Days Short Recap Monday October 11, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Roman to talk him out of financing Johnny’s movie. Roman said he knew John was afraid it would open up old wounds. Roman said he was over John and Marlena’s affair. John thought about his affair with Marlena. John couldn’t imagine their moment being recreated for a movie. John told Roman that he wasn’t worried about their affair being exposed. He was concerned about Marlena’s possession getting out. Roman said he would talk to Johnny about not putting Marlena’s possession in the script. Julie and Ciara talked about Ben’s reservations over being a father. Ciara said she would be okay with Ben’s decision. She said she wouldn’t push Ben to do something he didn’t want to do. Ciara comforted Julie when she brought up Doug. Ciara ended up leaving. Kayla went to see Julie. Kayla told her there was no change in Doug. Kayla wanted her to wait 24 hours before she could see him. Julie said she felt helpless. Kayla told her told pray. Julie said she would pray for Doug until she died.

The devil told Marlena not to let Ben leave her office. She asked Ben if he heard the devil’s voice. The devil said he had a direct line to her head and soul. Ben said he didn’t hear anything. The devil told Marlena to tell Ben to have a baby or he would go see Doug. Marlena told Ben that not having a baby would be a bad idea. Ben didn’t understand why she wanted him to pass on his genes. She said his child would grow up in a loving home unlike what he had. She said Ciara might resent him if he denied her a chance at having a child. Marlena told Ben to go home and make love to his wife and make a baby.  He noticed that she wasn’t acting like herself. He said she doesn’t tell him what to do. She said she didn’t want going down the wrong path. She said he worked hard to be with Ciara. He said she was right. He thanked her and everything. When Ben went home, he told Ciara if she wanted a baby, he was game. The devil told Marlena that she did a good. Marlena was confused. She asked what it had to do with Ben. The devil said he had plans for Ben’s baby.

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