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[ Door closes ] Howdy, stranger. Howdy to you, too. I would think after, uh… …20 years, we’re no strangers. No, we’re not. But the man… who wore this hat is a mystery to me. Wow, that was fast. I just sent that text a little while ago. Were you already at the hospital, or did you fly here?

[ Chuckles ] Oh, wow, where are my manners? Let me take your cape. Is everything okay? Uh [Sighs] No. I am at a standstill, and I don’t know how to move forward. And as much as I hate to ask… …I could really use your help. I’m sorry it took a while. I had clients back-to-back all afternoon. What can I do? I really need to discuss this with my mother. She’s not answering her texts. Is everything alright? Well, she’s tied up in meetings all day, but I will speak to her late tonight. I can let her know that you want to reach her. Is this an emergency? I’m having a hard time processing something that happened last night. Ava and I found out who’s been stalking us. Don’t tell me my brother found a way to do this. No. Sadly… it was my son. Here to gloat, ava? You still don’t get it, do you? I derive no pleasure from this situation. Whatever. Where’s father? Arranging bail? Oh, dear, no. If left to my husband, the pcpd would keep you locked up and throw away the key. So, spencer… I’m all you’ve got. The gunman was a professional. He knew exactly what he was doing. The shots were targeted. They were precise. I mean, this — this wasn’t some local feud gone wrong. This was an ambush. Looks like, uh, we showed up late to the party. What the hell happened here?

[ Gasps ]

[ Groans ] Aah! What the hell? What happened? What do you want,

schwein? Whatever it is, I refuse! I’d sooner die than help you! Oh, liesl, don’t tease me. I’m, uh… I’m — you know, I’m still me. I’m your husband. What about you? Are you still the same as you were nine months ago, or… has something changed?

that’s an odd question. I spoke to jason about what… I walked in on the night I — that I came back. You said it was your wedding, but I didn’t know that it was your actual wedding night — every sense of the word. Did I-I interrupt something? If you hadn’t come back… jason and I would have slept together as husband and wife. Here, give me — give me one second. I just… I’m just trying to — I don’t know how I can be okay with that. Are you in trouble? Because, you know, you can tell me anything. No, this — this isn’t about me. It’s about my mother. Rescuing her doesn’t seem to be a top priority for the wsb, but it is for me. And scott. And we’ve hit a brick wall. We’re out of options. You’re out of options. You’re our only hope at finding my mother alive. Is victor aware you’re giving me orders? Threatening me? You rejected him, liesl, and then you tried to kill him. So you’ve been downgraded from your swanky accommodations to this dank cell, where you’ll learn exactly how much victor gives a damn about you. I don’t care. Nothing can compel me to help you. Well, we shall see, won’t we? Oh, I’m glad you’re here. I wish it was under better circumstances. What happened? Robert and i were ambushed. Yeah, the gunman, he was a professional. He was masked, clearly knew what he was doing. And we managed to return fire and drive him off. Ah, you’re here. Anna fill you in? Yeah, she was starting to. Y-you don’t know who the shooter was? Mnh-mnh. Nothing yet. No prints. No footprints. We’ve got some, uh, ballistics. Hellenic police are checking on that. Well, peter is the obvious suspect. Yes, but we don’t have any proof of that. I’m with sam on this one. He might not have pulled the trigger, but his stench is all over this. Yeah, it’s because he’s the reason drew’s disappeared, and, uh, you guys are getting too close for comfort. You seem very sure of that. Okay, what’s with the look?What do you have? Dallas kirby confirmed that drew’s plane crash was staged. The flight that drew was on sent out a fake distress signal, shut off its beacons, and flew away. Dallas kirby was paid $2 million to dump a bunch of plane parts into the gulf of aden, where that plane flew off radar. Okay, that tracks with what chloe jennings told me, which is that drew is alive but being held against his will. Okay, well, then, where is he? And where’s valentin? Is he here with you? There’s been a complication. Of the cassadine nature. Laura’s going to be devastated. She believed spencer when he insisted he wasn’t responsible. We all did. I’m sorry. I saw glimpses that something was amiss and I didn’t voice my concerns. But it’s difficult to reconcile the prankster that we know spencer can be with the calculated intimidation that you and ava have faced. That’s why I wanted to talk to my mother. I’m not sure I took the right actions when spencer finally confessed. What did you do? I threw spencer and his girlfriend out of wyndemere. I cut off his credit card and trust fund accounts. Spencer has no access to any of my financial resources. And you’re comfortable with that? For now. But alexis doesn’t like it. She’s urging me not to abandon my son. What about ava? Ava’s all for spencer facing the consequences of his actions. Just not at the expense of my relationship with him. What do you want? I appreciate where she’s coming from, but I’m still confused. Well, punishment and enforced guidance don’t need to be mutually exclusive. No offense. That approach didn’t work out for you with ryan, did it? Spencer is no ryan. Are you sure? Well, it’s true that the extent to which spencer took things is disturbing. But he knows right from wrong. And he feels remorse. So how could he think it was a good idea to convince ava she was being stalked? And how did he find the time to even pull it off? He had help. Spencer didn’t do it alone.

