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Xander and Justin are in a holding cell together. Xander does pushups while Justin complains that he’s in Hell. Xander notes that he hasn’t forgotten that Justin tried to help he and Gwen. Justin reminds Xander that he told him it was stupid idea and that they could all end up in jail but he caved and tried to extort a judge so he has no one to blame but himself. Xander still thinks he owes him and says he will take him under his wing which Justin laughs at. Xander explains that he will show him what he needs to survive prison life. Xander’s first lesson is that when someone who could snap you in two tells you to do something, just do it.

Bonnie and Gwen are in a holding cell together. Bonnie screams at the guards while Gwen tells her to keep it down. Bonnie informs Gwen that they are going to set rules. Bonnie suggests Gwen shut up unless she has something important to say. Gwen responds by saying “bite me”. Bonnie realizes Gwen is Jack’s daughter and was there when Xander and Sarah were going to get married. Bonnie asks what Gwen is in for.

Steve goes to see Jack at the Horton house. Jack tells him that he’s worried about Julie not sleeping or eating. Steve encourages that Kayla will get her calmed down. Jack understands she has every right to be angry but he doesn’t understand why Julie is not being allowed to see Doug since that’s only making things worse. Kayla comes in and agrees, noting that she put a call in to Bayview and Doug is sedated and the visits would be supervised, so it doesn’t make sense to her either. Steve asks about Julie. Kayla says she’s emotionally a wreck but physically she’s okay and she gave her something to help her sleep. Jack asks about Doug at the hospital. Kayla mentions him attacking Julie. Jack argues against putting Doug in Bayview. Kayla is sure that Marlena did what she thought was best. Jack is not sure about that.

Johnny talks to Marlena and brings up the movie being about her, so he came to ask for her permission but actually talking to John, he’s having second thoughts. Johnny adds that he had everything lined up but now he’s thinking it’s a bad idea and he should scrap the whole thing. Marlena disagrees and claims she thinks it’s a wonderful idea, so she wants him to make the movie which surprises both Johnny and John. John doesn’t think Marlena understands as the film is about her and when she was possessed. Marlena declares that’s why she wants to give Johnny her blessing. Johnny asks if she’s sure about this. Marlena advises him to take it and run with it when someone gives him exactly what he wants. Johnny thanks her. John wants Marlena to think about this since they had a long talk about this. John adds that if Marlena says no, Johnny will understand. Marlena repeats that she said yes and that Johnny has everything set so he should be getting busy. Marlena tells Johnny to promise them front row seats to the premiere. Johnny hugs Marlena.

Jack tells Kayla that Marlena is a good doctor but it seems to him that having to commit Doug is really extreme. Kayla is sure it was the hardest phone call Marlena ever had to make. Steve brings up Jack saying that Julie isn’t sleeping or eating, so he asks about Jack since he looks like crap. Kayla agrees. Steve asks how Gwen is doing. Jack responds that he doesn’t know since they won’t let him see her. Jack calls it a mess and says the judge plans to throw the book at Gwen. Kayla points out that he plans to throw the book at Justin too.

Justin tells Xander that he doesn’t want to be his workout buddy. Xander encourages that in prison, he will want everyone to know that they are tight. Justin questions this really happening to him. Xander says it’s all his fault so he’s going to look out for Justin whether he wants him to or not. Xander asks what the sentence is for extorting a judge. Justin says it’s a minimum of five years. Xander points out that’s a lot of showers.

Victor is in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, on the phone with Brady. Victor says it’s lovely news that Maggie is back, Chloe has been kicked to the curb, Bonnie is on her way back to prison, and Kristen is in exile. Victor declares that life can be sweet. Melinda Trask then arrives and questions Victor needing to see her, noting his good mood. Victor thinks Melinda is about to put him in an even better one. Melinda wants to know what he wants. Victor thought they could have a little chat. Melinda guesses it’s about Xander and Justin which Victor confirms. Melinda states that Xander is a drug dealer and has a record so the case against him is a slam dunk while Justin is on tape trying to extort a judge, so he’s going to prison and will be disbarred. Victor points out that he hasn’t been convicted yet. Melinda assures that he will be as the evidence is clear in both cases, so she has no choice but to prosecute his nephews to the full extent of the law. Melinda tells Victor they have nothing to talk about so Victor questions why she came.

