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Ashland: Good morning.

Victoria: Good morning.

Ashland: I’m hoping a genuine italian espresso will give me the jolt that I need. I didn’t sleep very well.

Victoria: Was your bed not comfortable?

Ashland: [ Sigh deeply ] Well, [Smacks lips] I couldn’t get past the fact that you weren’t in it.

Victoria: Oh, I see. So, I’m the reason for your insomnia?

Ashland: No, I did not say that. I know that I have to give you all the space that you need because what I [Inhales deeply] Told you about my past is a lot to process.

[ Sighs ] How did you sleep?

Victoria: I probably did more thinking than I did sleeping.

Ashland: Oh, last night, uh, your primary concern seemed to be about the company. And now that i’ve told you

[Sighs] Everything about my past, and you’ve had time to work through it, I want to know where your head is at. M-more importantly… where’s your heart? Are we having a wedding?

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Nikki: Victoria?

Victor: What good news!

Nikki: Ashland? What are you both doing here?

Billy: Yes, lily is flying back from california. Then, she’s gonna pick up johnny and katie. The three of them together will fly to italy. I’m going earlier. There’s a work emergency — a fire that I need to put out. One other thing, hannah. Do you mind letting victoria know the change of plans? She’s not taking my calls at the moment. Yeah. Okay, I appreciate it. I will. Thank you.

Gaines: Putting out fires, huh? Seems like you’re more interested in burning everything down.

Sally: So, I reached out to a bunch of fashion people in L.A.

Chloe: I thought you ruined all of your relationships there.

Sally: I did. Which is why, when I casually mentioned that I was going to the newman-locke wedding and hinted that there would be some fashion news to follow, I knew that they would turn around to everyone that they knew and say, “guess what sally spectra is up to now.”

Chloe: I can’t believe I let you talk me into this. Our plan now relies on gossipmongers.

Sally: Yeah, well, if we can’t rely on them to spread rumors, you can’t count on anything in this world.

Chloe: It’s just so risky. I mean, and if anything comes out about that wedding, we should be the ones publishing it.

Sally: Okay, first of all, stop saying “if.” There will be news. And second, if newman media’s new fashion platform puts out a story about me designing victoria’s wedding dress, it will look self-serving. But if another outlet does it, it’s a hot scoop. This way, we can get credibility from all these other sources.

Chloe: Okay. I like it. So, we pretend that we got scooped, but we are the ones who really planted the story.

Sally: It’ll be a huge boost for us.

Chloe: Now all you have to do is fly across the ocean with the dress and convince victoria to wear it just days before she walks down the aisle. What could possibly go wrong?

Adam: Any luck finding gaines?

[ Sighs ] Alright. Well, just keep searching. He’s got to be out there somewhere, and I have to find him before I get on a plane to italy.

Victoria: What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in milan?

Victoria: We left right after the ceremony so that we could come here and make sure everything was ready for your arrival. I am your matron of honor, after all.

Victoria: But we weren’t expecting you for another day. Is there something —

Victor: We just wanted to make sure that everything’s alright, you know? It’s a beautiful day outside. Going to be like that for the rest of the week. Ideal for a wedding. Nope

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Nikki: Well, I’m glad that we all got here early. It’ll give us a chance to all go over the details, make sure everything is perfect. So, do you have any big concerns about anything?

Victoria: You know, before we get into that, I would love to hear about summer and kyle’s wedding.

Nikki: Oh, just beautiful. I mean, not as big of an affair as yours, of course, but it was just so simple and elegant. And, oh, do I have some photos to show you.

Victor: Some photos? How about 800 of them?

[ Laughter ]

Nikki: Well, he’s not half wrong, there. Wait until you see summer in her marchetti gown. Exquisite. And she and kyle are so much in love, and that really came through in the ceremony.

Victoria: I’m so glad.

Nikki: But the best part of the wedding was little harrison. You know, he was our ring bearer, or as he liked to call it, “ring barrel.”

[ Laughter ]

Victor: By the way, he was the star of the show, you know.

Ashland: Yes.

