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Eli and Lani join Abe and Paulina at Paulina’s apartment. Abe proposes another toast. Eli jokes that he’s on a roll. Lani still can’t believe they are getting married. Abe toasts to love while Paulina toasts to marriage.

Abigail asks Chad if he wants to play John in the movie just so she doesn’t have a sex scene with another man even though she’s acting. Chad says he was kidding while Abigail reminds Chad that his jealousy is what got them in to trouble in the first place. Chad admits he was wrong about her and Jake and regrets ever going there. Abigail wonders if it’s happening again and questions if Chad wants the part in the movie because he doesn’t trust her with EJ. Chad assures it has nothing to do with EJ and he wants to spend as much time with her as he can, so he thinks doing the movie would be good for them. Chad feels that this could bring them closer.

While John is making Marlena’s tea, Roman shows up at the door and informs him that he told Johnny that he will not help fund his family. John thanks Roman and knows it wasn’t easy. Roman agrees that the last thing they want is for Marlena to have to relive that time. John invites Roman in and asks how Johnny took the news. Roman says he just explained that he was agreeing to invest in a movie on Sami and now it’s all about this devil business, so he thinks telling that story is not a good idea. John is sure Johnny was disappointed. Roman confirms that he was but they will get past it and the important thing is to do everything they can to protect Marlena.

The Devil urges Marlena to let go and give in to him. Marlena then begins levitating above her bed. The Devil tells her to let go as she’s almost there and they are going to achieve so much together. He adds that if she lets him in, there is no limit to what they can accomplish. He declares that their time is now so he needs her to be his tonight.

Ben and Ciara lay in bed together after having sex. Ciara felt like it felt extra special which Ben agrees with. Ciara wonders if they just made a baby. Their window then suddenly blows open and all of their things start to blow across their room, leaving them confused. Ben gets up and shuts the window. Ciara wonders if a storm is coming. Ben responds that everything looks clear. Ciara questions what made the window fly open then. Ben has no idea. Ciara finds it pretty weird that a gust of wind just appeared and disappeared. Ben hopes it wasn’t a bad omen.

Marlena remains levitating above her bed. The Devil tells her to be proud of what they have accomplished like attacking Julie and convincing everyone it was Doug, to commit him to Bayview so that they were not exposed, and best of all she convinced Ben to father a child with Ciara and let go of all his fears about the future. The Devil declares that now Marlena must let go of her fears.

Abigail questions Chad thinking that them acting together would bring them closer together. Abigail jokes that she could turn out to be a big diva on set. Chad says he wouldn’t care as they joke together. Chad thinks them playing John and Marlena would be really cool. Chad talks about all that John and Marlena have overcome, the times they’ve been separated and got back together, stronger. Chad calls it a really beautiful story. Abigail agrees that they are a real super couple. Chad says it gives him hope that they can come back together. Chad jokes that maybe by the time the film is done, they’ll be able to sleep in the same room.

John tells Roman that he almost blew a gasket when he saw Johnny’s revised script. Roman asks if he told Marlena what’s going on. John says he was going to, but when he got to the hospital, she was so upset after a really heavy therapy session with Ben Weston and she wanted to talk to him more but she was so drained, so he brought her home and she went right to bed. Roman questions Marlena not knowing the new direction of Johnny’s movie. John admits he may be being overprotective by not telling her but she’s been having such a rough time lately, so he didn’t want to pile on. Roman asks if she’s upset about something other than Ben. John reminds him about Doug. Roman feels Marlena did what she had to do to protect Doug and everyone else. John says he said the same thing but Marlena still feels to blame and guesses that’s why she is so driven to help Ben now.

Ciara questions what Ben means by worrying about a bad omen and asks what happened since he was so optimistic earlier after seeing Marlena. Ben assures that he still is but thinks it’s kind of strange that Ciara threw away her birth control pills, they make love, and she wonders if they made a baby then all of a sudden, the window blasts open and all the candles blow out. Ciara asks what he thinks that means and questions if someone is trying to warn them not to get pregnant.

The Devil tells Marlena that Ben and Ciara’s child is so important for the future as he needs the baby for himself.

Ciara asks Ben if he thinks some unknown force is trying to warn them not to get pregnant. Ben says of course not and that it was just the wind. Ciara reminds him that he promised to be honest from now on and asks him what’s going on. Ben guesses he’s just a little nervous about having a baby.

