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Chad joins Abigail in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and asks if she’s memorizing lines. Abigail responds that it’s not Johnny’s script but it turns out they are a little behind on the local news as she shows Chad her tablet, revealing that Gwen is in jail for soliciting a judge and this time, she might actually pay for what she did.

Bonnie and Gwen remain in their holding cell. Bonnie complains about prison and asks if Gwen wants to play 21 questions. Bonnie then notices Gwen is crying and encourages that Justin is going to get them out. Gwen questions how when Justin is in a cell, just like them. Gwen says it’s driving her mad, knowing that Xander is just down the hall but might as well be in Siberia. Jack arrives with a guard, who calls for Bonnie. The guard asks Jack to tell Justin that she loves him, which he promises to do as Bonnie is escorted out. Jack asks Gwen how she is doing. Gwen apologizes for completely messing everything up and asks Jack not to hate her.

Xander tells Justin that he can’t stop thinking about what Melinda said, that if Victor comes through then they might be off the hook. Justin guesses Victor made headway with Melinda but he doesn’t get why she would tip her hand to them like that or make a special trip just to do it. Xander calls it a power trip but Justin is unsure. Xander thinks Melinda just wanted to remind them that she owes them. Justin asks why she would cave since she lives for headlines and has a slam dunk first page case against them. Justin wonders what Victor has that is worth more to Melinda than that.

Steve joins Kayla at Julie’s Place. Kayla reminds him that she called Bayview about letting Julie in to see Doug but they won’t budge because they are just following Marlena’s orders which surprises Steve. Kayla explains that Marlena apparently extended the order that Doug can’t talk to anybody but the Bayview staff. Kayla argues that Marlena is not that kind of doctor or person. Steve asks what she’s going to do. Kayla says it’s too late now, so she’ll have to take care of that in the morning. Kayla wants a drink and to change the subject which Steve agrees to make happen. Steve asks what she wants to talk about. Kayla wants him to tell her what Victor wanted. Steve reveals that he just wants Black Patch to find Kristen DiMera.

Nicole goes home and drops her keys at the door. EJ appears and picks them up for her. Nicole asks what he’s doing there. EJ believes they have some unfinished business. Nicole asks if it’s about work but EJ thinks she knows that’s not why he is there as he flashes back to kissing Nicole. EJ adds that their dinner at Julie’s Place was a fiasco so he’s here to ask for a do over.

Kayla questions Victor wanting Steve to find Kristen. Steve informs her that Victor is offering a handsome reward. Kayla asks if it’s some sort of vigilante justice. Steve reveals that Victor made some kind of deal with Melinda Trask. Kayla notes that Melinda is the one person on Earth who hates Kristen more than Victor. Steve brings up that Kristen did kill Melinda’s daughter so Victor is offering Kristen to her in exchange for dropping the charges against Justin and Xander.

Xander doesn’t see Victor being able to pay Melinda off. Justin knows that Melinda would be in his back pocket for the rest of her career if she took a bribe, so they know it’s not about money. Xander notes that Melinda said he was trying to get both of them out which surprises him since they aren’t on the best terms. Justin points out that he’s still family. A guard then enters and calls for Justin as he then escorts him out.

Nicole tells EJ that tonight is not a good night as it’s been a long day and Holly’s at a sleepover, so she could use a good night’s sleep. EJ argues that she still needs to eat. Nicole says she’ll be fine. EJ promises to have her back before curfew and says they will go to Julie’s Place. EJ offers to call ahead to make sure there’s a dry martini waiting for her. Nicole then accepts EJ’s offer, but asks for a minute to fix up. EJ tells her that she doesn’t need to fix up as nothing about her needs fixing.

Chad is shocked to learn Gwen came on to a judge. Abigail explains that she offered to sleep with him if he dismissed Xander’s case but the judge was wearing a wire so now she’s facing prison time that could be up to five years. Chad feels Gwen had to have known she was taking a huge risk. Abigail guesses it never occurred to Gwen that any man would turn her down. Abigail doesn’t understand why Xander since she’s never known Gwen to do anything for anyone but herself. Chad asks if she’s talked to Jack. Abigail doesn’t think anything Gwen says or does can shock Jack now. Abigail feels offering to sleep with a judge is not much of a stretch since she apparently told Jack that back in Philly, she used to be a sex worker.

