Days Short Recap Friday, October 15, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Nicole nearly kissed when EJ interrupted them. EJ wondered how Ava would feel about what they were about to do. Rafe and EJ got in an argument. Nicole got in the middle of it. She told Rafe leave. EJ told her it was a good thing he showed up. He said he saved her from herself. She said she didn’t need him to save her. She said he kept her from making a mistake. She said she didn’t want to come between Rafe and Ava. She said she wanted to kiss Rafe. EJ told her to kiss him instead. They kissed each other.

Philip punched Brady when he saw him and Chloe hugging. She yelled at Philip. Philip wanted to know why he was the bad guy. Philip and Brady got in an argument. Brady wanted Philip out of his office. Philip asked Chloe to come with him so they could talk. She told him to leave. When Philip left, Chloe told Brady that she didn’t think Philip could change. She said it was up to her to fix things. Brady asked what she was going to do. She said she had to do something now before someone got hurt. Marlena told John she dreamt that she levitated. She heard someone talking to her, but she didn’t see anyone. She said she hadn’t heard the voice in years. She said it was the devil. He was distraught, but he reassured her it was a dream. She told him that the devil wanted Ben’s baby. She wanted to get to Ben.

When Marlena left, Johnny showed up to see John. Johnny told him EJ was funding the movie and playing John. Johnny said he needed Marlena’s permission. John said he didn’t think that would happen. John said the movie upset Marlena. He said she had a dream she was levitating. He said if he loved Marlena, he would forget about the movie. Marlena went to see Ben. He told her he took her advice. He said he and Ciara were trying to make a baby. He said he was feeling good about it until a gust of wind happened. He said it felt like an omen. She said it might have been. Ben asked Marlena if she thought he and Ciara shouldn’t have a baby. Marlena’s phone went off before she could answer. She saw a devil emoji talking to her. He said the plans for Ben’s baby are theirs. She put her phone up and told Ben that the omen could have been a good one. When Marlena was about to open her door, the emoji congratulated her for not telling Ben about the plan. He said he felt her giving in to him. He said they were almost one. When she went in the apartment, Johnny said he wasn’t going to do the movie. He said it was a bad idea. She said it wasn’t a bad idea. She told him to make the movie. John and Johnny were shocked.

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