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Young & The Restless Transcript

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Sharon: Noah! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!

Noah: Hi, mom.

Sharon: Oh, I’m so shocked! I thought you were in london.

Noah: Eh.

Nick: Well, noah asked me at the last minute if we could switch things up.

Noah: And dad was cool enough to say yes.

Nick: So, we stopped by his flat. He grabbed some of his stuff, and here we are.

Sharon: Well, that almost sounds like you’re planning to stay for a while.

Noah: Yeah, I just needed a break from the whole london scene. Yeah, I’ve been wanting to visit home for a while, anyway.

Sharon: Well, this is such a great surprise. You know what? I’m gonna take the whole day off so I can hear all about what’s going on with you.

Noah: That’d be great.

[ Laughs ]

Sharon: This is an amazing surprise.

Mariah: Oh, my gosh! Hey.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Good morning. Look who’s awake.

Tessa: Oh! What year is it?

[ Both laugh ]

Mariah: Oh, you needed the rest. And thank you for my gift.

Tessa: I’m glad you liked it.

Mariah: I do. It’s very…very italian, very cute, kitschy.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: I love it.

Tessa: Mm. So, um… you barely spoke when I got home. I fell back asleep, so I…

Mariah: Yeah. We have a lot to talk about.

Ashley: I can’t believe what a big boy you are. You’re getting so big.

Abby: And look at his little eyelashes. Aren’t they perfect?

Ashley: And that sweet smile.

Abby: Mm-hmm. Dominic is an angel. And he’s a pretty good sleeper, too.

Ashley: You were not. I remember when you were just born, I just wanted to take you out and show you off. But every time I left the house, you would just scream and scream.

Abby: Oh, no!

[ Both laugh ]

Ashley: It’s true. But I’d be around all these mothers that were bragging about how easy their babies were, and I would just want to punch them.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Ashley: You are a lucky baby. You got victor, who’s so smitten with you, and I know brad would be, too.

Abby: Mm.

Ashley: How are things going? Are you holding up okay?

Abby: I’m not gonna lie. The past few days have been rough, not just because I’m missing chance, but because he’s missing everything. I mean, all of the changes that dominic’s going through, it’s not fair to chance, and it’s not fair to me, and it is certainly not fair to our son.

Victoria: Well, I think that’s it for the merger.

Ashland: We’ve got through the whole list?

Victoria: Yes, legal, finance. I think that’s everything. Next, we have…

Ashland: P.R. And media, which interviews to grant.

Victoria: And which ones to avoid, or, at least, postpone. I got some notes from debra so that we can prioritize.

Ashland: Are we handling them together, or divide and conquer?

Victoria: That depends on the outlet and which writers they assign.

Ashland: You know, after all my years in business, I am still so surprised at how quickly things can pile up when one decides to do something crazy.

Victoria: You mean like get married? Are you having any regrets about that?

Ashland: Absolutely not… although I certainly have given you some reasons.

Lily: I swear, flying wears me out.

Billy: I know what you mean.

Lily: No, you don’T. Look at you. You’re wired. Are you upset that you deleted the video gaines sent, about ashland building his empire with stolen money? You did delete it, right?

Billy: Lily, you saw me do it.

Lily: Okay, I’m just checking.

Billy: No, I have accepted the fact that that’s victoria wants. I won’t be the one to reveal to the world who her new husband really is.

Lily: But…

Billy: But I am surprised that gaines didn’t, after he said he was going to, and it makes me wonder why.

Lily: Well, I mean, your guess is as good as mine.

Billy: You know what? Right now, it doesn’t even matter. Victor and adam are our real threat, and that is what we need to be focused on right now.

Lily: I mean, I will say i did find it kind of odd when you told me how blatant victor was by getting in your face.

Billy: Why? What do you mean by that?

Lily: Well, I’m just wondering if maybe he did it to unnerve you. And clearly it’s worked. – Oh…oh. – What’s going on?

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Abby: I can’t even send chance a message — no photos, no videos. I don’t know if he’s in the states. I mean, he could be on another continent for all I know. It’s maddening.

Ashley: Honey, he would be here if he could be. And I’m sure that he’s just as tired of this as you are and misses you just as much.

Abby: Everyone close to me is trying to stay positive. They think that’s gonna make me feel better. And I am trying to look for the silver lining. But, mom, it keeps getting harder and harder. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful.

