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Ben: We really shouldn’t have bought this much stuff in new orleans, babe. I’d have carried you across the threshold but I think I threw my back out coming up the stairs.

Ciara: Well, how many chances do you have to get canned jambalaya and mardi gras beads? And besides that whole threshold business, that’s just a silly tradition. We are home. We are here in our own place. We’re married. We’re married babe. And we have tons of cool memories of our first trip together. That is all that I really want.

Ben: Welcome home, mrs. Weston.

Ciara: Same to you, mr. Weston.

Ben: Here we are, what do we do first? Do we unpack? Or–

Ciara: Well, you know what I want.

Ben: You know what I want.

Both: Cheeseburgers.

Ciara: Yes.

Ben: Yay.

Chanel: [Ahem] Come on, you two. Get a room.

Johnny: So what do you say? You sound like you’re interested and like I said, you would be perfect for it.

Abigail: I’m–

Chad: Hi, perfect for what?

Johnny: No big deal. Just trying to convince your wife to be my grandmother.

Chad: Oh.

John: Yeah, that’s right. Marlena is trying to help you, buddy.

Doug: John, marlena needs our help. She tried to–she– oh, dear god.

John: It’s okay, it’s okay. She tried to what, doug?

Doug: Kill me.

John: Oh, doug. No, no, no. Marlena loves you. She only wants you to get well. Why would she try to kill you?

Doug: Because I know, I–because I–

John: It’s okay, it’s okay. Hold on, hold on. You okay buddy? You all right? Do you want me to call a nurse?

Doug: No, what I want you to do is believe me. Marlena…she wants me dead.

[Eerie off-key notes]


[Scratching, static]

Devil voice: Dear marlena, did you really need to play this tape? I’m so hurt that you’ve already forgotten our little reunion. Allow me to refresh your memory.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

[Soft orchestration]


Tripp: Sorry about that.

Allie: Yeah, didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.

Chanel: Hey, it’s okay. I was joking, but you two might wanna tone down the pda in front of the bakery. We do have our professional reputation to think of.

Tripp: I wouldn’t worry about it, I mean your free samples went like hotcakes.

Chanel: Hot enough for people to pay money for them?

Allie: Oh, definitely.

Tripp: And it is also quitting time. So how about we have a little happy hour to celebrate?

Allie: Yeah, I mean, I have my nanny for another hour. Guess one glass of wine wouldn’t make me an unfit mother, right?

Tripp: Definitely not. Chanel?

Chanel: I– I don’t know.

Allie: Come on. You know what? We can see if the bartender will make us jean michel’s signature aperitif.

Tripp: What–what’s an aperitif? And who’s–who’s jean michel?

Allie: Well, an aperitif is what the french call a cocktail that you have before dinner.

Tripp: Oh, where I come from, they call it beer.

Chanel: And jean michel was a super-hot bartender on the left bank.

Allie: Okay, he wasn’t that hot.

Chanel: Oh, come on–

Allie: Okay, he was super-hot.

Tripp: You two went to paris together?

Allie: Yeah, just for the weekend–anyway this drink was so good that we made him like show us his secret formula. You know, I bet we could get the bartender at our new place to make it.

Chanel: Thanks, but I’m not used to being on my feet all day. I’m gonna close up and go home, watch something on my tablet and get to bed early.

Allie: Come on. It’s the weekend.

Chanel: I don’t know about you horton, but these 4:00 A.M. Wake-up calls are kicking my ass.

Allie: Okay, fine. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. You ready to go?

Tripp: Yeah.

Allie: Bye.

Devil voice: It’s been so long since our spectacular collaboration. I wasn’t sure if we would ever recreate that glory. Luckily, I found the key that opened a path to you in that vulnerable old man. He was the perfect vessel to entice you.

Marlena: Don’t you dare hurt him.

Demon doug: It won’t be me who hurts him. It will be you. Your selfishness. Your choice to protect yourself. Doug be damned so to speak.

Marlena: He doesn’t deserve this.

Demon doug: No, he doesn’T. It doesn’t have to happen. It’s so simple. All you have to do is invite me back into you.

Marlena: I won’T.

Demon doug: Are you sure?

