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Victoria: [ Breathes deeply ]

Ashland: Good morning.

Victoria: Yes, it is. It’s the very best. It’s the perfect day to get married.

Ashland: I have never been happier than I am with you. And I never, ever dreamed that i could love someone as much as i love you. After all that we have been through the last few days…

Victoria: I love you, too. I have never been more certain about anything in my entire life. We know what this is, don’t we? We know how special this is.

Ashland: Unique in all the world.

Victoria: So, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or does.

Ashland: Yeah.

Victor: I thought that lily had the sense to convince you to step away in the middle of the night. Because there’s no reason in hell to be here.

Billy: You’d be bored without me. I’m going to assume that you know all about gaines and the secret he’s been keeping for all these years. How ashland locke stole a dead woman’s money to start his empire.

Victor: You don’t think i know?

Billy: The funny thing is, gaines has mysteriously disappeared. Did you have anything to do with that? Well, if you did, then I guess victoria and ashland can breathe easy. But if you didn’t, then there is a problem, because gaines is a wild card, and he has been waiting a very long time for the right moment to cause the most damage.

Victor: And, billy boy, you know that you’re responsible for that, and one day, I promise you, you’ll pay for that.

Billy: Mm-hmm. So you don’t know where he is, either.

Victor: Now get lost. You’re not wanted here.

Billy: You’re just as worried about what he might do.

Adam: Sleep well?

Sally: Not at all.

Adam: Well, I hope they gave you a decent room.

Sally: I couldn’t have slept even if leslie brooks played lullabies for me all night long.

Adam: Nerves?

Sally: Today could make or break my career. Everything depends on the fate of the dress I designed for victoria.

Adam: Well, it’s — it’s beautiful.

Sally: You really think so?

Adam: Even if I didn’t, the plan is already in motion. And all you can do is just let it play out, so approach victoria when the time’s right and see how she reacts. In the meantime, why don’t you grab yourself some breakfast?

Sally: No. No, no, no. I’m — I’m just too wound up.

Adam: Okay. Well… why don’t you go expend some energy. See that path over there? Follow it all the way up the ridge, and you will have a spectacular view of the countryside — the rolling hills, the colors of the harvest. I mean, it’s no chancellor park, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Sally: No, you’re right. I’m just driving myself crazy.

Adam: Yeah, I’d go with you, but, um, I just got back. And I’d hate to leave you in the dust. That would kind of just be embarrassing for you, you know?

Sally: Wow. You really had to go there — just when I was starting to think that you were actually a good influence on me.

Adam: Man, I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, never “a good influence.”

Sally: Well, now you have.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: All right, I’ve come to terms with this. I know it’s gonna take some time. In fact, it could take a very long time, but I’m gonna make this right. I am determined to gain victoria’s trust back.

Phyllis: Oh, good. I mean, I wasn’t suggesting you shouldn’T.

Nick: Right.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: So, I’m gonna take a walk, clear my head. Um… just want to say again I’m sorry, you know, that, last night, things were a little tense between us.

Phyllis: Oh. I mean, well, I wasn’t the one who was tense. You were tense. You know, I just didn’t like the way your sister was treating you.

Nick: Well, I apologize, so…

Phyllis: Okay. Well, not really. It wasn’t really like an apology. It was just sort of, like, “you know, I’m sorry, but I’m not really sorry.”

[ Breathes deeply ] Just sort of saying it.

Lily: Hello.

Billy: Hi.

Lily: So, what’s the latest?

Billy: Well, let’s start with the good news. Johnny and katie and harrison are having a great time with the nanny that the newmans hired. That’s good.

Lily: That’s great.

Billy: Yeah. The bad news is, still no sign of gaines. I just ran into victor, and it’s pretty clear that he has no idea where he is, either.

Lily: Well, maybe he didn’t want to incur the wrath of victor and ashland and decided it was best to leave.

Billy: I don’t think so. Guys like gaines don’t just disappear when there’s money on the table and they’re thirsty for revenge. Either he’s hiding, biding his time, or something happened to hiM.

Victoria: Oh, this looks incredible.

