heard from Sami. EJ says he wasn’t referring to Sami and supposes he just has treachery on the brain. EJ reminds Nicole of their dinner last night when Steve and Kayla approached their table. Nicole calls it hard to forget since Kayla was so smashed and spilled wine on EJ. EJ says he just assumed that Kayla had a difficult day and over indulged but he later realized that her drunken display was just a ruse, to allow Steve to tamper with his phone which he left on the table. Nicole asks why Steve would want to mess with his phone. EJ responds that it would be to track down his sister. EJ states that the question is, why they chose that moment to do it since they had to have known Nicole would’ve stopped Steve from putting his hands on his personal property, unless they had already organized another ruse to entice Nicole away from the table as well. EJ adds that seemed unlikely considering they were all still there when he returned. Nicole then admits that she let Steve hack in to EJ’s phone.

Kristen takes Rachel out of her room. Rachel wants to say goodbye to Brady but Kristen says they have to keep it secret and says this is a special trip just for them. Kristen then takes Rachel to sneak out of the house but Steve suddenly appears and catches her.

Chloe asks Philip again how he knew that she was there. Philip claims he found out from her assistant, Grace, as he called her office for her new address. Philip asks if he’s still her boyfriend. Chloe says of course. Philip hoped they could have dinner together by ordering room service which Chloe agrees to.

EJ tells Nicole that what’s even more appalling then her betrayal is that she had the nerve to show her face in this house. EJ shouts that he should fire her and throw her out. Nicole apologizes for going behind his back but says she’s not the least bit sorry that Steve is hunting down his sister. Nicole brings up what Kristen has done to people like her. Nicole tells EJ about Kristen locking her up and stealing her life, so if Steve wants to drag her back here then she’s all in. EJ understands and says he would never sugar coat what she did to her, but Kristen’s life is not easy right now as she’s on the run and separated from her daughter. Nicole sympathizes with Rachel but calls Kristen a raging lunatic. Nicole says Rachel suffers every day with confusion, sadness, and pain. EJ acknowledges that Kristen has made a lot of big mistakes but she is devoted to her daughter. Nicole argues that Kristen’s daughter wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t stolen her identity since she got pregnant by sleeping with Brady while pretending to be her. EJ doesn’t want to go there but Nicole says they are going there. Nicole adds that while Kristen had her locked up, she kidnapped her daughter and wouldn’t give her back until she let her take over her life. Nicole says that when Kristen did go back to Salem disguised as her, she told everyone that Holly died in a horrific accident. Nicole tells EJ to think about the fact that Kristen faked the death of a child so she could suck Brady back in. Nicole doesn’t give a damn how much Kristen is hurt because she will never feel sorry for that miserable bitch.

Kristen tells Steve to get out of her way because she and her daughter have plans and this does not concern him. Brady then appears inside and questions what’s going on, what Kristen is doing, and why Steve is there. Steve responds that he’s on assignment and he can tell him more later, but right now, he might want to get Rachel back to bed. Brady agrees and takes Rachel back to her bedroom. Kristen calls Steve a son of a bitch and complains that she just wanted to spend time with her little girl. Steve notes her backpack and coat and guesses it was more than that. Kristen asks why Steve is tracking her down like a dog. Steve reveals that Victor hired him to find her. Kristen asks if he is Victor’s bounty hunter now. Steve responds that he’s a private investigator. Kristen accuses him of tearing a kid away from her mother. Steve reminds Kristen that she’s a fugitive. Kristen argues that Steve’s not a cop so he can go straight to Hell. Steve tells her that they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Kristen remarks that making things difficult is her stock and trade.

