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Victoria: Something’s wrong. What is it?

Ashland: I’m through hiding things from you —

Victor: We are having a discussion, the kind a father has with his future son-in-law when he’s about to marry his daughter.

Victoria: Well, it’s a little late to be asking him what his intentions are, don’t you think?

Ashland: You’re right. Victor and I are determined to make sure there are no surprises, that this wedding goes off without a hitch, and that we can savor the celebration.

Victoria: Which means there’s something that needs to be dealt with that you’re not telling me.

Victor: Sweetheart, all you have to know is that I have any potential threat to you, to the wedding, or to ashland under control. I give you my word, alright? So, you two get ready. I’ll see you at the party. Goodbye, sweetheart.

Victoria: You look pale. And my father doesn’t fool me. What is this really about?

Jack: Hey!

Billy: Hey.

Jack: Look who’s here. When did you get in?

Billy: Not long ago. Hello, nikki.

Nikki: Hello, welcome. Where are lily and the kids?

Billy: Driver’s at the airport. They should be getting in any second. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to take care of something.

Jack: What do you think that’s about?

Nikki: Who knows? But I don’t like the sound of it.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] After you left earlier, I had a little trouble breathing.

Victoria: How bad was it?

Ashland: Well, it was really nothing. It lasted a short while. Not gonna get in the way of the festivities.

Victoria: Well, should I ask nate to come check on you?

Ashland: No, no, no, no. There’s certainly no need. Ironically enough, billy was the one who came to my rescue.

Victoria: Billy’s here? I haven’t seen him yet.

Ashland: Yeah, he’s probably laying low.

Victoria: Well [Sighs] Given that he’s been flooding my phone with messages, I assumed that he’d be banging on my door the moment that he arrived. He seems eager to confront me with his news that he thinks i need to know.

Ashland: Well, there’s nothing billy can tell you that you don’t already know.

Victoria: Well, mom told him not to come, but I’m actually glad that he did because i cannot wait to see how crushed he will be when he sees that he flew all this way for nothing.

Ashland: That’ll be very satisfying for you.

Victoria: I wonder why i haven’t seen him yet. Do you think he’s avoiding me?

Ashland: He’s probably mapping out his grand entrance or something like that. I say we don’t give the guy another thought.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] That sounds good to me.

Ashland: Right. I’m gonna finish getting ready, and then we can head downstairs and welcome all of our family and friends who came to cheer us on.

Victoria: Okay.

Phyllis: Seriously? We’re going to leave? I mean, I got this dress and — and, I mean, we should’ve just gone back home after milan.

Nick: I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I’d feel like this until after we arrived.

Phyllis: Alright. Okay, if you want to leave, we’ll leave. If you want to stay and keep on working on victoria, we’ll stay. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll even keep, you know, the disparaging remarks about victoria to myself.

Nick: I’ve said everything that I can think of to sway her, and nothing’s working. Now, she said she’s not gonna kick me out, but I don’t want to be this dark cloud hanging over her wedding.

Phyllis: Alright, I’ll just do whatever you want. I mean, honestly, I’m only here because of you. We both know I wouldn’t have made the guest list otherwise.

Nick: Then let’s just leave.

Noah: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean leave? I just got here, dad.

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Noah: I could tell how preoccupied you were at summer and kyle’s ceremony. Something wasn’t right.

Nick: Yeah. I didn’t want anyone to notice that, noah.

Noah: Well, you did a great job covering. Every time there was a quiet moment, I saw that look in your eye. And now, what, you guys are talking about not even staying for victoria’s wedding?

Phyllis: Um, you know, I’m gonna let you guys talk in private. Father-son time. I’ll do whatever you want.

Noah: Come on, man, talk to me. What’s going on?

Nick: I did some checking into ashland’s past behind victoria’s back. She found out about it and she felt betrayed.

Noah: Did you learn something bad?

Nick: It doesn’t matter what I found out. Didn’t affect her decision at all to go through with this wedding.

Noah: He clearly didn’t win you over.