Marlena: Never!

Demon doug: Ha ha ha…

Doug: Aah! Oh…oh…ah–

Devil voice: Ha ha ha. I gave you a choice marlena, and you made the right one. I could have easily killed the old man, but you spared his life by letting me take control. I was so pleased. I envisioned all the havoc we could wreak together. So imagine my disappointment when you turned away from me. When you listened instead to your imbecile of a husband.

John: Hey, come on, doug. You know that’s not true.

Doug: I’m sorry, john. I’m so sorry.

John: That’s–that’s okay. You don’t have to be sorry. You’re just…just a little confused right now.

Doug: Listen to me john, listen. Marlena did try to kill me. And if you won’t believe me, and if you don’t do something to stop her, she’ll try again. Is that what you want for me too? You want me to die? As someone who resembles someone else…

Tripp: So you think that’s gonna live up to jean michel’s signature whatever that is?

Allie: Well, there’s only one way to find out. Ciara.

Ciara: Allie, hi.

Allie: Hi.

Ciara: Hi.

Allie: Oh, my god, I had no idea you guys were home.

Ciara: Yeah, we just got back.

Ben: This lady has been riding the back of a motorcycle for four days, so the least I can do is buy her a drink and a burger.

Ciara: This is my favorite place to go after I come home from a trip.

Tripp: Oh, you came to the right place.

Allie: Yeah, this place has a great happy hour. You guys should join us. If that’s okay with you?

Tripp: Yeah, yeah. It’s fine with me.

Ciara: Yeah, okay.

Ben: Yeah. This is nice.

Ciara: Yeah.

Ben: Allie, what are you drinking over there?

Allie: It is jean michel’s signature aperitif.

Ben: A what, huh?

Tripp: I have gin and tonic

Ben: Okay

Ciara: My personal favorite.

Tripp: I honestly couldn’t tell you what’s in allie’s drink.

Allie: Yeah, we just got them–I think they’re a little short-staffed tonight.

Tripp: Well, you know what, here. Why don’t you take my drink since it’s your favorite.

Ciara: Aww, thank you.

Tripp: And ben and I can go to the bar and grab some more.

Ben: That sounds like a plan.

Allie: So how was the honeymoon?

Ciara: The honeymoon was absolutely perfect.

Allie: Details, details. I wanna hear everything.

Chad: So you want abby to be your grandma?

Johnny: Well, not in real life, but…

Chad: Oh, right. So like it’s a–like a–a film director role play little thingy.

Johnny: In–in a way. Yeah.

Abigail: Stop teasing him.

Chad: What?

Abigail: Johnny wants to make a movie about demonic possession and he wants me to play marlena.

Chad: Really?

Johnny: She’d be great. She’s a natural actress.

Chad: Okay, when did–when did, “the sami brady story” become about demonic possession?

Johnny: Well, since I realized the audiences like a good horror movie and still a “sami brady story” but grandma’s a big part of mom’s story.

Chad: Uh-huh. And like you said, a whole genre is gonna be easier to sell so better investments?

Johnny: You must’ve read my mind. Grandpa roman and lucas have already agreed to put money into my movie. And you’ve been really supportive of this project, so I was thinking maybe–

Chad: Yup, I would love to hear your pitch.

Johnny: Great. I’m still working on getting some storyboards together, but they won’t show what abby can do as an actress.

Chad: No pressure or anything. Well, what do you think about all this?

Abigail: I am not sure.

Johnny: Look, I can see that you guys still need some time to talk. Make up your minds. But I have a working draft of the script if you wanna take a look at it.

Chad: Yup.

Johnny: Great. I have marked the parts that I really want you to read. If you could read it sooner rather than later, I would really appreciate it. I know you’re not gonna be able to turn me down. Now, if you’ll excuse me there’s something I have to do.

Devil voice: Thanks to the cursed power of john’s prayer, you and I were torn apart. You had so graciously invited me in. I was tucked up, warm and cozy. Then that so-called priest had to go and invoke god.

[Intense music]


John: Doug, hey, hey, hey, buddy. Hey, hey, hey, take it easy–take it easy. Getting worked up like this isn’t gonna do you any good.

