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[ Upbeat music ]

Zende: So, you don’t like the neck line?

Thomas: I do, on paper, but I don’t think this fabric will allow the neck line to fall like you really want it to.

Zende: It could. Remember the way it’s stitched… kind of holds up.

Thomas: Right, I’m saying, I like the design. It’s just honestly, with this fabric, it’s not gonna work.

Zende: I disagree.

Thomas: Okay, hope. What do you think?

Zende: Is everything okay?

Hope: Uh, yeah. Yes. Everything is okay.

[ Sighs ] All right, well I might as well tell you. I’m honestly surprised you haven’t heard donna or pam gossiping about it but… my dad is out of prison. He’s back in town.

Thomas: Deacon?

[ Man groaning ]

[ Clinking ]

Deacon: Dammit sheila, dammit! Come on, come on!

[ Sheila giggling ] God. Ugh.

Sheila: I hear the third cup is a charm. But you surprised me. I really thought someone like you would hold their liquor better.

Deacon: Your bedside manner sucks.

Sheila: Well, excuse my frustration. I hauled you up here, you passed out. That was not my idea of a great night.

Deacon: Oh, what’s a matter, were you expecting a little something else?

Sheila: I wouldn’t touch you deacon, even if I wanted to slap you. Now can we just call it straight on the children?

Deacon: You know, coming up here was a mistake, and hooking up with you is a recipe for disaster. Sheila, if I’m gonna have any relationship with my daughter, come on. I can’t be anywhere near you.

Sheila: You’re never gonna get past liam and the forresters on your own.

Deacon: Well, you know, that’s not really any of your business. Same as whatever’s going on with your son has nothing to do with me.

Sheila: Your daughter hung up on you last night.

Deacon: She wants to have a relationship with me. I mean why else would she have written me all the letters in prison? You know, I just… I just gotta get through to her. And I’m gonna make that happen. Today.

Zende: On a scale from one to ten, how freaked out do you think hope is right now?

Thomas: Look, deacon is about as low as they get, but hope has a soft spot for him.

Zende: He is her dad, right?

Thomas: Yeah, I don’t know if it’s that, though. It’s like hope has this ability to see good in people no matter who they are.

Zende: Talkin’ about liam?

Thomas: Talkin’ about me. But you know, I don’t know what deacon being back means for hope or her family.

Paris: Hey, sorry. I don’t want to be an interruption.

Zende: You could never be an interruption.

Paris: Hi. I was looking for hope. I wanted to go over some forrester foundation stuff.

Thomas: Yeah, actually she just stepped out. She’s on a conference call.

Paris: Is everything all right? I heard you mention deacon, and what it might mean for hope. Who is deacon?

Thomas: That’s a long, ugly story.

Zende: Featuring hope’s father.

Hope: No, the pleasure’s all mine. All right. We’ll talk soon.

Deacon: Shh, it’s okay. It’s dad. It’s dad. It’s me.

Hope: Dad, hi.

Deacon: Hey. I had to get past security.

Hope: How did you know I would be in here and I was alone?

Deacon: I got my ways. You know, I tried to call you last night.

Hope: Yeah, but dad, you can’t be here.

Deacon: Yeah, I know, I know.

Hope: If someone sees you–

Deacon: I’m complicating your life. I know, I’m sorry. I just want to say I’m sorry for everything. I know I’ve said it before. I know I’ve let you down. I just– I want you to understand, I’m different now.

Hope: Why should I believe you this time?

Deacon: I was in my cell, and I was reading. I was reading one of your letters, and it got me thinking about my past. I’ve got so many regrets, and you were talking about that doctor, the one who stole your baby and you thought you’d lost your daughter. Only to be reunited months later. And you were talking about the hurt. The thought of losing another child was the worst hurt you’d ever gone through. And that the pain was so bad that you… you thought you might die. And… the fact that I couldn’t be there for you. The fact that I couldn’t just hold you and… um, wipe away your tears. It just–I… it broke me. And I said to myself that if I ever get out of there, I will do whatever it takes to be a part of your life. Hope, please. I know that I can be the father you deserve. Just give me another chance.

From the very first touch,

Thomas: Apparently hope has been sending deacon letters for quite some time.

Paris: So, she really wants to connect with him.

Zende: He will definitely use her love to get what he wants.

Paris: And that is?

Thomas: I don’t know exactly, but I’m sure it’ll be self-serving.

Zende: It usually ends up with hope being hurt.