Jack tells Gwen that he could never hate her and he wouldn’t be here if he blamed her for what happened. Gwen blames herself for everything as she messed up Xander’s life and now Justin’s too. Jack argues that she didn’t force Xander as he’s screwed up his own life and it’s not the first time. Gwen brings up Justin. Jack assures that Justin will get off and jokes that he was going to marry Bonnie which is an insanity defense if there ever was one. Gwen calls Bonnie special and asks how Jack even got in to see her. Jack admits it wasn’t easy but he had to play the reporter card. Jack asks how Gwen is doing. Gwen says she’s okay. Jack asks if Bonnie’s not driving her crazy. Gwen thought at first that she would but she’s been quite a distraction and very nice to her in a weird way. Jack argues that they shouldn’t be in together since Bonnie was accused of murder and could be dangerous. Gwen is worried about Bonnie and asks where the cop took her.

Bonnie is taken to the interrogation room where Justin is brought in as well. Bonnie is surprised that she was allowed to see Justin. Justin explains that he hasn’t been convicted so he’s still her lawyer, not that he can do much for her in here. Bonnie wants to hug him but the cop says no touching as they are handcuffed to opposite sides of the table. The cop gives them five minutes and exits. Bonnie cries, asking what she has done to Justin and apologizes.

Kayla questions Victor planning to spring Justin and Xander while leaving Bonnie and Gwen to rot in prison. Kayla thinks it’s unfair to ask Steve to only help Victor’s family members. Steve agrees but asks who says he has to go along with Victor’s plan. Kayla questions Steve thinking of double crossing Victor Kiriakis. Steve explains that Victor will get what he wants, but now he can tell Melinda that the price went up and that if she wants Kristen then she’ll have to drop the charges against Bonnie and Gwen too. Kayla worries that it’s too dangerous and pleads with Steve not to take this case.

Abigail tells Chad that Dr. Snyder was holding over Gwen that she was a sex worker. Abigail notes that is what she told Jack anyways. Chad goes over Xander being in jail for something Gwen did, just to keep something from Jack but Jack already knows the whole story. Abigail feels that’s not the whole story and she doesn’t believe a word of it.

Jack tells Gwen that he’s working on getting her a new lawyer. Jack suggests arguing that since Justin was a lawyer, she had no idea how serious it was. Gwen admits that Justin tried to talk them out of it and only went to see the judge after she did. Gwen states that she came up with the plan all on her own. Jack questions why she did it and if she didn’t know that it would blow up in her face. Jack asks why she didn’t come to him. Gwen responds that there was nothing he could do then, but there is something he can do, so Jack tells her to name it. Gwen asks him to give Xander a message for her.

Bonnie cries that she’s ruined Justin’s life. Justin argues that they only have five minutes and he doesn’t want to waste it listening to her cry. Bonnie continues blaming herself but Justin insists that he still loves her. Bonnie says he’s nuts. Bonnie tells Justin not to worry about her as she’s done time and knows how to handle herself, but he doesn’t know what they do in prison so he has to do whatever it takes to get out. Bonnie suggests Justin turning on her as long as she drops the charges against him to do or say whatever Melinda wants. Justin refuses. Bonnie argues that it’s the only way out. Justin responds that it’s not.

Steve tells Kayla that he has to do this as he can’t watch Justin, Bonnie, and Gwen go to prison if there’s something he can do about it. Kayla worries that it’s not just about double crossing Victor but finding Kristen and bringing her back since when Kristen fights, she kills people. Steve assures that he can handle Kristen. Kayla questions how he will even find Kristen since nobody has seen or heard from her in months. EJ and Nicole then enter Julie’s Place together. Steve thinks the answer might have just walked through the door.

Jack goes to see Xander in his cell. Xander says it’s good to see him and that he’s so sorry about Gwen. Xander swears he was against Gwen going to the judge but he was in custody and couldn’t stop her. Jack confirms that Gwen told him that it was all her idea. Xander admits he started talking about the judge being dirty but Gwen was desperate to help. Xander still blames himself. Jack notes that they have an interesting relationship as Xander and Gwen both think everything is their fault. Jack informs Xander that Gwen wants him to tell Melinda that she was the one running drugs for Dr. Snyder and that Xander had nothing to do with it, so Xander could get out free. Xander argues that he can’t do that. Jack tells him that Gwen is trying to help him and asks him to just let her do it. Xander wants him to promise not to say a word to Melinda. Jack asks why not.

