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[ Sighs ] This never gets old. The coffee? Or this? Mm. Don’t make me choose. In fact, let’s stay home and shut the world out today — all day. What world? It’s just you and me. Excuse me, uh, mr. Corinthos. Someone is at the gate to see you, sir. Hey. Hey. Welcome back. Thank you. It’s been quite the homecoming. Listen, any word on liesl? No, not even a whisper. Seems my mother has disappeared into thin air. I am so sorry, britt. I can’t help but feel responsible. You called my mother and got her involved in a scheme to kill peter, which I’m sure wasn’t a hard sell. Well, at the moment, it felt like it was the only way to protect maxie and james. If that’s all you were doing, I’d be on-board. But we both know that S.O.S. Call was also to protect yourself. Well, I like our new tradition of weekly breakfast check-ins. Me, too. The food in the dining hall is blah, and I’m already tired of takeout.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I’m happy to contribute to your healthy eating habits.

[ Both chuckle ] So, tell me about your classes. Oh. And, oh, tell me how it is working at ava’s gallery without ava. Uh, turns out, ava’s not leaving. Since when? I’m pretty sure she’s staying here and staying married. Trina, you know you can’t drop that kind of bomb on me and play coy.

[ Chuckles ] What happened to ava’s stalker? Thanks to me, the stalker’s been unmasked. Mm. Well, you better be my husband. Oh.He’s a very jealous man. I am your husband, alright. For now and for always. It’s going to be a beautiful day. A beautiful life. I am never letting you go again. And that’s a promise. Greetings. Mr. Corinthos is in the living room. Please come with me.

[ Door closes ] After you. What a pleasant surprise. My goodness, look at you. Uh, carly, uh, this is phyllis caulfield. She’s a — a dear friend of mike’s and mine.

[ Sighs ] Thanks. Does this water have magical properties in it to help me focus? Right? I keep thinking about yesterday, too. I can’t get over the fact that spencer was the stalker. You and trina were so right. I shouldn’t have given you guys so much pushback. Trina was the one who figured it out. How’s she doing? I mean, she was pretty beat up about it. Well, we were up half the night talking about it. She feels awful for setting a trap for spencer. I don’t love it, either, but if we hadn’t, ava and nikolas still would not know the truth. I guess it was worth it. You don’t sound all that convinced. Nikolas has ava back, but spencer’s life just imploded. Did we end up helping that family, or did we just hurt them? Both. Good morning. Where were you? Working out. So early? Did you sleep at all?

[ Sighs ] Uh, no. Every time I close my eyes, I kept replaying the whole train wreck in my head. It never should have happened.

Exactamente. I don’t know what possessed you to confess. Well, my father was in danger. But you had nothing to do with your uncle sonny turning up. No, I didn’T. But you did. Why the hell would you tell my uncle, the alleged mob kingpin, that my father was taking his daughter away?

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Sighs ] Huh. Something wrong? It’s an alert placed on spencer’s credit-card account. Apparently, he is holed up at the metro court. How do you feel about that? Well, I’m glad he didn’t spend the night on the street, but given the fact that he robbed us of months together, I can think of better ways of spending our first reunited morning than discussing him. I’ll arrange breakfast.

[ Door closes ] So you’re phyllis. Thank you so much for taking care of my husband while he was injured. It was truly our pleasure. Mike — sonny was a godsend to us in more ways than one. That goes both ways. Mm. Sonny has told me a lot about you. I’m so sorry about your husband. Thank you, mrs. Corinthos. Call me carly. Please.