Victor: And he’s so looking forward to doing the same thing for the two of you.

Ashland: Aww, can’t wait to see him.

Nikki: So, um, is everything good here?

Victoria: Y-yes, everything’s fine. We just wanted to get here early so that I could see firsthand that all of the preparations were being handled on schedule.

Nikki: And is everything to your satisfaction?

Victoria: Oh, so far, yes. But I’d like to show you the terrace. Maybe you have some additional ideas for the decorations.

Nikki: Oh. Sure.

Ashland: [ Inhales deeply ] I’m guessing that you didn’t rush here from milan to check on the floral arrangements.

Victor: I have news from home that’s got me concerned.

Victoria: So, after we got here, ashland finally came clean about the part of his past that he finds so shameful. It has to do with his former mentor, camilla rhodes, and how he acquired her tv stations.

Nikki: Oh. I know a lot of people have questions about that.

Victoria: Billy and nick. And as it turns out, there was something to their suspicions. When camilla passed away, she —

[Sighs] She left ashland her estate.

Nikki: Okay, well, that’s a simple explanation.

Victoria: No, no, mom, unfortunately, it isn’t that simple because she didn’t actually leave him anything. Ashland was working together with camilla’s lawyer, and — and they forged a — a letter that added him to her will.

Nikki: Are you kidding me?!

Victoria: No, I’m not. I’m not kidding you.

Nikki: My god! You know, you’d think that he would have told you, before you got to italy, that his entire empire is based on not a lie but a crime.

Victoria: Great.

Nikki: Oh, you were right to worry that there would be more secrets. This is a big one. And who’s to say it’s the last?

Victoria: I think that it might be. He swears that it is. And I’m inclined to believe him, because I — I let him know that I will not any more lies. I just — I wish he would have come to me with this in the first place.

Nikki: Oh, my darling, I feel so awful for you. I know how much you were looking forward to this week and everything. What can we do? Listen… if you want to cancel the wedding, I will contact the planner, and she will cancel it. She will alert all of the guests — hopefully, before they travel. And then you don’t have to put yourself through that.

Ashland: I don’t know if i can take anymore bad news.

Victor: Let’s have a seat. I got to tell you, that billy boy abbott is trying to start more trouble by digging into your past.

Ashland: Well, I knew that already.

Victor: One thing I need to warn you about. He may seem like an idiot at times — and he is — but he’s wily and tenacious. I’ve having my son adam watch him.

Ashland: Well, victor, I’m — I appreciate that, but I’m really not worried anymore. I’ve told victoria everything. Nobody has any leverage to hold over my head. Granted, I don’t want the story to go public. But you took care of gaines, right?

Victor: That’s the problem. Gaines has slipped off my radar.

Ashland: What? You don’t know where he is?

Victor: Don’t you worry about a thing. We’ll find him. Okay? I will allow no one or nothing to ruin my daughter’s big day.

Victoria: All that matters right now is protecting newman/locke. We can’t let the family business that we have all worked so hard for to be decimated by a scandal or the merger — this merger that is so important to our future.

Nikki: Merger or marriage? Because you seem to be mixing the two.

Victoria: Mother, I have looked at this from every angle. I can’t do anything that is gonna raise suspicions and cause some sort of an investigation into ashland or locke communications group.

Nikki: I understand that you are talking like a C.E.O. Right now, but I am speaking to you as your mother. What about your emotions?

Victoria: I cannot think about that right now. I need to focus. This wedding has to happen. It’s got to happen, mom.

[ Duffel bag zips ]

Billy: Well, that was quite the tale. Thank you for filling me in on ashland locke’s humble beginnings.

Gaines: Well, I love telling a good story, but I swear, all of that one is true.

Billy: Well, I expected something devious, but the audacity of a young man to forge a letter that will change camilla rhodes’ will, leaving her entire fortune to him, it’s almost impressive.

Gaines: Yeah, she wasn’t gonna leave him a cent. Ashland was desperate. I suppose that will be interesting to your readers if it’s worth all that to him.