Ashland: It’s your last meal as a single woman.

Victoria: Yes, it is. So, how did you spend your last evening as a single man? I woke up in the middle of the night, you were gone. Is everything okay?

Ashland: I’m fine. Yeah, it’s just a little restless. I went for a walk around the grounds.

Victoria: Did it help?

Ashland: Immensely. This place is so serene and so beautiful, especially at night. It’s almost as beautiful as you.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: I love this place.

Victoria: Well, it’s all ours now. Thanks to my father’s generous gift, we can stay as long as we want. And maybe with a little careful planning, we can run newman/locke from here — when the kids are on break, of course.

Ashland: Well, that is definitely something to consider at a later time. Right now, all I can think about… Is marrying you.

[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: Well, maybe if we’re quiet, they’ll go away.

[ Both laugh ]

Nikki: Victoria, it’s your mother.

Victoria: One second.

[ Clears throat ] Come in.

Nikki: [ Gasps ] Well, good morning. I’m here to help the bride get ready for the big day. When I get a migraine, I shut out the world.

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Victor: Oh, my god, you look sharp. Whoa. I thought you promised to make this a perfect day for your sister.

Adam: I did.

Victor: Then, son, why the hell did you bring that woman as your date?

Adam: Dad, come on. Sally’s not gonna do anything to sabotage victoria’s big day. She gave me her word.

Victor: That is very reassuring.

Adam: Dad, if you and I were judged on our past actions, we wouldn’t be here. I know how hard she’s working to turn things around, trying to make amends for the things she’s done…

Victor: Really?

Adam: …So I respect her for that.

Victor: Wow.

Adam: I think she deserves a chance.

Victor: Oh, my goodness. It warms the cockles of my heart.

Adam: She’s not gonna be a problem, all right? We need to focus on gaines. I overheard you talking with ashland yesterday. I gather he’s still here, so what do you think his next move is?

Victor: You know that billy boy happened to have brought gaines because he thought it was a surefire way to convince victoria to call off the wedding. Okay? Now he knows that victoria really knows about ashland’s past. However, gaines, I assure you, is here to cause some problems for locke, which is bad for both victoria and ashland.

Adam: Well, I meant what i said. If you want my help, I’m in, no matter what.

Victor: I appreciate that, okay? Just make sure that this is a wonderful day for victoria. She deserves it. I want her to be happy. That clear? Okay.

Victoria: You know, you don’t have to rush off.

Ashland: No, no, no. This is one tradition that i want to preserve, ’cause I want to savor the moment when I see you in your dress for the first time, about to walk down the aisle.

Victoria: You’re such a romantic.

Ashland: Guilty. And it gives you some time with your mom. I am sure that there is a room in this palazzo that is empty. ‘Cause the next time I see you, we will be minutes away from our vows.

Victoria: Well, honestly, that couldn’t happen soon enough.

Ashland: Everything’s gonna be okay. I promise.

Victoria: The next time you kiss me, you will be my husband.

Ashland: Oh, sweet anticipation.

Victoria: [ Laughs ]

[ Door closes ]

Nikki: So, how are you feeling this morning?

Victoria: Oh, gosh. I — I barely slept. And neither did ashland. He got up and took a walk in the middle of the night. But now I’m great. I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to get married. I have no doubts that this is gonna be the most incredible day of my entire life.

Kevin: Man, summer said your last exhibition in london was great.

Noah: So you read your e-mail.

Summer: Yes. Wait. Why? Did I not respond? I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Noah: You got a lot going on. You know, new marriage, new stepkid, new creative-director gig.

Summer: Yes, but I always find time to keep up with you and your near disasters.

[ Both laugh ]

Noah: All right. So, there was this piece, all right? And it had, like, a dozen moving objects, and there was all these pedestals and artifacts, and depending on which angle you looked at it from…

Summer: It completely changed.

Noah: She paid attention.

Summer: I did.

Noah: Ah. And I wish I had. So what I didn’t realize is that I had created a selfie disaster just waiting to happen. And it did.

Kyle: Oh, no.