[ Chuckles ] And had we known you were coming, we could’ve spared you the security check. Mm. Well, it’s a beautiful home. Much different than your room at the tan-O. So, did you, uh, drive in from nixon falls this morning? Yes, I was on the road too early to call. I hope I didn’t intrude. I found some of your belongings, and I thought you might — you might want them. I feel terrible, and if there’s anything I can do to help find aunt liesl, please let me. Well, I’ll — I’ll take the help. Okay. Scott is beside himself. Yeah, I saw him. He told me. And I also got a voicemail from valentin. He and anna have a lead on peter, but he didn’t give me any details. Hey, how are you otherwise? Um, busy. Yeah, throwing myself into work, restructuring the hospital budget, working with my new co-chief of staff, keeping my head above water. And, um, you and jason? What are you talking about? There is no “me and jason.” And that’s because of me. So the young man that I met at the park, that was — spencer. Not victor. And spencer was ava’s stalker? Him and his girlfriend. Which one drenched you with the fake blood? Spencer. Oh, hell, no. Mom, no, no, no, he didn’t mean to. It was just — no, no, when did all this go down? Did this happen last night? Yes. Spencer got kicked out of wyndemere, and his relationship with his father is worse than ever. And it’s my fault. In what universe? I convinced cam and joss to set them up. If I hadn’t known, then may– no, don’t even finish that sentence. You are not responsible, nor are you at fault. This is spencer’s mess. It has nothing to do with you. I just feel bad for him. And I also feel guilty that I wasn’t honest with ava. Why would you feel guilty? Thanks to you, ava knows the truth now, a-and she can stay here with her husband and her little girl. Although, she might want to let that marriage just go ahead and dissolve ’cause clearly the cassadine men are not to be trusted. I’m so sorry for how things turned out. I was only doing it for you. I know. That’s why I defended you, but some of these ideas that you come up with, esme… getting your father back in your life was what you wanted. So I did what I could to make that happen. I guess I’m still learning how to make you happy. You really are the best, and nothing that has happened is your fault. But I will be happier if we just cut out the scheming and do better. Whatever you want. Too bad you can’t count on your so-called friends. What were they thinking? Especially josslyn. Doesn’t that girl have enough to worry about without setting you up and calling you out? Josslyn is a real friend. So is cameron. They’re probably the only real friends that I’ve ever had. Okay, yes, we totally ambushed spencer, but if his behavior hadn’t been so messed up, he’d have nothing to confess. Look, all I’m going to say is that your stepdad is one menacing dude. Mm. Spencer was absolutely terrified for his father. Well, everybody knows not to mess with sonny, especially when it comes to his family, but none of that would have even happened if it wasn’t for esme. I don’t see how she’s to blame for the lie about bora bora. Are you giving esme a pass? Not at all. I’m just saying that they both bear responsibility. Trina said that spencer and esme work as a team. Well, every team I’ve ever been on has had a captain. Makes me wonder if esme’s the one calling the shots.

I mean, what makes you think that esme’s more involved than spencer is saying? Spencer admitted that esme was the one who torched ava’s car, correct? He did at first, but then he walked it back. To protect her. Does that surprise you? You’ve seen the way she hangs on him. No wonder he can’t think straight. This is spencer we’re talking about, okay? He’s no angel.

[ Chuckles ] This is so messed up. And, yes, I know that spencer set it in motion. Everything he did was bad, but… I still want what’s best for him. What if esme is what’s best for spencer? No. She brings out the worst in spencer. Why aren’t you furious? First, they set you up, then they stand by and watch you humiliate yourself. Oh, I humiliated myself? You confessed. You apologized. Right, but you’re forgetting the part where we are actually guilty, esme. Fine. We’re no innocents. But your real friends aren’t, either. First, they lie to your face, and then they set a trap that nearly gets your father killed. And then your father kicks you out of wyndemere while your wicked stepmother gloats. If they expect you to beg forgiveness, they’d better think again. They’re the ones who should be coming to you.

[ Knock on door ] Spencer cassadine? Yes. What’s going on? I’m sorry, but your credit card has been declined for a second night. There are more than enough funds. Run it again.No, there’s no need. This isn’t a fund problem — this is a father problem. We contacted the account holder, mr. Nikolas cassadine, and the card has been canceled. Checkmate. What does this mean? It means we pack. I’ve arranged for breakfast in the dining room. Unless you would rather have it served in the bedroom. You choose. Oh, then the bedroom it is. Oh, hey, what was that call that you were making earlier? Oh, I cut spencer’s access to his bank and credit-card accounts. Wow. Well, I’m — I’m all for tough love, but if you cut him off like that, what will he do? He’s about to figure it out. My son has been given every possible advantage. He’s bright. He’s willful. Let him put that cunning of his to good use and figure out how to support himself. Okay, well, that — that sounds fine in theory, but the timing is terrible. Won’t spencer see this as a punishment? And won’t that further stoke his dangerous resentment? Ava told me to be careful with bad boys, and spencer falls right under that definition, except he’s not all that bad at heart. I think he’s just lost. Mm-mm-mm, says every woman in defense of a dysfunctional relationship with a bad boy. Mom. Trina, I was at the hospital that night when ava’s car was burned, and I sat with her afterwards.

[ Stammers, sighs ] Ava couldn’t stop shaking. And to leave kiki’s I.D. Badge near the car? That’s just cruel.

[ Stammers ] Spencer didn’t do it. I don’t even think it was his idea.

