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[ Upbeat music ]

Thomas: I want to show you something, and see what you think.

Hope: Your latest?

Thomas: Yeah, I stayed up late. I wanted to have something new for you to see. Yeah, I’ll just, no, I’ll start over.

Hope: What, what are you doing?

Thomas: I don’t like it either. Sack it.

Hope: Liar.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Hope: I could see the excitement in your face, when you showed that to me. You’re proud of that design, and you should be.

Thomas: Really?

Hope: I loved it. Seriously, the lines, and the flow of the fabric. I really like the detail here, on the collar. I almost wonder if we could add studs, or maybe even some eyelets, possibly, for that? Um, honestly, I think this is going to be flattering from all angles, and it’s really going to make a statement on the runway.

Paris: Hey. I got your text. What’s so urgent?

Zende: I wanted to see you.

Paris: That’s it? I was in the middle of a meeting.

Zende: The monthly cyber security refresher.

Paris: Yes, a very boring meeting. Possibly, the most boring-est meeting ever. So, thank you. Wow, seems like you’re having a far more productive day than I am. This is new, right?

Zende: My latest. You’re the first person I’ve let see it.

Paris: Wow, I’m flattered.

Zende: I know that you’ll give me your honest opinion.

Paris: This is… what’s the word I’m looking for? Ah, divine.

Zende: Hey!

Paris: Hope is gonna flip out over this. Everyone will. It’s so… fresh, and fun, and vibrant. What?

Zende: I, uh, I can’t really hear you. I see your lips moving, but all I want to do is kiss you.

Paris: So, tell me, mr. Hot shot designer, is there really a company policy about kissing in the office?

Zende: Strictly prohibited, unless I’m the one being kissed and you’re the one doing the kissing. And needless to say, I would never let that affect my opinion of the job you’re doing here, of course.

Paris: Oh, phew.

Zende: Seriously, though, I don’t think you realize how valuable you’ve become to this place, and in such a short amount of time, too. First, to the foundation, and now, with the input you’re giving in hope for the future, no, hope really values your input and design suggestions, and so does thomas. They’re both really impressed with you. But no one is as impressed as I am.

Steffy: What is going on in here?

Thomas: I was showing hope my latest design.

Hope: Your brother worked all through the night, to show me something new.

Steffy: Wow, an all-nighter, huh?

Thomas: Yeah, I was in the zone, you know? I didn’t want to break my creative momentum.

Steffy: You sure that’s all it was?

Thomas: What does that mean?

Steffy: I don’t know, maybe you’re just trying to score some brownie points with hope?

Hope: Well, if he is, it’s working. Take a look.

Steffy: Not bad.

Thomas: Not bad?

Steffy: I’m messing with you. Gosh, you creative types and your egos.

Hope: Well, I think it’s great. And, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Steffy: Same.

Thomas: So, is there anything you want?

Steffy: Oh, you mean, besides wanting my office back?

Hope: Ooh, sorry, we didn’t mean to invade your space. Let’s just go to the design office.

Steffy: No, no. It’s fine, you can stay. I’d actually love to hear what thomas is thinking.

Hope: Well, I mean, I, for one am grateful for all of the hard work and effort he’s put putting into my line, it means a lot.

Steffy: I’m sure. And I’m sure thomas is very committed to you and your success. I’ve been telling everyone…

Thomas: So, how are my niece and nephew? I guess that hayes is probably up and walking around, by now? Doing jumping jacks?

Steffy: No, but if his uncle doesn’t get out to see him anytime soon…

Thomas: I will, okay? It’s just been very busy with work.

Steffy: You know, all work and no play makes you a really… miserable brother.

Thomas: I’m picking up what you’re putting down.

[ Laughing ]

Steffy: I’m just saying, you need to have like, a healthy social life, ’cause you don’T.

Thomas: Wow, okay, you know what? My social life is fine, so, if we’re through with the interrogation…

Steffy: No interrogation here. I just want to know what you’re doing. Are you seeing someone? If you are, what’s she like? I’m just curious.

Hope: Yeah, now I am curious too. Are you seeing someone new?

Thomas: What is this, gang up on thomas?

Zende: Who’s ganging up on you?

