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That’s why I said, mi but we’ve settled everything regarding avery, right? At least for now, so what business do we have? No, we’re on the same page when it comes to our daughter. Okay, what then? I have a proposition for you. I appreciate your family’s support of my campaign. Yeah, I-I think you have done a terrific job as the D.A. Of llantano county. Yeah. I mean, y-you’ve proven to be relentless in your pursuit of justice, and I think the right high-profile case can catapult you into the state attorney general’s office. It’s an unusual case — the kind that generates headlines and defines careers. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s in motion. Okay. Morning, kevin. Did you happen, uh, to see ava on the way in? No, I did not, but I did talk to your mother about spencer’s hearing. And? She on her way home? Uh, no. Unfortunately, she can’t get away just yet, but she was very clear about how she feels what should happen today. We’re about to get started. I-I need to know, what’s your plea?

[ Inhales deeply ] Come on, spence, we’ve been over this. I want to make sure that I’m dealing with the right information here. If I plead guilty or no contest, the judge will ask me if anyone is forcing me to make that plea, correct? Strictly pro-forma — they just want to make sure that you understand the situation. Look, I’m sorry, I have dozens of other cases to handle today, so what’s your plea? Hold on, spencer, uh, before you answer that, are you sure that someone isn’t pressuring you into doing the wrong thing?

[ Door opens ] So, we meet again. I have nothing to say to you. I’ll go you one better than that — I’m sick of being lied to. So everything that comes out of your mouth better be gospel.

[ Gasps ] Ooh. Or else? Or else victor cassadine’s gonna be put to rest in an unmarked grave, and I’m gonna do it personally. Oh, hi, doctor. He looks better, doesn’t he, than he did a few hours ago? Bit more color in his face.

[ Monitors beeping ] Can you give me any good news? I wish I could. The island isn’t that big. Peter couldn’t have gone far. Yeah, especially with two hostages. And no sign of drew or obrecht. What are we supposed to tell everyone back in port charles who’s waiting for news?

Thank you for telling us where to meet you. Um, yeah, you were right about this place — it is really isolated. Dante: Mm-hmm. When we got on the plane last night, anna still didn’t know where my mother was. Any word? No, I’m afraid not. We were with the local police most of the night, trying to figure out a trail where peter might have gone, and we got nothing. We did see the cell where your mother was being held. There was a syringe in the cell. It was empty. Had traces of flunitrazepam. Well, that’s a sedative. It results in muscle weakness, lethargy, confusion. Basically, there’s a chance my mother was roofied. And that’s the best possible news you can get. I’ll cooperate, but first, I need to know how valentin is. He’s alive. That’s the last I heard. And liesl? What news of her? Come on. Don’t snow me. I mean, you don’t care about anyone except yourself, we all know that. I mean, this love of the common man, where did that come from? When it was nipping at your butt as you were running towards the hills? I will say, you have been a busy boy. I mean, you’ve got more done in death than the average person achieves in a lifetime — sanctuary for peter august, uh, unlawful detainment — drew cain, liesl obrecht, and that poor little nurse who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And last but not least, the abduction of valentin cassadine. And all of this after you blew up crichton-clark. I mean, vickee, come on. Explain yourself. Wow. When you lay it all out like that, I have to say, I’m very impressed. How on earth did I manage to do all that? What do you mean, you can’t give me any good news? He has two young daughters waiting for him back in the states. The surgery didn’t go as well as we hoped. The bullet fragmented and we weren’t able to remove all the debris. But I-I’ve heard of bullet fragments being left in the body before, and it’s fine as long as they don’t migrate or impinge on a nerve or — yeah, I’m sorry. My daughter’s a doctor. I guess you’re concerned about infection. I recommend mr. Cassadine to undergo exploratory surgery at a hospital in the U.S. Our facilities just aren’t equipped to handle a surgery that delicate. Okay, thank you.