Justin doesn’t know what makes him angrier, his own stupidity or the fact that Melinda is enjoying this so much. Justin complains that they made her job really easy. Xander feels bad since Justin didn’t want to do it but he kept pushing his buttons. Justin assures that he knew the risk he was taking. Xander understands he did it for Bonnie while Justin points out that Xander did what he did for Gwen. Xander remarks that life was a lot simpler when he only cared about himself. Justin says it’s the things they do for love. Xander worries about Gwen as he knows he can handle all of this but she’s not as tough as she seems. Justin remarks that being a sex worker is not for the faint of heart. Xander informs him that Gwen was not a sex worker so Justin asks what Dr. Snyder was holding over her.

Bonnie questions Gwen telling her that she tried to solicit a judge. Gwen explains that she wasn’t going to sleep with him but wanted to get it on tape so he’d drop the charges against Xander. Bonnie questions her doing all that for Xander. Gwen says Xander has done a lot for her too. Bonnie asks what he’s done but Gwen says she’s not going to get in to that now as she doesn’t even know her. Bonnie argues that Justin and Xander are cousins so they are practically related. Gwen disagrees but Bonnie points out that they will be as soon as she and Justin get married like they were supposed to. Bonnie adds that Xander is no fun at a party and brings up what he did to Nicole but stops to ask why Gwen is looking at her like that.

Johnny tells Marlena how much this means to him and thanks her. Marlena says she’s excited about it herself. Johnny hands her the script and tells her to let him know if anything in it bothers her. Marlena says it’s his project so he doesn’t have to worry about her. Johnny calls her the best as he exits. Marlena comments on John looking grim. John is trying to find a way to say something that comes off loving and respectful but all he can think of is asking what the hell has gotten in to her. Marlena claims not to know what he means. John says ever since this thing with Doug, she’s been exhausted, like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. Marlena asks what his point is. John says that she has no entrusted the most personal and painful part of her life to a kid who wants to make a movie about it on his phone, with a cast of amateurs. Marlena feels he’s just being negative about this. John argues that Johnny can make a movie about something else like a talking dog. Marlena jokes that if John keeps insisting on talking dogs, she may have to commit him to Bayview. John questions that being a joke. Marlena tells John that she meant it when she told Johnny that he could make the film. Marlena adds that this is not for Johnny, so John asks who it is for. Marlena then flashes back to the Devil’s warnings.

Melinda reminds Victor that he asked her to come and if he’s about to offer her a bribe, she reminds him that his nephew is in jail for trying to corrupt the judicial process. Victor says he’s not going to corrupt anything, he’s just trying to close a deal here. Melinda responds that she doesn’t need a deal as she has four defendants dead to rights. Victor clarifies that he only cares about Xander and Justin, not Bonnie or Gwen. Victor then remarks that hanging is too good for Bonnie.

Gwen explains to Bonnie that she and Xander had help with the judge and reveals that Xander got Justin to help, so now Justin’s been arrested too. Gwen tells Bonnie that she’s sorry.

Kayla tells Jack that after everything Xander and Gwen have done, she can’t believe Justin would break the law for them. Steve clarifies that Justin didn’t break the law for them but for Bonnie. Jack thought Justin would’ve rethought that relationship but apparently he’s still in love with Bonnie. Steve says Justin didn’t just go after the judge for Xander, but he was also showing bias against Bonnie, so Justin risked it all for the woman he loves and there’s nothing out of character about that.

Justin asks Xander again what Dr. Snyder was using to blackmail Gwen or if that was all a lie or if it was just the money. Xander confirms that he was blackmailing her so Justin asks what Snyder had. Justin brings up Gwen lying her way into a job as a nanny to Abigail’s children, then tried to blow up Jack’s marriage and slept with her half sister’s husband. Xander argues that she did all of that because of what was done to her. Xander states that after all these years, Gwen finally has a father who loves her and he’s not doing or saying anything to screw that up. Justin goes over Gwen telling Jack that she was a sex worker, so that means that wasn’t as bad as what Snyder was using to blackmail her. Justin questions what the hell Gwen did. Xander mentions that he can’t tell him because he promised Gwen that he wouldn’t. Justin realizes that Xander does know and why she would do anything to keep Jack from finding out.

