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Brooke: Katie, what is this? You’re taking quinn’s side?

Katie: No, no. It’s just that she’s telling the truth for once in her life.

Brooke: That eric wants her to have an affair? There’s no way that’s possible.

Katie: Trust me. It is. Eric is encouraging quinn and carter to be together.

Ridge: No, you wouldn’t do that. You couldn’t do– you would never–

Eric: I would never what? Ask my wife to be with another man? But I did, ridge. Quinn’s back with carter because of me.

Hope: More coffee?

Finn: Sure. You know, I…I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to stay this long. If I’m keeping you from something, feel free to just kick me out anytime.

Hope: No. It’s, uh, it’s totally fine. I mean, you might as well just stick around until steffy and liam get back.

Finn: I’m uh… I’m glad kelly’s spending time with the two of them.

Hope: No, I am too. And I know she loves it. But it is kinda weird, though, right? I mean, my husband and your wife together at the park with their child.

Finn: Yeah. Yeah, it… it is. Tell me about it. Weird is good.

Hope: Very good.


Sheila: A picture? A picture, that’s all a mother gets to have. No communication, not even a phone call. I should be getting to know my son, right now. My grandson. But no. I’m being kept away from them. All because of steffy.

Hope: So, you settling in to all this?

Finn: I mean, I think so. It’s been quite a wild ride jumping into steffy’s world. Or into your world. The forresters, and logans, and spencers and all this crazy history and the backstory.

Hope: I mean, your head must be spinning.

Finn: Yeah. You don’t know half of it. I guess you kind of do. You’ve lived through all the craziness. You’ve survived.

Hope: Barely.

Brooke: I know you like to see the best in people, but in this case, you cannot take quinn at her word.

Katie: Did I say I was trusting quinn? No, no, I don’t trust quinn.

Brooke: Well, you’re believing all of her lies! I thought you were smarter than that.

Katie: Well, this time, she’s not lying. Eric wants quinn to spend time with carter.

Brooke: While he’s at home alone? How did quinn convince you of that?

Katie: She didn’T. Eric did. He’s the one that told me.

Eric: Quinn and carter have my blessing.

Quinn: I was trying to tell you that.

Ridge: I’m not– I don’t– I’m not talking to you.

Eric: Don’t do that, ridge.

Ridge: What possible reason could you have for any of this? What possible reason could you have–

Eric: Do you want me to have to say this out loud to you? To you?

Ridge: So you… you can’T. You’re not able to.

Eric: That’s right. I can’T. It’s not physically possible. Not anymore. If that part of life is over for me, doesn’t mean it has to be over for her. Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Finn: I don’t know the full extent of it, but it sounds like it was quite the roller coaster you and steffy were on. A lot of back and forth to liam.

Hope: Well, there is A… a lot of history there and he has loved us both, and that’s the reality and I’ve come to accept that. But honestly, it helps knowing that steffy is happily married to you, so thank you finn, for getting us all off that merry-go-round.

Finn: My pleasure. Seriously, I’m so glad I met steffy, and falling for her, and having hayes, and getting marrieD. It just… kind of feels like the pieces are falling together for me.

Hope: Life has a way of working out.

Finn: Right? And then I finally met my birth motheR. Well, yeah. I mean, that hasn’t exactly worked out, but I just… you know what I mean. Things are happening for me.

Hope: Well, some things are better than others. I mean, of all people to have given birth to you… sheila carter.

Keith: Three more nights, or just two?

Sheila: Keith, are you trying to get rid of me? Every time I see you, you’re always asking me this.

Keith: No, no. It’s just, there’s a convention coming to town this week, and people who spend all day in boring seminars tend to let loose in the hotel bar after. Spending money. Whereas you… three more nights it is. Take it your date went well.

Sheila: Actually it– it wasn’t a date. I got to meet my grandson for the first time.

Keith: Congrats.

Sheila: Yeah. You’re always asking when I’m gonna be checking out. I’m not going anywhere. Not until I see my son and my beautiful grandson again.

Brooke: I felt bad for eric before. But now, knowing that he’s encouraging this…

Katie: He thinks it shows how much he cares for quinn.

Brooke: God, what is wrong with quinn? Can’t she see that this is a cry for help?

Katie: I… I don’t know, we knew she was selfish, but this is just– it’s beyond.

Brooke: Eric made it seem like he was okay with it?

Katie: He tried. But he’s hurting, brooke. I can tell that he’s hurting so bad.

Ridge: Huh. What has this woman done to you?

Eric: Ridge, are you listening to me?

Ridge: I’m listening.

Eric: Look, it’s not quinn, it’s me–

Ridge: I always listen to you, dad. I listen. Can you listen to me for one moment? This woman has played you from day one. And she’s getting so good at it now, that she’s convinced you that she should be in another man’s bed. So, listen to this, dad. What we need is change. Starting with this thing. That hideous portrait. Get it off the wall. Get her out of here. How do you do that? How do you go after a vulnerable man? How do– I know, I know. Of course, because you want everything, don’t you? You want the big house. You want the picture over the fire place, you want the forrester lifestyle. But you also want to be in carter’s bed. You know what? Game over. Take your stuff and get out, now!

Eric: That’s enough, ridge. That’s enough! Quinn’s not going anywhere. My nunormal?