Ashley: You don’T. You sound frustrated and upset.

Abby: This assignment has gone on much longer than anyone anticipated, with no news, no end in sight. I don’t even know what this mission entails or how much danger my husband is in. And I’m his wife.

Ashley: I hope you know that there are so many people that would drop everything in a moment’s notice if you ever needed them — father, me, jack, traci, tessa and devon and mariah. By the way, how’s mariah doing? Is she feeling any stronger?

Abby: She stopped by earlier. She seemed to be doing better, much more in control.

Ashley: That’s good — a little progress.

Abby: When she moved out, i was really worried about her. But I think she did the right thing. She got some distance, and she took some time to process everything that she’s been through.

Ashley: Were you nervous at all about her being around the baby, after she broke down after the christening?

Abby: Yes, at first, not out of fear for dominic’s sake but more out of concern for mariah and how she would handle things emotionally.

Mariah: So much has changed since you left for italy. And I have done a lot of soul-searching.

Tessa: I’m listening.

Mariah: I see now how unfair it was to make these unilateral decisions about our future, that it would put a strain on our relationship. Springing the idea of having a baby right away, expecting you to get pregnant, when we’ve barely even discussed the possibility of having a kid one day. I-I just don’t know what I was thinking.

Tessa: I mean, you were traumatized and confused. You were dealing with a lot of emotional pain in the best way that you knew how.

Mariah: Thanks, but… that’s really no excuse. It was selfish and totally misguided, and I feel awful about it.

Tessa: Well, I really wish you wouldn’T.

Mariah: Well, I do. So, I am so, so incredibly sorry. Nothing matters more than what we’ve built.

Tessa: That’s how I feel, too. When you asked me to cancel my trip so that I could stay with you —

Mariah: [ Chuckles ] Don’t remind me — another thing that I’m cringing about.

Tessa: No, don’T. You know, honestly, I probably should have bowed out.

Mariah: No! No, absolutely not, tessa.

Tessa: You have been through so much. You were struggling. You weren’t ready for an event like that. And you needed me. Frankly, I spent most of my time in tuscany just worried about how I had handled things. I was worried that I had ruined the best thing that I had ever had. I was worried that I pushed you away and that when I came back, you were gonna tell me that we were better off apart.

Mariah: I would never do that.

Billy: I think you’re right. This isn’t victor’s regular M.O. He doesn’t show his hand like this. He’s all about the icy stare, leaving your imagination to make the worst of it.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, the few times that we’ve clashed, that’s been my experience.

Billy: It reminds me of a moment that I had with adam at the newman media launch. He looked me in the eye and said, “if or when newman media comes after chanccomm, you will never see it coming.”

Lily: Yeah, that sounds more like it.

Billy: Which makes it even more peculiar that in tuscany, i overheard victor telling adam to devise a strategy. Victor wants us to know that he’s coming.

Lily: Well, maybe he wants to warn us so that we can prepare and make it a fair fight.

Billy: Why would he do that?

Lily: I don’t know. I mean, you’re the victor-whisperer.

Billy: I think you’re right. Maybe he wants to get inside my head, throw us off our game, hoping we make a mistake, and it leaves us vulnerable.

Lily: Or maybe he wants us to be so focused on an attack against the company as a way to distract us. Still fresh

Victoria: I have zero regrets — none. And you know what? I don’t think I could love you more if I tried. I am extremely happy that you’re my husband and my business partner. Have I made myself clear?

Ashland: Crystal.

Victoria: Good. And I don’t want to hear the names bobby defranco or camilla rhodes or jesse gaines ever again. That’s in the past, and all i care about is our future.

[ Sighs ] And all I want you to do is focus on fighting this cancer. That’s it.

Ashland: You will be amazed at how much I’ll handle for you.

Nick: I haven’t been to the palazzo since I was in boarding school.

Noah: That long ago? WoW.

[ All laugh ]

Sharon: Has it changed much?

Nick: Uh, you know, they’ve updated some things. The grounds are certainly a lot more lush. The trees have really grown.

Noah: Yeah, the house isn’t too shabby, either.

Sharon: Wow! How many rooms does it have?

Noah: I think you can get lost if you’re not paying attention. They got this beautiful outdoor terrace, which is heated. So, it’s perfect for fall nights. And the view? The view, it won’t quit. It was probably my favorite part of the whole place.