Bonnie starts to cry after Gwen told her that Justin has been arrested. Gwen apologizes as she thought Bonnie knew. Bonnie cries that Justin’s family and friends were all right to tell him to stay away from her and that she’d ruin his life. Gwen points out that Justin must really love her to do something like that. Bonnie responds that Justin really loved his wife and she made her life hell and now she’s doing the same to him. Gwen suggests they could let him off easy since he’s never done anything wrong before. Bonnie says it’s just the fact that Justin did something wrong and illegal when being a lawyer is everything to him. Bonnie cries that everyone’s going to know what Justin did for her. Bonnie declares that Justin may be able to forgive her, but she doesn’t think she can.

Xander tells Justin to just drop this. Justin thinks Jack has the right to know that Gwen lied to him again. Xander insists that Gwen is not trying to pull one over on him. Xander adds that Jack is his only friend so he is thinking of him. Xander assures that Jack doesn’t want to know as no good will come of it for anyone. Xander asks Justin to forget this conversation ever took place and as far as anyone is concerned, Gwen was a sex worker, end of story.

Victor tells Melinda that Xander and Justin have been corrupted by Gwen and Bonnie. Melinda questions him wanting them both to walk and asks what’s in it for her. Victor knew they could do business and that she’s not in it for money. Melinda responds that she hates losing. Victor jokes that they are like soulmates. Melinda warns that she could put Justin and Xander away for years but if she lets them go, she gives up two high profile cases, so she needs something big to make that worth her while. Victor likes the way this is going. Melinda guesses he knows who she’s talking about. Victor assures that he’s way ahead of her.

Marlena claims to John that she’s doing the movie for herself. John asks how that could possibly be true. Marlena tells him that for the last 25 years, people have waited until she’s almost out of the room to start whispering and joking about what happened to her because they want her to hear it. John never felt that but says he’s sorry because that must have been awful. Marlena responds that what is awful is when the people who love her act like it never actually happened. John disagrees and says they just don’t talk about it because they don’t want to upset her. Marlena argues that she doesn’t like to be handled or that one of the most devastating parts of her life is treating like a dirty little secret as that’s upsetting to her. Marlena doesn’t want to hide and says she wants to put a light on it to let people know that she’s not ashamed of it. John strongly disagrees and thinks making this movie will only make everything worse. Marlena says she is the one who was possessed while John argues that she still would be if not for him.

Bonnie apologizes as she doesn’t usually lose it like that. Gwen blames herself for giving her gutting news. Bonnie says Gwen has enough troubles to deal with without listening to her’s. Gwen points out that they do have something in common. Bonnie remarks that Gwen doesn’t want anything in common with her. Gwen points out that Justin’s in a cell because of Bonnie while Xander is because of her. Bonnie feels that’s where the similarity ends because Xander got himself put in jail many times. Bonnie asks if Gwen’s got it bad. Gwen says no but then says she doesn’t know. Gwen says whatever Xander did in the past, he’s here because of what he did for her and that’s not something she is used to.

Justin asks if Gwen’s little secret has anything to do with their case. Xander swears it doesn’t so Justin agrees not to say anything to Jack. Xander thanks him. Justin says he’s only doing it for Jack because he has enough to worry about. Xander clarifies that he thanked him for believing him since no one ever does. Justin accepts that he will need Xander’s help when they go to Statesville prison. Xander notes that it sounds like he thinks it’s a given that they will get convicted and asks if he doesn’t think they have a chance. Justin says with Melinda Trask prosecuting and Judge Smails testifying, they are sunk.