[ Monitors beeping ] Well… you may have been born here in greece, but I’m damned if I’m gonna let you die here. Michael, I-I’m sorry. I hope I’m not interrupting. Oh, hey, uh, willow. I didn’t expect you back so soon. I just must have lost track of time. Um, this is richard sheridan, the D.A. Of llantano county. Uh, D.A. Sheridan, this is my son’s mother, willow tate. Llantano county in… pennsylvania? That’s right. Well, what brings you all this way? I’m gearing up to run for state attorney general. Michael has taken an interest in my platform. We share similar values. And what would those be? You know, actually, uh… I know the D.A. Is anxious to get back to llanview. Thank you so much for coming out all this way. Appreciate it. Nice to meet you, ms. Tate. Goodbye, michael. Bye. Which of your values would make a politician drive to the next state? Well, that is quite an interesting proposition. And if the price is right…

[ Cellphone ringing ] Uh, be right back. Mm-hmm.

[ Ringing continues ] Ava! Ava! Hmm? What was that all about? Don’t worry. I didn’t tell sonny that I know about your romance with “mike.” Turns out, he was very receptive to me spending more time with avery and I didn’t have to use any more persuasive tactics. Thank you. I appreciate that. And, to return the favor, you have a problem and I’d love to offer you a solution. My father decided to raise the stakes. What does that mean? He put ava in control of my trust fund. If I accept their marriage and agree to live by their rules, then ava and my father will make the charges “go away.” But ava is still in control of all of my money. Look, ava’s not my favorite person, either, and I would hate having to live by her rules and knowing that she had control over my money. But here’s the thing, spencer — I didn’t stalk her and I’m not facing criminal charges. So if giving in to your dad and ava is what it takes for them to help you, then that’s what you should do. Right. Yeah, that’s what — that’s what esme was saying. Hmm. Well, it looks like for once, we’re all in agreement. And if you tell me my mother is too busy to attend this morning’s arraignment, I’m disappointed, but I can understand, but she’s honestly too busy to even call me? I can’t speak to your mother’s exact schedule, but we did talk about spencer’s behavior and yours. My behavior? This is about spencer stalking ava. Laura doesn’t condone what spencer did or what drove him to that point. Bailiff: Everyone, please take your seats. Shall we?

I’m sure you realize what a stubborn streak spence has. I sure hope our opinions helped to convince him to make the right choice. You don’t think that you, as his girlfriend, carry more weight? Oh, you’re giving me too much credit. You and cam have known spence since you were kids. You’ve known him much longer than I have, and spence is very much his own person. Talk about someone who likes to go his own way. Hmm. Bailiff: All rise. You want to buy charlie’s? Well, haven’t you been trying to sell it for a little bit? Well, yes, when I was leaving town because of the stalker, yeah. Ava, I have a great use for it. It’s, like, a win-win. Well, but my — my situation has changed. Oh, do you want to hang on to charlie’s for sentimental reasons because it belonged to your brother? N-no, no, it’s not that. Sonny: Ava. Hmm? Can we finish? ‘Cause I don’t — I don’t have all day. Okay. Uh… well, w-what’s that they say about great minds thinking alike? I don’t — what does that mean?

[ Chuckles ] Well, you know, we have to pause our negotiations. Oh, so now you’re gonna keep charlie’s? No, no, no, no. It’s still for sale. It’s just another buyer is showing interest. And I say, let the deepest pockets win. And it’s always a good idea to have people in office owe you favors. And if it was a D.A. From new york state, I wouldn’t question anything. But llantano county is in pennsylvania, so what does that have to do with elq? Nothing, nothing. It’s — it’s purely personal. I’m acting in a family member’s best interest. Michael, stop being so vague. Who are you talking about? Look, sheridan is looking for a high-profile case, and I just handed him one. I suggested that he prosecute nina reeves for fraud and identity theft. You think this is some kind of a joke, don’t you? I mean, you’re facing charges of false imprisonment, criminal conspiracy, bribery, and not to mention the rising body count. What is it you want from me, robert? Peter august. I want to know where he is and when you worked with him. I’m not working with peter. Oh, come on. You found him a place to hide, didn’t you? Yes. And I gave him money and transportation, but not out of my choice. I was forced to do peter’s bidding. Really? And what kind of leverage did he have to get that?