Doug: I have to convince you. You have to believe me, marlena really wants me dead.

John: Doug, listen to me. Listen to me doug, I want you to–are you listening to me?

Doug: Yeah.

John: Okay, everything’s gonna be okay. Marlena and I, we both love you. We’re really worried about you right now. We’re gonna figure this out. Now, what I’m gonna do right now–listen to me– I’m gonna go get kayla and I’m gonna have her come back here and she’s gonna give you a little something to calm you down.

Doug: No, I don’t wanna be drugged. No, john, please don’t go. Don’t, john. Turns out deb’s constipation with belly pain

Allie: So new orleans is a good place to honeymoon?

Ciara: Oh my god, it’s the best. And my mom and dad really loved it there, so that made it all the more special. Oh my god, allie, it was everything i could’ve wanted in a honeymoon. Except…

Allie: What happened?

Ciara: Nothing. Nothing happened. It’s–okay, so ben and I were camping and we were having the most romantic morning, and I sort of blurted out that I wanted to have a baby.

Allie: What was ben’s reaction?

Ciara: Well, it pretty much killed the romantic mood.

Allie: So he wasn’t super into the idea, huh?

Ciara: To put it mildly, no.

Allie: Well, honestly, I kinda get it. Especially now. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love henry with all my heart, but people are not kidding when they say having a kid changes your entire life. After everything you and ben have been through, I think you guys deserve to have time to just be newlyweds. You know, be free to do whatever you want. Like, are you gonna wanna keep your motorcycle when you have a baby to think of?

Ciara: Yeah, that’s what ben said.

Allie: See, he just wants you all to himself for a little while.

Ciara: Yeah, that’s true. But allie, that’s not all he said.

Ben: So you really don’t even know what’s in allie’s drink, huh?

Tripp: She told me a few ingredients, but I forget now. And I–I think we’re safer with two drafts.

Ben: Gotcha. Cheers.

Tripp: Yeah, let’s go join the girls.

Ben: Hey, tripp, hang on a second. You’re like a real doctor now right?

Tripp: Med student.

Ben: But you treat patients?

Tripp: Yeah.

Ben: Just wondering if maybe you’d be able to answer a little medical question for me?

Tripp: Okay are you–are you sick?

Ben: No, no, no. I mean, not the way you’re thinking. Anyway, the question is, say somebody committed a horrible crime more than once. Is it possible to then pass that evil onto their own child?

Devil voice: As soon as you let me in, I feel you fighting me. But I was certain that in time, you would succumb to my desires. Be my willing instrument once more. Our first effort? Getting rid of that old man. You were a vision holding that pillow over his head. But then john had to say that prayer. Tell that old cronie how much he loved you, and I could feel my grip loosening. And that damned detective had to walk in. Before I could stop it, I’d been cast out. Once again reduced to the outsider looking in, but no more. It’s time for you to let me back in, marlena. I will not allow you to leave me, not when we have so much work to do.

John: Hey, julie.

Julie: You’re not with doug?

John: Well, I just stepped out to find kayla. Doug woke up a few minutes ago, but he’s saying some very strange things.

Julie: Strange? How strange? Just tell me john.

John: He said–he said marlena is trying to kill him.

Julie: What?

John: Yeah.

Julie: Oh my– are you sure?

John: I–I know it doesn’t make any sense, but yes julie. I’m–I’m sure that’s exactly what he said.

Johnny: When I think

of you I feel like I can fly

in my airplane

writing letters in the sky

Chanel: Excuse me.

Johnny: Yes.

Chanel: Giovanni, who you think you are? One of those singing gondoliers or something?

Johnny: I think, I’m a guy who’s come here to woo a beautiful lady. Now, if you don’t mind, can I proceed?

When I think of you

I feel like I can fly

in my airplane

writing letters in the sky

take my rose-holding hand

join my one-man band

we were meant to be

I’ve seen it in a dream you like that? Yeah?

Waking up to you

is all I wanna do

and I just can’t believe

the way I feel for you

so take my rose-holding hand

join my one-man band

we were meant to be

I’ve seen it in a dream I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Chad: I went over the numbers with accounting and if the profit margin stays this solid, then the stockholders are gonna be very, very happy with the annual report.