Paris: If we are interrupting, we can come back later.

Thomas: Please. Stay. I don’t want them prying more into my love life.

Hope: Hm, someone is full of secrets.

Thomas: Zende, so you were telling me about this amazing sketch you had? It was wonderful and you were really amped about it.

Paris: Yeah, he should be, because it’s just–

Zende: Divine, according to paris.

Steffy: That’s quite the endorsement. So, you really like it?

Zende: Actually, she was my inspiration for it. She gave me some new insight, a fresh perspective on my creative process, that I think will make me a stronger designer, hopefully.

Hope: Wow, that just makes me want to steal you away for myself, but I have a feeling that steffy and ridge won’t allow it.

Steffy: Right, I wish I could loan you, paris. You could be working for hope for the future, working on the forrester foundation, and you could be at my house with my kids, hanging out with me.

Thomas: Seems like steffy likes you.

Paris: Well, I like steffy and finn too. I will treasure the time that I spent there. But, I had to move out and move on.

Thomas: Well, speaking of moving on, I would love to see this divine design that you’ve come up with, and I have a few sketches of my own to show you.

Zende: Sounds good.

Thomas: You coming?

Paris: Me?

Thomas: Yeah, I wanna hear some of this incredible input you got.

Zende: We both would.

Paris: Okay, sure.

Hope: Bye. Paris has been a really wonderful addition.

Steffy: She’s cool, right? It was so nice, getting to know her, when she was staying at my house. But honestly, I think zende is her biggest fan.

Hope: I think he likes her.

Steffy: Oh, he’s into her.

Thomas: Okay. I just, I don’t know about this one. You know, I keep working on it, I keep tweaking it, but nothing seems to help. This one though, I am very happy with.

Zende: Yeah, you should be. It’s classic thomas forrester.

Thomas: I didn’t know there was a classic thomas forrester.

Zende: Of course there is, right, paris?

Paris: Sorry, I’m just thinking about what you said. What if you raised the hemline a few inches, and added a cool, fun jacket in a bold, contrasting color? I really love the amorphous feel of this dress, the way that it falls. Just a few suggestions.

Thomas: You know, you’re right. That could, that could work.

Zende: This is why I love paris’ feedback. She comes at it in a completely different way, than we do as designers.

Thomas: Zende makes a good point. You’ve got a unique perspective. I could see why he’s so taken with you. You’ve always got a keen eye for fashion, but you’re bringing some sort of passion to everything you do. Forrester is lucky to have you. Family is just very important.

Zende: Occasionally, my cousin here gets it right. And this is one of those times. Forrester is lucky to have you, and so am I.

[ Phone dinging ]

Paris: Problem?

Zende: No, just something I have to take care of. Can we wrap this up later?

Thomas: Yeah, sure.

Zende: Shouldn’t be long.

Thomas: Uh, I’m actually glad we’re alone. There’s something that I wanted to say to you.

Steffy: The latest hope for the future sales seem strong. I assume you’ve seem them.

Hope: Uh, yes, and I shared them with thomas earlier too.

Steffy: You two spend a lot of time together, huh?

Hope: Um…well, sure, yeah. He’s a critical part of my team, not to mention, we co-parent douglas.

Steffy: But, I’m sure you don’t just talk about work, and thomas’ son.

Hope: Well, we have been known to talk about hmm, shortcuts to work, the dodgers, whether or not pam should add raspberries to her lemon bars. Why all the questions, steffy?

Steffy: I’m just curious.

Hope: About?

Steffy: My brother, if you picked up on anything.

Hope: Like?

Steffy: Like, if there is a woman thomas is interested in.

Paris: Am I in trouble?

Thomas: No, it’s just, like, zende and hope have been saying. You’ve become an integral part of hope for the future.

Paris: And I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Thomas: Well, me too. But, I do feel like we should clear the air about something.

Paris: Okay.

Thomas: Zoe. The way I used her to try to get to hope, it was wrong. I didn’t treat your sister how she deserves to be treated. I’m sorry for that. I am sorry that I hurt her. I genuinely did care for your sister.

Paris: You just cared about hope more.