Billy: That right there is not for clickbait. That’s to protect victoria from making a huge mistake, and every single dollar came from me personally. So I’m not letting you walk out of here until I have proof that the story you just told me is true.

Gaines: This should do the trick.

Billy: What is that?

Gaines: It’s a copy of the letter that she originally wrote to locke — the real one, not the one he and my father forged. It’s everything anyone needs to destroy ashland locke. We do it every night.

Gaines: Hold on, cowboy.

Billy: Jesse, we have a deal.

Gaines: Sure. This is a copy of the original. I’m not an idiot. And you don’t get anything unless I am guaranteed protection from victor.

Billy: There is a bag of cash sitting in front of you. And I told you that I will show you the exit plan to make sure that victor is off your back.

Gaines: I just need to know he won’t come after me.

Billy: And don’t kid yourself. He’s gonna come after you. But I will protect you.

[ Envelope taps tabletop ] Okay, you’re not gonna give me the letter, you read it to me right now.

Gaines: Alright.

[ Sighs ] “Dear ashland, you know I care deeply for you. You’re like a son I never had. Your drive and ambition have no limits. You have already overcome so much, and that struggle has been character-building” — yeah, certainly built him into a character, alright — a money-hungry tyrant — “which is why I’m not leaving you any inheritance. I feel it is in your best interests to make it on your own. Farewell, dear ashland. Go forth and prosper. I know you will. — Camilla.”

[ Paper rustling ]

Billy: A lot to digest in there. There’s one thing missing, though.

Gaines: What?

Billy: You said ashland and your father forged her deathbed letter, used as a codicil to change the will. Where’s your proof of that?

Chloe: Okay, well, I can follow up with some of my contacts in the morning. And if they haven’t heard anything about victoria’s wedding, I will just take a page out of your book, throw your name around, and plant a story of my own.

Sally: And if anyone wants you to go on record, deny it. It’ll intrigue them even more.

Chloe: I just really hope this doesn’t backfire.

Sally: This is everything we’ve ever wanted. Your big-picture plan was not just to be a platform for fashion news but a fashion powerhouse, complete with our own designs. So, here we go.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] Okay. [ Chuckles ] You should really get ready soon. You have to meet adam.

Sally: Mm, it’s a private jet. They’ll wait.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] I’m gonna go to the airport with you. I want to get one last glimpse of the wedding dress that is going to change our lives.

Nikki: You know who you sound like when you talk like that? Your father.

Victoria: [ Gasps ] My thinking on this is correct. There’s no deviation, no red flags that anyone from the outside can latch onto. We have to keep this contained.

Nikki: Darling, that might be smart for business, but not for you. I know how seriously you take your vows. Now, is this wedding just for show? Are you forcing yourself into a marriage that just shouldn’t happen?

Victoria: I am not forcing myself to do anything.

Nikki: Well, how do you know you’re not gonna be playing right into ashland’s hands?

Victoria: Would you stop it? I know what I’m doing. Ashland is smart enough to not try to keep anything else from me.

Nikki: And after all of this, you really think that the two of you could have a happy marriage?

Victoria: Look, I’ll handle it, alright? My one concern right now is billy.

Nikki: What about him?

Victoria: He seems very determined to derail the ceremony. He’s been leaving me messages, telling me that I’m making a mistake. He says that he has information that he thinks that i should know.

Nikki: Maybe he does.

Victoria: No, he doesn’T. Ashland has told me everything. Nothing that billy is gonna say to me is gonna be news to me. He cannot sway my decision about going through with this wedding. But he can ruin our plans if he finds out the truth and decides that he wants to expose this story to the world.

Gaines: This letter is all the evidence you need. Locke thinks so. He’s been paying me to keep it secret for years.

Billy: How did you get that?

Gaines: From my father’s dossier before he destroyed the evidence of the forgery.

Billy: And when was that?

Gaines: A long time ago.

Billy: And nobody else knew what they were up to?

Gaines: [ Sighs ] No.

Billy: A clerk, a secretary, no one?

