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Brady: What are you doing here? I mean, what are you doing back here?

Chloe: I’m just working on some contracts. How did it go with the buyer?

Brady: It went really well. We got the silk at cost.

Chloe: Good.

Brady: Yeah, it’s good. So for the second time, chloe, what are you doing he?

Chloe: I just told you I’m finishing up some work.

Brady: Those contracts aren’t due for a couple of weeks, and the first time you left, you said you were going to go do something about philip. Did you talk to him?

Chloe: Yeah.

Brady: And did he rope you back in? And, for the 8 million and 7th time, did he say he was sorry and that it was never gonna happen again?

Chloe: Yes

Brady: And, for the 8 million and 7th time, did you forgive him and get stuck in the cycle all over again?

Chloe: No, brady, I didn’t get stuck in the cycle again. I moved out.

Kate: Philip, what the hell is wrong now?

Philip: Great. This is just what I needed.

Kate: Hey, I know. It’s a silly question, right? Because if you’re like this, that means it’s about chloe. Every time you’re like a puppy in a thunderstorm, it’s because of chloe.

Philip: You’ve always been such a comfort to me.

Kate: Honey, it gets boring. You’ve been doing this since you were in high school. At least then you were an adolescent. It was age-appropriate to be mooning around like hamlet on downers. This is just–this is sad.

Philip: Always a pleasure.

Kate: No, wait, wait, wait. Okay, tell me. Please, tell me. What did chloe do now that’s so bad?

Philip: She moved out.

Kate: Hmm? Oh. Are you just saying that because you know it’s what I want to hear?

Roman: All right. Here you go. Well, man, you look really intent. What are you working on?

Lucas: Johnny just dropped off this contract outlining my investment in the movie. Pretty professional, don’t you think?

Roman: Well, you know what? I wouldn’t know.

Lucas: What, he didn’t give you yours yet? I’m sure it’s coming.

Roman: You know, actually, I decided not to invest after all.

Lucas: Why not? I thought you were gung-ho about the whole thing.

Roman: Yeah, well, I felt bad about–for johnny. I mean, his dad’s a jerk, his mom’s missing in action…

Lucas: “But”?

Roman: But I talked to john, and he’s worried about marlena. He thinks this movie could stir up some really horrible memories, and I agree. And if that did happen, it could–it could end up really hurting marlena.

Johnny: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely.

Chanel: So you’re quoting sonnets now?

Johnny: That is what wooers do. Did it work? Do you feel wooed? You want to make out now?

Chanel: I know why you’re in such a good mood.

Johnny: Because I’m with you.

Chanel: Because your dad gave you the money for your movie.

Johnny: Well, yeah, that too. How’d you know?

Chanel: Allie told me. I’m surprised he coughed up after giving you such a hard time about it.

Johnny: Thank god he did. I thought I was gonna have to start busking.

Chanel: Oh, he saved you from being a street performer?

Johnny: Yeah, I’ll tell you about it after I go get allie’s contract.

Chanel: She’s not there. She already left.

Johnny: You know where she went?

Chanel: Home, I guess. But there’s something else you should know. She told me that she wouldn’t do the movie unless your grandmother signed off on it.

Johnny: Well, that’s another reason that I’m in such a good mood. Because I just talked to my grandmother, and she said it’s okay.

Chanel: Really?

Johnny: Yeah. Actually, she said it was more than okay. In fact, she seemed very excited about it. Almost like it was something she wanted to happen.

[Eerie music]


Demon marlena: Finally, we are one!

[Demonic laughter]

John: Hey, doc? Can I come in?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Allie: Henry, you have literally loved your blanky to death.

Tripp: Hey.

Allie: Hi. You’re here early.

Tripp: Yeah, I hope that’s okay.

Allie: Of course it is.

Tripp: [Groans]

Allie: How was your day at work?

Tripp: I will be glad to be done with this er rotation. We had an entire fifth-grade class come in with food poisoning.

Allie: Spare me the details.

Tripp: Gladly. Yeah.

Allie: Well, after all that, I’m assuming you’re not hungry, she says hopefully.

Tripp: Hopefully?

Allie: Well, I got out of work late, and it was a tossup between going to the grocery store or getting home in time to put henry to bed.