Noah: Yeah, it’s day one of the show, and there’s this woman there, and she’s taking a selfie. And she’s a little bit more focused on herself than she is the priceless, irreplaceable art that’s surrounding her, and she backs up. And I’m watching the whole thing happen in slow motion, and I can see where it’s going — all of my hard work’s about to get knocked over like dominoes. It’s six months of refining and designing.

Tessa: No.

Noah: Yes. But then it stopped. You know, the whole piece is suspended. The pedestal, it doesn’t wobble. Now, we’re all just sitting there, frozen and holding our breath. And then, I see what stops it all from falling to the ground.

Kyle: Well, what was it?

Noah: This little kid wandered over to the other side of the pedestal at that exact moment…and he has his hands raised, you know, stopping the entire thing from falling down to the ground.

Tessa: Stop it. No.

Noah: No, I’m serious. He saved the whole thing. He stops the inevitable from happening. So I hired him.

Tessa: No, you didn’T.

Noah: Yep, right there on the spot. Yeah, it got me a lot of good press and another commission, actually.

Kyle: That sounds great.

Summer: Yeah, now he’s the darling of the art world.

Noah: Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but…

Summer: Oh, I’m sorry. Can I just brag about my older brother? You’ve created this amazing life in london, and your career is skyrocketing, so — I’m sorry — I was just very confused why yesterday you were telling me that you were looking for a change all of a sudden.

Kyle: Are you insane, man?

Noah: No, I’m just feeling a little restless… like there’s something else out there for me. Something more.

Tessa: Well, where would you go?

Noah: Undecided. You know, as great as it is to live abroad and experience other cultures…there really is no place like home.

Kyle: Seriously?

Summer: Wait. No. You’re thinking of going back to genoa city?

Noah: Yeah. Why not?

Summer: Oh, he’s joking. This is a joke, this is a joke, right?

Noah: You’re loving life in milan for now, but it can happen to you, too. And maybe when you least expect it. Want strong hair even after coloring?

Sally: Well, this is awkward. Summer, I get that I am still not your favorite person now that you know that I’m slightly responsible for your move to milan.

Summer: Slightly? Oh. That’s funny. You rewrote history there. No, uh, you and tara were involved from the very beginning, and the job at marchetti was actually your idea.

Sally: Well, congratulations on that, by the way. From what I’ve heard, you are already making your mark. And congratulations on the wedding. I wish you and kyle nothing but the best.

Kyle: What are you even doing here?

Sally: Adam told you. I came as his date.

Kyle: So much for his claims about wanting to make things right with the newmans.

Sally: Adam wants this day to be perfect for victoria, and so do I.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Sally: I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. I am sally spectra.

Noah: Noah newman. Summer’s brother.

Sally: Oh. Then I guess you have already heard about me. Some of it is true. Some of it is not.

Summer: Well, I don’t really feel like talking about this today since today is about victoria.

Sally: I agree, 100%. It is a gorgeous day, beautiful surroundings, so why don’t we just pretend that it is all water under the bridge, and we can be pleasant and civil to each other?

Tessa: [ Exhales sharply ]

Phyllis: Hey, I was wondering where you were. Gotta go. So… do you like?

Nick: I love it. You look amazing.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Phyllis: What’s going on here? You should start getting dressed for the big event.

Nick: Yeah. I’m not going.

Phyllis: Oh! What? No! No, you have to go. Why — why? Why are you not going?

Nick: Because I was on my walk, and I started weighing what the fallout would be if i went against, you know, what would happen if I didn’T. Just…

Phyllis: But — but this makes no sense. You have to go. You’re the brother of the bride.

Nick: This is victoria’s big day, and I just want her to be happy and stress-free.

Phyllis: Victoria has never been stress-free in her life. I mean, not only that, she’s about to marry a guy who’s taken on another guy’s identit– okay. I-I don’t understand. This is after noah talked you into staying and not going back home. So I don’t — I don’t understand what happened. Okay. It’s your family. It’s your call, fine. Okay.

Nick: Thank you.

Phyllis: Yeah. Sure. So, um, I guess I shouldn’t go, right? I mean, it’ll be weird. It’ll be weird if I don’t show up, it’ll be weird if I show up.