Nick: I just need to accept the fact that my sister’s gonna make her own decisions without my input.

Noah: So tell her that.

Nick: I have tried. Nothing works. She refuses to accept my apologies.

Noah: Wait, so you’re running away because your feelings are hurt?

Nick: I’m not running away from anything, noah, alright? I just don’t want to be somewhere where I’m not wanted.

Noah: Well, that sounds like an excuse to me. Victoria probably just needs some time. If her forgiveness is really that important to you, stick around and fight for it.

Nick: Of course it’s important. I never would’ve looked into ashland’s past if I didn’t care about her.

Noah: Alright, so it might be hard for her to see that. Big deal. You know, if you taught me one thing, it’s not to walk away from a challenge. Figure out a way to overcome and work things out. Given there was also plenty of other meaningless father-son lessons I ignored, this isn’t one of them. And I’ll be really disappointed in my old man if he doesn’t follow through on his own advice.

Victor: Well.

Nikki: How are the bride and groom? Do I need to check on them?

Victor: They’re just fine. They’ll be here shortly.

Nikki: Okay, um…

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: I saw billy a few minutes ago. He seemed skittish. That’s never a good sign.

Victor: Baby, don’t you worry, okay? I have my eye on billy boy abbott. Trust me, nothing and no one will ruin this celebration. Nothing.

Jack: There seems to be some intrigue afoot.

Nate: Yeah, we picked up on that, too.

Jack: I just hope it has nothing to do with my brother.

Elena: Well, planning such a big event has got to be stressful, and a destination wedding in italy is probably extra difficult.

Nate: I wonder if I should go check on ashland.

Leslie: Ah, and where’s the happy couple?

Victor: My goodness, leslie brooks. How nice to see you. You look beautiful.

Leslie: Oh, after traveling all day, I think not.

Nikki: No, no, my husband is right. You look sensational. We are so thrilled that you will be able to be at victoria’s wedding.

Leslie: Well, I’m delighted that it worked out with my concert schedule.

Jack: Well, believe me, the pleasure is all ours.

Leslie: Jack abbott, how long has it been?

Jack: We have a lot of catching up to do.

Leslie: We do indeed.

Jack: First, though, I’d like you to meet a couple dear friends. Leslie brooks, dr. Nate hastings, dr. Elena dawson.

Victor: Just in case anyone asks if there’s a doctor in the house.

Nikki: Oh.

[ Laughter ]

Leslie: Well, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.

Elena: It’s so exciting to meet a famous concert pianist.

Jack: Yes, leslie is one of genoa city’s own and the least likely to ever be a celebrity.

Nikki: Ahh, but her playing. When victor and I heard you in milan last spring for my birthday, we were absolutely transported.

Victor: It was a hell of a show, if you don’t mind my saying so.

Leslie: Oh, not at all, victor. I’m flattered.

Nikki: Well, we are just thrilled that you’ll be able to play for victoria and ashland’s ceremony.

Leslie: Well, I’m honored to be included. Your daughter deserves every happiness.

Jack: Well, I will drink to that.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

Jack: Hey, hey. What’s going on? You’re sniffing around here like a bloodhound.

Billy: Just a little confused. I guess lily arrived early and she’s here, and I can’t find her anywhere.

Jack: Oh, come on, the place is big, it’s not that big. And why would lily and the kids be avoiding the one place everyone’s gathering?

Billy: You know, jack, will there ever be a day that you are not suspicious of me?

Jack: I know how you feel about this wedding. I know you have doubts about ashland. It is not that far a reach to think you might be up to something.

Billy: Oh, look at that. Lily just texted me. She is here, and she’s lost, so I guess this place is that big,after all.

Phyllis: Where’s he rushing off to?

Jack: That’s a good question.

Victoria: Hey, listen. Are you sure you’re ready for this? I mean, maybe we’ve planned too many events. We’ve got this cocktail party, the big family ceremony, and then the reception afterwards.

Ashland: I am more than ready. I can’t wait to welcome our guests to witness the happiest event of my life. Are you ready?