Tripp: That’s okay. We’ll just get takeout. What do you feel like?

Allie: Anything but pizza again. But the menus are right there.

Tripp: What’s this?

Allie: Oh, that is my contract for johnny’s movie. It’s the first time I’ve ever been referred to as an “artist.” Kinda liked it.

Tripp: But you didn’t sign it.

Allie: And I’m not going to. Not until my grandma signs off on it, which I really don’t see her doing, so…

Chanel: Your grandma was excited about it?

Johnny: Yep.

Chanel: About you making a movie about when she was possessed by the devil?

Johnny: Seemed that way.

Chanel: You sure you didn’t just want it to seem that way?

Johnny: No, no, she was all smiles and everything. Said she wanted tickets to the premiere. She even made a joke about not stinting on the special effects.

Chanel: Wow. I guess she’s put the whole thing behind her.

Johnny: Yeah, I guess.

Chanel: What?

Johnny: When she gave me the okay, she really did seem excited, you know. Happy, even. But before that, my grandpa john said they were talking about the movie one night and she had a nightmare about it.

Chanel: So just thinking about it gives her nightmares, but she’s excited for you to actually make it? You sure you didn’t just guilt her into saying yes?

Johnny: No. No, I swear. I mean, I was ready to scrap the whole thing. I told her that, and then once I did, it’s like she was trying to talk me into it.

Chanel: If you say so.

Johnny: I do love her, you know. I don’t ever want to hurt her, but it’s almost like she insisted that I go ahead with it. Even got a little short with my grandpa john when he disagreed. And that’s another thing.

Chanel: What?

Johnny: She is never short with anyone, especially him. I wonder what’s gotten into her.

John: Hey, doc, everything okay in there? Doc? Hey. I’ve been out in the hall, like, pounding for five minutes.

Marlena: Oh, I’m sorry. I was so engrossed in this script, I guess I didn’t hear you.

John: What’s with the sunglasses?

Marlena: Hmm? Oh. Oh. I was getting a little glare from the lamp and it was making it hard to read the script, so I thought the sunglasses might help.

John: Really?

Marlena: Yeah. Yeah. I was right. They do. This is really a good story that he’s written. Yeah, it’s quite a little page-turner.

John: I can imagine.

Marlena: Are you having a problem?

John: Well, yeah. Yeah, I just had a really unpleasant déj vu. You know, the last time you started wearing sunglasses inside was when you were possessed.

Marlena: Really?

John: Yeah, and you told me it was some problem with your eyes, but that wasn’t the truth, was it? It was the devil trying to hide himself. Your mission:

Allie: So what looks good to you?

Tripp: All of it.

[Chuckles] Dude, you decide.

Allie: Well, that thai place we had the other night, that was pretty good.

Tripp: Hey, isn’t this henry’s blanket he won’t go to sleep without?

Allie: Yeah. I just had to sneak it away from him after he fell asleep. I thought maybe I could fix it, but now that I’m looking at it in the light, I think it’s a little out of my skill set.


Tripp: I could do it.

Allie: You could?

Tripp: I wouldn’t say I could do it if I couldn’T. Does nicole have a sewing kit?

Allie: “Does nicole have a sewing kit?”

[Both laugh] No, not unless you need one to make a martini.

Tripp: All right. Fair. Fair. That’s not a problem, though, ’cause the boy scout that I am, I came prepared.

Kate: So did victor help chloe pack? Did he call her a car? ‘Cause I know he loves her just as much as I do.

Philip: I’m glad you find my life so amusing.

Kate: You know, I would feel sorry for you if you didn’t already have that covered yourself.

Philip: So why don’t you let me wallow in my self-pity all alone, then?

Kate: Philip–okay, fine. I’m sorry. No more jokes. But if chloe has rejected you, you need to accept that. You need to accept it with some dignity and some self-respect.

Philip: This coming from a woman who pretended to be blind and have amnesia.

Kate: Oh, that was different.

Philip: How? How is that different?

Kate: Because that’s me, okay? Philip, I do feel badly for you, and as much as I don’t understand it, I know you care for chloe. But do you realize how frustrating it is for me to watch her and to watch you as she hurts you over and over and over again? It’s just not worth it.