Sharon: Well, it sounds very elegant and romantic. I’m sure you had a nice time experiencing it all with phyllis.

Nick: Yeah, it was cool.

Sharon: I saw some drama online about victoria’s wedding dress?

Noah: You know it wouldn’t be a newman wedding without a little bit of drama, right?

Nick: Get this. Victoria wore a dress that was designed by sally spectra.

Sharon: What? You are kidding me.

Nick: Not kidding.

Sharon: That really surprises me.

Nick: It surprised us all.

Sharon: Well, anyway, I saw some beautiful photos of victoria. She looked radiant and very much in love.

Nick: She definitely did.

Sharon: So, tell me about you. What’s going on with your life? Is there some reason why you wouldn’t want to go back to london?

Noah: Well, what would give you that idea?

Sharon: You may be living an ocean away, but you’re still my son, and I know you. This sudden decision to leave london wasn’t really so sudden, was it?

Noah: [ Sighs ]

Nick: I mean, now that you mention it, you talked very little about yourself in tuscany.

Noah: I was just trying to be a good son who was concerned about his dad.

Nick: Yeah, I get it, but i don’t want you to feel like you can’t tell us what’s going on with you.

Sharon: Yeah, I’m so glad you came to visit. And I don’t want to overstep, but I hope you feel like you can talk to us still about whatever.

Noah: Well, lately I’ve been thinking about where I’m at in life, taking stock, and I just don’t want to get stuck in a rut in london. And it’s starting to feel like that might be happening. So…

Sharon: Really? Because the way you’ve always talked about it, it sounded so exciting and fulfilling. You talked about your friends and other artists and how much attention your work was getting.

Noah: Well, what can I say, mom? Every once in a while, it’s time for a change.

Mariah: It has been torture being away from you.

Tessa: Ugh! For me, too.

Mariah: I am so sorry that my idea of having a baby right away scared you. I know it must have seemed very, very impulsive. It was impulsive. And it must have seemed like i was trying to manufacture this perfect life so that I wouldn’t have to deal with what I was going through. But I realize that that is exactly what I need to be doing. Being abducted while pregnant and all of the things that I’ve been burying inside since this happened, it’S… it’s affected me in ways I’M… I’m just beginning to deal with.

Tessa: Hey, don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes a lot of time to process something so traumatic.

Mariah: Right. And I know that I have to manage these maternal feelings towards dominic, but I’m working on it. You know? I mean, I get through it. I went to see the baby earlier.

Tessa: You did?

Mariah: Yeah, that’s where — that’s where I was when you got back.

Tessa: How’d it go?

Mariah: It’s still challenging. But after I left, I felt better, and abby and I had a great conversation. And it made me realize that cutting all ties is not the way to go about this. It really just makes me miss that baby more. So, I’m going with our original plan. You know, I’m gonna be as much a part of the baby’s life as abby will let me. And if anything gets too overwhelming, I know you’ll be by my side.

Tessa: Always. Everything you are saying is so smart and strong. And I feel like I’m falling in love with you all over again.

Abby: Don’t you listen to all those stories grandma’s telling you about mommy being a cranky baby.

Ashley: [ Laughs ] Are you kidding? It was so worth it. Look at you.

Abby: Mm.

Ashley: I’m so proud.

Abby: Isn’t she sweet? Shh-shh! Oh, my baby boy.

[ Telephone ringing ] Excuse me. It’s christine. Christine, hi. What’s up? Oh, my god! Yeah, yeah, that’s great. No, I’m home. I’ll hang around here. Yeah, I’ll see you soon.

Ashley: What’d she say?

Abby: She has news about chance.

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Mariah: I can honestly stay like this forever.

Tessa: Yeah. I mean, we’ll definitely need stamina, which will require, you know, sustenance.

Mariah: Oh, my god, tessa, you haven’t eaten. You must be starving! Why didn’t you say anything?

Tessa: I mean, I’m willing to try and live on love a little longer.

Mariah: You know we can have both, right?

Tessa: You know what I’m totally craving?

Mariah: Tell me.

Tessa: A big, messy, ropa vieja sandwich from society.

Mariah: Your wish is my command. I will call and pick it up.

Tessa: No. You know what? Let’s go out. Let’s celebrate this, us.

Abby: We’re gonna get some news about daddy. Can you believe it? I can hardly wait. Why do you think christine wants to tell me the news in person?