John tells Roman that Marlena has been beating herself up lately. Roman calls her the best doctor. John notes that she still feels that she failed Doug and that has shaken her confidence. Roman hopes some rest will help. John mentions making her tea since she was too wired to sleep. Roman tells him to just say the word if they need anything. John thanks Roman again for backing out of Johnny’s film since they don”t need that bit of history repeating itself…

The Devil feels Marlena fighting and not being ready to fully commit. He argues that she’s always done everything for everyone else and nothing for herself, except when she lets him in and feels his power through her veins. The Devil urges Marlena to let herself go completely and feel that way again. He says perhaps she would feel different if she knows his plans which could only happen with her help. The Devil warns that you can never go back on bringing a child in to the world, so their future is in Marlena’s hands. He decides it’s time to share with Marlena exactly what he has in mind for the child.

Chad tells Abigail that he’s not trying to pressure her at all, he just misses sharing a room and a bed with her. Chad knows she’s not ready for that and he respects that, so he’d never try to skip past all he has to do in order to make things right between them. Chad says he’s just expressing hope for the future. Abigail tells him that there’s nothing she wants more than to be able to trust in their marriage and love again. Chad understands she’s not there yet and agrees to wait as long as it takes. Chad tells Abigail that he loves her, always has, and always will. Chad says he will let her go to bed but Abigail stops him and invites him to stay in her room tonight. Chad questions if she’s sure. Abigail acknowledges that she’s kept him at arms length ever since coming home but he’s been very patient, understanding, and devoted. Abigail admits that Chad has done everything she has asked and more, so she thinks it’s time that she let him back in. Chad then kisses Abigail.

Ciara tells Ben that she didn’t expect one session with Marlena to magically erase all of his reservations since having a baby is still a huge step that is life changing, so it makes sense for them both to be nervous. Ciara admits that she is nervous too. Ben says they will stay on it and hope he doesn’t pass on the mental illness to their child, but if he does they will find treatment right away. Ben apologizes for freaking out, but notes that Ciara could be pregnant right now. Ciara says the odds are slim for the first try which means they will have to try again and again. Ben says he’s down for that as they kiss. Ciara talks about how she will be the one to gain weight and get morning sickness. Ben tells her that he will get her everything she wants and asks what she is craving. Ciara says just him as they continue kissing.

The Devil tells Marlena that his plan for Ben and Ciara’s baby is so magnificent. They are interrupted by John knocking at the door, asking if Marlena is still awake. The Devil complains that John is always trying to come between them as Marlena remains levitating above her bed. John tries to enter but is confused to find the door locked. The Devil urges Marlena to ignore John and he’ll go away. John wonders what is going on as he realizes the door is stuck. John calls out to Marlena and tells her to hang on as he’s coming. John then breaks the door open. John checks on Marlena laying in bed and asks if she’s okay. John says he didn’t mean to wake her up but he got worried when he couldn’t open the door and he swears he could hear voices in here…

Paulina gives Eli and Lani the key lime pie that she did not want. Eli congratulates them again as he and Lani hug Paulina and Abe. Eli and Lani then exit. Abe tells Paulina that it was a lovely evening and asks her if everything is okay. Paulina can’t believe she asked Lani to call her “mama” and asks what she was thinking. Abe understands that she got carried away as he knows how she feels. Abe remarks that being Lani’s dad means everything to him. Paulina decides to get ready for bed. Abe stops her to ask when she wants to get married as he wants to set a date. Paulina says that depends on if he wants a big wedding or small since big takes a lot of planning. Abe says if it were up to him, they’d do it tomorrow, so Paulina guesses they will have a small one. Paulina assures they are on the same page in wanting their wedding to be an intimate affair. Paulina jokes that their first big challenge will be finding a date that they are both free to get married.

Ciara and Ben agree they are both kind of tired but Ciara doesn’t think she can go to sleep just yet and suggests finding something on TV. Ciara then turns on the TV and sees that the movie Rosemary’s Baby is on.

John questions if Marlena was on her phone. Marlena claims that she was asleep. John guesses maybe the voices came from the noise machine switching over to radio or something. John checks the machine but says it looks fine to him. Marlena tells him that she didn’t hear anything and suggests she was talking in her sleep. Marlena asks what John heard her say. John says he’s not sure since he was out in the hall. Marlena brings up being worried about Ben so she wants to go check on him but John encourages her to rest and that she can talk to Ben tomorrow. Marlena tries to argue but John insists that Ben is fine and he’s more worried about her right now.

Chad and Abigail kiss as they enter her bedroom and begin to undress. Chad carries Abigail as they kiss onto the bed. Chad lights candles and they continue kissing in bed.

