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according to the satellite photos, this is the only way across to the dock. Oh, man, that is a long drop. There’s certainly no way down from the compound side. We’ll intercept him as he makes a run for it. Unless he tries the main gate. In which case there’s a nice group of agents waiting to welcome him. But that’s not peter’s M.O. He’s gonna wait for darkness and then slither away. Okay. Robert… I’m not gonna shoot to kill. I am. And for the record, as exciting as it must have been, I’m so glad that your detective days are over, private and otherwise. That’s one thing stella and I have in common. We both like knowing that you’re safe and sound. Well… I intend to stay that way, because I’ve certainly got a lot to live for. How about a toast?

[ Chuckles ] Sounds like you got something in mind. I do. May the past stay in the past. Amen to that.

[ Glasses clink ] Thank you. Sure. Well, what are we drinking to? Well, that depends on your answer. You threw these at my feet when you walked away from me. Now I’m asking you with all of my heart — let me put them back on you. Dante: Where are you holding drew? Well, I can take you to his cell, but I have no idea if he’s still there. Where else would he be? Peter bribed the guards to do his bidding. It’s more than likely he’s taken drew. No, there is no way in hell that drew would go anywhere with peter. Drew doesn’t have a choice. Let me guess — not your favorite couple. Well, I’ve made my peace with ava. But as far as nikolas cassadine? Wherever he goes, disaster seems to follow. I remember taking these off… desperate to convince you that our marriage was over. Really, I was trying to convince myself. I never did. I’ve missed them. Nothing would make me happier than you putting them back where they belong. Ava… my wife… I love you with all that I have… …and all that I am, now and forever. Nikolas, my husband… I love you with all that I have, all that I am, now and forever.

Now we can toast.

[ Chuckles softly ] To us. To… mr. And mrs. Nikolas and ava cassadine.

[ Glasses clink ] There they are. Told you spinelli would be able to track them down. He’s a useful guy to have around. You sure this is the way you want to play it? Yeah, I got this. Just do me a favor — don’t go too far, in case I need backup. Copy that. Mind if I join you? It’ll be fun — walk down memory lane. Whoo-hoo! I’m not seeing the, uh, fun part. Oh, come on, nikolas. Not every past association has to be negative. He used to have the most awful nightmares about his family. I mean, growing up in that nest of vipers would give anyone bad dreams. Then he’d wake up in a cold sweat. So, nik, does your troubled family history still disturb your sleep? Someone’s coming. Here we go. It’s drew and valentin. Aw, damn! -Valentin! -Anna!

[ Gunshot ] Oh, valentin!

[ Valentin grunts ] Drew: Go, go, go!

[ Gunfire ]

Portia? Hmm? What’s wrong? Talk to me. It’s spencer’s father, not that I consider him to be a very good one. Um, I heard spencer was arrested. He didn’t harm trina at all, did he? No, no, no, not physically. But he outright lied to her and played on her sympathy, when the whole time, spencer’s whole goal was just to get back at ava. And then nikolas jumps in, playing the same twisted mind games as spencer. Like father, like son. And trina gets caught in the middle. Okay, to hell with that. I have no problem getting them the hell out of here. I — no, no. I appreciate the impulse. I really do. But trina’s close to ava, and I’d rather not escalate the tension. Want another round? Nikolas doesn’t have nightmares about his family or anything else, not when he’s with me. So you’re not concerned about your family’s operations in crete? What operations? Scott baldwin’s computer was hacked with spyware that’s been traced back to greece, specifically to crete. I don’t see what that has to do with me. Computer hackers are pretty common these days. Well, this one in particular hits close to home. How so? Whoever spied on scott used that information to get their hands on my mother. The cells are on the lower level. You go through that door and down the stairs. You shouldn’t encounter any guards. I [Scoffs] Wasn’t paying them enough to die protecting this place. But I have no idea how much peter was paying them to betray me. So you best proceed with caution. And, um, well, good luck. Ah, no, no, no, no.