Abigail: Good.

Chad: Which means my plan to bring a live bull into the meeting is just gonna bring the house down.

Abigail: A bull market, huh?

Chad: Abigail deveraux dimera?

Abigail: What?

Chad: Script must be a real page turner, huh?

Abigail: I get to be a panther.

Chad: Well, I’m guessing they’ll probably just sub a real panther for that, right?

Abigail: Hmm.

Chad: I guess unless–unless johnny doesn’t wanna use cgi.

Abigail: Yeah, and you’re probably right. But I’ve–the scene before, it shows marlena harnessing her panther energy.

Chad: Panther energy?

Abigail: I know this all sounds really out there, but it is my job to make it all sound believable.

Chad: Your–it’s your job? You’re not seriously thinking about doing this. Are you?

Julie: It has to be the medication. It’s making him paranoid. Once the drugs wear off, he’ll know that isn’t true. He’ll know–he knows marlena loves him.

John: I reminded him of that.

Julie: And what did he say?

John: Julie, he just got really upset that I didn’t believe him–that’s why I’m trying to find marlena just to take a look at him.

Julie: Thank you, john. Good. I’ll–I’ll go sit with him.

John: All right, I just hope he’s calmed down a little bit.

Julie: Yes, well, so do I.

Marlena: You can’t make me help me you. I won’t do it, fine.

Devil voice: There’s no use fighting it, my dear. You know I always win in the end. Besides, don’t you remember the fun we had together? And this time I have an even grander agenda. But first, we have to tie up a few loose ends.

Marlena: What loose ends?

Devil voice: That tedious old man is still lying in the hospital, and our little encounter was undoubtedly the most exciting thing that ever happened to him. He’ll be dying to tell anyone who’ll listen. We can’t have that, can we? Now, we all know progressive offers 24/7 protection,

Johnny: We were meant

to be

’cause I’ve seen it

in a dream, yeah

Chanel: Whoo.

Johnny: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Chanel: Okay, so what was that?

Johnny: Well, that was me wooing you. I told you last night, I was gonna serenade you.

Chanel: Hmm, I didn’t know you meant for real.

Johnny: Ideally, you would have been on a balcony with a rose in your teeth, but hey, you can’t have everything.

Chanel: Oh, so there just happened to be a guitar lying around the dimera mansion?

Johnny: There probably is, but no, this one’s mine. For a while, I wanted to be a rock star.

Chanel: Hmm, and when’s that?

Johnny: That was right before I wanted to be a filmmaker and right after I gave up on being an fbi agent.

Chanel: Oh-oh, you just keep reinventing yourself, huh? You sound like me.

Johnny: See, we’re perfect for each other.

Chanel: Although, I don’t know how good you’d be at being a g-man.

Johnny: You kidding me? I would be the best.

Chanel: Or at–or at making movies.

Johnny: I already know what I’m gonna wear to the cannes film festival.

Chanel: Okay, well, but I do know that you could definitely be a rock star. But seriously, I had no idea you could play like that.

Johnny: Oh, what can I say? I’m a man of many talents.

Allie: Ben thinks that he’s going to pass his genes on to your child? Like the ones that made him mentally ill.

Ciara: Yeah, but he doesn’t just think it, he’s convinced of it. And he wasn’t just mentally ill, allie. He killed three people.

Allie: But, ciara, that doesn’t mean that your child is going to do that. I mean, look at henry’s father. And I don’t think that henry is gonna turn out like that. You know, rapist.

Ciara: No, and you shouldn’t be worried because you are an amazing mother and henry is so loved by so many people. And I’ve tried convincing ben that his problem was a father who beat him. Not that he has evil in his genes. I told him that she would be an amazing dad, but what if I can’t convince him? What if he never changes his mind? What if he doesn’t ever wanna have kids with me?

Tripp: So you’re asking me that if you and ciara had a baby–

Ben: Would our kid potentially be mentally ill like I was? I mean, could he end up homicidal?

Tripp: Ben, there’s not a homicidal gene, okay? You can’t pass something like that on to your children. But–but if you committed those crimes when you’re in a psychotic state–

Ben: I was. I’m still taking the medicine to control it.

