Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny walked in on Chad playing chess and Abby reading his script. Johnny asked if she decided to do his movie. Chad said he would back her 100 percent if she wanted to do the movie. She said she would do the movie. Johnny said he needed one more investor. Chad was concerned about how EJ would feel about it. Johnny didn’t think he should let EJ tell him what to do. Rafe couldn’t believe Nicole and EJ were on a date. EJ said they were married before. Nicole said they were catching up. Rafe and EJ argued before Rafe went to his table with Ava. Rafe complained to Ava about EJ being on a date with Nicole. Rafe apologized to Ava. Rafe looked at Nicole. She looked at him too. EJ called Nicole out for looking at Rafe. EJ wanted to go back to the mansion and have the cook make them something. EJ gave Rafe and Ava his bottle of wine. He and Nicole left Julie’s. Abby said acting would be a fun challenge. She said she didn’t want to cause any problems. Johnny said he was making his movie no matter what. Chad said he would fund the movie. Chad and Johnny hugged each other as EJ and Nicole walked in.

EJ was upset about what was going on with Chad and Johnny. He asked if they were crazy. EJ told Chad not to give Johnny any money. Chad said he couldn’t stop him. EJ said he could stop him. When EJ and Chad were about to fight, Abby and Nicole came between them. Johnny asked Chad if he changed his mind about investing. Chad said he wanted to invest. Johnny was excited and left to work on the script. Chad wanted to celebrate with Abby. She said she was tempted but it was too soon for her. She said she didn’t want to rush it. Nicole tried to comfort EJ. He said he didn’t understand why people turned against him. He said he wanted to be a good father to his son. She said he was trying to regain some control after Sami’s affair by telling Johnny and Chad what to do. Nicole told him to lighten up so he didn’t push people away. He said he would think about her advice. Ava wanted to drink the wine EJ left them. Rafe didn’t want the wine. She asked if he was jealous. He said he was concerned about Nicole considering past with EJ. Ava said Nicole could make her own decisions. She said there was nothing they could do about it. He agreed with her and apologized.

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