Philip: I disagree. And it’s not that she hurts me. It’s the other way around. It’s, I hurt her.

Kate: What are you talking about, that you hurt her? You treat her like a queen, philip.

Philip: No, it’s not how I treat her, it’s how… it’s how I am with her. I keep losing it. I tell her it won’t happen again and I just lose it.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Philip: Brady.

Brady: I’m sorry. That must have been really hard for you.

Chloe: Had to be done.

Brady: Yeah. And hey, I’m sorry about the way I spoke to you just now. It was–it probably came across a little–

Chloe: High-handed? Didactic? Condescending? Full of yourself?

Brady: Yeah, pretty much all those. I’m sorry. I just–I get frustrated at the situation here because you know how I feel about you, and it’s just hard for me to let philip just do what– the point is, you didn’t let him do it this time. You didn’t give him a second chance. You know, you stuck up for yourself, you made a clean break, and honestly, I think it’s the right thing to do.

Chloe: According to you. I did what I thought was right.

Brady: You did. You broke up with him.

Chloe: No, brady. I didn’t say that.

Lucas: Let me ask you this. When did john tell you that marlena wasn’t interested in doing the movie?

Roman: The other day. Why?

Lucas: Well, according to johnny, she’s on board. She’s okay with it.

Roman: Really?

Lucas: Yeah.

Roman: I wonder how john feels about that.

Johnny: I’m telling you, I got a weird feeling about the two of them. It’s almost like she was trying to get me out of there before my grandpa could even say anything else.

Chanel: But you’re still going ahead with the movie?

Johnny: Well, it’s the marlena evans story, not the john black story. So it’s her call.

Chanel: Well, yeah. But he went through it too. So I’m sure he thinks it’s his story too.

Johnny: But that’s like saying “belle du jour” is about the husband.

Chanel: Well, you know what? You can name a million movies I’ve never heard of, but that doesn’t change the fact that this movie of yours could end up being a really bad idea.

Johnny: Well, thanks for the vote of confidence.

Chanel: Sorry. I’m just reacting to what you told me about your grandparents.

Johnny: You know, I actually really love my grandpa john. I just don’t think he’s, let’s say, open to new ideas, but my grandma is. And I think that she is going to make him see that he is worried about nothing.

Chanel: Whatever you say.

Johnny: I mean, I don’t get why he’s so against the idea. This was years ago, right? I mean, it’s not like she’s possessed by the devil today.

Marlena: So you think that I’m wearing sunglasses because I’m possessed by the devil?

John: Well, doc, you’ve got to admit you’ve been acting kind of strange lately. One day, this stupid movie here is giving you nightmares. The next day, you do this 180 and you’re all for it.

Marlena: Well, I don’t find it strange that I would change my mind. I mean, I think I’ve been looking at the script unemotionally and thinking that it might be a very good way to put the past behind us.

John: Well, you know what? I disagree with that again. I think it’s only gonna dredge up the past.

Marlena: Well, I disagree. I think it’s a great way to end all of the suggestions and innuendos that are going around. That’s why I said that johnny could go ahead. Not because I’m possessed by the devil.

John: Okay, fine. Take the glasses off, then.

Marlena: [Scoffs]

Tripp: Wow, this– yeah, this blanket should be on life support.

Allie: Hmm. Tell me, doc, did I wait too long to get help?

Tripp: I won’t lie, this procedure is gonna be touch-and-go.

[Both laugh]

Allie: There was a time where I was going to clubs and parties and getting drunk on champagne. And now I’m sitting here worried about a baby blanket. And it’s okay.

Tripp: Where you going?

Allie: I just remembered, I think I have everything I need to make a carbonara.

Tripp: What about takeout?

Allie: Well, sitting here watching you with your needle and thread is making me feel quite domestic.

Tripp: Ah.

Allie: So maybe we can watch a home improvement show after.

Tripp: You know, going to bed is about as domestic as it gets.

Johnny: So my dad would only give me the money if I gave him a part.

Chanel: He has a secret desire to act?

Johnny: He has a very public desire to stick it to my uncle chad.

Chanel: Wait, so is abigail going to have scenes with the guy who wants to “stick it” to her husband?

Johnny: He’s gonna play john.

Chanel: That should go well.

