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Adam: Billy, whatever shred of decency you have left, whatever affection you still feel for Victoria should be enough to make you realize that you have to let her live her life. Why are you so hell-bent on sabotaging her happiness?

Billy: Actually, I’m trying to ensure her happiness.

Adam: Is that what you tell yourself? Man, how do you sleep at night?

Billy: Like a baby. Because I am entirely at peace with trying to stop Victoria from marrying a deceitful, duplicitous man like Ashland Locke.

Adam: Whatever the guy is or he isn’t, none of us — not me, not Victor, and certainly not you — have the right to throw stones. So, by tracking down this guy from his past, you just look petty and —

Billy: Oh, my god. I have no idea what you’re talking about. You keep mentioning this guy. Jamie Gams or whatever the hell his name is?


Billy: And it didn’t bother you then. Didn’t even raise a question. So, is there a specific threat that this guy poses now? Because so far, you’ve given me a bunch of basic information that, honestly, any tool could’ve looked up.

Adam: You were the threat, Billy, and this impulse to interfere in Victoria’s life.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] There’s one good thing about knowing you for as long as i have. I can see right through you, and you’ve got nothing. You know what happened? Your father called you and told you to jump, and you said, “how high?” Your own father doesn’t trust you with the details. Who’s pathetic now?

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