You’re our luck. And you’re coming with us. But why? Y-you don’t want me. You want peter. No, right now we want drew. Peter will be a bonus. You’re gonna show us the way.

[ Sighs ] All right. Well, it seems like I don’t have any choice. But before we go in search of drew, there is someone else who needs rescuing. You’re an intelligent woman, britt. You must realize your mother doesn’t lack for enemies. However, I’m not one of them. Just because scott’s hacker was traced to greece, why assume the cassadines are involved? Gotta start somewhere. The cassadines are the only greek family I know, and they’re a family with a pretty sketchy history, so… well, I don’t know what to tell you. I left the island and my family business behind when I returned to port charles. So, are you finished, then? Because this is a big night for us. We’re celebrating. Well, I’m sorry to delay your big night, but I need a moment with nikolas — alone. Where’s drew? I don’t know. Where’s peter? Did you hit him? Running for his life, I think. Did you hit him? I don’t think so. Can you see drew? This light’s not powerful enough. I can’t see anything.

Oh, god, he’s losing blood fast. How’s his body temperature? I don’t know. Oh, it’s dropping. It’s dropping. Here. What? Okay. Here, just… I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine. Go get peter. Aah! We’ve got to get you to the hospital. Come on. Shh. There’s someone else here that needs rescuing. What? Who? Obrecht. I sincerely don’t know how I can help you find your mom. Well, maybe we can help each other out. Hi, curtis. Hi, ava. Hi, portia. Hi. Would it be all right with you if I had a word with the good doctor? It’s up to you. It’s fine with me. Shouldn’t be long. All right. Ava. Hey, jason. Hey, curtis. What brings you in, man? Business or pleasure? Uh, neither. Just helping a friend. How do you think we can help each other out? Liesl! She’s gone. You — you brought us to obrecht’s cell first? Liesl’s in a lot more danger from peter than drew is. They say cats have nine lives. Liesl must have 10. Assuming she got away. Maybe they just moved her to another location. I’m praying she managed to escape. Well… unless she needed medical attention, I don’t think obrecht left this cell on her own free will. I heard about spencer. All those months you and ava were in fear of a stalker, and it turned out to be spencer all along. But some of the things he did, it just doesn’t feel like spencer’s style at all. Burning a car is simultaneously cliché and overkill. He admits he was responsible. Ava was right to have him arrested. Well, I asked to speak to you alone because I didn’t want to say this in front of ava. If spencer was willing to go to those extremes to separate you two, it’s doubtful you can get through to him. But he still likes me, considers me a friend, even a mentor of sorts. Maybe he’ll listen to me. I’d be happy to talk to spencer. Is there, uh, trouble over there with britt and nikolas? Eh, you don’t want to know. You know what? You’re right. I don’T. In fact, I was just telling portia earlier today how happy I was to be out of that game. But based on experience, you and I know it’s not a game at all, right? People get hurt. They may even die. What are we standing around here for? Liesl’s in great danger… you know what? …If we don’t find her. Obrecht is gonna be just fine. Like sam said, she’s like some crazy cat lady with nine lives. You need to take me to drew cain’s cell.

[ Sighs ] Seems like sam’s one step ahead of us. She’s probably looking for drew. Sam!

So, how is trina doing? Ah, thank you. You’re welcome. We’ve been, um, in touch for the last couple weeks, but I’ve been really distracted. And I know that trina’s been busy with school. Mm-hmm. Trina loves it at pcu.

[ Chuckles ] As much as I miss having her home, I think that living in the dorms is good for her independence. Most of her classes are basic courses, but she’s got one elective… mm? …Art history.