Johnny: Yeah.

Chanel: And have you thought about how allie feels about the way your dad treated you guys’ mom?

Johnny: Oh, that.

Chanel: Do you think she’s gonna be thrilled to work with him? I mean, doesn’t it worry you that you’ve assembled a cast with some complicated histories? Like, this might not be what you’d call a tranquil set.

Johnny: I hope to channel the cast’s personal animosity towards each other into dramatic tension. Which is a film term for, “I’ll do whatever it takes to get the money.”

Chanel: Well, bette davis and joan crawford made a great movie.

Johnny: Speaking of bette davis, I’d better go get allie’s contract. Now that she’s a baker, she goes to bed at, like, 6:00 or something. And I need that contract.

Chanel: I’ll go with you.

Johnny: Great.

Chanel: What?

Johnny: I just realized I left a script with my grandma marlena. She’s probably reading it right now. Hope it doesn’t freak her out.

Marlena: Can you even hear yourself? You are being ridiculous.

John: Well, if I’m being so ridiculous, why don’t you just take your glasses off?

Marlena: Because I find the suggestion insulting. I tell you that my eyes are feeling sensitive, and you tell me that I’m possessed by the devil. Do you know how hurtful that is?

John: Well, it’s happened before. You can put your glasses right back on. I just want to take a good look at your eyes. It’s my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on

Kate: I don’t know. I mean, I just don’t get it. I mean, isn’t chloe aware that brady’s just that kind of guy that makes people want to punch him? I mean, I–

[Gasps] You’re here! Oh, your brother is in distress. He needs family, and I need a drink.

Roman: Well, I’ll just get right on that.

Kate: Chilly in here. So what do you say? Are you gonna help me? Apparently, chloe’s taken a powder, this one’s despondent, and nothing I say seems to help, so…

Lucas: Have you thought about just leaving him alone, giving him a break?

Philip: That was my idea!

Kate: No, that’s nonsense. This is kismet. All three of us are here together, and we’re gonna have a dinner–a family dinner. I insist.

Brady: So you and philip didn’t break up? What am I missing here? Because you said you moved out, your suitcases are in the corner there–

Chloe: Yeah, I did move out. That was always just a temporary arrangement until I recovered from my gunshot wound.

Brady: Sorry, I just kind of assumed–

Chloe: Well, you assumed wrong. Philip and I are just taking a step back, but we did not break up. I’m not–I’m not ready for that.

Brady: Even though he flips out every single time he sees us together?

Chloe: Well, I told him to get himself under control. And if he does, I think we could have a real future together.

Brady: That’s a big “if,” chlo.

Chloe: Brady, look at our history. I fell in love with phillip in high school, and I’m not ready to give up on him.

[Knock at door]

Allie: I’ll get it. Keep working. Oh, what are you doing here?

Johnny: And a cheery hello to you too. I came to pick up your contract. Catching up on your needlepoint?

Allie: I didn’t sign my contract, and I’m not going to until grandma gives you permission.

Johnny: And she did. Tonight.

Allie: Oh. So you finally wore her down?

Johnny: No, I swear. She even said she thought it was a good idea.

Allie: And what about grandpa john?

Johnny: No. No, he wasn’t happy at all.

Marlena: Okay, well… are you satisfied?

John: Relieved. Sorry.

Marlena: Well, that’s okay. I think you got all worked up about johnny’s movie. Kind of the power of suggestion.

John: Mm-mm, it wasn’t that. It wasn’t even your glasses. It’s–for a while now, you just haven’t seemed like yourself.

Marlena: [Scoffs] I just changed my mind about the movie, that’s all.

John: No, no, no, it’s more than that. You’ve changed in general.

Marlena: So you keep saying.

John: I’m not the only one who thinks that.

Marlena: What is that supposed to mean?

John: I came here to tell you that kayla just dropped by. She’s–she’s concerned. It seems she just found out that you were the one who extended doug’s order that he can’t have any visitors, not even julie. Why the hell did you do that? Before nexium 24hr,

Johnny: So you learn how to sew in home ec?

Tripp: Medical school. We need to know how to stitch up a split lip after some wise-ass gets the crap beat out of him.