Victoria: I’m ready.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: Here they are, everyone, the bride and the groom.

[ Applause ] Yawns “okay okay, I’m up, I’m up!”

Victoria: I am so elated to have you here.

Leslie: Oh, well, I remember you as a young girl at nikki and victor’s first wedding. What a wonderful moment this is.

Victor: We have come full circle.

Victoria: Yes, we have. Um, leslie, may I present my fiancé, ashland locke.

Ashland: Enchanted.

Leslie: Oh. I am pleased to meet the man who’s put that radiant smile on victoria’s face.

Ashland: I believe I have every one of your tchaikovsky recordings going back to the ’80s. Each one more exquisite than the next.

Leslie: Oh, well, I don’t think I can even say that.

[ Laughter ]

Ashland: I know this may be a bit of a busman’s holiday, but could I impose on you to play one of my favorite pieces, “sonata rom*ntica in g major”?

Nikki: I love that one.

Leslie: Oh, well, it will be my pleasure to oblige as a gift to the happy couple.

Nikki: Oh.

Leslie: Yes, and I’m looking forward to accompanying tessa porter on your wedding song.

[ Chuckles ] And I hope you don’t mind if i let loose and play a little jazz on that exquisite piano.

Victor: By all means.

Leslie: As the evening progress.

Nikki: It’ll take me right back the allegro days.

Leslie: Oh, then it’s a deal. Aww. Okay.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: Shall we?

Leslie: Shall we?

Nikki: I’m going to sit here and listen.

Leslie: Yes.

Phyllis: Love the way she’s tickling the ivories. Alright. I’ll just shut up and enjoy the setting and the ambiance and the company.

Elena: A private performance from a world-renowned pianist. I hate to add more pressure. That speech of yours has a lot to live up to.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: Seems like everyone’s showing up big time for victoria and ashland.

Nate: Yeah, the bar just keeps getting higher. Luckily, I thrive on competition. And I’m starting to get inspired. Look how happy they are.

Elena: Yeah. Victor and nikki seem really happy, too.

Billy: Damn it, where are you?

Lily: I’m right here.

Billy: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: I’m sorry. I didn’t even know you arrived. You didn’t text me.

Lily: Yeah. That’s okay. Sorry, I was busy juggling the kids and luggage with minimal italian. And the staff told me they would alert you.

Billy: Yeah, well, no one told me.

Lily: Okay. Well, that’s fine. Kids are napping. They’re very cranky after the flight. And I was gonna get changed and meet you at the party.

Billy: Okay.

Lily: You seem less than excited to see me, which is very annoying given how much traveling I’ve just done.

Billy: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I am thrilled to see you. I am, and thankful that you brought the kids with you all that way. They are going to love it here. It is actually spectacular. And I’ve missed you.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Okay. I missed you, too.

Billy: How’s mattie?

Lily: She’s good. She’s better. I mean, even though she’s brilliant, she’s having a hard time finding people on her wavelength, but it’s alright. I wish you were there.

Billy: Yeah, me too.

Lily: Whoa, whoa, wait a second, actually. Um…if you didn’t know I was here, who were you expecting to find when you came bursting into the room?

Billy: What do you mean?

Lily: Okay, you’re all flustered. What have you done now? Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Billy: What have I done? You automatically jump to accusations.

Lily: I know how you get when one of your plans have gone awry.

Billy: Well, maybe I’m just out of sorts because I missed you and the kids so much.

Lily: No, you said that you had to fly here early to tell victoria some important information, so what was it?

Billy: I found persuasive evidence that ashland locke committed fraud. He changed camilla rhodes’ will and made himself the beneficiary.

Lily: Wow, that’s huge.

Billy: I know.

Lily: So how — how did you find this evidence?

Billy: Well, the evidence is a person. Jesse gaines.

Lily: Wait, you found him? How did you get him to tell you?

Billy: I paid him off.

Lily: How much?

Billy: A hefty sum.

Lily: How hefty?

Billy: A duffel bag full of cash.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Ah, okay, go one.

