Days Short Recap Monday, October 18, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor wanted to see Melinda Trask. She knew he wanted to talk to her about Xander and Justin. She told him about the charges against his nephews. He thought there was nothing for them to talk about. She said he was right. He wanted to know why she was there. Justin talked to Xander about his career being over. Xander felt bad for getting him in trouble. Xander told him that he was worried about Gwen. He said she wasn’t as tough as she seemed. Justin wanted to know what Dr. Snyder had on her. Bonnie was surprised that Gwen tried to sleep with the judge. Gwen said she wasn’t going to sleep with him. She wanted to get him on tape agreeing to sleep with her. She said Xander did a lot for her. She wondered what he did for her. Marlena told Johnny that she would allow him to film the movie on her. He was excited to get started on it. John was confused by what happened. John wanted to know what got into her for agreeing to let Johnny film her possession. John told Marlena that she’s been exhausted ever since the thing with Doug started. He didn’t understand why she was willing to allow Johnny to film the most personal story of her life. She told him that she said that he could do the movie and she meant it. She said it wasn’t for Johnny. She thought about the conversation she had with the devil. Trask said she visited Victor because he asked her to be there. She was determined to throw the book at Justin, Xander, Gwen and Bonnie. He didn’t care about the women. He was worried about his nephews. Gwen told Bonnie what happened and how Justin got arrested too.

Justin asked Xander again why Dr. Snyder blackmailed Gwen. Xander tried to defend her to Justin. He didn’t want to screw up her relationship with her father. Justin realized that she lied about being a sex worker because what she did was worse than that. Xander said he wouldn’t say anything. Justin realized Xander knew her secret and that he would do anything to keep it from coming out. Bonnie was upset and blamed herself for what happened to Justin. She felt bad that she ruined Justin’s life the same way she ruined Adrienne’s life. Justin told Xander that Gwen lied to Jack again and deserved to know the truth. Xander didn’t want Jack to know the truth. He wanted Justin to forget the conversation happened. Trask wanted to know what Victor wanted from her to get his nephews out of jail. She wanted something worth it to keep them from going to jail. She wanted a higher profile criminal. He was way ahead of her. John and Marlena continued to go back and forth about whether the movie should be made about her possession. John thought he was being overprotective, but he remembered how he almost lost her. He said she was on edge ever since Johnny decided to make the movie. He didn’t want to see what she would go through once he made the movie.

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