Johnny: Ah, but those guys always have it coming, don’t you think? Hey, I just got a great idea. How would you feel about helping out with the costumes? I can’t pay you, but I’ll give you a screen credit.

Tripp: You know what? I’d love to, but I’m just super busy at the hospital saving lives and stuff.

Johnny: Right.

Allie: Here’s your contract. Although I still cannot believe that grandma agreed to this.

Johnny: Yeah, me neither. The final hurdle has been leapt. Let the filming begin.

Allie: Oh.

Johnny: “Oh”? What’s that supposed to mean?

Allie: No, it’s just– I don’t know, I guess I never thought that this movie was actually gonna be made, and now that it is, I–

Tripp: You want out?

Allie: No. No, I don’t want out. I–it’s just weird. My whole life I’ve spent vowing to never become my mother, and now I’m going to be playing her in a movie.

Lucas: Look, maybe it’s best that chloe moved out. It’ll give you both a chance to cool off. You know you need a little cooling-off period right now.

Kate: “Cooling off”?

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Kate: There’s nothing to cool, okay? It’s done. It’s over. Fini. Rest in peace.

Philip: I never said that. I said that she moved out.

Lucas: Because you were blowing up about brady, right?

Kate: He punched brady. That’s it.

Philip: Yes, that’s the issue.

Lucas: You need to calm down, okay? Stay clear of brady and just give chloe some space. That’s all it takes.

Kate: “Give chloe space”? Give chloe the heave-ho.

Lucas: Come on.

Kate: Don’t you understand? You’re free of her now.

Philip: But don’t you see, mother, I don’t want to be.

Kate: [Sighs]

Brady: And no matter what, I just want you to be happy. If you want to give this another try with philip, again, then I hope he can give you everything that you want.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: But you still need to find a place to stay, right?

Chloe: Yeah, moving out was the right thing to do, but it was so spur-of-the-moment, I didn’t make any plans.

Brady: Well, don’t make the wrong assumption here about what I’m about to offer, but if you need a place to stay, you’re welcome to stay with me. This is the sound of an asthma attack…

Marlena: It’s true. I did extend the restrictions on doug’s visitors. And I don’t appreciate hearing about that from you, because that treatment of doug is between my patient and myself.

John: I didn’t pry. Kayla told me all about it. Doug… doug is practically like family. Come on, kayla says that julie is desperate to see him.

Marlena: I understand that, and I feel sorry for julie, but the thing is that doug is a danger to himself and to others.

John: I know he got a little agitated the other–

Marlena: “Agitated”? He hit her, over the head, with a tray. I was afraid, when she was on the ground, that he might have killed her.

John: All right, I know, that had to be frightening, but doug was left alone with julie at the hospital. At bayview, he’s gonna be supervised, he may even be restrained, and kayla thinks it would do him–

Marlena: Kayla is not in charge of doug’s case. I am. And if she has some concerns about my treatment of him, she can bring that up to me, not to you.

Chloe: Brady, have you been paying attention at all? Philip was already crazy jealous that you and I work together, but you think it’s a fine idea for me to move in with you?

Brady: With me? No. I’m suggesting you move in with my dad and marlena at their place. They’d love to have you.

Chloe: Well, thank you. That’s very nice of “them,” but I really think that you and I should just keep our own separate residences. I’m just gonna get a room at the salem inn.

Brady: Mm-hmm. Okay. Okay. But I insist–I insist on this. I’m helping you with your bags. It’s the least I can do.

Roman: Here you go. You guys want menus?

Philip: You know what? I’m not really that hungry. I think I’m just gonna head home.

Kate: Okay, I don’t think he should be alone.

Lucas: I think he’s had enough motherly advice for one night. Take a walk or something?

Philip: Great idea. Night, roman.

Roman: All right, take care.

Kate: Good night. Roman?

Roman: What? Too much vermouth?

Kate: It’s not like you to be snarky.

Roman: Yeah, well, it’s not like you to act like I’m not even in the room.

Kate: I don’t do that.

Roman: You just did that. And you’ve been doing it for a while. And you don’t have to, all right? I get the message. Apparently, you’re not interested in me the same way I’m interested in you, all right? It’s good, okay? I’m a big boy. I’m not gonna force myself on you, but at least I thought we could stay friends.