[ Laughs ] And in trina’s words, it’s epic. Oh, that’s great, really. You know, I don’t worry about her academically. Not one bit. I just… I wonder if she’s as grounded when it comes to her social life. I was surprised that she put so much faith into that young man who introduced himself as victor. Mm. Turned out to be spencer. Mm-hmm. Well, she hasn’t told me

too much about it, but I know it’s been difficult for her. Spencer made her question her own judgment. And do you blame spencer’s father for what spencer has done? I think nikolas played a pivotal role in driving spencer to his outrageous behavior. But I-I know that you’re in love with him. I don’t expect you to see it my way. Well, I love trina, too. And I hate that she’s been dragged into such a dysfunctional situation. You know, spencer didn’t just lie and manipulate. He broke the law. And that’s why I’m making sure that he pays for what he did. By having him arrested? I-if you think I support that decision, uh, yeah, um, no, you’re mistaken. I disagree. Hey, how’s sonny? He’s, uh — he’s glad to be back. Well, nine months is a long time. It’s got to be an adjustment coming back. Yeah, he’s doing okay. We all are. Nina told me a little bit about what happened. Now, I’m not defending her in any way, but she was here when michael and willow came in the other night. And let’s just say some pretty frank opinions were exchanged. Well, uh, michael has a right to his opinion. Obviously, you have a right to yours. Well, like I said, I’m not defending her, but I believe she’s deserving of a second chance. What time’s the first set? Oh, sorry, there’s no live music tonight. That’s wednesdays. That’s too bad. What kind of acts do you book here? It’s a pretty eclectic mix. Whose eclectic mix? The owner? Or do you have a booking agent? Nope. The owner does it himself. That’s him right over there — the man in the diamond earrings. Jason: We had sonny declared legally dead. We had his will probated. We had to change ownership of his all companies legally, and now legally we gotta change them all back. It’s just a — it’s just a nightmare. Aaah! I didn’t want to die in greece! Okay. I’m not gonna let you. Come on. Valentin, talk to me, talk to me. Talk to me about charlotte. Okay? Okay. And bailey. Okay. Just talk to me about them. Charlotte. Yeah. Charlotte’s a good girl. You know, she wants a new horse. Ah! She wants to keep the pony. She loves that pony. But she’s ready for a jumper. So — ah! — I’ve got an eye on a thoroughbred. Used to be a racehorse. Real disappointment, so… but I think I can get a good deal. I want to give him a second chance. I think everybody deserves a second chance, don’t you? Yeah, I’m a big believer in that. Anna. Hmm? I think there’s a good chance someone’s gonna have to tell charlotte what happened here. Promise me you’ll do it. She admires you. And bailey — ah! That sweet thing’s never gonna know me. Promise me you’ll tell her. Promise me you’ll tell my children papa loves them. Robert! Get over here. Just spoken to the bureau. They’re sending a ‘copter. What’s the eta? ‘Cause I don’t think he can hold on much longer. Valentin! Spencer has spent his entire life in the lap of luxury. So if he’s willing to do a night in jail, that means he’s really dug in on his position. Okay, maybe he needs to talk to a more neutral person who can help him find a way to apologize but also save face. Come on. It doesn’t hurt to try, right? I help you, you help me. It’s a win-win. If you want to visit spencer in jail, I can’t stop you, but we don’t have a deal. Why not? I admire your devotion to your mother, but I meant what I said. I can’t help you find her. My family sold off our holdings in crete years ago. Which means that your family used to own properties there, right? No funny stuff, victor. You better be taking me to drew’s cell. I am, but that doesn’t mean that sam’s found it. Sam, hey, don’t take off like that. We gotta stay together, yeah? I’m sorry. When I saw that syringe, I was afraid that whatever happened to liesl happened to drew. Well, peter doesn’t need drugs to control drew. He has something far better. What are you talking about? Drew’s conditioning. It’s still active. No, you’re — you’re wrong. He had an operation. The conditioning is gone. Faison was either greedy or prudent, depending on your point of view. He installed a shortcut, a simple image or phrase that can activate the conditioning. It’s like a trigger known only to faison — and now, it appears, for peter. So you know this for sure? Well, just ask robert scorpio and anna devane. They were at the tavern in panopolia. Yeah, we know that place. Yeah, a masked gunman ambushed them. They fired back. The gunman retreated. Then coincidentally, the next morning — that is, this morning — drew was found in his cell with a bullet wound. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, just a graze. But it now appears that drew is completely under peter’s control. Not completely. Look, if he can remember his daughter’s name, peter hasn’t won. Hi, I’m debra. I’m from colorado. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. I’m a mother of four– always busy. I was starting to feel a little foggy. Just didn’t feel like things were as sharp as I knew they once were. I heard about prevagen and then I started taking it about two years now. Started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. I feel like it’s kept me on my game. I’m able to remember things. I’d say give it a try.