Gaines: I sincerely doubt it. My father did all of this on his own. Camilla had no family. There was nobody interested in the will, and nobody to contest it when they filed the codicil.

Billy: What did she plan to do with everything, just bury it alongside her?

Gaines: Well, she had some charities set up, but they had no idea of her plans to bequeath them anything.

Billy: What charities? In a way, locke is stealing from them.

Gaines: She was eccentric. Exotic stuff — homes for wayward cats, exotic plants, things like that.

Billy: Oh, so, he got pissed off for being passed over by felines and flowers?

Gaines: No. Locke is a bastard and a master manipulator. He convinced my father that he had been wronged by camilla. And so they concocted this plan to create this false document so that he could set things right in his mind.

Billy: You seem to have a lot of animosity towards ashland.

Gaines: You’re damn right, I do. I told you, this is personal.

Billy: Yeah, you did. But you haven’t told me why yet. If you’re on medicare, remember,

Gaines: I spent my whole life jumping through hoops, trying to impress my father. He was a workaholic. It wasn’t easy getting his attention. And harder still to impress him. But when this kid showed up with camilla, he took to him right away, singing his praises. “Oh, that ashland is a real go-getter. It made me sick.

Billy: I understand that. So you wanted to do something about it.

Gaines: When ashland inherited all that money, I knew something was wrong. So I decided to do some digging, and I found, under lock and key, my father’s file on camilla rhodes. And there was the original will and the authentic letter explaining to him why he wasn’t gonna receive any inheritance. I made a snap decision. And I took the letter. Shortly thereafter, all the files were destroyed.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Good timing.

Gaines: I got lucky. And I told my father about it, he was angry. More ashamed than anything. He was adamant that I keep it to myself, because if the story got out, it would destroy him. So I kept it a secret all these years… till he died. I kept reading stories about ashland. I got angrier and angrier. I don’t know, maybe it was, uh, delayed grief for the father i had had stolen from me. Ashland needs to pay.

Billy: But he has been.

Gaines: That money that he’s given me means nothing to him. He built his life and his business on lies, and he pulled my father into that deceit.

Billy: But, jesse, it doesn’t sound like your father was blackmailed in any way. He seemed like a willing participant.

Gaines: My dad was a good man. He played by the rules his entire life until locke came along. He manipulated. Yeah, sure, he got some financial gain. The forged codicil gave him out a payment, locke offered him a lucrative position, so it seemed like a victimless crime. But that crime, it weighed on him, and I am certain that’s what drove him to an early grave. So, yeah. Yeah, it’s personal.

Billy: I don’t know if you’ve heard, but ashland locke could, potentially, be heading to a premature demise himself.

Gaines: Yeah. I know. I almost felt bad for him.

Billy: Almost?

Gaines: Made him seem human. But when I came here to get my final payoff, he was so dismissive and condescending.

Billy: You can’t blame a guy for being a little rude to the person that’s blackmailing him.

Gaines: Ashland locke is a fraud and a master manipulator. Camilla rhodes was right about one thing — he is a survivor. He’ll ruin people to save himself. That’s why I came back here, why I risked crossing victor newman to give you what you need to take locke down. I want my revenge. I want to blow up locke’s life while he is still alive to suffer.

Victor: How are you holding up? I know firsthand how difficult it is when the past catches up with you. It’s not affecting your health, is it?

Ashland: Not at all. I-I-I’m fine. [ Sighs ] The only thing weighing on me is the distress this is causing victoria. I hate that all of this is bringing her pain after she has brought me so much joy. And, hell, she’s given me a reason to live.

Victor: Well, we’ve got to stop the trouble that both billy boy abbott and gaines are causing.

Ashland: Well, that may be, but I’m the one to blame here, victor. The choices that I made in the past came back to haunt me. And even if it was decades ago, and I don’t see myself any longer as the man who made those choices, there it is.

Victor: Well, I respect you for taking responsibility. And I respect you for coming clean with my daughter about your past. That could not have been easy.

Ashland: I just hope it doesn’t mean I will lose victoria.