[ Doorbell rings ] Thank goodness you’re home. You need to get to the police station as soon as possible. Did something happen to spencer? Yes, your wife had him arrested! Spencer: I want nothing to do with you. I didn’t ask you to come here, and I certainly do not want to talk to you. Well, I’m not too keen to talk to the sullen young man who terrorized me for months, but here I am. You might want to shut up for a change and listen. What could you possibly say that would be useful to me? What could I say that would be useful to you? Well, for starters… you’re welcome. By all accounts, you had nowhere to sleep tonight, and now you do. Oh, thank you, stepmother. I will never forget how you made it possible for me to experience a night in jail. Oh, don’t act so put-upon. Or have you forgotten that you’re guilty of the crimes for which you’ve been arrested? Oh, you’re gonna stand here and lecture me about my criminal acts? Why don’t we talk about yours? I know — let’s get joss in here and ask her about how her brother morgan — my cousin — died. I’m not the one in custody. That’s kinda my point. All the misery that you’ve inflicted, people who have died, and you’re walking around free. I allegedly played some unkind pranks and you had me arrested. I know that deep down, your father still wants you in his life. He just needs reminding. I can do that. I can remind him that he has the resources to hire you the very best counsel. I can remind him of his connections within the justice community, and his considerable sway. I can remind him that wyndemere is your home. All of which you can thank me for later. Should I remind you that my grandmother is mayor of port charles? She can do all of that. Hm! But I don’t see laura anywhere around here. Do you? Nobody is coming to your rescue, spencer. Nobody but me. With conditions. You can take your chances in court, or I can offer you a way out.

[ Grunting ] Peter, you look a little frazzled. Any sinister plans go off the rails lately? Take care of that wound. Make sure it’s clean.

[ Door closes ] See anything that we can use? What is this? No. [ Sighs ] Might as well get to work.

[ Groans ]

[ Inhales sharply ] Oh! This wound is from a bullet. Fortunately, it’s only a graze. Who shot you? I have absolutely no idea. Victor. What’s wrong, henrik? Nervous? You should be. You have a lot to answer for. Anna: After I interviewed chloe, I came back here and valentin was missing. And so we questioned a local musician that I’d seen the night before. Who promptly lied to our face. Well, he — he tried to convince us that valentin had faked getting drunk and that he’d just taken off with an accomplice in the car, but… something I was all too willing to accept. Yeah, well, I wasn’T. Anyway, after that, things got a little heated. And we discovered that the musician had a tattoo, a familiar tattoo — the cassadine crest. Well, was he a cassadine? Affiliated with the family somehow. Anyway, before we were able to question him any further, the gunman opened fire and all hell broke loose. And so, by the time that the shooting had ceased, we decided that we’d take the musician in for questioning.