Roman heads to the Brady Pub and runs in to Eli and Lani outside. Eli and Lani inform him that Abe and Paulina got engaged last night. Roman says he’s happy for them, but didn’t think Abe would propose this soon. Roman admits they seem like a great match.

Paulina asks Abe if he’s thinking a Saturday night or a Sunday morning wedding. Abe says he has no preference. Abe says he’d like to have a nice wedding but it’s the marriage that’s important. Paulina agrees and suggests December. Abe worries that’s too close to the holidays, so he asks how she feels about early January. Paulina says that’s no good as she’s breaking ground on a project then. Abe asks about the third week of November. Paulina decides that could work. Abe says that’s more than a month’s notice so his sons Theo and Brandon could arrange to be there too. Paulina asks if he thinks they could pull it all together by then. Abe feels anything they put their minds to will work. Paulina declares that it’s all settled then and in a little over a month, they will be husband and wife as they kiss.

Ciara shuts off the TV which Ben questions. Ciara tells him a horror movie is not what she wants in her head right before going to sleep. Ben says that a movie about a woman giving birth to the Devil’s baby seems pretty dumb. Ciara insists it wasn’t a bad omen and that the movie coming on was totally random. Ciara argues that no one is trying to tell him that he’s evil and she’s Rosemary. Ciara can tell Ben is freaked out that she landed on that movie. Ciara insists that she’s not some submissive pixie and he’s not evil. Ciara calls him a loving, caring, wonderful man who will make the most amazing father. Ciara says that Ben has come way too far and worked too hard to let fear ruin that, so they will forget about all the nonsense and focus on what’s really real which is their love for each other.

John gives Marlena her tea and hopes it will make her feel better. Marlena questions the tea not being hot. John explains that he was bringing it to her when Roman stopped by. Marlena asks why he came. John says they will talk about it later and offers to go heat up her tea but Marlena wants to talk about it now. John brings up knowing she was upset about Ben. John then reveals to Marlena that Johnny decided to rename his movie from The Sami Brady Story to the Marlena Evans Story. Marlena questions why he would do that. John explains that Johnny is fascinated by her past, specifically when she was possessed by the Devil. John says he was upset enough that it would be a part of the movie, but now the whole damn movie is about it. John adds that Roman came by to tell him that he changed his mind about investing and Johnny is having a hard time coming up with the cash since everyone has said no. Marlena asks if he won’t be able to make the movie then. John responds that he won’t let him. Marlena points out that it was Johnny’s dream. John argues that Johnny’s dream is to make a film and he can still do that, just not this one, because the last thing Marlena needs is to have to relive that part of her life.

Chad and Abigail lay in bed after having sex. Chad can’t believe this is real as he’s wanted this and her for so long. Chad says he has to ask her something, but doesn’t know if he should. Abigail says he can ask her anything. Chad asks if this means they are back together. Abigail wants to be close to him and doesn’t want to shut him out. Chad says he wants that too more than anything. Abigail adds that they have to be realistic about where they are as their problems don’t just disappear because they made love and they still have a lot to work on. Abigail brings up her guilt over what happened with Gwen’s baby, but she doesn’t want to work on them alone. Abigail declares that she’d like to work on everything together moving forward. Chad promises that they will as he hugs her.

Abe tells Paulina to look at how far they’ve come and says it’s all because of her keeping her promise not to hide things anymore, no more secrets or lies. Abe says ever since, things have been wonderful. Abe adds that Paulina made peace with her daughter, his daughter, and with him. Abe declares that he’s never been happier and hope she feels the same way. Paulina assures that she does as they hug.

Lani tells Eli that the babies are asleep thanks to their nanny and thanks Eli for cleaning up. Eli says now he’s in the mood for her as they kiss and then they head to the bedroom.

Ciara asks if Ben is sure he’s okay. Ben says that he is. Ciara asks if he has no more worries about random gusts of wind or horror movies with devil babies. Ben states that Marlena made him see that there’s no reason they shouldn’t have a child and if any issues come up, they will handle it together like they handle everything. Ben declares they will make the most beautiful family together. Ciara says she loves him so much. Ben says the same as Ciara admits she’s tired now. Ciara asks Ben to hold her so she can fall asleep in his arms.

John hopes he didn’t upset Marlena by bringing up the movie. Marlena says of course not. John explains that he supported Johnny but he needs to understand that this project is never going to happen. Marlena assumes that he talked to him. John confirms that he did and so did Allie, but he thinks Johnny needs to hear it from Marlena. John thought Marlena could talk him out of it but now thinks maybe she won’t have to have that conversation, so everything in the past can stay in the past where it belongs. John declares it will be smooth sailing for them from now on as he holds her.

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