Chloe and Philip eat room service together in her room at the Salem Inn. Chloe talks about how good the fried chicken is. Philip wipes her face and they start kissing.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s not denying that Kristen committed a horrible crime with her. Nicole feels that he should understand why she let Steve hack in to his phone then. EJ admits he doesn’t like it but he understands her feelings very well, but he’s afraid he does not share. EJ declares that no matter what she’s done, Kristen is still his sister, is extremely loyal, and has always looked out for him. Nicole brings up Kristen’s letter exposing Sami’s affair. EJ says that Kristen saved him from a lifetime of humiliation because if she hadn’t opened his eyes, he would’ve remained in his marriage, oblivious to the fact that he was being played for a fool. EJ adds that thanks to Kristen, he knew he had to act permanently and immediately by kicking Sami out of his house and his life. Nicole questions why EJ is still wearing his wedding ring if it’s permanently over with Sami.

Steve handcuffs Kristen. Brady comes back in. Kristen asks how Rachel is. Brady responds that she’s settled back in to bed but she’s a little wound up so he doesn’t know if she will sleep for awhile. Brady asks what she is doing. Kristen says she just wanted to see their little girl. Brady questions her breaking in. Kristen complains that she hasn’t seen her for months. Brady asks where she was going to take her. Kristen claims that she just wanted to spend a little time with her. Brady can’t believe she did this just when she thought her psycho behavior was done. Kristen asks how he can be so cruel. Kristen remarks that she’s all alone and since Brady cut her off, Rachel is all she has left and she has no contact with her. Brady asks whose fault that is. Kristen can’t bear this anymore and says she misses her so much and knows that Rachel misses her too. Kristen asks Brady to not let Steve take her away. Kristen knows she’s done terrible things but she’s still Rachel’s mother. Kristen informs Brady that Steve is on assignment for Victor and asks if he can believe that Victor is paying Steve to do this. Kristen brings up what Victor did to them. Steve confirms it’s true. Kristen pleads with Brady not to let this happen. Kristen declares that Victor separated her from Rachel once before, so she’s begging Brady not to let him do it again.

Jack questions Victor planning to just let Gwen and Bonnie languish in jail. Victor doesn’t care since he’s only dealing with his family and anyone else is not his concern. Jack suggests he reconsider since he may not care about those two women, but Xander and Justin do. Jack asks how he thinks Justin will feel when he finds out that Victor could’ve intervened on Bonnie’s behalf but chose not to. Jack asks if he thinks Justin will ever forgive him. Jack knows Victor had a rocky relationship with Xander but he obviously still cares about him or he wouldn’t be helping him. Jack adds that Xander cares about Gwen very much. Victor feels he’ll get over it. Jack disagrees and says Justin and Xander see this as an all or nothing situation where they all get out or they all stay in. Victor calls that insane. Jack calls it love. Jack declares that the only way Justin and Xander will get on board with his plan is if it includes Gwen and Bonnie, so if it doesn’t, then he might as well forget the whole thing.

Gwen asks Xander what the plan is. Xander explains that Victor made a deal with Melinda to get the charges dropped, so if it works out, they will both be free but for now they have to sit tight. Gwen understands why Victor would want to get the charges dropped against Xander and Justin because they are family, but he doesn’t know her and despises Bonnie. Xander tells her not to overthink it and just be grateful that they might get out. Gwen feels it’s not like Melinda to let four people off hte hook. Xander guesses Victor must have offered Melinda something huge but they couldn’t figure out what. Xander then reveals to Gwen that he told Justin that Gwen was never really a sex worker. Gwen asks what he thinks that Dr. Snyder had over her then. Xander assures that he doesn’t know as he told him that it’s best to keep up the cover story. Xander insists that Justin has no idea that Gwen lied to Jack and everyone else about the timing of her miscarriage. Gwen knows Jack would never forgive her if he knew she was letting Abigail blame herself even though she had nothing to do with it. Xander promises she doesn’t have to worry as Justin is totally in the dark and they are the only two people who know the truth. Melinda then returns to the room.

EJ asks if Nicole is insinuating that he’s still carrying a torch for Sami. Nicole says it’s not a crime to still have feelings or admit it. Nicole talks about not wanting to take off her ring when her and Eric broke up since it would feel so final and she was scared to say goodbye. EJ assures that he said goodbye and good riddance the moment he kicked Sami out of the house so he’s more than ready to take off the ring. EJ tries taking it off but it’s stuck so Nicole tries to help him remove the ring.