Nick: I think you should go.

Phyllis: So I’m going alone. Really? I’m going to your family’s event all alone? Okay. Y-you’re going to the reception, right?

Nick: I’m gonna think about it. Thank you for understanding.

Ashland: Any sign of gaines?

Victor: No, my security team has not seen him. I have a feeling he may be out of town.

Ashland: Well, I hope you’re right.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Billy boy had no more use for him once he realized that you had told everything about your past to victoria. Right? Now, if gaines were smart, he would’ve taken my money and gotten out of dodge.

Ashland: Well, I hope he has done exactly that. I’m not confident that he’s still not around somewhere. I mean, even if he has left the palazzo, it doesn’t mean he’s not a threat.

Victor: Ashland, relax, okay? We will deal with it when the time comes. Meanwhile, let’s look forward to the wedding, right? You know that nikki is helping victoria to get ready.

Ashland: Of course, yeah.

Victor: Okay.

Ashland: Yeah.

Victor: So, just take a deep breath. Relax.

Ashland: Yes.

Victor: Realize for a moment that you’re marrying one of the most powerful and beautiful women in the world.

Ashland: Did you say “one of”?

Victor: [ Laughs ] Have you seen her mother?

[ Both laugh ] Relax.

Ashland: Aye, captain.

Victor: Have a good time.

Ashland: Aye.

[ Breathes deeply ] Ooh.

Nate: [ Clears throat ]

Ashland: Hey, pal. I’m just stretching here. Just stretching.

Nate: Nice try.

Ashland: I’m fine, nate. Really.

Nate: This is what you get when you ask a doctor to be your best man. Talk to me. How bad is it? See you later teeth stains.

Ashland: I was out of breath. It happens.

Nate: It’s a stressful day.

Ashland: You know, I was talking to victor about billy, whose sole purpose for being here is to put a stop to the wedding, as you know.

Nate: Yeah, I’m sorry you have to deal with that.

Ashland: No doubt, billy is hoping that I will collapse and do the job for him, but he’s going to be disappointed, because let me tell you, nothing is gonna stop me from marrying the woman of my dreams — not a jealous ex, nor people trying to exploit my past — [ Breathes deeply ] — Or this dreadful disease.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Nate: You want my advice?

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Do I have a choice?

Nate: Rest. Conserve your energy. It’s gonna be a long day.

Ashland: When the moment comes…and I see my bride walking down the aisle, everything else will fall away. All I will see is the woman who came into my life and changed me, who accepts me and loves me exactly for who I am. And that is something that i never dreamed possible. Unconditional love.

Nate: Interesting.

Ashland: I pour my heart out to you, and all you can say is, “interesting”?

Nate: I wasn’t finished. When you were talking about victoria, breathing became steady. Stronger. More relaxed.

Ashland: I told you. She’s good for me. Don’t forget the rings.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: I thought you had evolved, adam. I guess I was wrong.

Adam: Uh-oh. What have I done now, jack?

Jack: Using your sister’s wedding to stir things up, get under people’s skin?

Adam: Wasn’t aware that I was doing that.

Jack: Bringing sally to this wedding, when you know what she put summer through.

Adam: Jack, I think you should ask yourself what the real reason is why you object to sally being my date.

Sally: Should my ears be burning?

Jack: Hello. If you’ll excuse me.

Adam: You okay?

Sally: Yeah. I mean, I just should’ve thought this whole trip through before i came. I was so concerned about getting my wedding dress in front of victoria that I forgot to consider that I am the last person that any of these people want to see.

Adam: Well, take it from a guy who’s been there. You’ll get used to it. But you better go get changed so you can make the pitch when the time is right.

Sally: Oh, my god. I didn’t realize how late it was. Wish me luck.

Adam: Good luck.

Nikki: Oh, my goodness. With everything that’s been going on, I haven’t had time to put together something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Victoria: Well, you don’t have to worry about that, because dad’s spectacular wedding gift encompassed all of that. I’m covered. And it’s not as if my relationship with ashland is conventional, anyways. I’ve experienced that tradition enough times, mom.