[ Cellphone rings ] Who is it? Got to take this. Yeah. Scorpio. Now? Okay. On my way. My turn with the musician. Maybe now we’ll get some real answers. Didn’t you hear me? Spencer’s being interrogated at the police station! I heard you. I already know. Why haven’t you shown up to help him? Well, I’m helping him take responsibility for his actions. By kicking him out of his home and then sitting back and watching while your wife uses the police as an instrument of revenge? That sounds like abuse, not help! Excuse me. I’m not sure you’re seeing the entire picture here. What spencer did to ava was criminal behavior. Esme knows better than anyone, don’t you, esme? In fact, you’re lucky you’re not at the pcpd getting booked right now, right along with spencer. Not a chance! I won’t do it.

[ Laughs ] If this is what you call an olive branch — if anyone is owed an olive branch, it’s me! But I know better than to expect that. You are far too attached to your resentments. So I will settle for a transactional agreement. We don’t have to be friends. We just need to coexist. I need to know that you have learned your lesson, that you won’t try to mess with my marriage again. A show of good faith would be to agree to my terms. I trusted you once, and you stabbed me in the back. Never again. Suit yourself. A word to the wise, spencer — lobby for the holding cell with the torn mesh in the window. It has its share of bedbugs, but the tear lets in the slightest bit of sunlight and provides ventilation when the drunk and disorderlies show up and puke their guts up. Goodbye, spencer. Good luck. Jason said the same thing, but it’s a little different hearing it from your best friend than to hear your wife say… …that if I didn’t interrupt, you guys were gonna sleep together. Because we didn’t know. For nine months… …we didn’t know that you were alive. Losing you was hell. We searched and searched for you and waited and prayed, and I couldn’t let go. And cyrus and your enemies were circling like vultures. The nights, sonny, were the worst. Lying in that big bed o-or cradling donna night after sleepless night… I held it together because I had to. And jason and I got married for the same reason — because we had to. We had to show a united front. So, that’s all it was, was a message?