Nikki: I guess this wedding is going to happen. I hope you’ve changed your mind about letting your brother attend, because abby decided to stay home with the baby, and it would be nice to have some family for support.

Victoria: Well, adam will be there, won’t he?

Nikki: [ Laughing ] Oh, my god, are you hearing yourself? You can’t let him be your only sibling at the wedding. Nicholas was very upset that you rescinded his invitation.

Victoria: I guess he should have thought of that before he dug up dirt on my fiancé.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I really think you are lashing out at the wrong people. Shouldn’t you be upset with the man who kept secrets from you?

Victoria: Oh, mother, how many secrets has dad kept from you over the years — things that have only come to light because he had no choice and he had to come clean about it?

Nikki: Far too many, and I’m trying to spare you that kind of pain.

Victoria: Look, mom, my point is, is that no marriage is perfect. I have looked at this closely, mother.

[ Sighs ] It’s not like ashland committed some crime against me and my family. What he did happened 40 years ago. There’s no need for us to relive it. It can just end here. And I should have been able to trust nicholas.

Nikki: You can.

Victoria: No, I can’T. He betrayed my confidence. He should have stood by my side, which is exactly what I would have done if the roles were reversed. What nicholas did — it hurt me more than anything.

Nikki: Alright, alright.

[ Sighs ] I don’t want to argue with you. You don’t want to listen to what I have to say anyway. Just answer me this. What do you feel in your heart about ashland?

Victoria: I don’t know.

Adam: You know I love you, right? That’s right. I’m your dad, so I can say it no matter how old you get. I love you, connor newman. How do you like that?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I, uh — I’ll bring you back something from italy, okay? Alright? Love you. Good night.

Sally: How’s your son?

Adam: He is more excited about me going to italy than I am. Shouldn’t you be packing for our trip?

Sally: I needed a coffee. What’s your excuse?

Adam: Tying up a loose end before we, uh, leave.

P.I.: I have an update on jesse gaines.

[ Sighs ]

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Adam: So, you haven’t found gaines, but you think billy has?

P.I.: Security footage caught gaines entering abbott’s apartment building tonight.

Adam: Is billy there?

P.I.: Yes, and they’re still inside, both of them. Want me to stay close?

Adam: No. Um, I’ll take it from here. Good work.

P.I.: You got it.

Sally: What’s with all the mysterious cloak-and-dagger business?

Adam: I, um — I have to take care of something. I’ll meet you at the airport. Just don’t be late for wheels-up.

Sally: Sounds exciting and exotic. If you’re trying to impress me, I have been on private jets before.

Adam: I’m not trying to impress you or anyone. I just want a comfortable, peaceful trip to italy, okay? You remember that I’m taking you as a friendly favor, not a date, right?

Sally: But can’t it at least be the start of a beautiful friendship?

Adam: No.

Sally: Ow. Okay. Need to lighten up. I was teasing you. I know what this trip is about.

Adam: You just can’t help yourself, can you?

Billy: How many other people know about this scam with camilla’s will?

Gaines: As far as I know, you, me, locke, and victor.

Billy: Why would victor pay you? What benefit does he get by squashing the story? I mean, he can’t possibly condone victoria’s wedding after hearing this news, so…

Gaines: Maybe victor newman doesn’t see what locke did as a crime. I’m sure he’s done similar things on his way to the top. The real question is, why are you out to get ashland?

Billy: Victoria is the mother of my children. And she’s a good person. And I’ve caused her enough pain. I don’t want to see her suffer anymore.

Gaines: I don’t buy that you’re being noble.

Billy: I don’t care. You don’t need to understand anything. The only person that needs to know the truth is victoria. And she can make whatever decision she wants.

[ Sighs ] But right now, she is not taking my calls. So I’m going to tuscany early. And you’re coming with me because she is not gonna believe me unless I give her the proof from the horse’s mouth.

Victor: So, how does it look out there?

Nikki: Gorgeous.

Victor: Yeah?

Nikki: An idyllic spot.

Victoria: I think it’s the perfect backdrop for us to exchange our vows.