Chad questions Abigail thinking that Gwen lied to Jack. Abigail talks about everything Jack has forgiven Gwen for, so she doesn’t believe that being a sex worker is the one thing he couldn’t get past. Abigail calls it a shrewd lie and notes that Jack already feels guilty about her, so he won’t challenge it. Abigail calls it a working hypothesis since Dr. Snyder had to have something really big on Gwen for her to take that big of a risk and it must have been something Jack wouldn’t be able to forgive. Abigail talks about if Gwen deliberately hurt Jack’s family. Chad argues that Jack knows everything that she’s done and he asked her to move in with him. Abigail says Jack understood because Gwen thought he had deliberately abandoned her and that Abigail stole Gwen’s life but now they know that’s not true. Chad guesses it’s not something from the past then since Jack knew all that. Abigail thinks if Gwen did something after knowing the truth, it would be a totally different story.

Kayla questions Steve thinking EJ knows where Kristen is. Steve brings up that Kristen sent EJ the letter to tell him about Sami’s affair with Lucas so she’s at least been in touch with him. Kayla doesn’t think EJ would give up his own sister, especially to Steve. Steve says no, but Nicole might. Kayla questions how she would know. Steve points out that Nicole handed the letter to EJ to get back at Sami, so maybe she saw a post mark on it. Steve adds that unlike EJ, Nicole hates Kristen. Kayla thought Nicole hated EJ too but they look awfully cozy for a business dinner. At EJ and Nicole’s table, EJ asks Nicole if she wants to talk about business but Nicole thinks they need to talk about EJ kissing her and asks what that was about. Kayla tells Steve that they need to figure a way to get Nicole alone. Steve thought Kayla said he shouldn’t do this. Kayla says she thought about what he said about helping Bonnie, Justin, and Gwen, so she thinks they need to do something and she has an idea. EJ tells Nicole that the kiss was an impulse since she said she didn’t want to be kissing Rafe, so he tried to present a viable alternative but he’s sorry if he overstepped his bounds. Nicole responds that he did, but admits she didn’t try to stop him and then let him talk her in to dinner which she probably shouldn’t have. EJ brings up their divorces and their history as why she thinks this might not be a good idea but thinks it could be fun to see what happens. EJ reminds Nicole that they had pretty spectacular fun when they did. Nicole feels they paid for that big time. EJ asks if she doesn’t want to risk making the same mistakes over again which she confirms. Nicole then tells EJ that if he buys her another martini, they can talk about it. Kayla suddenly gets up and comes over, pretending to be drunk, saying she had to come over and confirm that EJ and Nicole were really together while Steve tries to hold her back. Kayla jokes about catching up with her old pal EJ. EJ recalls that she hated him. Kayla brings up that EJ brainwashed her husband but jokes that she’s sure he had a good reason to do that. Kayla guesses this is deja vu for Nicole. Steve tells Kayla that they will let them be. EJ says they were just trying to order. Kayla then spills her wine on EJ and urges him to get to the restroom to clean off.

Justin informs Bonnie about Melinda saying Victor had a way to get them off the hook. Bonnie wonders if maybe she doesn’t have the evidence against them but Justin assures that’s not it. Bonnie suggests maybe Melinda figured out the judge is crooked and is going after him instead. Justin doesn’t want to use this time to talk about their case, but about them. Justin doesn’t know what Victor is trying or if it will work, but whatever happens, he still wants to marry her even if they have to do it in prison. Bonnie cries that she doesn’t deserve him but she loves him and misses him so much. They hold hands across the table until the cop comes back and declares their time is up.

Chad asks Abigail how they could prove Gwen is lying since Dr. Snyder is dead. Abigail hopes it was a painful death and that he’s burning in Hell somewhere. Abigail brings up that because of her, Gwen lost her baby, and then Dr. Snyder blackmails her at one of the lowest moments of her life. Chad questions Abigail feeling sorry for Gwen. Abigail confirms that she does but also hates her and wishes she was never born. Chad suggests just letting Gwen go and focusing on themselves and their kids but Abigail says she can’t because of Jack. Abigail argues that Dr. Snyder must have known that Gwen did something horrible and personal that Jack could never forgive. Abigail worries that the worst is yet to come, so to protect Jack, they have to find out what it is.