[ Sighs ] You certainly seem determined to let him off the hook. I don’t deny he’s made some seriously messed-up choices. Anyone who asks you to cover for them isn’t really your friend. You remember what maya angelou said. “When someone shows you who they are…” “believe them.” Right. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this earlier, mom. There’s just been a lot going on. Right. Even though you’ll always be my baby, you’re a young woman now, and you’re entitled to privacy. But I can proudly say that you’ve always, always had a good head on your shoulders. Aunt liesl was devastated when jason got engaged to carly because she knew how important jason was to you. Yeah, well, that’s old news now. But if I didn’t keep sonny away from port charles… look, you might have hurt a lot of other people, but you did me a favor. Carly will always come first for jason, and I am nobody’s second. Good for you. I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t think I’m going to stay for breakfast. I can’t justify paying carly’s inflated prices for eggs and toast. It’s your call. I’m not offended. Hey, come here. It’s good to see you. And if you hear from your mom, if there’s anything I can do, I want you to call me, okay? Let me know. Will do. Hey, and, uh, watch your back. I have a feeling carly’s not done with you yet. Carly: May I? Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Wow. Okay, I saw you in one of these, and I still cannot believe it.

[ Laughing ] How many flannels did you have? Wow. Wow. Mike definitely had a distinct fashion style. Not to mention a fine two-step. Well, that’s high praise coming from the lifelong dance partner of lenny caulfield, the greatest dancer in the world. That man was so light on his feet… it defied gravity.

Lenny sounds like the best of men. Sonny told me that lenny gave him a hard time when he first showed up, but wound up standing up for him and treating him like a brother. I wish I could’ve met him. Lenny was one of a kind. Amen. I’m going to give you two a chance to catch up. I’m sure you have a lot to talk about. No, you don’t have to — you can stay. Well, I-I can’t, actually. I mean, forget about my suggestion to stay home all day. I have tons of paperwork to catch up on…alright. …At the metro court, so enjoy your time together. Phyllis, it was a pleasure meeting you. I hope you come back. You’re always welcome. Thanks for bringing the box by all the way over here. Mm.[ Door closes ] I have a confession. Hm? It’s not the only reason I’m here. I wanted to meet you properly. Sonny corinthos. Phyllis caulfield.

[ Both chuckle ] Oh! [ Chuckles ] Joss and I have this code — sisters before misters. And I feel like I’m breaking it with ava. I mean, she’s my friend, too. I feel really bad about keeping spencer’s secret about being in town all those weeks, but after everything that happened, I feel like it’s too late to say anything. What do you think? Well, the fact that you feel bad, that should tell you something. Especially now that you know the damage that secrets can cause. So what are you going to do? I think… I’m going to skip breakfast. Rain check? Of course, yeah, no, I-I want you to do what you got to do. I’m so proud of you. Thanks, mom. I love you. I love you, too.

[ Giggles ] And same time and place next week, right? I wouldn’t miss it. Okay. Yeah, I can’t stand back and do nothing after the way spencer treated my wife. Well, I appreciate your outrage. I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself, as you well know. I’m aware, but in no way does it excuse spencer for what he did. Spencer has witnessed your plots and schemes his entire life, my darling, and if you want to punish him for learning the behavior that you’ve modeled, please don’t do it on my account.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Ah. Well, um, breakfast and anything else is going to have to wait. I’m about to have a visitor. Got just enough cash for breakfast. After that, we’re broke. Wow, universe, way to kick a guy when he’s down. This is a temporary setback. Things will get better. Your father just needs time to cool off. Maybe joss and cam will cool off, too. One of the most annoying things about my friends is that I actually care what they think. I have an idea, but I need to have this conversation alone. No worries. I trust you. Just, uh, text me if you need backup. You know I win everyone over in the end. You’ve won me over. Britt: Maybe the three of us can convince the board to give us the necessary funding to back that research project. Yeah, okay. I will — I’ll see you soon. Thanks. Bye. Wheeling and dealing? Good. Do I have a deal for you. Look, I don’t know exactly what to make of esme and spencer’s relationship, but so what? Who says we have to understand it? When did you get so wise? Ever since I started dating you.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, my god, you really are wise. That was such a good answer. Mm. Nina: Hi. I imagine I’m the last person that you want to see right now. Good call. Do you have to go back to work? Is your break over? Are you sure? Yeah, definitely. Okay, uh, I’m going to go back to work outside. I just came to get a bite to eat, but, uh, I can leave if you’re uncomfortable. Why would I be uncomfortable? I’m not the one who stole nine months of sonny’s life. I’m not the one who left his family here to grieve, and I’m not the one who’s a total hypocrite.

