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Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Seriously? Hey. Oh, oh, oh. I see where I rate.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] What do you mean?

Phyllis: Well, I mean, since you didn’t want to fly home from Tuscany with me, you wanted to go to London. Apparently
who’s the first person you see when you do get back into town — Sharon.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Noah wanted to surprise his mother and share his big news with her.

Phyllis: What’s his big news?

Nick: Well, he’s decided to stay in Genoa City for the foreseeable future.


Adam: So, my dad tells me that you made quite the noble gesture in Tuscany. You actually deleted the video instead of using it to bury Ashland.

Billy: Don’t sound so shocked.

Adam: No. No, you misinterpret, I’m, um — I’m impressed and I’m shocked that you chose to do the right thing.

Billy: Well, you know me, full of surprises. Speaking of surprises, Jesse Gaines.

Adam: What about him?

Billy: Well, I’m still trying to figure out why he didn’t follow through with his threat to go public with the information that he has. I mean, he’s got the proof to show that Ashland built his entire empire with money stolen from a dead woman.

Adam: Ah. So, the gesture wasn’t that noble after all. You let Gaines be the bad guy.

Billy: Jesse Gaines only agreed to come to Tuscany because he wanted the opportunity to tell the world exactly who Ashland Locke really is. And then he just up and vanishes. Sounds mysterious to me.

Adam: Why is it you are always looking for the nefarious side of everything?

Billy: Maybe it’s ’cause every time you’re involved, it’s always nefarious.

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