Philip and Chloe continue kissing. Philip asks if she wants to take it to bed but Chloe asks for a rain check since she’s really tired as she didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Philip then glares over at Chloe’s phone.

Brady tells Kristen that he can’t do it. Kristen questions him letting Steve drag her away. Brady argues that she was about to kidnap his daughter. Kristen argues that she’s her daughter too and she just wanted to spend a little time with her. Brady reminds her that she is running from the law and asks if she gave one thought as to what would happen if she got caught and how that would traumatize Rachel. Brady asks how much she wants to put her through. Kristen says she’s sorry. Brady says he has to try to explain this to Rachel. Kristen asks him to let her stay so they can talk to her together. Brady tells her that’s out of the question. Kristen asks if he’s not going to help her. Brady can’t believe she would even ask him that. Kristen asks if this is about Chloe since she heard about their trip to the pumpkin patch. Kristen questions if Brady wants to get rid of her because Rachel will have a new mom now. Kristen calls Chloe a whore, who has been moving in on her family for months. Brady tells her to keep her voice down because Rachel is sleeping. Kristen yells that Brady can’t replace her as she is Rachel’s mother. Steve then drags Kristen out of the house.

Victor asks if Jack has a law degree since he’d make a hell of an attorney. Jack asks if that means he’ll help Gwen and Bonnie. Victor says he’s not that good. Jack urges him to think this through. Victor tells him to go so he can eat in peace. Jack says it would be so easy for Victor to make one phone call to Melinda. Victor tells Jack that if he wants the charges against Gwen dropped, he can make his own deal. Jack asks what it would cost him as he assumes Victor had to pay Melinda off. Victor remarks that the beauty of the whole thing is that he doesn’t have to pay her a dime.

Melinda tells Gwen and Xander that their time is up. Xander complains that she said 30 minutes. Melinda says she meant 15. Melinda then gets a call and says she has to take it, so an officer will accompany them back to their cells as she exits the room.

Nicole successfully removes EJ’s wedding ring. EJ thanks her. Nicole guesses she should get going. EJ questions her leaving so soon. Nicole says she will relieve the babysitter so she can tuck Holly in bed. Nicole thanks him for the pizza and for understanding about his phone. EJ acknowledges that he may have resorted to less than honorable tactics from time to time so he can’t hold it against her. EJ asks if they can now kiss and make up since everything is okay. EJ and Nicole then kiss. Nicole says goodnight and exits the mansion. EJ looks back at his wedding ring.

Chloe tells Philip that they will get together another night. Philip says sure since she’s tired and they will talk tomorrow. Philip kisses her goodnight and exits the room. Chloe goes to her phone and listens to her voicemail from Brady, giving her a heads up that Philip thinks they spent the night together.

Brady lays with Rachel and says he’s so sorry that mommy had to go away again but he’s there for her and always will be.

Xander mocks Melinda and says she’s playing mind games. Gwen worries about if Melinda heard them talking about her secret. Xander assures that he said all of that before she came in. Xander says before they know it, this will all be an unpleasant memory. Xander assures that everything is going to be okay.

Victor informs Jack that his deal was that he offered to trade Kristen for Justin and Xander. Victor says that Melinda accepted since Kristen killed her daughter. Victor adds that Haley was dating Jack’s son, so he should be happy about this too. Victor calls it also a nice payday for Jack’s brother, Steve, since he put him on the case and he should be delivering the goods any minute now.

Steve arrives at the police station. Melinda says she was very happy to get his call and assumes he has Kristen in custody which Steve confirms. Melinda says if he hands her over to her then she will get the ball rolling in dismissing the charges against Justin and Xander. Steve responds that he’s afraid he can’t do that just yet. Steve declares that if she wants Kristen, she’ll have to drop the charges against Bonnie and Gwen too. Melinda argues that was not part of the deal. Steve responds that it is now.

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