[ Sighs ] Look, I’ve answered one of your questions as a sign of good faith. Now it’s time to begin negotiations. So why is it a good idea that my mother was drugged? It probably means peter’s keeping her alive. Right. Yeah, because why go to the trouble of drugging someone when you can just easily kill them? That’s not exactly a beacon of hope, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

[ Sighs ] Jason, can I talk to you in private for a minute? Sure. So, um… I have some news. It’s about drew. Yeah, anna already called. She said that drew had been shot two or three times before falling over the bridge into the ocean, and his body hasn’t been recovered. Yeah. The wsb is searching, but they’re pretty certain that they’re not gonna find drew alive.

Ava, you’re saying that sonnyand I want the same thing? In — in a manner of speaking. Um, sonny made me an offer to buy charlie’s just minutes before you did. Like I said, I’ll accept the highest offer. Maybe the two of you should talk this over. Right? Just one-on-one?

[ Sighs ] Why do you want to buy charlie’s? Why do you? For phyllis, to give her a fresh start. And you? Same thing. I mean, she… took in a stranger, saved my life. Pretty much the opposite of what you did. Yes, and I can never say I’m sorry enough. But as for phyllis, if she moved here and ran charlie’s, I think it would be really good for her. Uh, well, I agree. One of us is gonna have to bow out. Well, no need. If phyllis accepts generosity, she’s more inclined to accept it from you. So why don’t you offer her charlie’s? And if she likes the idea, then I will give you half the money — provided…you never tell her. Michael, we talked about this yesterday. I-I thought we agreed to hit the pause button where nina is concerned. You said you wouldn’t make any decisions without me. Look, I haven’t filed any legal action against nina, and I’m not trying to deny her visitation with wiley. Look, if I went to family court, of course I would consult you. I wo– I wouldn’t move forward without you agreeing to anything. So you went to some D.A. From pennsylvania instead? Yes, because I want sheridan to go after nina for — for what she actually did. I don’t want wiley’s custody to become a battleground, and I don’t want to deny her visitation to punish her. I want her punished for the crimes that she committed — fraud and identity theft. Oh, willow, s-she lied to my dad for nine months about who he was. She kept him from his — from his — his family, from his — from his life. I mean, that has to be illegal, and I’m hoping that sheridan can prove it in court. Just what do you mean by negotiations? Well, it’s a classic quid pro quo, isn’t it? The wsb can’t get peter august without my help, and I’m not about to give them my help without something in return — my freedom. The wsb is not gonna let you off the hook for crimes you did in the last seven minutes, much less seven years. I’m a former director of the bureau. The wsb has a reputation to maintain. Now, prosecuting one of their own wouldn’t look very good, would it? I wouldn’t bet the farm on that. Oh, really? Well, let’s do a little cost-benefit analysis, shall we? Prosecuting me versus… pursuing peter august. Well, I’d say that was a bit of a no-brainer, wouldn’t you, robert? I mean, peter’s your priority. He’s the one that’s unstable. He’s dangerous. He — he has access to faison’s bag of dirty tricks. Now, you still have some pull at the bureau, so I suggest you convince them to make me a deal. I don’t take my orders from a cassadine. Oh, robert, come on. Your goal is to catch the big bad wolf, isn’t it? The man who kidnapped drew cain, who can still terrorize maxie jones and her little girl. Look. You can either throw the book at me or you can stop peter august, but you can’t do both. Anna: Robert doesn’t think you’re much of a hero. I think I disagree with him.