Nikki: God knows we both have. But still, you go into a marriage with hopes and dreams, no matter what’s come before. But you have a better understanding of what kind of challenges you might be facing. Ashland is complicated. I know all about loving a complicated man.

Victoria: I’m clear about what I’m going into. And about ashland, I’ve just never felt a connection like this before. I’ve never felt so loved and appreciated and — [ Sighs ] — Seen. I know that’s an overused term, but I think it fits. And I see him, too. I know it was a little bit shocking finding out about his past the way that I did. And I know that a lot of people are invested in seeing my relationship with him fail. I’ve just had to put all of that out of my head and think about what it is that I want and — and how I feel. And, you know, mom, despite everything, he’s still the man that I fell in love with. And I know he loves me, too.

Nikki: Well, that’s all that I want for you, darling. I couldn’t help being protective over you. And that will never change. I just wanted you to be sure.

Victoria: I am.

Nikki: I know. And I hope that you and ashland are lucky enough to enjoy that happiness for a long, long time. And speaking of time, the moment has come for you to put on your wedding gown.

Victoria: Ah, yes.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: You’re right about that.

[ Zipper unzipping ] What the…?

Nikki: What? What’s wrong?

Victoria: This isn’t my dresS.

Trelegy for copd.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victoria: I spoke with lauren about making a few alterations, some minor changes, but this is a completely new dress. It’s a totally different style. Are you sure she didn’t mention anything to you about this?

Nikki: No, no, nothing. Could it be a surprise from ashland?

Victoria: No. No, mother, he would never take a chance like that. Maybe — maybe it’s a gift from summer. Could she have gotten angelina marchetti to design a gown for me, do you think? Oh, that’s ridiculous. She would’ve told me about that if it were the case.

Nikki: I-I just don’t understand. Maybe it is a mix-up and they sent you the wrong dress. What do you think of it?

Victoria: I think that it’S… it’s breathtaking. I mean, the attention to detail in the bodice, the color, the material, it’s all top-tier. But this is not my dress. What am I supposed to do?

Nikki: Try it on?

Nick: Well, I guess your big plan to get victoria to call off her wedding was an epic failure.

Billy: I made a bad bet. It didn’t pay off.

Nick: You’re not planning any last-minute fireworks, are you?

Billy: Victoria knows everything I wanted her to know about the groom, and she’s still going forward with the wedding, so I’m not gonna intervene. Do I think it’s a mistake? You’re damn right I do. And I have a feeling you agree.

Nick: What makes you say that?

Billy: ‘Cause you’re not dressed. You’re not going, are you? I know you care a lot about your sister. I appreciate that. And I think you know I do, too. And here we are, both ready to go along with victoria’s decision and accept that this is really about to happen.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Elena: So, no groom? I hope that’s not a bad sign.

Nate: I just had a private talk with ashland. This is gonna be hard for him, but I’m confident he’ll be fine.

Adam: Wow.

Sally: I hope you mean that in a strictly professional sense.

Adam: Yeah.

Nikki: I’m so sorry. Could I have a word?

Victor: Yes. Of course.

Nikki: They’ve delivered the wrong dress.

Victor: So what?

Nikki: What do you mean, “so what?” The bride has the wrong wedding dress.

Victor: Well, what? Is she refusing to wear it?

Ashland: Is everything all right?

Victor: Yes. Are you okay?

Summer: Hey. Uh, so, your date left pretty fast.

Kyle: Yeah, I hope she’s not up to something.

Adam: Sally wants this wedding to be as happy and memorable as everyone else.

Summer: Oh.

Kyle: You said something similar before. I mean, why would sally be so invested in victoria and ashland locke’s wedding? She’s not friends or family.

Summer: Mnh-mnh. Why do I get the feeling that something else is going on here? Oh, yeah, that’s right — ’cause it’s you and sally.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: Sally. Look, I don’t have time for whatever this is.

Sally: I know.

Victoria: No, you couldn’t possibly know. I’ve got some things that I —

Sally: No, your wedding dress.

Victoria: Wait a minute. Do you know what happened?

Sally: I switched out the one that you had with the one that i designed.