Jack tells Steve and Kayla that it doesn’t help Gwen’s case that her lawyer was arrested trying to extort the judge. Steve calls it a hell of a mess. Jack notes that he tried to get Belle to take the case but she and Shawn are off visiting Claire. Steve assures that Justin will find someone to replace him. Jack argues that Justin needs a lawyer of his own now. Steve then gets a text from Victor, wanting to see him. Kayla asks why. Steve guesses he’ll go find out. Steve invites Kayla to go with him but Kayla decides to stay and keep an eye on Julie. Steve tells Jack that Gwen is lucky to have him and he’ll see him at dinner tonight. Jack decides to exit with Steve as he’s going to try one more time to get in to see Gwen. Kayla wishes Jack luck as he exits. Kayla then gets a call and questions what Marlena did.

John tells Marlena that it didn’t happen to him, but he had to watch it happen to her and he has no desire to relive that. John says he maybe being over protective but he almost lost her to Him. John remembers how close it came to happening and ever since Johnny’s been trying to make this movie, Marlena’s been on edge and having nightmares. John refuses to stand by and wait to see what happens if Johnny actually makes the movie. Marlena states that John seems to have some unresolved issues about that period of time. Marlena would like to help him with that and suggests reading Johnny’s script might help, but there’s nothing she can do to help him through this. Marlena decides she’s going to their bedroom to read the script. Marlena stops and tells John that The Devil was in her, not in him, so it really is her decision and he can move heaven and earth but nothing will change her mind. Marlena then heads to the bedroom.

Bonnie apologizes to Gwen for trashing another woman’s man. Gwen claims Xander is not her man but Bonnie doesn’t believe her. Melinda arrives and remarks that it’s nice to see them getting along since it helps to have a friend inside prison. Melinda then exits. Bonnie says that woman gets on her nerves.

Victor is on the phone, saying he’s paying them to make sure his nephew is taken care of in Statesville. Steve walks in and guesses he’s trying to get Justin and Xander an upgrade. Steve asks what this is about. Victor responds that he has something that needs to be done and he wants to hire Steve to do it.

Kayla goes to see John and says she’s hoping to talk to Marlena about Doug. Kayla asks if she’s there. John says she’s in the bedroom, reading. John asks if Doug is okay. Kayla responds that he’s heavily sedated and is still not allowed visitors which is confusing. Kayla states that Julie wants to see Doug and she doesn’t have a problem with it. John asks if Bayview doesn’t agree. Kayla reveals that Bayview doesn’t have a problem with it either but Marlena extended the no visitor order.

Marlena sits in her room with the script when she suddenly hears the voice of the Devil, saying it looks like they are going to be making a movie together.

Bonnie exclaims to Gwen that Justin is a great lawyer, so he will go the whole nine yards for them. Bonnie yells that Melinda can do her worst but Justin is coming after her so she is going down. Gwen complains that she doesn’t know how much more of this she can take.

Xander helps Justin do sit-ups in their cell. Justin quits after three. Melinda then arrives and tells them not to look so glum, since if Victor comes through, they might just be off the hook. Melinda then walks back out, leaving Justin and Xander confused.

Victor asks why Steve looks so surprised since he’s worked for him before. Steve calls that a long time ago and says he’s sure Victor can hire someone else to do his dirty work for him. Victor wants to hire Black Patch, promising to make it worth his while. Victor asks him to at least hear him out before saying no, so Steve agrees. Victor wants to find a missing person; Kristen DiMera.

John guesses Marlena is worried about Julie’s safety since she was there when Doug attacked her. Kayla says maybe but she doesn’t know if it’s what’s best for Doug. Kayla wants to talk to Marlena but John asks her to check in later since now is not a good time. Kayla asks if something is wrong. John admits he’s worried about Marlena as he’s not so sure she’s making good decisions since she’s made some calls lately that he doesn’t understand either. John states that she’s just not herself.

Marlena tells the Devil that this is not what she wants. The Devil reminds Marlena that everything they did is in the script as the wind blows the pages. The Devil says that Marlena agreed to do it because she’s finally embracing their story and ready to celebrate all they share. The Devil says Marlena is so close now and urges her to let him in so they will be one. Marlena flashes back to her original possession as the lights in the room begin to flash. The Devil enters Marlena again and declares that finally they are one and laughs maniacally.

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