Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 13, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

The devil had Marlena levitating. He recapped everything that she did for him. He wanted her to give in to him Roman told John that he backed out of Johnny’s movie. John was happy that he backed out. John told him about the way Marlena has been acting. He said she was acting a little strange after her session with Ben. He said he didn’t tell her about Johnny’s movie. He said he wanted to protect her. Roman asked if she was worried about something else. John said she was worried about Doug and how he had to be committed. The devil told Marlena that Ben and Ciara’s child was important for the future. He said he needed the baby for himself. John continued to thank Roman for backing out of the movie. The devil continued to tell Marlena how much he needed the baby. He wanted to tell her what he had in store for the baby. Ben was concerned when the windows opened up when Ciara said they might have made a baby. She tried to convince him that nothing would happen. He wasn’t so sure about that.

Ciara told Ben that having a baby is life changing. She admitted that she was nervous too. Ben hoped he didn’t pass down his problems. He wanted to get treatment for the baby as soon as they see signs. John went to check on Marlena, but the door was locked. He was determined to get inside of the room. John got in the room and saw Marlena sleeping. She woke up when he touched her. He thought he heard voices in the room. John wanted to know if Marlena was on the phone. Marlena wanted to talk to Ben, but John didn’t want her to talk to him yet. Ciara didn’t think it was omen that they saw Rosemary’s Baby. Ben thought the movie might have been a bad sign for them. John told Marlena how Johnny planned on making his movie about her. She wanted to know why he wanted to make it about her. He explained why and that Roman backed out of the movie. He told her that he wasn’t making the movie. He didn’t want her to relive that part of her life. John said that everything from the past would stay in the past.

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