Victoria: You did what?

The best kept skincare secret?

Victoria: Get in here. Why would you do this? I am about to get married. I am literally minutes away from walking down the aisle, and i discover that I have — I have the wrong dress.

Sally: No, it’s the right dress.

Victoria: What?

Sally: It’s the right dress. It’s the one that you should be wearing. It’s yours, it’s you. Look, I admire lauren, but I was floored when I saw what her designer came up with.

Victoria: It was beautiful.

Sally: Yeah, for someone else. But not for you.

Victoria: You flew to tuscany, and you — you — you switched the dresses in hopes that what — that I’m not gonna notice and that I’m gonna fall in love with this dress anyway?

Sally: Well, I mean, I would have preferred the latter, but either one would’ve been fine.

Victoria: Well, you have badly miscalculated. Obviously, you have learned absolutely nothing from the crap that you’ve pulled.

Sally: Yes. Okay. I know it was a risky move, and I know how you feel about me, but I’m not wrong about this. When you tried on the dress that lauren’s designer made, did you fall in love with it? Did you picture yourself on your wedding day? Did it spark joy? No. It didn’T. It couldn’T. Because that designer did not consider the woman who would be wearing it. I designed this dress after i studied every detail of who you are — your body type, your style, the way you move, your strength, and your elegance. And I tried to key into the core of who you are. I wanted to give you a dress that captured your elegance. And your essence. I oversaw every detail of its construction, and I honestly believe that I designed the most breathtaking dress for your important day in this incredible location.

Victoria: [ Breathes deeply ] Where’s the first dress? The original one. Did you destroy it?

Sally: [ Scoffs ] Wow. You really think the worst of me. No, it’s in my room, and if you want to wear it, I will bring it to you after you try this one on. That is all I ask. Just see for yourself. I know my instincts are right and you’re gonna fall in love with it.

[ Door opens ]

Nikki: What are you doing here?

Victoria: I’ll explain later. Bring me my dress. Hang it on the door. I’m getting ready for my wedding.

Phyllis: Hey!

Summer: Hi!

Phyllis: You look amazing.

Summer: Oh, thank you.

Phyllis: And me.

Summer: So do you. I love your dress. And I love that it’s marchetti.

Phyllis: It’s marchetti, yes!

Summer: Hey, where’s dad?

Phyllis: Oh, you know… he’s — he’s fashionably late. You know how he is.

Summer: Uh, no. That’s not really dad’s style.

Noah: He’s sitting it out, isn’t he?

Phyllis: It’s complicated.

Noah: I’ll straighten this out.

Summer: Yeah, no, I’ll —

Phyllis: No, no, no, no, no. I already talked to him.

Kyle: He should be here. He’s the brother of the bride.

Summer: Yeah, I feel like if he’s not gonna come, he’s gonna regret that forever.

Phyllis: Okay. I think we have to respect his decision. There’s a lot of tension between he and victoria, and he just doesn’t want to be a distraction.

Noah: Yeah, or he’s just trying to make a point.

Phyllis: Listen, I did everything I could. I talked to him at length. Just let it go. Hey!

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Billy: Hey. Where are you? What do you mean you’re having a hair emergency? I’m sure you look beautiful.

Victor: Now, nikki tells me that there’s a problem with the wedding dress?

Ashland: [ Scoffs ] Of all the things that could’ve gone wrong today, that wasn’t one I had considered.

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Uh, sorry about that, but it sounds like victoria’s having a little difficulty getting ready, too, so you have some company. I’ll see you in a little bit.

Adam: Hey. How’d it go?

Nikki: Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, honored guests, please take your seats. The wedding is about to begin.

Who’s on it with jardiance?

Summer: Oh, my god. Her dress is stunning. I wonder who designed it.

Adam: Well done.

Phyllis: I mean, I have to be honest, I’ve never seen victoria look more beautiful.

Victor: You look stunning.

Victoria: Thank you, daddy. For everything.

Victor: I adore you.

Victoria: I love you.

[ Muffled music continues ]

[ Door opens ]

Nick: Who are you? And what the hell are you doing in here?

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