[ Monitors beeping ] I mean, you don’t fit the conventional mold. You’re…very flawed, self-serving, definitely compromised. But you do have the courage to face up to what you’ve done. And try to be better. And you’ve certainly tried to turn your life around for you and your daughters. I think that’s very heroic in my books. That kind of courage.

[ Sighs, sniffles ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Ringing continues ] It’s my doubting ex-husband. Okay. I’ll be right back. You can count on that.

[ Ringing continues ] So, do you think it was victor that created the fake medical conference and arranged to have scott thrown from the plane? Well, he didn’t go into detail or anything like that, but he’s definitely the reason behind your mother being here. But why? A-and don’t say it’s because he’s infatuated with her. I mean, hell, maybe he is. I don’t know. But there has to be another agenda. I don’t know, but when he thought that liesl was in danger, he seemed genuinely concerned. I got a call, weeks ago, from someone claiming to be drew. Really? I went — I went back and forth and I thought, “maybe it’s him. Maybe he could be alive.” And then I thought, “eh, it could be some sort of mass manipulation.” It sounds like you were just being cautious. Yeah, but my being cautious means that I did not involve you, and if I had, maybe you would have been able to intervene and peter would not have shot drew. Judge hayes: Mr. Cassadine, do you understand your rights as determined by the united states, new york state constitutions, and new york state law? I do, your honor. And how do you plea? Mr. Cassadine, I’m waiting for your answer. What, spence? What is he doing? Not guilty, your honor.

I got your text. What’s so important? I was with valentin. Valentin’s out of surgery? H-how is he? He’s hanging in. This clown wants to talk to someone above my pay scale. Is that me? Always a pleasure, mate. What’s this about? Peter august. Wsb wants him, and I can make that happen. In exchange for what, exactly? Blanket immunity. Oh, yeah. [ Scoffs ] That’s a bit of a tall order. Hmm. Tall, maybe, but not impossible. See, we’re already making better progress than I was with robert. Yeah, but I’m far from the final say in this. Now that may be, but at least you’re willing to look at options. Robert was insisting the wsb would refuse to overlook my little transgressions. I thought I was a little naive of him. I don’t agree. You have a very extensive rap sheet. What makes you think I’m going to be more amenable to your offer than robert? Britt: If victor still has feelings for my mother, why was he holding her in a prison cell? Do you think it was punishment for her plan to kill peter in st. Lucia? If so, why would victor care about that? Look, britt, these are all questions the wsb still doesn’t have answers to, and they don’t even know why peter and victor were working together in the first place or how drew fits into this whole puzzle. When I went into drew’s cell, I had seen that he had scratched scout’s name into the wall, and I hope that means that he had enough strength to resist the conditioning. What, y-you think he was being conditioned? Well, that’s what victor said. I mean, I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not, but I do know that drew was able to shoot a guard to save victor and valentin, but he wasn’t able to save himself. Unless or until they find a body, there’s still the chance that drew is alive.

[ Monitors beeping ]

[ Grunts ] Hey, valentin, you awake? Well, this can’t be a dream ’cause you sure as hell wouldn’t be in it.

[ Laughs ] I’ll round up a doctor for you. Where’s anna? She’s talking to that poor excuse for an uncle of yours — or should I say your father? Vic’s trying to cut himself a deal. But you’re not gonna let that happen, are you? Judge hayes: Although the defendant has no prior arrests, he has lived abroad extensively and has access to significant financial resources. The court finds that the state’s concern about you being a flight risk are valid. Accordingly, I’m ordering the defendant to surrender your passport. Bail is hereby set at $20,000. Pretrial is set for six weeks from today.