T, the cassadinesused to own property in crete, but we sold them. It’s all part of public record. Oh, god, stop — stop making it sound like we’re talking about a three-bedroom bungalow in a nice neighborhood in a good school district. The cassadines don’t go after normal homes like most people. You go after creepy caves and volcanoes and offshore islands with its own private harbors. I’m not gonna deny the cassadines think big. My grandfather built a retreat there before I was even born. Okay! Now we’re getting somewhere. Can you tell me how to get there? What’s the point? We sold it a long time ago. I-it was converted into a monastery at one point, famous for its vineyards. The vidiano, I’m told, is to die for. Ha, ha. I hope not, for my mother’s sake. Can you tell me how to get there? I mean, I suppose you could take your holy orders and become a monk. But they’re pretty old-school there. Men only. Besides, it’s in the middle of nowhere. The only thing close is a tiny village with a church, a post office, and a taverna. And then there’s nothing for miles.

[ Sighs ] You know, we’re lucky we’re in a place where bars stay open late. I could use a drink or thr– I should have stayed with him, don’t you think? Come on. He’s been airlifted to the consulate hospital. Yeah, with his life hanging by a thread. What do you think you were gonna do? I don’t — we got a ton of stuff to focus on here. Bartender, two glasses of ouzo please.

[ Speaks greek ] I asked you to look after sam and dante. Now…where are they? I regret to inform you that, uh, I didn’t complete my assignment. Uh, that means what? They weren’t agents. They weren’t here on an op. They didn’t care about wsb protocols. They wanted to find the little girl’s father and bring him home. You let them go? I might have gone outside to investigate a noise, and when I returned, they were gone. I swear you will be busted down to a parking-lot attendant — oh, for god’s sake, robert, come on. Don’t you think this night’s been bad enough? So what? Ketchum showed a little compassion. I mean, it’s not the worst quality for an agent, is it? Come on, he broke the rules. I know agents that have done a lot worse. Two of them are standing right here. And the day you say that rules are more important than people is the day you turn into a liar. So rules are meant to be politely ignored or — or… downright broken. And you know that better than anyone. Hey, um, we gotta go. With every minute that goes by, peter’s getting further and further away with obrecht and drew. Let’s go. Okay. Uh, not you. I’m gonna lock you in here. No, wait, y-you can’t leave me here. I can. I’ll send someone to babysit you. What if peter comes back? He won’t show any mercy. Like you had for drew?

[ Sighs ]

Peter was the one responsible for drew’s abduction. Peter was behind his captivity. Did I facilitate it? Yes, fine. Do I regret it? Oh, my god, immeasurably. Look, in a lifetime of questionable alliances, not least with my — my barking-mad own brother mikkos, getting close to peter august was the worst mistake of my life. All I want to do is live long enough to pay that bastard back, and “live” being the operative word. I know this place like the back of my hand. You need me to — to guide you safely out of here. What do you think? Someone who could actually show us around. You’re right. All right, you try anything, I will shoot you. Let’s go. Show us the way. All right, follow me. If spencer is convicted, that’s gonna be on his record for life. Well, that’s entirely up to him. I set my anger aside. I went to the pcpd. I offered him an olive branch. I just hope he was smart enough to take it. And then maybe someday if spencer gets his act together, he and trina could be friends again.