Kate: We are friends.

Roman: You don’t treat me like a friend; you treat me like an incompetent waiter.

Kate: There’s a reason for that.

Roman: [Laughs] What? I’m too pushy? I overstep my boundaries?

Kate: You were right! You were right about me and jake. You warned me that I was being foolish, of what was coming, that I was gonna be hurt, and it came. And I did get hurt. And now you can tell me that you told me so, and that would be so humiliating for me, so I have to pretend you’re not there so you can’t say it.

Roman: Damn.

[Laughs] You are a complicated woman.

Kate: God.

Roman: Listen to me, don’t you know I would never say, “I told you so” to you? Might think it. But here’s what I would tell you. I am really, really sorry that I was right. And that jake is so damn dumb that he doesn’t realize you are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Kate: You make it very hard for me to pretend you’re not there. Charmin ultra soft has so much cushiony softness,

Roman: Well, okay. I’m sorry. That drink is on the house.

Kate: Roman, no. Don’t go. Don’t go. That’s not how I meant it. I didn’t mean it that way at all. It’s just that after this thing with jake, I feel like I’m just, you know, gun-shy about getting hurt.

Roman: So you said.

Kate: I mean, I know I should put everything that happened behind me, but, for some reason, I just– I just can’t, you know, and then there’s the way that you always know what I’m thinking and the way that you listen to me and the way you put up with what I have to say and the way you’re funny and make me laugh, you know, and I’m afraid that I’m gonna, you know… with you and for all the wrong reasons, really. And that’s not fair to you. That’s not fair to you because I’m just too screwed up right now to start anything, even though you are– well, you’re–

Roman: Clearly available.

Kate: No, you’re clearly very attractive to me. So there. I’ve said it. I’ve said it. Are you happy? I’ve said it.

Roman: For a moment, yeah. Good start.

Kate: Hell, you know, honestly, I think it’s so much easier for me to ridicule my son’s emotional life than to talk about my own.

Roman: Okay, I’ll tell you what, all right? Until further notice, your emotional life is off the table, okay? And since I haven’t heard that word yet signaling that you might be ready for something more, until that word or unless that word is “chowder,” I will respect your wishes and give you more space.

Kate: Okay. Thank you.

Roman: And you take all the time you need to get over that jerk– oh, my bad, jake, okay? Really, take all the time you need to get back to where you were. It’ll be worth the wait.

Chloe: Brady, thank you so much for carrying my luggage, but, really, you don’t have to take them all the way into the inn.

Brady: I’ve come this far. I might as well go the whole way.

Chloe: Thanks.

Philip: Ah, you were right. A walk did me good. Air cleared my head. Finally got me to stop thinking about…

Allie: Just let me know when I should put the pasta on.

Tripp: Any time. I’m all done.

Allie: Oh, wow, his initials. Tripp, it’s beautiful.

Tripp: Yeah, I know how much henry loves this blanket, and I didn’t want there to be any doubt about who it belongs to.

Allie: It’s amazing. You’re amazing.

Johnny: Could this night get any better? I feel like things are finally starting to fall into place.

Chanel: Before you know it, you’ll be the next bong joon ho.

Johnny: I could only hope to make something as good as “parasite,” although I think I might have a shot at it if you agreed to be in it.

Chanel: Oh, you mean, have I decided between theo’s mama lexie and his big mama celeste?

Johnny: Is there someone else you’d like to play?

Chanel: I’m just messing with you. I’ve decided I’d like to play celeste.

Johnny: Theo’s grandmother? Why?

Chanel: Okay, well, I don’t like being a grandmother, but I do like that she could see what everyone else couldn’T. That she knew before anyone else that evil had come to salem.

John: Hey, I didn’t mean to question your judgment. You’re doug’s doctor. I’m sure you’re only doing what you feel is best for him.

Marlena: Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get back to the script. I’m just getting to the good part.

John: All right. I’m gonna go try to whip up some dinner.

Marlena: Thank you. That’d be just great.

[Eerie music]

Demon marlena: John thought that he could trip me upe by having me take off my glasses.

[Sighs] Little does he know I am so powerful, I can change my appearance. But it does seem that john is still so suspicious, and that could become a problem. Evil dies tonight.

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