Ashley: I’m not sure. Could be a lot of reasons.

Abby: Yeah, like, maybe she knows when he is gonna be home, or maybe he sent us a message. And wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Ashley: Yeah. Honey, I-I just don’t want you to get your hopes up. Maybe she — maybe she’s gonna tell you that his assignment’s been extended. I don’t know.

Abby: I am only thinking positive thoughts.

Ashley: Okay. Me too. I-I just don’t want you to be disappointed if, you know, if the news isn’t what you want to hear, honey.

Abby: We’re only thinking positive thoughts. Right, dominic?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Okay, thank you. What are you looking at so intently over here? Social media. Really?

Ashland: Yeah, I’m on the lookout for any internet leaks about my criminal past in case gaines made good on his threat to expose me before victor could handle the situation.

Victoria: Oh.

Ashland: Darling, I know this is the last thing you want to think about, but I can’t let my guard down. Gaines could still be a wild card.

Victoria: My father told me that he had taken care of things.

Ashland: I know, and I trust victor, but he thought he handled the guy once before, only to have him turn up in tuscany with billy.

Victoria: I should have had my parents bring the kids. It would have saved us so much grief.

Ashland: Hey. You are not to blame for any bit of this, not for one second. Jesse gaines has a score to settle. He thinks that I’m responsible for the utter failure that his life has become.

Victoria: Well, he made a big mistake showing up to the wedding, thinking that he was going to make some big public scene, knowing that my father would be there.

Ashland: Well, I believe we’ve established that he doesn’t always think through the ramifications of his actions.

Victoria: Now that dad has teamed up with adam, look out. Well, they’ve assured us that they’ve neutralized the threat, and I believe that they’ve handled the situation.

Lily: I mean, I think victor would love to mess with us, mostly to hurt you. But I don’t think that’s his only goal — or adam’S. I don’t think it’s even his main objective. Maybe it’s just part of his strategy, you know, to misdirect us, because if we’re so focused on protecting ourselves against an attack, then we won’t look too closely at something else.

Billy: Like gaines disappearing off the face of the earth.

Lily: Do you think victor convinced gaines to leave ashland alone?

Billy: Hell, no. But I do think you’re on to something. There’s more going on. Everyone remembers the moment they heard,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Billy: Gaines told me he hated ashland from way, way back, when he showed up as a young, enthusiastic kid.

Lily: What else did he tell you?

Billy: He told me everything, every detail from the beginning. Now, granted, this came from jesse’s sad point of view. He talked about how he showed up and made a name for himself at camilla rhodes’ company and also caught the eye of her attorney.

Lily: Gaines sr.

Billy: Yes. Ashland was showered with love and affection, almost made it feel like he was senior’s son, not jesse, who ended up feeling like a disappointment. Jesse showed up in tuscany with a lifetime of anger and bitterness at the man that he claims stole his father’s heart from him. He knew it was a risk, but yet he was that determined to expose ashland for the fraud that he really was.

Lily: Well, I guess he cared about his grudge more than anything else.

Billy: Jesse said he was gonna release that video if we didn’T. And I believed him, and yet there’s nothing out there.

Lily: Maybe he changed his mind.

Billy: I don’t think so. I think he was stopped from doing it.

Lily: Well, there’s a lot of ways that victor could have accomplished that, with his resources.

Billy: Victor and I both paid him a whole lot of money to keep him quiet. And, like you said, it’s always been more than money to him.

Lily: Wait. Are you suggesting that maybe victor made gaines disappear? I mean, that’s not really his style.

Billy: No, maybe not. But I definitely wouldn’t put it past adam.

Noah: So, tell me about faith. How are things going over at walnut grove? I know she had a hard time last spring on account of those mean girls. Things gotten any better or…

Sharon: I’m sure she’d be happy to tell you when you see her, but so far she’s having a stellar year.

Nick: I think what your mom’s trying to say is you can’t sidestep our questions forever, bud.

Noah: Am I really doing that, though?

Sharon: Yeah, every time we ask you a personal question, you deflect, and then you change the subject.

Nick: Just like you did over in italy. I mean, at least with me.

Sharon: You are incredibly charming in your way that you deflect, but… okay, I’ll give you some style points for that.

Nick: At some point, you’re gonna have to give us something. Yeah, you got to tell us why you felt this urge to take this break from this life you built over in the U.K.