[ Gavel bangs ] If I can’t post bail, am I gonna go back to jail? It won’t come to that. Laura and i will post your bail. Oh, thank you, kevin. Thank you. I don’t get it. Why didn’t you do what we all advised you to do? I was about to. I made a lot of bad decisions from not following my gut. My gut told me that if I went along with ava on this, it’ll never end. So, your campaign contribution was basically a bribe to get sheridan to go after nina? Campaign donations are completely legal. Nina’s the one who committed a crime, and it certainly wasn’t a victimless crime, either. Look, I didn’t tell you this while it was happening, but my mom put her life on the line to step into my father’s business. Right? A-and what about his children? Yes, dante, kristina, and I, we are all adults, and josslyn has jax, but what about avery and donna? Look, avery’s old enough to understand loss, and donna, she was just so confused. I mean, t-they didn’t have their father for nine months. Michael, I know that. And my father’s business got messed up, which in turn put more people’s lives at risk. Michael, who are you trying to convince that you’re doing the right thing, me or you? You may not agree with my methods, but I have no regrets about making nina pay for her actions. And what about your actions? What are you talking about? On the one hand, you say you won’t try to cut nina off from seeing wiley, but you have to know that if nina is facing criminal charges, that’s bound to affect any potential visitation going forward. Well, you know what? If nina faces that consequence as a result of what she did to my father, so be it. Keeping a secret from phyllis doesn’t, you know, seem like a good idea to me. Yeah, and we’ve — well, we’ve learned what secrets can do. Um… yeah. It’s just, I genuinely want to help phyllis, and I don’t want my help to be misinterpreted as buying back her friendship. Well, I don’t need your help financially to buy charlie’s, and I don’t want to take your money ’cause then it’s like — even if you have good intentions, it’s like we’re — we’re gonna be too connected. Yeah, yeah. And that’s the last thing that you want. I-I have to say that, you know, I’ve been waiting with a fair amount of dread to have carly, you know, tear into me about our relationship in nixon falls. But she hasn’T.

we had a run-in at the quartermaines’, and carly went after my jugular. She never said a word about me… tricking you into loving me, and she still hasn’T. So I just…assume that she doesn’t know. Okay, let me tell you something, alright? Carly and I are rebuilding our life together after nine months apart. Why make it worse… …after what you did? Well, let me tell you something. Carly will never find out about it from me. You have the opportunity to finally stop your wayward nephew and bring closure to countless people.

[ Sighs ] Be smart, anna. That’s all that matters here. Don’t let pettiness over the past get in your way. I wouldn’t call what you did to robin “petty.” You stole years of her life. I’m not trying to minimize what I’ve done. I-I’ve made mistakes — huge mistakes, yes — but we both know life isn’t black and white. It’s all shades of gray. Look, you have every right to be angry about what happened to your daughter at crichton-clark, but, ultimately, she walked away unscathed. Now, can we really say the same about anyone who’s gonna get in peter august’s way? Okay. I might have more leverage at the wsb than robert sometimes, but you need to understand that your fate doesn’t lie in my hands. It might as well. Look, I-I know your stock has fallen with the wsb over recent years, but you still have friends — friends in high places. And if you have any favors outstanding, I suggest you call them in. Make my case or the blood that peter continues to shed will be on your hands. I need to go. Oh, and, anna, give my best to my son. Dr. Collins, you’re a genuine lifesaver. I…was so afraid spence would have to stay in jail. If I’m not mistaken, spencer will need a permanent home address to show stability. That’s correct. That settles it. You’ll move back in with me. That works for me. Spencer, a word in private, please. Yeah. Okay, well, we’ll just be out in the hall. I’m a lot of things, kevin, but I’m not naive. You and grandmother are gonna post the money for my bail. What’s the catch? Ava, I just want you to know how much it means to me that you were willing to offer spence a way out. I-I understand his pride temporarily got in the way of him accepting it, but trust me. I’ll talk to him. Oh, yes, do, please, and try to talk some sense into him. And whatever you do, esme, don’t let him drag you into any more bad behavior. Never. I should have stood up to spence and from now on, I will. I hope so.

[ Monitors beeping ] Oh, thank god, you’re awake. Guess so.