Xander argues that Jack can’t tell Melinda the truth about Gwen. Jack says maybe if Gwen comes clean, they’ll go easier on her. Xander insists that Gwen can’t say a word about any of it because there’s a good chance the charges will go away. Jack calls him delusional but Xander reveals that he and Justin heard it from Melinda herself. Jack questions why Melinda would let them off. Xander admits he has no idea.

EJ remarks that he hopes Kayla is not operating on anyone tonight as he heads to the restroom. Kayla and Steve then sit with Nicole. Nicole asks if Kayla is okay. They reveal that Kayla is fine and sober so Nicole questions what’s going on. They explain that they needed to get Nicole alone to ask her some questions about Kristen DiMera.

Justin exits the interrogation room and runs in to Jack at the police station. Jack tells him that Bonnie wanted him to tell him that she loves him. Justin responds that he knows as he just talked to her inside. Jack tells Justin that he’s sorry he got pulled in to this and he has no idea what’s going on as Xander would’ve never been charged if Gwen had just told the truth. Justin responds that it’s actually a little more complicated than that which Jack questions.

Bonnie returns to her cell and tells Gwen about Justin still being her lawyer through jail. Gwen asks if Justin thinks he can win her case. Bonnie says not exactly, so Gwen questions why she looks so happy. Bonnie asks if she can keep a secret which intrigues Gwen.

Abigail thinks Kayla might be able to help get to the bottom of this since whatever Dr. Snyder had on Gwen might still be in his office. Chad asks if she’s sure she wants to do this. Abigail responds that she has to for Jack.

Nicole explains to Steve and Kayla that by the time she got Kristen’s letter, it was out of the envelope so she never saw a post mark. Steve asks if there was anything in the letter to give an idea as to where Kristen might be. Nicole wishes she could help as she’s sick of Kristen getting away with murder. Steve says maybe she can. Steve picks up EJ’s phone that was left at the table and says if EJ has been in contact with Kristen, it would be in the phone. Nicole worries about EJ finding out that he’s messing with his phone. Kayla reminds Nicole that Kristen locked her up and stole her life, so she asks if she’d like to return the favor. Nicole asks about the phone passcode. Steve says there are ways around that so Nicole tells him to just hurry up.

Abigail decides to turn her phone off. Chad thought she was waiting to hear from Kayla. Abigail says it can wait until morning and asks if Chad wants more wine which he accepts. Abigail brings up Chad talking about focusing more on them and the kids. Chad says she can forget that since she has to look out for her dad. Abigail says she will but that doesn’t mean they can’t focus on them and the kids. Abigail acknowledges that all the stuff with Gwen and Jack has been weighing her down but tonight, she felt like she was able to talk to him about it and he really listened which really helped her sort things out. Abigail tells Chad that it just felt like before, like they were them again and she wants it to stay that way. Abigail declares that it’s starting to feel like home again. Chad is relieved as they kiss.

EJ returns to the table and questions Nicole as to what’s going on here.

Jack questions Justin saying it’s more complicated than he thinks. Justin thinks back to Xander telling him the truth that Gwen lied about being a sex worker and that she’d do anything to keep Jack from finding out the truth. Justin then tells Jack that now that Xander has confessed to a crime he didn’t commit, telling the truth could open a whole can of worms and he doesn’t want to go there..

Bonnie informs Gwen that Justin told her that Melinda might drop the charges against them. Bonnie doesn’t know why but says it has to be something really big as they laugh about it.

EJ questions why Steve and Kayla are still there. Nicole says they were just leaving. Kayla claims that she wanted to offer to pay for his dry cleaning. EJ says it’s not necessary and asks them to excuse them. Steve says they are on their way out and apologizes for interrupting as he and Kayla then rush out. EJ remarks that he hates them as he sits back with Nicole. Nicole tells him they are gone now so they can just forget it.

Outside Julie’s Place, Steve reveals to Kayla that he got it and if he can trace EJ’s phone to track Kristen down in time then Justin, Bonnie, Gwen, and Xander will go free while Kristen DiMera will be in jail where she belongs.

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