Noah: Oh, wow! Would you look who’s here? You guys mind if I go say hi? Alright, cool.

Mariah: Noah! Oh, my god!

Noah: Surprise!

Mariah: Oh, my god! What — it’s so great to see you!

Noah: You too.

Tessa: Oh, my gosh, what are you doing here? You didn’t mention you were coming to town.

Noah: Yeah, it was a last-minute decision after the time we spent in tuscany. I got to tell you about your girlfriend.

Sharon: So…what did noah mean when he said he was worried about you in italy? What? You too? What is with all of this secrecy?

Nick: I wasn’t exactly an invited guest to the wedding.

Sharon: Why not?

Nick: I found some things out about ashland that were concerning. Dad and billy were running their own investigation, so I started doing some digging, too, and victoria found out about it. And she was mad as hell. I mean, she still is.

Sharon: Well, did you find anything real, or was it just innuendo and rumor?

Nick: Details aren’t important. What matters is that it didn’t change her mind about marrying ashland. But it did change things for me and victoria.

Sharon: She must know that you were coming from a place of love and concern.

Nick: I mean, I was. It’s why I went over there, to make amends and to show some support for my sister. But she made it very clear that she was simply tolerating my presence at the wedding. I mean, she felt really betrayed.

Sharon: That must have hurt.

Nick: It did. I mean, it still does. I just have to hope that she will someday forgive me. But you know what? I don’t want to talk about that. I’d really like to talk about our boy.

Sharon: Alright.

Nick: You’ve always had a great read on him. What’s your take with this?

Sharon: I think there’s more to noah’s visit from london than just needing a change of scenery.

Nick: Agreed.

Sharon: You know, you’ve had many conversations about what it’s like to live in other parts of the world, and every time we’ve talked about this, he said how fulfilling london is and how he feels like he’s come into his own. He talks about the energy and how much he loves the people there. But now? It seems like he’s ready to leave that all behind, and something must have happened to make him feel that way.

Abby: Say cheese for daddy! Hi!

[ Laughs ]

Ashley: Make sure you send me those, too.

Abby: Try and stop me. Can you believe it? Pretty soon, I might be able to share these pictures with chance in person.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Sighs ] Christine. Hi. Come in. I’m so excited to hear the news.

Christine: Oh, why don’t we go in and sit down? What can I du with less asthma?

Noah: Now, I really wish you could have seen tessa sing at victoria’s wedding. She has really, really grown as an artist. We were all blown away.

Tessa: I mean, being accompanied by the great leslie brooks might have helped.

Mariah: Actually, I did get to see tessa’s performance because somebody posted it online.

Noah: Yeah, I wish you could have been there to see it live.

Mariah: So, how long are you in town for?

Noah: Not really sure, but i doubt I’ll be going back to london anytime soon.

Mariah: Wait a second. I thought you loved it there. What went wrong?

Noah: [ Laughs ] Nothing went wrong. It was a career choice, going to the center of the hipster and artist universe, but it’s not really who I am. I never will be. Genoa city’s my home, and I’ve missed my family… and my friends.

Tessa: We’ve missed you, too.

Noah: Anyways…how you doing? Tessa and mom, they told me about what happened. So, I can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been, trapped in that small room, especially now, how difficult it must be with the baby around.

Mariah: [ Sighing ] Oh, yeah. Um…it’s been tough, you know, but I have a great support system.

Noah: You seem happy, solid.

Tessa: We are.

Noah: You know, that doesn’t just happen. It’s one thing to find love. It’s another to hold onto it. Anyway, I should probably get back to my folks, but it’s been great catching up.

Mariah: Yeah, of course. I’ll see you soon, okay?

Noah: Okay. There has got to be a story there.

Tessa: Yeah. Well, I’m just glad that the three of us are in a good place now and that we’ve been able to let go of the past and move on.

Sharon: Mariah seems to be doing better.

Noah: Yeah, she seems to be okay at the moment.

Sharon: I’m glad.

Nick: So, your mother and i have been talking, and I filled her in on what went down with victoria in tuscany.

Noah: Yeah, I tried to play mediator.

Sharon: How’d that go?

Noah: Not too well, honestly. Yeah, it was pretty tense. I kind of hated it. And now that we’re back, though, is there anything I could do to help break the impasse?

Nick: Don’t worry about it. I got it covered.