Billy: Look, it was enough to get him to flip on ashland and tell me everything he knows about his criminal past.

Lily: And how long were you gonna keep me in the dark about this?

Billy: I couldn’t sit on it, lily. You were in california taking care of mattie, and obviously the wedding was fast approaching.

Lily: Yeah, no, I — I mean, I’ll admit, this is information that victoria needs to hear. What did she say when you showed her the evidence?

Billy: I haven’t told her yet.

Lily: Why not?

Billy: Because I lost the evidence.

Nick: I mean, I see your point. I’m still not convinced that staying’s a good option.

Noah: Alright, look. Have a drink. Get your head in the game, alright? I’m gonna go say hi to victoria. Excuse me, do you know where i can find the bride?

Victoria: Oh, my gosh, noah! Come here, give me a hug. It’s so good to see you.

Noah: It’s good to see you, too.

Victoria: I’m so glad that you were able to make the trip.

Noah: Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t miss it. You must be ashland. I’m noah newman. I’m nick and sharon’s son.

Ashland: I know exactly who you are, and it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.

Noah: Same here. You’re a lucky guy to win my aunt’s heart.

Ashland: Don’t I know it?

Noah: Excellent choice in best man, by the way. Nate, he’s — he’s done a lot for the family over the years.

Victoria: Yes, he’s been a rock for ashland, too, as he’s undergone his treatments.

Noah: Right. I hope that’s all working out. It’s your guys’ wedding celebration, so if you don’t want to talk about it right now…

Ashland: No, no, no, it’s part of our life together. In fact, it’s in our vows — “till death do us part.”

[ Laughs ]

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] My soon-to-be husband has a very warped sense of humor sometimes.

Noah: Sounds like we’ll get along just fine.

Ashland: From everything your aunt tells me, I believe you’re right.

Noah: I hope we find the time to get to know each other better. If not this trip, next time I’m home for a visit.

Ashland: Well, you never mentioned how charming your nephew was.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: I have to wonder where he gets that from.

Noah: Hey, don’t get mad, but I had to convince my dad to stick around.

Summer: Buona sera, everyone!

Nikki: Oh!

[ Applause ]

Summer: Hi! [ Chuckles ]

Lily: Wait, you lost the evidence? How?

Billy: Gaines is the evidence. I need him to tell victoria because she’s not gonna believe it coming from me.

Lily: Wait a second, are you saying that you brought gaines here to tuscany? Billy, what were you thinking?

Billy: My plan was to introduce gaines to victoria discreetly, and he could tell her everything he knows about ashland and then she can make whatever choice she wants, but now gaines is missing.

Phyllis: Oh!

Summer: Hi. Hi. Where’s dad? Hi.

Victoria: Oh, look at you!

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: Good to see you.

Victoria: Congratulations. You’re glowing.

Kyle: Oh, well, thank you.

Victoria: I wish I could’ve been there.

Summer: No, no, I get it. You were busy tying things up at work so you could take some actual time off, and I was just crazed with all the details on my end until the last second, so we just had a tiny little ceremony.

Victoria: Well, it doesn’t really matter what size it is, planning a wedding is a lot more work than you would think.

Summer: Right?

Victoria: Yes.

Summer: Well, I am just so happy that we can all be here to celebrate with you, and I am very much looking forward to being a guest and not the center of attention.

Kyle: And she’s not just talking about being a bride. Summer gets recognized on the street all the time now. We can’t go into a café in the fashion district without people checking out what she’s wearing.

Summer: No, I do not leave the house unless every hair is in place now.

[ Chuckles ]

Nick: I always knew my supergirl was gonna be a star.

Victoria: Well, it sounds very glamorous.

Ashland: Victoria and I are so thrilled that you guys are here. And most importantly, that you are taking such good care of harrison. Where is he, by the way?

Harrison: Father!

Ashland: Oh, buddy, look at you! Oh, my goodness! It’s so good to see you.

[ Laughs ] Mm. Yawns “okay okay, I’m up, I’m up!”

