Days Short Recap Thursday, October 14, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi confronted Ava about giving Philip the information about Jake. Ava didn’t deny giving the information to him. Philip and Jake went back and forth about him giving the information about him to Ava. He told Philip to fire him and not Gabi if he had a problem with his past. Philip fired him. Johnny didn’t understand why EJ wanted to play John in his movie. He thought EJ was trying to stick it to Chad. EJ told him that he had to let him play the part if he wanted him to finance the movie. Philip told Jake if Gabi surrendered her company, he would stay a free man. Gabi refused to give up her company. Ava said reminded her that Jake was involved in a murder so he would do jail time. Gabi said she would never take Jake away from her. Ava told her that she was going to take over her company. Abby singed the contracts. EJ had his own papers drawn up for the movie. Chad and EJ signed the contract. Chad told Johnny that EJ had to sign another contract because he wanted to play John. EJ said he had contracts for the role of John. He said he signed it because he was going to be playing John.

Chad wanted to know what EJ was trying to pull. EJ said he wanted to help Johnny with his movie. Abby thought EJ was wrong. Chad wanted Johnny to revoke his contract. Philip knew that Jake and Gabi were working together to set him up. He said Gabi started it and he was fighting back. Gabi refused to give up her company than let Ava run it. Ava asked her if she wanted to let her boyfriend go to prison. Gabi threatened to go to Rafe and tell him that she was trying to steal her company. Jake warned Philip that Ava would feed him to the wolves to save her own hide. Ava told Gabi that Rafe wasn’t going to find out what she did because she was going to tell him about Jake. She said that he would investigate it. Gabi told her that Rafe would be suspicious if she’s suddenly running her company. Ava wanted her to make him believe why she was running it. Chad and Abby tried to convince Johnny to get rid of EJ as John. Johnny couldn’t do that because he would lose the funding he needed for the movie. Chad offered to pay the money, but EJ said the contract was already signed. Johnny promised them that it would be professional. Ava told Gabi that it was over for her. Philip said he wasn’t naïve when it concerned Ava. Jake told him that he would pay a price getting mixed up with the mob. He said the last time he did it Brady was shot. He said he might not be so lucky next time.

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