I am gonna be encouraging my daughter to stay far, far away from your stepson. Because of what spencer did or because trina got caught in the middle? Neither. It’s because of who spencer is. Ahh. Where the hell have you been? I told you to stay put. We found someone that may be able to help us find drew. Cassadine. I kind of knew the rumors of your demise were greatly exaggerated. Mm. Well, I can explain, but first I need to know, did valentin manage to escape? We were separated in all the confusion. He was shot in the back. I’m sorry. Would you repeat that? You heard me. Valentin was shot in the back by peter. He’s been airlifted out. Do you know his prognosis? He’s critical. I see. Why do you care? I mean, you’ve heard that he’s not a cassadine, so he’s no relation to you.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, anna, you could not be more wrong. Helena had an affair… with me. Valentin’s my son and a true cassadine.

She was convinced mikkos was cheating on her,

[Chuckles] Which, of course, he was. I know people saw her as heartless and vindictive, but helena was always far more complex than that, sometimes even vulnerable. She felt that mikkos was her life partner, her soul mate, if you will. So when she learned of his infidelities, his many infidelities, it crushed her. One day I found her crying. I was intending only to comfort her, but comfort turned to passion. One thing led to another. I don’t regret any of it. You’ll have to pardon me if i throw up in my mouth over this. Helena paid mikkos back with interest. She kept her pregnancy secret and fostered the child out with a — a local girl, one that mikkos had already discarded. And she tricked my brother into believing valentin was his son. He sent him away to boarding school and seemed to forget about him. I felt valentin was safer that way, so I did nothing to dispute the lie. Why do you want to claim him now? I knew peter was planning to double-cross me at any time. He was already holding valentin captive. I didn’t know if either of us was going to survive. I felt my son had a right to know his father before he died. I hope he laughed in your face.

[ Chuckles ] He did, actually. But that doesn’t make it any less true. Father, uncle, random stranger. It makes no difference to me. If valentin dies, I hold you responsible. Well, damn, I didn’t know it was so difficult to prove that someone was legally alive. Yeah, yeah. Diane’s been through it. She had to do it when I came back, but she’s probably the only person who isn’t complaining because she’s making a fortune off of it. Mm. But she’s not so thrilled to see sonny alive that she’s willing to work at a discount. Uh, diane loves sonny, and she’s glad he’s home, but a discount? Not a chance.

[ Chuckles ] Do you mostly feature acts from the northeast, or do you pull from all over? I know you said “eclectic,” but I don’t know if that means style or geography. Both. Since we’ve opened, we’ve had acts from all over. One singer came in from london. Really? Impressive. And smart. Live music is a great draw. I know people like to come to clubs with their friends, but when they see a live act — come here — it takes it to the next level. Yeah. Yeah. Sounds like your boss knows what he’s doing. Mm-hmm. My own relationship with my son is complicated, to say the least, so even if most people wouldn’t understand your devotion to your mother, I do. Maybe there’s something I can do to help. I still got a friend or two in crete. I can put in a few calls, see if anyone’s heard anything. W-we’re talking about criminals and a possible kidnapping. You think your friends are just gonna volunteer that information? To a stranger? Absolutely not. But it’s different when it’s one of their own. You wouldn’t want trina to ever be friends with spencer, not even down the line, because he’s a cassadine. Is — is that what you mean?

[ Sighs ] This has no reflection on you, ava. But at the end of the day, I want my daughter safe. And in my book, that means keeping her away from your stepson

and your husband. So, have you heard anything from the hospital? Well, he’s been gone less than an hour. Valentin would have been taken straight into surgery. I doubt that the doctors have time to call us with updates. He’s at the american consulate facility, isn’t he? Could you?