Well, you’re on the clock. What’s this offer? Room and board with you in exchange for my witticisms. Pass. And esme’s french cooking techniques. Absolutely not. Oh, come on, we’re going to be fun roommates. And esme can cook dinner. I live in a hotel room. You’re chief of staff, and you still live in a hotel room? Demanding job, no pets, no kids, room service. Works for me. Not for you. Sorry. But you’re barely even going to notice us.

[ Scoffs ] You’re at work all day, and esme and i won’t touch the minibar. I promise. What is going on? Why would you leave cushy wyndemere for a rollaway bed in my hotel room? Father and i had a falling out.

[ Sighs ] And you left?

[ Sighs ] He kicked you out? What the hell? Why is nikolas acting all self-righteous after all the crap he’s pulled? Actually, it’s a little complicated. Please tell me you haven’t done anything that will make me have to defend your father. Hey. Trina, what a nice surprise. I’m so glad you’re still here. Does this mean — yep. Thanks to you, my girl, nikolas and I are — are back together and we have a lifetime of mornings ahead of us. Now, what you did was risky, and I don’t condone all the plotting, but you did uncover the truth, and so I’m very grateful. Don’t thank me yet. Mmm. Delicious. Of course it is.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll send you home with — with like a pound.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks.

[ Chuckles ] Who’s this with you? That’s mike, my dad. He, uh — he died a — a year ago. Alzheimer’S. Mm-hmm. He was one of a kind. Him and lenny would’ve hit it off. Hm. I’m so sorry. You certainly have a beautiful family. Mm. They must’ve really missed you. I bet you they’re happy you’re back. Yeah, and so am I. Mm. Carly seems wonderful. Must have been hard on her. Yes, she is, and, yeah, it was. I found some pictures of you and nina. I didn’t include them in the box. I wasn’t sure you’d want them. Thanks for that. I’ve got another confession. Hm? I didn’t just drive here to return that box. I thought you might need someone to talk to, someone who understands. You still looking out for me?

[ Both chuckle ] Lenny would call it putting my nose where it doesn’t belong. He loved when you did that. So do I.

[ Chuckles ] I know you left behind a complicated situation in nixon falls. And the situation here? Is that complicated, too? Cameron?

[ Sighs ] I’m so glad I found you. I need you desperately. Maybe you should rely on a food-delivery app if you have to leave every establishment frequented by people who missed sonny. I’ll take that under consideration, josslyn. I just wanted to tell you how truly sorry I am. Hold on. I have something for you.

Spencer, what were you thinking? I was thinking that I needed to save father from ava. And have him all to yourself?

[ Scoffs ] Is that too much to ask? After three years apart? Three years where I thought he was dead? You say you want to make up for lost time, but what you mean is you want to control who he’s with. And, y-you know, what troubles me the most about this is the lengths that you went to and the lies that you told and the people that you hurt, spencer, including me. I told you nikolas accused me of being the stalker once, and you said nothing. Because he didn’t think that anymore.

[ Scoffs ] But you’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry. It was one of many mistakes. Look, I —

[ Scoffs ] I get making mistakes, and you know how fond I am of you. While I am not so fond of your father. But you need to go to nikolas and make amends. I can’T. My father doesn’t even want to see me right now. Maybe you can rent me and esme a room just one night while we figure out what we’re going to do next or what our next move is going to be. No. No, unh-unh. Not in my hotel. Aunt carly. You terrorized ava by implying a threat to avery. And then you tried to manipulate sonny just as he had gotten back home. That is totally unacceptable, spencer.

[ Sighs ] You’re right. I screwed up. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting me around. Oh, come on. Don’t play the martyr. Try standing on your own two feet instead of asking someone to bail you out. That’s the problem. Someone has been enabling you your entire life. Again, my apologies — to you both. Esme, I’m working right now, so… but you’re the only one who could help me. And help spence. What’s going on with spencer? He’s been… tossed out and cut off. We’re homeless with no money. Okay, first of all, you guys are hardly starving and destitute. Second of all, you kind of deserve what you get. What spencer did was terrible. Maybe I should have done more to rein spence in.

