Days Short Recap Monday, October 4, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ showed up at Basic Black to pick up Nicole for their date. When he noticed the bear, he asked if she still had feelings for Rafe. She denied it. He said he hoped she didn’t because the date was a way to move on. He said to get rid of the bear. He put the bear in the garbage can. When they were on their way out, she took the bear out of the garbage. Rafe thought about seeing Nicole outside of the Brady Pub. Ava showed up and asked him out. EJ and Nicole went to Julie’s Place. Rafe and Ava showed up. Rafe asked if they were having a business dinner. EJ said they were for pleasure. Doug woke up and saw Marlena standing over Julie. He pressed the call button. He got out of his bed to confront Marlena. Before John pressed the play button on the recorder in Marlena’s office, Kayla walked in the room. She told him the recording was protected under doctor/patient confidentiality. He was tempted to listen to it because Doug said Marlena was trying to kill him. Kayla got a call about someone pressing the call button. John and Kayla went to Doug’s room. They found Doug fighting with Marlena. Kayla went to check on Julie. John put Doug back in his bed. Marlena said she saw Doug hit Julie in the head. Doug said that didn’t happen. Julie said she remembered getting Doug something to drink when something hit her head. She said Doug wouldn’t hit her.

Doug told everyone that Marlena hit Julie. Marlena said Doug should be sedated. He said he wanted to protect Julie. Kayla agreed with Doug. When John and Marlena left, Julie said she knew Doug didn’t hit her. Kayla said no one else was in the room. Julie said Marlena was in the room. John asked Marlena why she went to see Doug. He asked if the recording helped her remember something. Marlena said it did and said Doug was more of a threat to Julie than she thought. He said he wanted to kill Julie. John told Marlena that Doug said she tried to kill him. John said he was worried about Doug. Marlena agreed with him. Kayla and Julie showed up. Julie said Marlena was wrong. She said Doug would never hurt her. Marlena said Julie needed to face the truth. She said Doug was a danger to himself and to other people. She said Doug should be committed.

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