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Summer: I’m his only friend.

Kyle: [ Laughs ]

Summer: No, it was just us.

Kyle: No, yeah. My father…

Summer: No.

Kyle: It was just us. What do you mean? What do you mean?

Summer: Just us.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Jack: Well, looks like maybe nick and victoria have called a truce, at least.

Phyllis: Really? Wow. Nick was ready to leave earlier.

Jack: Wait, really?

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, maybe noah convinced him to stay. He talked to him. Nick didn’t want to make the wedding uncomfortable, so… but I don’t know, maybe he changed his mind.

Jack: Well, I hope noah got through to him. I’d hate for you to have to leave already.

Nate: That was sublime, leslie, really.

Leslie: Oh, why, thank you. Thank you so much.

Elena: So I have to ask, does it ever get old, people asking you to perform when you visit?

Leslie: Oh, well, it comes with the profession. I mean, you’re doctors, so you know. I’m sure people are always asking you about their ailments, and would you refuse to give them medical expertise?

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: That is a really good point.

Leslie: Well, I believe when you have a gift, it’s your duty to share it. I mean, besides, I love to perform and I’d do anything for victor and nikki’s family. Victoria seems so happy, and your ashland’s best man, so you must know him pretty well. What do you think of him?

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Believe it or not, we didn’t meet that long ago, so I don’t know much about his past, but I’m impressed with the man I’ve gotten to know.

Leslie: Well, from what i understand, victoria and ashland are devoted to starting fresh, writing a new chapter for the rest of their lives. I’m all for that. Why look back?

Nate: I agree. What really matters is where they go from here.

Nikki: It’s so nice having noah here.

Nick: It is, isn’t it?

Nikki: He’s grown into such a talented, confident young man. He reminds me a lot of you.

Nick: It’s funny you say that. He offered me some of the same wisdom I gave him when he was growing up, you know, after i tried and failed to work things out with victoria.

Nikki: Failed? What are you talking about? You didn’t fail. You’re still here. I assumed that meant you’d worked things out.

Nick: She relented and said i could stay, but I’m not sure it’s the best idea.

Nikki: Don’t you dare tell me you’re thinking about leaving.

Nick: Let’s just see how it plays out, okay? I said my piece, I did my best to convince her that everything I did was for sake. I can’t force her to be okay with it.

Nikki: Try to be patient with your sister. That’s my sage advice.

Phyllis: I don’t know, I’m not sure about anything. But now I want to stay, if for no other reason but to spend time with my daughter now. That wedding was gorgeous. She was gorgeous. That was a beautiful, intimate affair, unlike this newman event that’s filled with fireworks and…

Jack: I thought you liked a little drama.

Phyllis: I do like drama, but not like this. It’s like I can never say the right thing to nick about his sister, ever. I’m an outsider in that family, you know that.

[ Sighs ] The way they treat each other, it’s horrific.

Jack: Listen to me. You are not an outsider, certainly not with nick.

Phyllis: Okay, you don’t have to do that, you know that, right? What can I du with less asthma?

Jack: I’m merely being supportive of nick, that’s all.

Phyllis: I know, I know. You’re so supportive of nick and so supportive of us as a couple.

Jack: And that’s a bad thing because?

Phyllis: Because stop trying to overcompensate because of what you said before. I know you’re not trying to get in between us. I know that. You have nothing to prove.

Jack: Okay, I never intended to do that. Maybe you’re right. Maybe subconsciously, I was doing that. I only want what’s best for you.

Phyllis: Ohhh, that’s exhausting.

Jack: My having your back is exhausting?

Phyllis: Yes. Stop trying to humor me. Stop trying to be so careful, you know? It’s annoying. I know, I can be annoying. That’s okay. Let’s just go back to normal.

Jack: Whatever you say.

Summer: So I saw you talking to dad. What is with the mood he’s been in? ‘Cause he seemed really weird in milan, and it seems like he still is.

Noah: He and victoria aren’t in the best place right now.

Summer: Why? What’s going on between the two of them?