[ Phone chiming ]

Thomas: Finally!

Zende: What is it?

Thomas: My realtor said that my seller’s agreed to the reduction. The deal’s closed. Drawing up the paperwork. Yes!

Paris: Oh wow, congratulations!

Zende: Finally! I feel like they were giving you the run around for a while.

Thomas: Yeah, but you know what? This place is worth it. It’s perfect for me.

Zende: So, what are you gonna do with your apartment?

Thomas: I’ll just sublet it. Wait a minute, you’ve been living with your friend after you moved out of steffy and finn’s, right?

Paris: Yeah, finding the right place has been really hard.

Thomas: Okay, well, why don’t you, why don’t you just take my apartment? It’s fully furnished.

Paris: What? No. No, I can’T.

Thomas: Seriously. You can have it for free.

Paris: No, thomas, that’s way too much.

Thomas: It’s not too much, you’re a part of the forrester family. We’re friends, okay? This is what friends do for each other. Look, at least come take a look at it. And if you like it, it’s yours.

Paris: Okay, but I’m going to pay my own way. There are a lot of people out there who can’t, and I am fortunate.

Thomas: Okay.

Paris: Thank you.

Thomas: I actually need to head over there right now if you want to see it.

Paris: Yeah, I’d love to.

Zende: See? I told you it would all work out.

Deacon: I know I can be a terrific father. I really can. I just need the chance to prove it. I also know that you’ve got a lot of people buzzing in your ear telling you horrible stuff about me, and sadly, it’s true. But, but, what’s also true is that I love you. Look, I just… I just want a chance to be the father that you deserve. I wanna be a grandfather to beth. Please. Please, I’m so excited to meet her. I just… want to be back in your life.

Hope: I don’t know what to believe.

Deacon: Hope, just–

Hope: Dad, no. I don’t–

[ Sighing ] I don’t know. Okay, I do know that mom, and ridge and liam certainly don’t want you in my life.

Deacon: Is that what you want?

Hope: I just… I think I just want all of this to slow down. You know, maybe if we grab a coffee or lunch, or something, in public. But you coming here like this. I mean, dad, that’s not a good idea.

Deacon: Is this you talking, or is this them?

[ Door opening ]

Liam: What the hell are you doing here?

Deacon: I came to see my daughter. Like it or not, liam. I’m her father.

Liam: Oh yeah, you’re her father all right. And what kind of father have you been?

Deacon: You know, I’ve been a pretty awful one. Which is exactly why I’m here asking for a second chance. Look, I didn’t come here to con, I didn’t come here to manipulate. I just want a relationship with my daughter. And I want to see beth.

Liam: Absolutely… absolutely not!

Hope: Liam, please.

Liam: Hope, this is what deacon does. Right here, right now. This is it. He’s doing iT.

Deacon: Deep down, hope wants to have a relationship with me.

Liam: Oh my god, get out! Get out! You have caused hope and her entire family nothing but pain.

Deacon: All right, I didn’t come to fight, I just came to tell my daughter… that you have grown up into a beautiful, exceptional woman. Hope, I love you.

Thomas: So, now that I got the house, I mean, you could move in today if you think it’s a good fit.

Paris: It’s great.

Thomas: Well, it’s a great neighborhood, there is a place for pizza right around the corner, and they have live music. They also, after four P.M., You can get all you can eat wings for like ten bucks.

Paris: Mm. Now you’re speaking my language. I thought super rich la guys were just into quinoa and green juice.

Thomas: Ew, no. No, no, no. Look, I know this place isn’t exactly my sister’S. It’s not in malibu, it’s not right on the beach, but it’s–

Paris: Well, it’s perfect. And I’m way more of a city girl than a beach bunny, anyways.

Thomas: Ah.

Paris: Are you sure about this?

Thomas: Yeah, yeah. No, I got my new place, so– actually, I can text over to the management company, have them send you the sublet paperwork right now. Um, look, paris, I’d love for you to live here.

Paris: Deal. Thank you so much.

Thomas: Oh, yeah.

Liam: God, the fact alone that we would just show up like that. You okay?

Hope: Yeah, I’m fine.

Liam: By the way, how did he get past security, ’cause don’t they have a whole–

Hope: Liam, I appreciate that you’re so worried about me, but I really wish you weren’t so harsh with him.

