Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Roman were upset that Johnny’s movie was about Marlena’s possession. John said he wouldn’t let Johnny make the movie. Allie said she didn’t think he could stop him. John said Will never got the rights to Marlena’s story when he wrote the script. John said he would talk to Marlena and she would stop Johnny from doing the movie. Marlena wanted to know what the devil wanted with Ben’s baby. The devil said the baby would inherit the genes of a serial killer. The devil thought it could turn into the perfect instrument of evil. She said Ben wasn’t evil. The devil said he had evil inside of him. He said it was a perfect blend of genes. It would have Ben’s potential for evil while being innocent with Ciara’s soul. The devil said the soul could be corrupted. He said it was what he wanted. Marlena wanted to know what he meant. The devil told her not to worry. She said she wouldn’t let him use Ben. She picked up the phone to warn Ben. John showed up to Marlena’s office. She got off the phone. He asked her about her session with Ben. She said she thought she led Ben down the wrong path. She wanted to talk to Ben. John stopped her. He took her home. John got Marlena in the bed. She said she was worried, but didn’t know why. He told her to take care of herself. He turned on a white noise machine before he left. The devil spoke to Marlena through the white noise machine. He told her to give in to him. She ended up levitating.

Ben told Ciara that he was ready to have a baby. He told her Marlena gave good advice. He said she was different today. He said it felt as if she had personal stake in them having a baby. Ciara said she only wanted him to do it if he wanted to. He said he couldn’t wait to have a baby with her. Roman ran into Johnny. Roman told him he was pulling his money out of the movie. Roman said he didn’t think Johnny understood why the movie was a bad idea. When Roman walked away, Johnny said that was going to ruin his movie. He said there was no on else to ask for money. Chad and Abby talked about the kiss in the movie. She reminded him that they were supposed to take things slowly. He said he wouldn’t rush her into anything. When they were about to kiss, EJ walked in. Chad and Abby told him they were rehearsing their lines for Johnny’s movie. Chad told EJ he was thinking about playing John in the movie. EJ wanted to know how he would handle working and being in a movie. They ended up arguing. EJ threatened to tell Mr. Shin about the movie. EJ said he shouldn’t have undermined with Johnny. Chad told Abby he wasn’t worried about Mr. Shin. Chad wanted to get back to the script. She wanted to check on the kids. He wanted to go with her so he could protect her from creatures with British accents. Johnny told EJ that his project was over before it got started. Johnny told him Roman pulled out of the movie. EJ offered to pay the money he needed. Johnny wanted to know what the catch was. Johnny said he knew there was one. EJ said there was one. He said he wanted to play John.

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