Noah: Dad looked into some things she didn’t want looked into, and now she’s totally put out by him.

Summer: You know, I am so surprised that they can still fight at this stage. You know, they have to know that they’re gonna make up eventually, so why put all the energy into it?

Noah: Come on, do you think people ever really grow out of sibling rivalry?

Summer: Um, I think we did.

Noah: Yeah, I’d give us a little bit more time, but…

[ Both laugh ]

Summer: Okay.

Noah: I don’t love being away from the family, but I really don’t miss the constant drama.

Summer: Yeah, I get it. I mean, I miss everyone from back home so much, but milan is amazing and it’s chaos-free and it is a really nice change of pace.

Noah: I can tell europe agrees with you.

Summer: Well, once I got to be with kyle again, it made all the difference.

Noah: Yeah, you married old lady.

Summer: Oh, no. Two weddings in a row. They’re gonna expect you to be next.

Noah: You know, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. The settling down part, that is.

Summer: Really? Okay, because I thought that you loved being the hip artist living in london, dating all the international goddesses. What?

Noah: Come on, we both know what it’s like to have parents who can never be content with one relationship for too long. Kind of makes you feel like you can’t trust anything will last.

Summer: Yeah. Yeah, I suppose so.

Noah: Yeah, I think that’s why you realized you wanted to be with kyle for the rest of your life. The whole roller coaster thing, it starts to get old.

Summer: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I mean, kyle and I have been through a lot of turmoil — mostly my fault, ’cause of my indecision. But, yeah, we were on and off again for such a long time until we just figured out that that’s not what we want and we wanted to be together forever.

Noah: I really admire that. Hope to have it for myself someday.

Summer: Hey, you should come for a long visit. No, seriously, I have met so many amazing women that I can introduce you to. They’re entrepreneurs, designers. I — seriously.

[ Gasps ] Oh, and then you can move to milan and we can hang out all the time!

Noah: Yeah, I have been considering a change of scenery.

Lily: You actually brought gaines here to italy? Like, what were you hoping to accomplish, some sort of theatrical newsworthy exposure of ashland right before his wedding?

Billy: No, I didn’t want this to be some big showdown, okay? And I don’t even plan on publishing the information. I simply want victoria that she’s about to marry a liar and a fraud.

Lily: Right.

Billy: She can make her own choice after that, okay? But right now…

Lily: Okay, well, you have a problem. You lost control of the narrative along with the narrator. So are you telling me that gaines is lurking around the palazzo somewhere?

Billy: I’m assuming he is. I mean, it’s a big house. I searched the property. I searched everywhere. I don’t know where he is.

Lily: Who knows, maybe he went to go explore?

Billy: I don’t think so. I thought maybe victor had something to do with it, like his security team found him, but —

Lily: No, if that were the case, victor would’ve tossed you out, too.

Billy: Yeah. Look, gaines has an axe to grind. He despises ashland. My concern right now is that he has his own plan.

Jack: Hey, look, I don’t know if I said this enough in milan, but I couldn’t be happier for how you and summer have found your way back to each other. Here you are, starting a whole new life together.

Kyle: Thank you for making this move to italy work for us. I mean, that’s not just about jabot. I know you miss your new grandson, as well.

Jack: Yeah, I miss harrison and I miss you, but I’m incredibly proud of how you and summer have stepped up for that little boy.

Kyle: Summer and I love having harrison with us. It’s been fantastic.

Jack: I’m also proud of the way you have honored the bond between harrison and the man who raised him.

Kyle: Yeah, well, after everything blew up with tara and ashland getting sick, I wasn’t sure how harrison would do. I know he misses both of them, but every morning, that kid wakes up so joyful and serene, it’s just this miracle. Harrison’s happiness always comes first. Ashland’s someone who he feels safe with and who he loves. To be able to give my boy some time with him means a lot to me.

Jack: To see the man you’ve become, the father you’ve become, makes me smile. You know what really touches my heart? That you always put your son’s happiness first.

Kyle: I learned that from you, dad. Can’t thank you enough.