Ashland: What does that mean?

Victoria: Well, you know, we have a lot to do if we’re gonna pull off the wedding of the year.

Victor: I’m delighted to hear that.

Ashland: Maybe we should take a walk around the grounds.

Nikki: Before you do that, could you take us to our room? The sooner we get settled, the sooner we can all pitch in and help.

Victoria: Sure. Of course I will.

Nikki: Thank you. Still fresh

Chloe: Hi. What’s going on here?

Adam: Uh, I just got a message from the editor of a fashion magazine. Trust me, you’ve heard of her. Um, she just found out that sally is going to tuscany, and newman media is promising to give a scoop, and she wants confirmation.

Sally: Well, I can confirm that I am going there for the wedding, and when victoria wears my dress that I made for her —

Adam: Wait, wait, wait, the whole reason that I’m going to this wedding is to show that I’m committed to playing a role in my family. This doesn’t help. Makes it look like it’s a self-serving business trip, sally.

Chloe: It wasn’t sally. It was me. I leaked the story. I got excited, I told a friend, and you know how fast gossip travels.

Adam: See, that — that was reckless.

Chloe: I — I’m sorry. But it was scoop about fashion, not about dirt.

Adam: But the wedding dress?

Chloe: Sally’s creation.

Sally: Hello.

Adam: What if victoria doesn’t wear the gown?

Sally: She’s gonna love it.

Adam: Look, I’m — I’m gonna give you a ride over there. That’s it. Not gonna get you an audience with victoria. She got enough on her plate, and I’m not exactly her favorite person.

Sally: I know it seems like I’m flirting with disaster here, but I’m not. Okay, I’m just putting myself in the right place at the right time, with your help. So, thank you, both of you, for having faith in me.

Adam: Okay, I have to go. Alright? We’ll discuss it later. But, please, please, no more leaks or gossip. I don’t want anything to take attention away from victoria’s big day.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

Victoria: So, it looks like your bags beat you here.

Victor: I got to tell you, the staff is absolutely first-class.

Victoria: Do you want to rest, and then we can meet for lunch? Nate and elena will be flying in later.

Nikki: Oh, well, maybe they could join us. That would be nice.

Victor: Sweetheart, would you mind giving me some time alone with victoria?

Nikki: Yes, of course. I will make arrangements for lunch?

Victor: Si, my love. So, I understand that ashland told you everything.

Victoria: Yes, he did.

Victor: [ Sighs ] How do you feel about it?

Victoria: Well, obviously, it was a lot to take in.

[ Sighs ] And not just the money from camilla, but I’m assuming that nick told you how he took the name ashland locke.

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Victor: I’ve been filled in. And — and never mind nicholas. He’s alright.

Victoria: He had no right to dig up that information himself.

Victor: Sweetheart, forgive him for that. He did that to protect you. I wish you hadn’t rescinded his invitation. I was looking forward to having nicholas and adam and you all together at the same wonderful event.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Daddy, I cannot let this go so easily. He’s gonna have to earn my forgiveness.

Chloe: You know, I was worried there. I thought that adam was gonna pull the plug on you being his plus-one.

Sally: Thank you.

Chloe: For what?

Sally: Well, for stepping in and taking the blame for the leak. But I have to ask. Why did you cover for me?

Chloe: Well, I would rather him be mad at me than at you. I’m used to it.

Sally: Well, I owe you.

Chloe: Yeah, you do. And don’t worry, I will accept it, but for right now, I just need you to guard this dress with your life on this trip.

Sally: Well, good thing we’re going on a private jet. Could you imagine me trying to shove that thing into an overhead bin of a commercial flight?

Chloe: No, it would have been a disaster.

Sally: I had to use the most delicate, luxurious material to make sure it was worthy of a newman bride.

Chloe: Well, that’s why I’m relieved that you are getting newman-level transportation, ’cause, normally, I would be opposed to someone traveling and spending hours in an enclosed space with adam.

Sally: All the stars are aligning. I’m going to spend the entire trip visualizing victoria strutting down the aisle wearing my design, because I believe in the power of positive thinking.