Of course I’ll help you. That’s what I said that morning at the gym. And I turned you down. I can be stubborn in that way. You could pretend to disagree. Well, you are stubborn. And a — a very reckless driver. I am an excellent driver, okay? I suppose there’s some misplaced pride mixed up in this. I wanted not to need you. Yeah, well, we all need someone. And I-I feel guilty. My mother was on her way to st. Lucia to attend a conference on hereditary diseases. Like huntington’s? Yeah. The conference was a fake. It was a ruse to lure my mother. Yeah, you told me at the gym, but… you said it was a setup, but you didn’t give me any details. Yeah. Uh… scott agreed to go to st. Lucia with my mother, and he got some deal on a private jet rental. Which was also a ruse. And then he took an impromptu parachute ride and… my mother just vanished. Okay, let’s go back to the conference for a second. I think somebody set that up to trick your mother. But that means they know I have huntington’s, and that’s impossible. Seems there’s been a gunfight at the tavern in panopolia. Robert scorpio and anna devane were inside. A masked gunman showed up and started firing. Oh. Was anyone injured? Robert and anna walked away, but one of my men was taken into custody. That’s too bad. Yeah, thanks to you, the wsb can compel that man to reveal our location. What was I to do? Victor, anna, and robert were sniffing around. I had to stop them. You know, I’ve lived here for years without giving anyone the slightest provocation to look my way. And now suddenly the place is crawling with wsb agents combing the area and asking questions. And then I discover that drew’s ex-wife has shown up with detective dante falconeri in tow. Sam and dante are here? Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of them. No. No, you’ll stay out of this. I’ll handle this. When you spoke to chloe, did she say anything about drew’s physical being or his state of mind? Nothing that I haven’t already told you. Just that drew sacrificed his own opportunity for freedom to get her out. I’m just like, what if peter or whoever is holding drew wants to kill him because he helped chloe escape? I don’t think so. Chloe indicated that drew had already been roughed up a few times and had — had received medical aid, which is how come she got to meet him in the first place. So that leads me to believe that drew’s tried to escape before. Otherwise, why keep someone patched up for two years if they’re not useful to you, you know? As a bargaining chip. Right. Yes. I mean, we know that peter is dangerous, but he’s also an opportunist. So if drew serves a purpose, he’s going to keep him alive. Would you like to explain your involvement to kevin, esme? Or shall I? I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. I mean, spence never meant for things to go this far. He loves you so much. Back at school, he talked so much about how saddened he was by the distance between the two of you. And, you know, my — my heart went out to him. So when he asked for my help, I couldn’t say no. Truly, I was only trying to help the two of you reconnect. By setting my wife’s car ablaze and taunting her with a memento from her dead daughter? That was you? I shouldn’t have given in to spence’s worst impulses. But I rationalized it because I knew the ultimate goal was to reunite him with his father. I mean, spence was so melancholy at school. He’d cover it, pretend to be easygoing and out for a good time, but the more I got to know him, the more I realized how much he missed his father. And I’ve never seen him happier than when he moved back home with you. He told me the other day that even if you never forgive him, at least he’ll cherish this chance the two of you had to be a family again. Yeah, our time meant a lot to me, too. That’s why this is so disturbing. Of course it is, but there are good times still ahead. All you have to do is give spence the help he needs. You know he doesn’t belong in a cell. Dr. Collins, don’t you think someone as confused and vulnerable as spence needs protection, not punishment? Oh, what I or anyone else thinks is immaterial. Nikolas is spencer’s father, and this is a family matter. Spencer’s lucky to have such a loyal girlfriend. He’ll need all the support he can get.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Door opens and closes ] Do you think esme’s right about spencer needing my protection? She’s selling a bill of goods. Jason and I decided to get married as a last resort. It was the only way we could handle the pressure from the five families. Well, that makes sense, but there was a lot more going on. Not at first, but… …by that night, yes. Jason and I decided that we could have a real marriage and that it would be safe to fall in love. And we were headed in that direction. That’s a lot.

[ Sighs ]

So, you’re telling me that you — you were falling in love with jason. Not some stranger that you met while you were grieving, or jax. You — you were falling in love with my best friend. Yes. And then the door opened, and you walked in. And since you’ve been home, jason and I just went back to the way we’ve always been. Best friends. So, now you don’t have any leftover feelings? Jason’s my best friend. That’s all I want from him. That’s all he wants from me. So, you guys were falling in love, right? Now you expect me to believe that now you’re not in love? I’m not in love with jason. I’m in love with you. You’re my husband. You’re the father of my kids. Do you know that he is like… my brother? I know. We weren’t cheating on you, and we weren’t going behind your back. But — but — but I know that. I know that. I — you know, look, you guys thought I was dead. We did. It just doesn’t — we did! Right. And we have nina to thank for that. But it doesn’t feel like that. Do you understand? I-I-it feels — just feels — I don’t know how to explain it. It doesn’t feel great. That’s all.

[ Sighs ] How would anyone know to exploit your mother’s interest in huntington’s? I don’t know. I was diagnosed in canada using an alias. So the diagnosis doesn’t show on my medical records. The only people who know I have huntington’s are me, my mother, you… mm-hmm. …And scott. Well, we need to take a closer look at scott.

[ Sighs ] Mm… my — my mother swore him to secrecy. And I know he’s not the most reliable person, but… scott and my mother are… I hesitate to use the word “in love,” but they are very much infatuated with each other, and I just don’t believe that he would risk giving away her most closely guarded secret. Okay. Okay, so — so, what do we know? Fake conference. Missing plane. Um… scott made it to safety in a parachute. And, uh, possible peter involvement. What — you said — you said peter wasn’t involved in this. Well, that’s what I thought until I found out my mother was planning on killing peter in st. Lucia. Dr. Obrecht: Congratulations. You’re obviously skilled at dodging bullets. I got hit, didn’t I? You were grazed. You lost some blood and you’re probably dehydrated overall, but the greatest risk is from infection.