Tripp: Psychosis can be genetically inherited. Which means your kid would have what they call a genetic predisposition toward having it too.

Ben: So I’m right?

Abigail: Trust me. I was just as surprised as you are that johnny asked me to play the part, but for argument’s sake, what’s so crazy about it?

Chad: Well, I mean, you just got back from–from boston. So maybe it’s–maybe it’s a little bit too soon to be jumping into something that you know absolutely nothing about.

Abigail: I know all kinds of things about it. I’ve seen movies.

Chad: Okay, okay. I’m–I’m gonna say this in–in the nicest way possible. No disrespect, but babe, you can’t act.

Abigail: I can so. I was the lead in, “stop that pancake” in second grade.

Chad: All right, and that prepared you to play a psychiatrist possessed by the devil?

Abigail: Look, johnny doesn’t wanna use real actors. And he thinks I can do it so, thomas and charlotte are gonna be at school. I’ve got time on my hands.

Chad: Well, what about your job at the “spectator”?

Abigail: And like you said, I’ve already been on leave of absence for four months. It’s run smoothly without me. I think it would continue to do so for a little while longer.

Chad: Wow, you’re serious about this aren’t you?

Doug: Oh, julie, thank god. Thank god.

Julie: Yes, I’m here, sweetheart. I’m here. Everything’s gonna be all right. You just a little confused right now.

Doug: Where’s john?

Julie: John went to get kayla ’cause kayla’s gonna know what to do.

Doug: No more–no more drugs, honey. No more drugs. I don’t want them.

Julie: No, sweetheart, the drugs are gonna help ’cause they’ll calm you down.

Doug: No, I don’t want to calm down. I want people who believe me. I want you to believe me.

Julie: I believe you, sweetheart. I believe that you’re having a very, very hard time right now. And it’s important that you understand and that you believe we’re all here for you. We all want you to be well…

Doug: I know but–

Julie: And to be– you’re gonna be fine, darling. I love you so much. You’re gonna be yourself again soon. You are, I know you are. Very soon.

Devil voice: You see, you can’t resist me. And together, we can take care of the old man.

Marlena: No, no, no. I will not hurt doug.

Devil voice: Why do you care so much for a weak old man? I can give you so much more. I can give you the power you know you loved. Well, no matter, I’ll take care of him with or without you.

Marlena: No, no, don’t hurt doug.

Devil voice: There may be another way to get him out of the picture. But only if you back me up. You have a choice to make, marlena. Is it him or me? Shingles?

Allie: I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this and that ben is so worried about passing along his genes.

Ciara: It never even occurred to me that he would.

Allie: What if…

Ciara: What if what?

Allie: I’m just thinking that if ben is so worried about passing his genes along, you guys can adopt.

Ciara: No, yeah, no, we can’t go down that route.

Allie: Why not?

Ciara: Well, think about it. We would have to find an adoption agency that doesn’t mind that the adoptive father used to be a serial killer.

Allie: No, you don’t have to go through an agency. Just hire a lawyer. Yeah, when I was pregnant with henry, I was going to do an open adoption. So I would know everything about the adoptive parents. I mean, you and ben could do the same thing. You could probably even find someone in town and then they would know that ben is not that person anymore. And you would know everything about the birth parents and ben wouldn’t have to worry about his genes at all.

Ciara: You know, that never occurred to me. I know that ben and i would love any baby. No matter if it was biologically ours or not. I just, allie, I hate that he thinks that he’s cursed somehow. It really just breaks my heart, you know?

Allie: I know.

Ben: So you’re telling me, that if ciara and I have a kid, he could potentially end up just like me?

Tripp: He or she could inherit your mental illness, yeah. But it’s also entirely possible they wouldn’T.

Ben: There’s something else you might not know. My sister, she wasn’t right either.

Tripp: There is still no way to predict, okay? Like, look I’m sorry, man. I wish I could tell you something to make you feel better.

Tripp: Hey.

Ciara: Hey, so what were you guys talking about?

Tripp: Actually, we were trying to figure out what was in this french dude’s special drink.