Chloe: I do love your confidence, but you really should listen to adam, because there is a chance that you’re going to get there and victoria is not going to give you the time of day, and then it will just be a wasted trip.

Sally: I understand.

Chloe: Okay, and I — I know I’ve said this to you before, but please just — please just go easy on — on the flirting. You know, I mean, I just know what adam is like when he has that single-minded look in his eye. You really don’t want to cross him.

Sally: Fine. But I think you have forgotten your can-do spirit, ’cause this is what it looks like when you want something so badly that you will it into existence. Haven’t you ever done that before?

Chloe: I can’t believe I’ve hitched my wagon to someone nuttier than me.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Chloe: Okay. Have a great trip. I wish you luck. And please just get victoria to say “yes to the dress.” I’m a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers Some things are good to know. Like where to find the cheapest gas in town, and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. Something else that’s good to know? If you have medicare and medicaid, you may be able to get more healthcare benefits through a humana medicare advantage plan. Call the number on your screen now and speak to a licensed humana sales agent to see if you qualify. Learn about plans that could give you more healthcare benefits than you have today. Depending on the plan you choose, you could have your doctor, hospital, and prescription drug coverage in one convenient plan. From humana, a company with 60 years of experience in the healthcare industry. You’ll have lots of doctors and specialists to choose from. And, if you have medicare and medicaid, a humana plan may give you other important benefits. Depending on where you live, they could include dental, vision, and hearing coverage. You may also get rides to plan-approved locations; home delivered meals after an in-patient hospital stay; a monthly allowance for purchasing approved healthy food and beverages; plus an allowance for health and wellness items. Everything from over the counter medications and vitamins, to first aid items and personal care products. Best of all, if you have medicare and medicaid, you may qualify for multiple opportunities throughout the year to enroll. So if you want more from medicare, call the number on your screen now to speak with a licensed humana sales agent. Learn about humana plans that could give you more healthcare benefits. Including coverage for prescription drugs, dental care, eye exams and glasses, hearing aids and more. A licensed humana sales agent will walk you through your options, answer any questions you have and, if you’re eligible, help you enroll over the phone. Call today and we’ll also send this free guide. Humana, a more human way to healthcare.

Victoria: Thank you for what you’ve done, for helping to keep the camilla rhodes story quiet. And I — I really, really appreciate your help in protecting newman/locke from any backlash, daddy.

Victor: That is not why i paid off gaines.

Victoria: Well, why did you do it?

Victor: Because I’ve never seen my daughter as happy as you are now with ashland. I know that’s good for the company, but mostly it is good for you. I’m happy for you. And that’s more important than anything.

Victoria: Don’t worry. I have every intention of proceeding with the weeding.

Nikki: I’m not gonna lie to you. After everything I have learned of recently, I have very serious doubts that victoria should go ahead with this wedding.

[ Sighs ] She thinks that it’s the right thing to do, for practical reasons, but she doesn’t want to admit how much she’s hurting. And I predicted all along that getting involved with you would bring her nothing but heartache, and that has proven to be true. Your health, these secrets from your past — all very unfortunate omens.

Ashland: I’m not superstitious.

Nikki: Victoria may think it’s the right thing to do to go ahead with this wedding, but i am appealing to you, ashland.

Ashland: Are you asking me to call things off?

Nikki: Yes. If you truly care about her, give her that gift. Relieve her of this burden.

[ Knock on door ]

Billy: Who is it?

Adam: It’s adam.

Billy: Coming.

[ Doorknob turning ]

[ Sighs ] To what do I owe this unpleasant surprise?

Adam: I’m looking for gaines.

Billy: Who?

Adam: Jesse gaines. Are you really gonna pretend like you don’t know who he is, billy?

Billy: I’m gonna do anything I have to, to get you the hell out of here so I can go pack for tuscany and get a little bit of rest.

Adam: Relax, billy. You can sleep in tomorrow, because you’re not going to tuscany. You’re not getting anywhere near victoria’s wedding.

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