[ Sighs ] I’m guessing that means another shot. One cannot be too careful. Mm. What do you remember? I remember peter finally showing his face. He held me at gunpoint. Typical. Threatening to shoot a man in handcuffs. Yeah, I mentioned that. Then peter said that I, uh — I should be grateful that he kept me alive, and I called him out on that. You know, I said that it’s the same crap that he pulled with jason. Made the world think I’m dead, but he’s got to keep me on ice. And he said… he said that there were problems with jason that there wouldn’t be with me. Did he say why? I just told him to screw himself, told him I was a navy seal, and that he couldn’t force me to do anything. How did he react? I don’t know, because that’s the last thing I remember before I woke up with a bandage on my arm. What time is it? Early. Perhaps 2:00 A.M.? So I’ve lost an entire day? It’s not unheard of. I left my cell, I got shot someplace, and then returned to my cell without a single recollection? That’s less likely. And we’re talking about peter and victor. Has this ever happened to you before? Where I’ve lost time, had injuries that I can’t explain, and woke up smelling like gunpowder? Yeah, it happened a lot back in port charles when helena cassadine was controlling me, but — but that was supposed to be over. I fear it is not. You were gone a long time.

[ Clears throat ] Sorry, but you’re still in here. I mean, they haven’t taken you to a cell yet. That must be a good sign, right? Yeah, for now. I suppose. Ava came by. Did she come to drop the charges? No. She offered me a lose-lose proposition. Spencer’s been processed, but he hasn’t been taken to a cell yet. Am I being too harsh? I mean, esme said he just wants to have his family back. I recall warning you about esme. Every time she tries to express spencer’s remorse, she’s just trying to manipulate everyone. You should follow your own conscience. Yeah, I ju– I don’t know what it’s saying. I don’t know what to do. That’s why I wanted to speak to my mother. She has a way of cutting through all the noise. That’s true. But I’m here. I’m happy to be your sounding board. No offense, but every time I ask you a question, you do the shrink thing and you just turn the question back around. Alright. Fair enough. I’ll give you this. I don’t think you want to turn your back on spencer completely. So you have two options. You can either bail him out — literally. Or you can give him the support he needs to take responsibility and face the consequences of his actions. It’s your call, darling. But your son hasn’t learned his lesson yet. Not even close.

You saw spencer? How did he seem? Unrepentant. Something is just not clicking with that kid. Meaning? Well, I made him the offer that we discussed. I offered to help dig him out of the hole that he’s dug for himself, as long as he gave me the assurance that he wouldn’t mess with us again. And? And… he made it clear that he is disinclined to cooperate. Jason and I didn’t get married because we wanted to. We got married because nina lied. For nine months. You know? She lied to us, and she lied to you. Nina’s not gonna be a problem. What does that mean? I went to visit her at crimson. I said to her, “if you’re gonna stay in port charles, you better stay away from my family.” After what she did? “Leaving us alone” doesn’t seem nearly enough. Nina said peter mentioned he had been warned about my mother’s plan. So peter had an accomplice. But who is it? And how did they know my mother was planning to lure peter to st. Lucia and kill him? Okay, we have to assume that somebody who’s working for peter had knowledge of your mom’s agenda. Okay, maybe they’re the ones who set up the fake conference to lure your mom to st. Lucia. And when the accomplice found out peter was headed there, they realized it was a trap and warned him. Okay, maybe I should fly to st. Lucia and do a little research. Robert: You send the right man and you get the right answers. Did the musician say anything about drew? Who’s he working for? And where’d they put valentin? Okay, wait. Hold on. Did you get the musician to talk? Yes. I told him potentially he was in a lot of trouble and that we’d saved his miserable neck. And, well, after that, he was quite chatty. Okay. Did you get a location? Because wherever drew is, valentin is going to be. Do you think valentin is alive? Well, I do, because if they wanted him dead, he would be dead. Yeah. Why go to the bother of capturing him? I got a location. But more importantly, I got another piece of rather interesting information. The secret compound is owned by none other than victor cassadine.