Julie: Oh, my love. I don’t know what is tormenting you so, but there’s no reason to be afraid. You are surrounded by love. I love you. Everyone loves you, including marlena.

Doug: No, not marlena.

Julie: Yes. Yes, marlena, sweetheart.

Doug: You don’t know.

Julie: She just wants you to be well. She–she wants to take care of you.

Doug: You’re my only hope.

Julie: Sweetheart, sweetheart. Please believe me. Marlena is on your side.

Doug: Someone believe me.

Julie: Marlena, marlena is our great friend.

[Intense music]


Woo! You are busy…

Chanel: So any other careers you considered?

Johnny: Well, I went through an astronaut phase and when I was a kid, I wanted to be spongebob.

Chanel: I wanted to be the little mermaid.

Johnny: No way.

Chanel: What? Are you saying I couldn’t be ariel?

Johnny: No, I’m saying your legs are way too good to be covered up in half a fish costume.

Chanel: You are–you’re pretty good at this wooing thing.

Johnny: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Chanel: [Yawn] Sorry.

Johnny: Now, don’t be. Guess that’s the downside of dating a baker. She’s got to be in bed early. But before you go. Yeah, can’t have a romance without flowers. I might have also wanted to be a magician. Good night, chanel.

Abigail: I guess I am serious. You know, I think I would really like to do something outside of my comfort zone. Something that’s just not so me. It would get me out of my head and get me to stop focusing on my problems so much, and I think maybe it would help me get over what happened with the play.

Chad: What play?

Abigail: I told you. Stop the pancake.

Chad: Oh, yeah, right, right, right, in second grade.

Abigail: Yeah. Oh, but it feels like it was yesterday. And I know it seems silly, but I was–I was the lead. I was the pancake, you know, and we were all there. It’s dress rehearsal and I kept forgetting my lines. I just, I could not remember. And mrs. Langer, she recast me, like right then, and right there, you know, in front of the whole class and I just–i just remember feeling like, “oh my gosh, I have to go home.” And my whole family is planning to come, I have to go and tell them that I’m not going to be in the play at all. Oh, my gosh. I’m crying. This is so silly. But I just remember the look on my mom’s face and she was just so disappointed in me and–

Chad: Abby, I’m s–sorry. I–I–I honestly, I had no idea that– that actually happened. Ms. Langer sounds like a–a real bitch.

Abigail: Yeah, yeah, she was and, um… I didn’t forget my lines. I blew her away.

Chad: [Laughing]

Abigail: I was brilliant, see.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: I told you I can act.

Chad: Yeah, all right.

Allie: That was so fun. It was so nice to be out with friends, you know, not have to worry about henry eating his peas, or why he’s crying.

[Henry cries]

Tripp: No, no, no, no, no, you keep enjoying the night, all right? I’ll take care of him.

Allie: Thank you. Careful what you wish for, ciara.

Ciara: You know, I am really glad that we ran into tripp and allie at the bar. That was really fun.

Ben: Yeah, it was.

Ciara: So what did you and tripp really talk about? Babe, I’m the daughter of two cops. You really think I was gonna buy that secret ingredient story?

Ben: It was nothing.

Ciara: Look, I know that you and tripp haven’t always had the best history, but–

Ben: It wasn’t that. I was just asking him his medical opinion, whether or not he thought our baby could end up with my psycho genes.

Ciara: Okay, whoa, first of all, you don’t have psycho genes. And second of all, no one can predict what kind of baby we’ll have, not even a doctor. And I’m sure tripp told you that.

Ben: Well, he did say it was possible that mental illness could be genetic, but you’re right, he couldn’t exactly answer my question.

Ciara: But I think I know who can. Marlena.

Ben: Dr. Evans. I thought you just said, no doctor can tell us how our baby would turn out.

Ciara: Yeah, but maybe she can give you some advice, tell you who to talk to. She’s a therapist, ben, and you guys have a really great relationship. And when it comes to helping people, she always knows exactly what to do.

Julie: Would you like some water sweetheart? I’ll get you a drink. Be right back.

John: Hey, doc, have you seen kay…la? Where–where the hell has she gone?

Julie: Water coming up.

[Eerie off-key notes]

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