Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander wanted Justin to help him with his case. Justin didn’t want to help him. Xander told him about his and Gwen’s plan to blackmail the judge. Justin was appalled by the plan. Gwen went to see the judge and told him that Xander wasn’t a drug dealer. The judge told her that his lawyer would have to defend him and he wanted her to leave. Brady arrived at the Kiriakis mansion so Philip thought he was there to see Chloe. Philip and Chloe listened to Brady babble about the muffin he was eating. It turned out that Maggie was home. Ava walked in on Gabi and Jake in their room. Gabi was upset about her being in there. Ava wanted to offer Jake something because it might be his last meal. Jake suggested they found somewhere else to live. She said it was her family’s house so she wasn’t leaving. She refused to let Ava get away with what she’s doing. Brady, Philip and Chloe were talking to Maggie. Philip received a text from Ava to meet her at the park. The judge told Gwen that Xander had a lawyer in EJ. He didn’t see a problem. She said that EJ dropped him once the money ran out. He didn’t see a problem because he could have a court-appointed attorney. She explained what happened and how he dismissed the case before. She said she would do anything to help Xander. She started unbuttoning her shirt. Xander continued to tell Justin about the plan. He wanted Justin to confront the judge with the tape.

Justin refused to be a part of Xander’s plan. Xander said he didn’t have a choice because it looks like he was involved. Xander told him how it looked like he was involved in the case. Xander told him that his plan could help Bonnie too. Maggie talked to Brady and Chloe about Summer dying. She felt like she was at peace. Maggie told them that Victor said they were back together. Ava met with Philip in the park. She said that she had info about Jake. She said if the information got into the wrong hands, Jake would go to prison for a long time. Philip was impressed with the information Ava had on Jake. He wondered if she was worried about Gabi going to Rafe with the information. Xander continued to convince Justin to work with him. He was sure he could help Bonnie too. He said the judge wouldn’t think twice about giving in. He asked him if he thought it was worth it to see Bonnie put away. He wanted Justin to picture Victor’s face once he told her that Bonnie was set free. Gwen unbuttoned more of her shirt in front of the judge. He said she was a beautiful woman. She confessed that she was attracted to powerful men. She wanted him to find out for himself. She asked him if he wanted to see her and he said he would. She told him that she would sleep with him if he promised to let Xander go. He agreed to her terms. Gwen showed up at the station and told them that the judge agreed to the terms. Philip met with Gabi to tell her that she was fired. Justin went to see the judge and told him to dismiss the cases against Bonnie and Xander. He played the recording of his conversation with Gwen.

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