Spence, your pride isn’t worth going to prison. Just tell ava what she wants to hear. Remember what we learned about napoleon?

“Faire son thme

en deux façons.” Proceed with two options. Let ava think she’s won. She’ll relax her guard, and we’ll swoop in and beat her at her own game. I will not let ava control me the way that she is controlling my father. Spencer cassadine, you’re coming with me. Where are you taking him? Holding cell for the night. Arraignment’s in the morning. This is quite enough, spence. Let me call ava. No chance in hell. Weighing what you’ve told me, there’s only one thing I can think of to do. God knows I don’t want this for my son’s future, but I’m standing with you. If spencer won’t own up to what he’s done, a night in jail, it just might scare him enough to do so tomorrow. M-maybe this will be his turning point.

[ Sighs ] I’d like to think so, but… the cassadine arrogance and that trait of never backing down… it’s hard to overcome. And if I fail to reach my son now… my family’s worst patterns might live on into the new generation. Anna: Victor cassadine? What, the former director of crichton-clark and the wsb? No, no way. I saw that place blow up. That was after obrecht shot him. There’s no way victor made it out of there. Well, apparently he did. And he’s back in business. Of course he is. What about valentin? And drew? Well, they’re both alive. For the moment. But there’s more. Vic is not working alone. He’s thrown in with peter. They’re allies. That certainly explains how peter keeps escaping, if he’s got victor backing him up. Precisely. Faison meets cassadine.

[ Chuckles ] Everybody strap in ’cause we’re in for a bumpy ride. The gunman retreated. Maybe he was hit. And interestingly enough, liesl obrecht isn’t in her cell. So, if I was to visit drew’s cell right now, what do you think the odds are that I’d find her there tending to a gunshot wound? You’ve been lying to me! You’ve known all along how to activate drew. Last night you sent him on an op 20 miles from my compound, without my knowledge and without my permission. Did you really think that would go unanswered?! But that was supposed to be over. The doctor said that the procedure got rid of the conditioning. Yes, but it was cesar who did the original conditioning. Why is that important? He must have installed a second level that only he could access. Well, how would that work? A shortcut, if you will. A simple code phrase or image that would reactivate the conditioning. But faison is dead. His son is not. Peter… is controlling me. Going to st. Lucia could be a dead end. There’s definitely steps we can take here first. But if the accomplice set up the fake conference, that means they wanted my mother on the island. And — and since the plane disappeared, they figured that’d be the last place we’d look. It’s like hiding in plain sight. My mother could be there right now. Okay, I just think you’re getting ahead of yourself. If we go to st. Lucia, we could be wasting valuable time your mother doesn’t have. You said “we.” Are you coming with me? Wherever this leads. Look at us — standing in our kitchen, trying to piece our life back together because we’ve been apart for nine months. And it didn’t have to be this way. I didn’t choose to think I was a widow. You didn’t choose to stay in nixon falls. Nina did that to us, to both of us. So why should she get to pick her life up where she left it and move on when we can’t? I mean, this hat — this hat is not some souvenir you picked up while you were away. This is a symbol of everything we don’t know about each other. Of all the time that we lost that we’re never gonna get back. And then I think, no. I am not gonna give nina one more minute. I am gonna focus on our marriage and our kids and our life together. And please tell me you want the same thing.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. But you’re right. We’ve had, what, nine months of loss and separation. We’ve — we’ve got to rebuild. We got to, you know… I know that. I know that. But I want to start.

[ Sighs ] I love you. And I choose you. Always. And I choose you.

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