Noah: Well, the offer stands if you need the help.

Nick: Alright. Right now let’s talk about you and your plans and if there’s anything your mom and I can do to help.

Noah: I’ll figure it out, unless, of course, you guys don’t want me to stay or something like that. I can just skip town.

Sharon: Oh! You’re staying.

Noah: [ Laughs ]

Nick: Eh…

Noah: Eh.

[ Laughs ]

Christine: So, I, um, I don’t know how to say this except to just be straightforward and honest. There are reports coming in from the city where chance has been working undercover.

Abby: Where is he?

Christine: I can’t say, only that he was recently transferred for the final portion of his assignment. And things just progressed quickly, and then the location of his mission was hit by a bomb in the middle of the night. The building was leveled. The state department has put out a statement fearing that there are no survivors.

Ashley: This still sounds a little vague. Do you have any more information?

Christine: I don’T. I just wanted to tell you everything I learned right away.

Abby: Um…that’s got to be a mistake. Feeling stressed in your skin?

Billy: If jesse had gone through with what he said he was gonna do, it would have been more than just public embarrassment for ashland. It would have affected the merger between locke and newman. And it also would have affected newman media.

Lily: Meaning victor and adam.

Billy: I was so focused making sure that victoria knew the truth, I lost sight of the fact of the hit that ashland would take to his bottom line if this came out.

Lily: So, even though it wasn’t about the money for gaines, it was for them.

Billy: And you know adam, the lengths he’ll go to prove himself to his father. He’ll do the dirty work. I think you’re right. Maybe that’s why victor came after us with so much bluster. He wanted to distract us from looking into how gaines disappeared and how far adam will go to do what ashland

needed him to do but, more importantly, what his father

wants him to do.

Lily: I mean…if adam did something to hurt gaines to keep him quiet…

Billy: If we get justice for gaines, and we stop newman media in their tracks, we become the threat. We become the ones to crush the competition.

Ashland: You sound confident.

Victoria: Because I am.

Ashland: Well, I sincerely hope that victor can stop gaines from putting his plan into motion. I-I want to believe that.

Victoria: And you can! But enough about all that. You know what I want to do? I want to discuss our honeymoon.

Ashland: Seriously? We just got back to a mountain of work.

Victoria: I know! So, we’ll handle all that, and then we’ll go away.

Ashland: You know, I love the way that you are forcing me to keep my priorities straight. Pick the most romantic spot on the planet, and I’ll make it happen.

Victoria: Actually, I’ve handled it already. You are never in a million years gonna guess what my honeymoon surprise is for you.

Ashland: Hmm.

[ Both laugh ]

Tessa: Mm.

Mariah: So, how did you like your sandwich?

Tessa: Oh, I did not realize how hungry I was!

[ Both laugh ]

Mariah: Um…can I ask you a favor?

Tessa: Yeah, sure. What is it?

Mariah: That teddy bear that you got me from tuscany? Do you mind if I give it to dominic?

Tessa: You know, I had a feeling you were gonna ask that, and that’s part of the reason i got him.

Mariah: Should we go do that now?

Tessa: Well, I thought you saw the baby today and said it wasn’t very easy for you.

Mariah: Well, I mean, it wasn’t, but it was a lot better than it has been. Look. I was being honest with you before, and I’m being honest with you now. This isn’t coming from anywhere obsessive. I just think that the baby would really like that teddy bear. And he was sleeping most of the time that I saw him earlier. So, it wasn’t much of a visit.

Tessa: Well, then, what are we waiting for?

Mariah: Yeah?

Tessa: Yeah.

Mariah: Okay.

Christine: I’ve called my other contacts trying to get verification.

Ashley: So, you haven’t gotten it yet.

Christine: No.

Ashley: When are you gonna hear something?

Christine: I…don’t know. And even if the reports of the explosion are accurate, that doesn’t mean that chance was in the building at the time of the attack.

Abby: He wasn’T. He couldn’t have been. He wasn’T. He just… I would know. I would feel it. I would. It’s not possible.

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“the young and the restless”…

Michael: I’d like you to testify against your grandfather.

Ashland: Did I hear correctly? Are you planning to go after chanccomm?

Billy: If you want the opportunity to get justice for this gaines guy and rid us all of adam, this is your opportunity.

Christine: So, I just got off the phone with one of my contacts at the bureau. He had some intel on the bombing.

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