Liam: I’m harsh because I’m trying to protect you. Okay, I know… I know I’m coming on real strong here. I see that. And I know it’s overbearing. But, hope, you have such a good heart. I mean, you have the biggest heart out of anybody I know.

Hope: But…

Liam: But, it makes you vulnerable. Like, people like deacon and sheila, they’re just not the kind of people that change. Even if they really want to.

Hope: And what if you’re wrong about him? You know, he’s had a lot of time to think about his life and what he wants and… is it that crazy to think that he loves me enough to change?

Liam: You tell me. Are you willing to take that gamble? I know I’m being harsh, I just don’t want him to hurt you anymore than he already has. And the best way to achieve that is to not let him be a part of your life.

[ Door knocking ]

Deacon: Hey.

Sheila: That bad, huh? Sorry.

Deacon: Yeah, sure.

Sheila: I mean it. I know what it’s like to be rejected by your child.

Deacon: Yeah, but see, that’s just it. That’s just it. I wasn’t rejected. Hope and I were standing there and she wanted to give me another chance. And then…liam walks in.

Sheila: What’d he say?

Deacon: What did he say? He talked to me like I was a piece of garbage. Like I was nothing. I have spent so much time fighting the forresters, and now I gotta fight liam spencer?

Sheila: Yeah, well, I have fought the forresters, too. And now I have to contend with steffy.

Deacon: Maybe we’re the problem. Maybe we ought to… maybe we ought to just quit. Sheila, the forresters are never gonna let you around them.

Sheila: You’re telling me to give up on finn and hayes? My own son and grandson?

Deacon: You’re never gonna have a relationship with them, so yes. Yes, before this goes too far because you are starting to get obsessed again. Everybody knows what happens when you think you should have something. I mean, you did it with lauren fenmore, you did it with eric forrester. Look, you just, you need to stop and realize what you can’t control. So, you need to leave your son, and the forresters the hell alone.

[ Sinister music ]

Thomas: Okay, so all this was already in your car.

Paris: Well, yeah. My friend didn’t have a lot of closet space, so.

Thomas: Oh, you want me to start moving this stuff to the bedroom?

Paris: No, no. You’ve already helped so much and I e-signed the sublet while I was out there.

Thomas: Oh, then this place is officially yours. Congratulations.

Paris: Thank you. And if you’re up for it, I would love to treat you to some of those wings that you were talking about. Show my gratitude.

Thomas: You’re on.

[ Phone ringing ] Oh, it’s my realtor. I gotta take this. But, make yourself at home. It is your home. Hello? Yeah. Okay. Am I sitting down? What do you mean? What? No, no, that’s not possible because they accepted my offer. Okay. All right, yeah. Okay, thanks.

[ Scoffs ] I can’t believe this. Um… well, I guess the seller backed out. He just gave the place to his buddy instead. I guess I’m not moving after all.

Deacon: I just came to tell my daughter that you have grown up into a beautiful, exceptional woman. Hope, I love you. If hope wants me out of her life… sheila: She said she wanted a relationship with you, then liam interfered.

Deacon: What could I do? That’s her husband. I mean, if for some reason, she doesn’t want me around, that’s how it’s gotta be. It’s the same thing with your son. I mean, if he doesn’t want you in his life, you gotta give him what he wants.

Sheila: What are you gonna do? What, are you gonna leave town? You’re gonna go from job to job?

Deacon: I don’t know what I’m gonna do, okay? But what I do know is that I haven’t earned a place in hope’s life. The same as you haven’t earned a place in finn’s life. Sheila, you know, maybe we just need to admit that we lost.

Sheila: You know what I hate more than anything, deacon? Someone with a defeatist attitude. A coward. Someone who gives up. No one had a perfect upbringing. But when there’s blood between a mother and a son, and a father and a daughter, you don’t give up. That blood bond is something that cannot be broken. I will have a place in my son’s life. In my grandson’s life. In the forresters’ life. Yu understand? Am I a mother that’s obsessed because I want to see my son? Yes. What’s really surprising me here right now is that you’re not. I thought you told me that you cared about hope.

Deacon: Hope means everything to me.

Sheila: Well, then do something about it. Together, we can get our kids back. But, you know what? If you would feel better crawling back into that bottle that you came out of, you go right ahead. But, I’m gonna be a part of my son’s life. I’m gonna be a part of my grandson’s life. And there is nothing that steffy and the forresters can do to stop me. I won’t stop until I get what I want. And you know what, deacon? I always get what I want. I always get what I want.

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