[ Taps on glass ]

Victor: May I have your attention, please? I want to welcome all of you. I want to thank you for coming from far and wide to be at this momentous occasion, the wedding of my beautiful victoria to ashland locke, a man I’ve come to know and respect. As you know, ashland came to genoa city for business, and he stayed for love. Ashland and I have known each other in the world of business for a while. Knew him to be tough and ruthless, almost as ruthless as I am.

[ Laughter ] But I’m not worried about victoria. She’s a worthy adversary. As a matter of fact, in her wheeling and dealing with ashland, she discovered that he was a good match for her. They combined efforts and their business brilliance and they merged two very powerful companies and created what is really an empire. An empire I hope will continue honoring the legacy of both newman and locke. Now, not only did they merge in the boardroom, but — and this is most important to me — I saw them be very loving with each other. It means a hell of a lot to me. You know that as her father, I’ll always worry, so as her mother. For that matter, one always worries about who one’s child falls in love with. And as a father, I can tell you that one never thinks that any man is good enough for one’s daughter. But you’re a good man, ashland. I’ve learned to respect you. So, without further ado, my beautiful wife, nikki, and I — as you know, we really cherish family — want to welcome you, ashland, into our family. And all of you will vow to support this union. So, in the words often spoken in this beautiful country, let us toast to the couple and to our family.

A la famiglia.

All: A la famiglia.

[ Glasses clinking ] Yawns “okay okay, I’m up, I’m up!”

Ashland: That was one heck of a speech, victor. It meant a lot. Thank you very much.

Victor: Ashland, I meant every word of it, okay? Now, let’s make sure that billy boy doesn’t ruin things, okay?

Ashland: I’m gonna go look for him now and make sure he doesn’t do any more damage.

Victor: Careful.

Gaines: Ashland. Many happy returns of the day.

Elena: Whatever you have planned for your speech, I think you’re gonna have to start from scratch. Victor pretty much covered all of the material I could imagine you saying.

Nate: Actually, he didn’T. It just so happens, when we were chatting with leslie earlier, something she said inspired me to come up with my own perfect angle.

Elena: Oh, really? That sounds great. Let’s hear it.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] I’m not a traditional best man. Ashland and I are from different generations. I don’t know him from the business world. We’re not former fraternity brothers or guys who grew up in the same town together. Ashland’s a new friend. Someone I’ve come to know under extraordinary circumstances, which speaks to the kind of man he is. His character and fortitude in the face of adversity. Who’s marrying victoria, someone I do know and want the best for.

Elena: I loved it. It wasn’t stilted at all or clichéd or trite. It was heartfelt and honest, just like the man giving the speech.

Nate: Whew! That’s what I was going for.

Elena: Well, mission accomplished. Now I guess we can focus on the romance of italy, this amazing wedding.

Nate: And my amazing date.

Ashland: What the hell are you up to, gaines, and what are you and billy abbott planning?

Gaines: Oh, and spoil the surprise? No, I’d rather see you sweating for a bit.

Ashland: You smug bastard.

Gaines: That was quite a tribute the old man just gave, wasn’t it? Maybe I should walk into that fancy party and reveal to everyone how you built your empire on deceit and criminal behavior. Or maybe I’ll wait and announce it tomorrow right before the ceremony. Or maybe I’ll make you so nervous that you’ll feel like you have no other choice but to call off the wedding. Wouldn’t that be devastating for everyone?

Victoria: Ashland, you out here?

Gaines: Enjoy the rest of your evening, lovebirds.

Victoria: That was jesse gaines, wasn’t it?

Ashland: I’m gonna call security and let them handle this.

Victoria: No, don’T. I know exactly how to handle this.

Lily: If gaines is working his own angle, what do you think he’s gonna do?

Billy: I don’t know. I mean, he was very disappointed that I didn’t plan on interrupting the wedding.

Lily: Okay, you cannot let him wreck the ceremony.

Billy: I know. I know. Victoria will never, never forgive me.

[ Door opens ]

Victoria: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

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