[ Voice breaking ] But he was in so much pain. He just wanted his father back, and now he’s lost him all over again. Things are bad right now, but spencer will bounce back. He always does. Not this time. The day I realized victor was really spencer cassadine was also the day I realized he’d been lying about how long he’d been in port charles. Obviously, spencer needed cover so he could creep around port charles, leaving his nasty little threats. And he convinced you to keep his secret. Well, he told me that he had a troubled relationship with his dad, and that’s why he didn’t approach him right away. And I bought it. Is there anyone in this town he hasn’t deceived? But I helped him by keeping quiet. Trina, spencer betrayed you, too. He lied to you. He manipulated you. He took advantage of your trust. Maybe if I’d come to you sooner, we could’ve figured out spencer was your stalker earlier before your car got torched. Can you forgive me? Trina… there is absolutely nothing to forgive you for. I just wish that I’d had a friend as loyal and as trustworthy as you many years ago. Well, you’ve got me now. I’m just sorry for what you’ve lost. What did I lose? I just remember how excited you were when victor swept into your life, and I hate that spencer has robbed you of that feeling. Ah, perfect timing. Excuse me? If you or your son ever hurt my daughter again, you’re going to regret it. Oh, oh, you need reminding? Um, your deviant stunts at the party at wyndemere? Spencer drenching trina with fake blood, pretending to be, uh, victor, and then convincing her to lie and hide his presence here in port charles so that he could stalk ava. I am so sorry. Last night, spencer admitted that he came home from school early, but I had no idea that he deceived trina in that way. Mr. Cassadine, your son is walking through the world like he can do whatever he wants, and you, as the adult, need to shut it down. I am truly sorry. Next time you see your son, spencer, you let him know if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay away from my daughter. Being home has been an adjustment. What’s the deal with the tan-o? I’ve filed a claim with insurance, and the adjusters are still investigating, so… the wait is on. You want to rebuild? I’m not sure. Without lenny, I feel a bit at sea. And it didn’t help that I just took off. No, you needed to get back to your family. Well, I consider you family, so whatever you need, I’m there for you. You don’t owe me a thing. You saved my life. The least I can do is put you up, either here or at the metro court, and I’m not taking “no” for an answer.

[ Chuckles ] I appreciate that. I do have some unfinished business in town. Oh, you didn’t just come here to visit me? I need to go see nina. You know, I’m actually glad I ran into you. Do you recognize this? It’s the journal I gave you as a graduation present. I’d actually stopped writing. I didn’t tell you that at the time ’cause I was being polite. But I started up again after you gave this to me, and I used it to process my feelings. I wrote about sonny’s funeral. I wrote about the nights where I heard my mom quietly sobbing.

[ Voice breaking ] I wrote about the good days, the ones where we still felt like a family, and I wrote about the bad ones, where all any of us could think about was missing sonny. But you didn’t just lie to us. You lied to my father. He went to nixon falls to see you and try to win you back. But instead, he got shot defending you and your friends. And when she came to you and he told you that he thought she saw sonny on that gurney, you lied, and you said that he hadn’T. So you deceived him, too!

[ Scoffs ] It was all here. Updated as of last night. I’ll be keeping my thoughts.

[ Breathing shakily ] But this?

[ Voice breaking ] This gift from you? I never want to see it… or you again.


I need to get back inside. Spence needs you. He just lost his father, and now he’s lost you, too. And… I can’t handle it. I don’t want to come between spence and his real friends. That’s what he calls you and josslyn. You’re his real friends and…

[ Sniffles ] …Spence is mine. I started out really liking victor, but he was just a put-on, a façade. I can’t believe I let spencer play me like that, and I’m never going to trust him again after what he did to you. Well, I’m not encouraging a relationship with spencer. Far from it. And I appreciate your loyalty. But what happened between me and spencer is between me and spencer. You are free to do you. Hm. Father? Spencer hasn’t lost me. I’m still his cousin.

[ Sniffles ] I really dislike what he did to his father, ava, and trina, but I don’t hate him. What about joss? She’s mad. But she’s also the kindest person I know. I’m sure she’ll move past it. You’re such a good guy, cameron. Carly: Breakfast is on the house. I apologize for interrupting your conversation with spencer. It’s okay, carly. I had already turned spencer down. He’s made himself a hell of a mess, and I can’t fix it for him. I just hope he figures things out. He’s a really good kid in spite of everything. Well, technically, he’s an adult. But when I was his age, I didn’t behave like one, either, so… well, even as adults, we don’t always behave as adults. Britt… I know you have a lot going on, and so do I, but I would really like to clear the air between the two of us. You ready for some radical honesty? I’m ready if you are. There are things nina and i still have to say to each other. I don’t know why you even want to talk to her after everything she did. She’s the one who caused you to lose the tan-O. I’ve thought about all of it, all the horrible things she’s done to you and your family, how her lies even endangered my own life, but I also know nina’s heart — all she did for lenny and me and our town, and even for you when you knew yourself as mike. A person would have to be in a lot of pain and confusion to balance all that love and desperation. Lenny always said I had a bleeding heart. Maybe I do, but I can’t write nina off just yet. Can you?

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