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[ Crickets ]

Brooke: So, you need my help, with katie?

Bill: Yeah. It’s gotten to the point that i think I might lose her for good.

Carter: I actually believed that quinn and I had a future. That we’d run away together.

Katie: Run away?

Carter: Yeah, I was in denial. Thought it was what I thought it was. It was love, but it couldn’t have been, otherwise she’d be here, with me, and not eric. She’s gone. And I’m here. I’m here alone. Again.

[ Knocking on door ]

Thomas: Uh, yeah, coming. Oh, hi. Hope: Uh, hi. You didn’t respond, but I figured I’d take a chance anyway.

Thomas: What? Oh, my phone’s on silent. I’m sorry.

Hope: Uh, well, I think douglas might have forgotten his football here, and he needs it for practice, so I figured I would just come and–

[ Whispering ] My apologies. Uh, I didn’t realize, uh, you’re shirtless, and there are clothes on the floor, so I’m clearly interrupting something, so I should just–

Thomas: No, no, I’m just, I’m here by myself.

Hope: But what about the clothes on the floor?

Thomas: Oh yeah, they’re paris’.

Paris: You weren’t kidding when you said this is going to be a memorable night.

Zende: “Life changing,” I believe I called it.

Paris: Yeah, you did, that’s what you said. But let’s not change too much. The life that we’re living right now, I’m really feeling it. Awesome job, hot guy, I definitely want to stay on this path.

[ Glasses clinking ]

[ Suave instrumental ]

Hope: Paris?

Thomas: Yeah, uh, these are her clothes, and… all of these too. Yeah, things have, uh, things have escalated kinda quickly.

Hope: Escalated?

Thomas: Yeah, I mean, some people might think it’s fast, but… we’re ready for it., Oh, paris moved in. We’re living together now.

Paris: Ah, enough, enough, gonna give me a big head.

Zende: Impossible, but well-deserved. Listen to this testimonial. “Paris buckingham has shined since taking over the foundation, making bold and innovative choices.” Bold’s an understatement.

Paris: Mm. Okay yeah, the reviews, yeah, it’s always good to hear, but you know what’s even better than reviews?

Zende: Mm hm?

Paris: Go back to the main page. And then, go to latest ventures. So, that one right there, you might be interested in that.

Zende: Paris, this is the orphanage where I–

Paris: Yeah, I know. Keep reading.

Zende: The zende forrester scholarship fund? Oh my god, you really…

Paris: Don’t forget to write a review.

Bill: I thought we were finding our way back to each other, at least, it felt like we were. But then, will went off to boarding school, and since then, we hardly speak. Of course, my arrest didn’t score any tens with the judges. I need to get her back.

Katie: I didn’t realize things were that intense between you two. Carter, another man’s wife? We thought–

Carter: You thought wrong. Please understand, I never wanted to hurt eric. I never wanted to upset ridge, or any of you. I just finally wanted to have a turn. Katie: A turn?

Carter: You don’t get it. You can’t get it, because you’ve been married. You’ve experienced what I’ve never had, because guess what? No one sticks around long enough. I just thought this time would be different. Thought I’d finally get what I’ve been searching for.

Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Hope: You really had me going there, for a second.

[ Laughing ]

Thomas: I’m kidding.

Hope: Oh!

Thomas: Yeah, you know, she, uh… I’m sure she wasn’t exactly expecting me to be here when she moved in, but she’s been really sweet about it.

Hope: Ah. You are sure that zende doesn’t have a problem?

Thomas: Doesn’t seem to.

Hope: Okay, I’m just saying… the woman he’s interested in, living with another man… he might be a little more bothered by it than you may think.

Zende: These kids are going to get scholarships in my name? I can’t believe it.

Paris: Well, you’ve been talking to me about how you want to give back. What better way?

Zende: You know, I was trying to be all smooth earlier, talking about how this would be a life-changing night, but… you are the one changing lives. Every day. Making the world a better place. Making my world the best it’s ever been.

Bill: Katie knows that I will do anything to prove to her that she can trust me, that she can believe in my commitment to her… but I think I may be out of chances. She said that she is exhausted, that she wants something different.

Ridge: Can’t really blame the woman.

Brooke: Ridge–

Ridge: I didn’t want to say anything, but how can katie trust you? You left a man dead on the side of the road.

Bill: I admit that I have made mistakes, but I am working on being better. I really am. I’m a changed man. I just need to prove that to katie.

Carter: Yeah, people think that I’m this happy-go-lucky bachelor, dating different women, keeping my options open, it’s not true. I’m not choosing this. I don’t want to be single. I’m not 20. I want to find love, like everyone else.

Katie: Maybe you want it a little too much. I mean, you’re able to justify things that, that… aren’t justifiable. Like, even taking zoey back, after the way she treated you, or… falling for someone else’s wife.