[ Scoffing ]

Thomas: I wanted to be with hope. I loved her. I wanted us to have our little family with douglas, you know? But that’s what I wanted. I wasn’t thinking about what she wanted. She’s in love with liam, she wants a family with him, and I, well, I just couldn’t stand that. And so, I did things that I regret. And zoe had to pay the price for my obsession with hope. Fortunately, she was able to, you know, put it behind her and move on. That doesn’t change what I did. That doesn’t change what, I’ll always regret what I did to your sister. I hope you can believe that.

Paris: You know, I do believe that. You know, I have heard the stories, and I realize that you haven’t always been a saint, but neither has my sister. She’s made mistakes. One that I think will haunt her for the rest of her life, to some degree. But… zoe’s changed. She’s completely turned her life around, and from what I can tell, so have you. I see how you are, here at work, the way you treat people, the respect you show them, and I also see how you are with douglas. The love that you give him, the love that he gives you, and it’s beautiful.

Thomas: Douglas is the most important thing in my life. I’d do anything for him.

Paris: I believe that too. You know, my instincts are usually, always, pretty great. And, I’ve got a feeling about you.

Thomas: Well, what do your instincts say about me?

[Music: “I swear”]

Hope: So you’re asking me about thomas’ love life?

Steffy: Is that out of line, for some reason?

Hope: No, not at all, but you heard him, before.

Steffy: Yeah, I heard him change the subject.

Hope: Well, that’s my point. If thomas had opened up to me, then I wouldn’t have been asking him that question to begin with.

Steffy: Yeah, but then he tried to skirt around it.

Hope: Well, I mean, if I knew something, I wouldn’t have asked that question to begin with, so…

Steffy: So, you’re not covering for him?

Hope: Steffy, you want me to swear on a, I don’t know, a stack of fashion magazines that I’m telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Because I am.

Steffy: Fine, I believe you. You know thomas. I just want him to find someone, and given his history, he’s not too lucky with love.

Hope: And you’re concerned about him, potentially, falling back into old patterns, especially with… me. I get it.

Steffy: Yeah. I really want him to move on. And I know that he has a troubled past, but he is a great guy. He is sweet, and he’s kinda handsome, I guess. But he’s charming.

Hope: I don’t disagree, which is why I think it’s only a matter of time, until your brother catches the eye of some lucky lady.

Thomas: Is that a loaded question?

Paris: What my instincts tell me about you?

Thomas: Yeah, I mean you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but I do want you to, so…

Paris: Well, what if you don’t like my answer?

Thomas: Well, you know what, I am a grown up. I’m kinda grown, I’m getting there, I’ll be a grown up. I can be a grown up about this.

Paris: Great, okay. Well, what my instincts tell me about you are… that you’re not all bad.

Thomas: That is a huge vote of confidence.

Paris: I call ’em like I see ’em.

Thomas: Yeah, well, so do I. And, you know, I can see what zende sees in you. Obviously, you’re beautiful. That’s no question, but you also have this incredible energy about you. I can see why finn and steffy didn’t want to let you go.

Paris: Let’s talk about you.& Enough about me.

Thomas: I thought we were talking about me.

Paris: It’s just the way that you were talking about hope, about your history, I just got the feeling that… obviously, you really loved her.

Thomas: And?

Paris: I’m just wondering if it’s difficult for you to work so closely with her. Let alone, you know, being co-parents for douglas. It must be challenging, given the plans that you once had for the three of you.

Thomas: Yeah, it is hard. That’s why I dive into work so much. It keeps me focused. Occupied. Does that make any sense?

Paris: Oh yeah, perfect sense. I totally understand trying to put a lid on feelings and emotions. So, this jacket, what about, maybe, adding a little pointed collars? Some pocket patches, make it a little bit edgier?

Thomas: Yeah, uh, I like it. You are really good. I better watch out. You’re gonna come take my spot on the hope for the future line, right.

Paris: Oh, hardly.

Thomas: All kidding aside, I am glad I get to work more closely with you. You keep me on my toes. That’s good, it’ll make me a better designer, make me a better person. Who knows, maybe I can teach you something, huh? Seriously, it will be nice to work more closely with you, and maybe even get to know you better.

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