[ Sighs ] Surprise me, cassadine. Do the right thing. See ya. Okay. You gave me quite — you gave all of us quite a scare. You know, um, I’ll call brook lynn, let her know that you’re okay. No, not yet. Not yet. Well, don’t you want your daughters to know that you’re awake? Not until I talk to you. Whatever victor is asking for, don’t give it to him. Everything okay? Yeah. I had to, um, tell jason what I know about drew. Yeah. Yeah, how’d he take it? It was — it was okay. I-I told him that I felt the need to investigate before I-I said anything to him. Yeah. You know, until they find drew’s body, there’s a chance he survived, right? Yeah. I mean, jason said the same thing. I just don’t know… what there is left here for me to do. I mean, I can stay here and see things through. Or I can go home because my kids come first. Then maybe you should do that. You tried to bring scout’s father back, and now it’s time to go be with scout and danny. I’m sorry about your brother. Thanks. You know, drew and i weren’t exactly close, but he was important to monica and I’m just, you know — just thinking about her. Really? So you’re not thinking about how it was my crazy brother that shot yours? You’re not responsible for anything peter does. I know. But still, you’re here helping me find my mother, who has committed her own fair share of crimes. I wouldn’t blame you if you changed your mind and wanted to go home. No. We have a job to do. I’m not going anywhere.

At least we can all agree we want what’s best for spence. Maybe now you can see I have his best interests at heart. Maybe we could all be friends, after all. I’m sorry, I-i should be thanking you for providing my bail money. I certainly was not looking forward to spending another night in jail. Your grandmother and i are happy to help, but it comes with limitations. If you want our support, you’ll have to earn it. Earn it how? We have a few ideas, starting with you getting a job. Well, that was unexpected. Yeah, leave it to my son to zig when we want him to zag. I can handle him not accepting the deal. What bothers me most is the look on his face after he entered his plea. What was that? That this is far from over. Spoke to anna. She’s not going to help you. Well, if you say so, robert. I don’t have any control over what the wsb decides to do. But you don’t have me fooled. The world was a much better place when you were dead. Nothing to say? I’m still feeling a bit parched, robert. So why don’t you make yourself useful and fetch me some more water? Oh, and I prefer sparkling. Whatever victor is proposing, it’s a trap. No, no, I know that, obviously. Yes. And we have no idea of knowing what he’s been up to the past few years, but what choice do we have? Peter has to be stopped — for drew, for obrecht. Most certainly for maxie. Victor knows where he is. I sense it. So this is our best chance, don’t you — wait, wait. Careful, careful, careful. Don’t move. We can’t involve victor. We’ve gotten close to peter before. We’ll do it again. If there’s bad news about drew, I’d rather be at home with my kids. Makes sense. I’ll go arrange flights back. Wait, I-I didn’t say you have to come with me. I know. I want to. Jason: To pick up peter’s trail, we’re gonna have to retrace his steps. Where do we start? The last place your mother was seen — her prison cell. Wiley’s all set. Now we can finish our conversation. It isn’t over already? No, not for me. What you’re doing seems cold and calculating. Willow, I gave nina chance after chance. Even after that meltdown at my father’s funeral, I still gave her the opportunity to visit wiley, and what does she do? She brings up nelle, making wiley doubt that you’re actually his real mother. And then after that, I gave her another chance, and how does she thank us? By lying. By keeping the knowledge that my father is still alive, and for what? To punish my mother? Michael, I can’t deny anything you’re saying. It’s just — what do you think is going to happen to nina? That’s up to D.A. Sheridan. But if you’re asking me, I think that she needs to be held accountable. I guess this concludes our business. You’ll buy charlie’s and I won’t be involved, financially or otherwise. And carly won’t have to know how much it…progressed in nixon falls. Correct. I’m glad phyllis is going to have charlie’S. You know, I hope she stays in port charles. I really consider her my — my family, and I want to earn back the trust of those people that I love. Hmm. Nina reeves? Uh, yeah, I’m nina reeves. Is there a problem? You’re under arrest for identity

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