Carter: Yeah, yeah, what’s that saying, “I keep looking for love in the wrong places?” Maybe, I do… try to force things to work that shouldn’T. And this time I hurt people I care about. Ridge… eric, I– I don’t even– I don’t even know what to saY. I really did think… never mind. You’d never understand. You literally came here to judge me. You’re gonna judge me when you had it so good.

Katie: I’m sorry, I’ve had it good? Clearly, you don’t know me very well. You don’t know me at all.

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Bill: I will do anything to get katie back.

Ridge: Oh, boy.

Brooke: Look, if you mean that, and if you truly mean that, then she’ll see it.

Bill: But she hasn’T. I can’t get through to her. Will you talk to her for me? Please? I don’t want to live my life without my katie.

Katie: You think because I’ve been married, that somehow I’m luckier than you? I’ve spent most of my adult life in love with a man who breaks my heart over and over again.

Carter: Look, I’m just saying that you’ve experienced something I’ve never had.

Katie: Oh, yeah, I’ve had a lot of experience. I’ve been with a man who says I make him better, who says that he doesn’t want to live his life without me. But you can say all those things, but if those words aren’t backed up by truth or resolve, or some kind of fight, then they’re just words. I mean, is that what you’re jealous of, a bunch of pretty words?

Carter: Yes, yes, yes. I’m jealous you had something, anything. I’ve never had that. I want to know what that feels like, katie, to feel like you’re important to somebody.

Katie: Oh, I wanna know too. I’d like to know that too. Because I’m only important to bill when he can’t have me. I am never more attractive than when I’m telling him no. This game we play. He’s charming, and he woos me, and he tells me that I’m the only woman in the world for him. And I buy it, hook, line and sinker. And then he… gets bored, or restless, or I don’t even know what. And he breaks my heart. And I think, I think, “okay, all right, this time, it’s over. This time, I’m done.” But there he is… begging me to take him back and telling me he’s gonna change and promising me, promising me, that this time… this time he won’t let me down, and… and so I take him back, I do. Because I… I don’t even know why. Hah. I just think I’ve been trying so hard to hang onto this thing that… that I lost, that I lost a long time ago. I mean, is that the kind of relationship you want?

Carter: I didn’t realize–

Katie: No, you didn’t realize. Please don’t make it out that I have some kind of perfect life, because… it’s not true. Do you know what love feels like to me, most of the time? It feels like I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop, wondering if… if I’ll ever be enough. You love… and then you lose. Love and loss. Love is loss.

Thomas: You know, I will say this. Zende did make a point of telling me how serious he is about paris.

Hope: See?

Thomas: But he also told me he’s not jealous in any way. Why would he be? Look, I’m his cousin, and he trusts me. And more than that, he trusts paris. She’s crazy about him, and he knows that. Zende knows he has nothing to worry about.

[ Fire crackling ]

[ Soft instrumental ] We see you.

[ Fire crackling ]

Paris: You know what?

Zende: Mm hm?

Paris: It was definitely worth the wait.

Zende: More than worth the wait. Turns out I was right.

Paris: About what? How big this night would be for us.

Paris: Life-changing.

Carter: Love is loss? Do you really believe that?

Katie: Feels that way, sometimes. We can’t all be brooke logan, right? I mean, if you want to be jealous of someone, you should be jealous of her, because every relationship she has ever had, she has been the center of the universe for that man. I mean, men live and breathe for her, and always have.

Carter: Yeah, I wanted to do that. For zoey. Quinn, even more so. I want someone to care for me the way brooke cares for ridge. Someone to fight for me, and give up anything. I guess that woman doesn’t exist. I realize that I made you mad when I brought up your marriage, and I apologize. But katie, even if it didn’t work out, at least… at least you had a shot. I never got that. You have no… idea how alone I feel.

Katie: You think I don’t know about loneliness? Seriously? You can live in a house full of people, and still feel all by yourself. Bill, he’s really good at making you feel like you’re the only person in the room, but he’s even better at making you feel completely invisible. I’ve actually never felt so alone in my entire life. So… please don’t make assumptions about me.

Carter: I think you just caught me in a bad time. I’m hurting, katie.

Katie: I know, I can see that. And I know that you realize that that what happened with quinn shouldn’t have, but I don’t like seeing you in pain. Don’t give up.

Carter: On what?

Katie: On love.

[ Scoffing ]

Carter: After the way you described it? I feel like giving up is my best option.

Katie: Well… maybe you just caught me at a bad time. There’s someone out there for you.

Carter: Yeah. Someone I can fall for, who’D… rather be with another guy. Happens every time. After a while, you have to ask yourself, “what’s wrong with me?” Why can’t a woman appreciate what I have to offer? A woman who wants to be loved as much as I do, who wants commitment, a family. Is that too much to ask? Maybe my destiny is to be alone.

Katie: You know what I think? I think there’s no such thing as destiny. I think it’s all just luck. Maybe, we’re unlucky. Unlucky in love. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come over here and lay all this stuff on you. I– I barged in here, uninvited… and judged you, and I’m sorry.

Carter: Forgiven. And next time, consider yourself… invited. For people who could use a lift could not do it without you.

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