Sheila: My son, my grandson, why not just go see them, you’re probably wondering. But my son’s wife won’t allow it. I’ve tried my best with her and she just wants to make me out to be some sort of a villain.

Keith: I’m sorry to hear it. I should probably get back to it. It doesn’t hurt to reach out.

Sheila: Excuse me?

Keith: To your son. Don’t involve his wife, deal with just him. Text him, tell him how you feel. Maybe he’s feeling the same.

Finn: I fantasized about meeting her my whole life. The woman who carried me, gave me life. My birth mother! And then, enemy number one to my bride’s family. Not… not something I was expecting.

Hope: Well, but, you understand though. Right? I mean, after hearing everything that she’s done.

Finn: Yeah, I get it. I have to keep her away from steffy and hayes. And that means keeping her away from myself too.

Hope: Has she tried reaching out? I mean, have you talked to her since? No judgment here.

[Phone chiming] Is something wrong?

Finn: It’s her.

Hope: Sheila?

Brooke: So, what do we do? How do we help eric?

Katie: I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and my gut tells me that it’s not ridge’s strategy. We can’t make it seem like we’re attacking eric.

Brooke: Ridge is just worried. Understandably.

Katie: Sure, absolutely. But he’s gotta understand that this is personal for eric, he’S… he’s embarrassed.

Brooke: Eric needs guidance. He needs people around him that care about him. Not quinn.

Ridge: Dad, she’s playing you.

Eric: Leave my wife alone, ridge.

Quinn: I think it’s clear who needs to leave.

Ridge: I’m not going anywhere. You think I’m gonna leave you with him? So you can keep toying with him? No!

Eric: Is that what you think is going on here? That I’m this pitiful man that needs to be protected by you?

Ridge: That’s not what I said.

Eric: That’s what you mean! You think I’m so weak standing here. So decrepit. Do you know how much strength it took for me to ask her to do this? I’m doing the best I can here. I’ve lived in this house a long time. With many other people. But quinn brings to me what I need now. I need her. I need her companionship. And she needs more than that. That she can get with carter.

Ridge: You need to stop this, dad.

Eric: I wish I could. I hope it never happens to you. I hope you never get to the point in your life when you fear… being alone. As much as I fear it now. I hope that never happens to you. Super emma just about sleeps in her cape.

Sheila: The question is will you respond? That’s my boy.

Finn: “Finn, it’s your mother. I just had to tell you I mean you no harm. Seeing you, holding hayes, I had a powerful sensation in my whole body that i need to be with you. I need to know you and my precious grandson. I’m just a mother and a grandmother who wants to be a part of her son and grandson’s lives. Never doubt how much I love you. Mom.”

Hope: Wow.

Finn: Yeah.

Hope: How, um, how do you feel?

Finn: That my priority is with steffy and hayes. It has to be. That’s the way it has to be, because, you know, there’s no room in my life for sheila. Even if she has changed, which I hope she has. There’s just, you know, there’s too much history to overcome.

Hope: Are you trying to convince me, or to convince yourself?

Finn: I mean, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I wanted to get to know her. Hear stories. Have an understanding of why she let me go. But I have so much more that I want to ask. This woman’s a part of me. And all I know is the worst part. The crimes. I mean, that can’t be all there is to my mother. I should say my birth mother. Because I have a mother and no matter what sheila is in my life, she is in it or she’s not, she will never replace my mom.

Hope: And yet…

Finn: I want more than this. More than unanswered questions. I want to know sheila. Steffy, she won’t have it. And I get that, I understand that. But the feelings… they’re there.

Hope: It will work out, finn. It will all work out.

Brooke: I’m just glad eric has a neighbour he can lean on.

Katie: Of course. I’ll always be there for him.

Brooke: Good. Because he needs you, katie. He does.

Ridge: What happened to you? What’S… you’ve lost your dignity.

Quinn: How dare you? My husband has more dignity than you ever will.

Eric: Quinn, it’s okay.

Quinn: No, he can’t just stand here and berate you like that.

Ridge: He’s being conned by– I’m not taking anything away, you’re really good at it. But he… he is so concerned with pleasing you, that he doesn’t even see the pain you’re causing him.

Eric: I don’t see the pain? Do you know how much this hurts? This breaks my heart. Look, carter’s a good man.

Ridge: Carter’s not– okay–

Eric: This is my decision!

Ridge: I don’t accept your decision! This is wrong. You know it’s wrong. And you know it’s wrong. But you know what you want, so you’re gonna keep going. You need to leave.

Eric: What, like you left? Like you left and… thorne. And kristen, and felicia, and rick, and bridget. Bridget… they all left, ridge. Brooke left. Donna left. Stephanie’s gone. Heh. Stephanie. I don’t want to be alone in this house. You hear that? Listen. That’s what it’s like to live here. There’s no footsteps. There’s no running up and down the stairs. There’s no laughter. There’s no talk. There’s no hearing me play the piano. And there’s no one to listen when I have something I want to say. When I told quinn to get out, she left and I… I remembered what it’s like to be alone in here. So, I asked her to come back. And she did. We love each other. She fills my heart, she drives away that dreaded emptiness that I felt in my heart, in my home. This is what I want. This is my house. This is my life. I will not be alone.

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