[ Laughs ] No, you’re not going anywhere, victor. Oh, oh, come on. You know there are plenty of consulate personnel there. They — they’ll keep an eye on me. Yeah, t-they might, if you actually made it to the consulate, which I highly doubt you’re gonna do. And just ’cause you’re feeling all paternal to valentin doesn’t erase all the bad stuff you did. Anna. Anna, please. Oh, well, there isn’t a chance in hell that you’re gonna make it to the consulate on your own volition. You’ll stay here with us, and you’ll answer questions. Well… I suppose I can make a call. I don’t understand why you won’t just give me an address. What’s it to you if I go to greece? You haven’t even let me make any calls yet. Not that I’m promising a clue to where your mother might be.

[ Cellphone ringing ] But you never know. All right, well, I guess let me know if you hear anything. This is anna. Oh, there you go. Maybe anna has a clue for you. Excuse me. Anna. Is that you? Where are you? I’m in greece. I have news about your mother. Robert: Any updates, sightings? Maybe peter, dragging around a female hostage named liesl obrecht? Shouldn’t you be asking about two hostages? Yeah, liesl and drew. Let me have a minute with these two, will you? No problem. What’s, uh, going on? Do you know something about drew? Yeah, I got news

[Sighs] None of it good.

Curtis, there’s a customer I think you should meet. Oh, happy to. Any reason in particular? He was asking about live music. All right, well, um, just point me in the direction. Hmm. Well, it looks like he took off. Mm. Tell you what — if he comes back in, be sure to introduce me to him. Sure. Okay. There’s only one way to the dock, and it’s via the footbridge. Where valentin was shot. What does that have to do with drew? Valentin and drew were together. They got halfway across the bridge, and peter put a shot into valentin’s back. Drew turned around to draw the fire. Peter put three shots into him. The impact blew him back across the bridge and all the way to the water, and it’s a long way. He never surfaced. Yeah, but you’re sure he was hit? Yeah, I’m sure. So what are you saying? That — that, uh, you think drew is dead, but you don’t have a body, right? I got agents combing the area. They’ll call me the minute they find him, dead or alive. That bastard. Okay, yeah, but you know what? If there’s one thing that drew has proven so far, it’s that he’s pretty damn tough to kill. You’re gonna be held accountable for this. As I understand it, you’re retired from the wsb and are now the local port charles D.A. This is a little out of your jurisdiction, wouldn’t you say?

[ Chuckles ] Don’t worry. When it comes to the cassadines, I always make it personal. I admire any mother who is protecting her daughter. But you do understand how important trina’s well being is to me, right? I mean, I think I’ve proven that. I know that trina admires you. She looks up to you. She cares for you deeply, which is why she went to such lengths to help you with your stalker. I sense a “but” coming. And you would be correct. Now that the stalker situation is over and you’ve decided to stay with nikolas… you’ve really cemented yourself in that cassadine family. I just hope that the connection that you have with them doesn’t come back to haunt you or my daughter. It’s me. Can you talk? This is not a good time. Well, that’s too bad. I understand there’s been some disruption. Tell me everything. Hey, hey. Who was on the phone? Anna. She’s in greece. So it turns out that ip address spinelli found on scott’s computer was linked to a cassadine compound where my mother was being held captive by peter. But guess what else. He’s not working alone. Who’s helping him? Victor cassadine. Nikolas’s uncle? Yeah, the dead guy.

[ Chuckles ] But there’s something else. Um… your brother drew was also being held in the compound. What? Wait. Drew was in the — in the prison? Yeah. Anna said the wsb stormed the place, grabbed victor, but drew took a bullet and is presumed dead. Presumed? So there’s no body, again? Apparently, peter shot drew on some bridge, and he fell over the side and into the sea. The wsb is still looking for him, but anna didn’t sound hopeful.

[ Sighs ] Okay, what — what about peter? Vanished, and so has my mother. We need to go to greece. I’m game if you are. Are we good? You know, between the bullet hits and the fall, they have to think you’re dead. Put the gear in the back and let’s get moving.

[ Engine starts ]

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