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Oh, I hope what the hell is this? You barge into my house, and you try to intimidate me with your goons? You see, your problem is your sense of entitlement. You think you can take anything anytime you want. Sonny, I don’t have any idea what you are talking about. You are lucky that I didn’t come home a day later, ’cause i wouldn’t have stopped until you were dead. What’s up? You both got texts. Is it joss? Yeah. Something going on? You tell me. How much did nina tell you about her life in nixon falls? Enough to confirm that she knew that sonny was alive and well the whole time, and she didn’t tell me or sonny’s family. Why, is there more? What else is nina keeping from me? What could be worse than keeping my husband from me, jax? Maxie: Nina. Hi. Thank you for finally answering my texts. I must have sent you like a gazillion. 22. I’m sorry, maxie. I did. I silenced my phone. I just didn’t want any interruptions. I was with wiley, and my time with him is beyond precious right now. I take it carly found you? That she did. And if carly has her way, which she usually does, I’ll never see my grandson again. You’re outside? The brisk night air makes me feel alive.

[ Sighs ] Well, you know…

[Chuckles] We city folk don’t understand you mountain folk, because, you know, we got the sense god gave a goose. When it gets cold, we go inside. Says the man who fell to earth. How you feeling? I’m indestructible. Glad to hear it. And I’m glad that you called. You have news concerning the lawsuit contesting edward’s will? Yeah, yeah, I knew the quartermaine lawyers were going to try and pull one in pre-trial, so I-I swatted them like horseflies. You are on the docket. Cool. Two weeks, you’ll be in court. Fantastic. And the letter that chase found from edward’s lawyer, uh, will prove that it was edward’s intent to include my father in the will. Yeah, they — they tried to block it from being put into evidence. But they failed, because, you know, edward died before jimmy lee holt was put into the will. So we have to prove that was edward’s intent. And my father will finally be recognized as a quartermaine. Yes, and if we win, you will get your proper elq shares. However, we are dealing with the quartermaines. So before we start doing the jig, know that with them, always expect… …the unexpected. Ned: Unacceptable! There’s always more we can do. So I suggest you and our overpriced legal team pull an all-nighter and come up with at least five more strategies. I’ll look forward to hearing them all tomorrow morning. Good night, candace. There you are. Ah, there you are. Ah. Ah, I’m so happy to be home. You may not feel that way when I’m through with you. No reply? Your victory speaks for itself? Although I suppose it’s a rather hollow victory, isn’t it? You may have blown up my marriage, but I can go anywhere I want to in the world. And you can’t even get out of that chair. You are all trespassing on my property, and I want you out of here now! With everything going on in my life, I don’t need this right now. But I am not leaving here until we have an understanding.

You’re right, carly. Nina keeping sonny from you was inexcusable. But that’s really all that needs to be said about it. You dodged a bullet, okay? Be grateful, because nina would destroy your life. Alright, yeah.

[ Door opens ] Mom. Did jason find you? Carly: Yes. I’m so sorry I worried you. No. No, I-I wasn’t worried. In fact, I feel bad about meddling. I know that you always say jason’s the best at making you think things through. He is, and I’m glad that you felt you could reach out to him, okay? Yeah. Did mom tell you about nina? How she knew that sonny’s been alive for months? Yeah, I was pretty surprised when I found out. Look, dad, I know that you really cared about nina. But lying to everyone for all those months, leaving us here to think that sonny was dead when he wasn’t — I mean, I don’t even understand how she’s capable of doing something like that. This woman gave me a graduation present. Well, sometimes unhappy people do desperate things. Yeah, okay. Hey. Hey. I hope that I didn’t make a mistake bringing maxie over and dumping that on you after everything else. It’s just been one shock after the other. I’m sure your head is spinning. Listen to me. I am grateful. You did the right thing. I prefer to know the truth. I just wish that he had come back one day earlier, before the wedding, before everything else. Yeah, me, too. Are you guys fighting again? I am so sorry, nina. I tried to avoid telling carly, but josslyn could tell I was holding something back. No, I understand. I do. You were under a lot of pressure, and josslyn’s a lot like her mother in that respect. She won’t take no for an answer. No, she won’T. And once josslyn set things in motion, I realized that if I was carly, I would want to know, and I didn’t really have the right not to tell her. It’s fine. It’s fine. I knew it was only a matter of time before carly found out. Okay, well, I-I didn’t tell her everything. I didn’t even mention a hint of romance between you and sonny. Yeah. I actually don’t think that she knows. And she was already breathing fire when she yelled at me, and god knows I wasn’t going to fill her in on the details. I — I think that it is sonny’s job to tell carly what happened between us. Why do you think sonny hasn’t mentioned it to carly already? Well? Start talking. You know, I can’t think of anything I’ve done to upset you. Not me. Olivia. Oh. I definitely noticed an uptick in slamming doors lately. What did you do? Why do you assume I am to blame? Aren’t you supposed to be on my side? I am. Consider this a little tough love. Look, dad, I don’t want you to be a jerk to olivia and — and lose her again. I thought you guys were doing better, you know, on the road to reconciliation. So did I. But after leo ran off in the hospital and austin found him, things have changed. Changed how? Okay, I only bring this up because a child’s life could be affected. So, austin said — who cares what austin said? I knew this guy would cause trouble. As stimulating as this conversation is, I really do have to go. Oh, good luck with that whole “blinking in morse code” thing. I’m so glad you’re alive. I used to wish you were dead. But this is so much better. Goodbye, ryan. Esme. W-what are you doing here? So what? It’s a photo of esme meeting my uncle sonny. Scroll down. Joss said that esme spoke to mr. Corinthos for a bit, and afterwards, when he left, he wasn’t happy. And now here he is. Looking for your dad with two scary-looking dudes. Why are you in my house issuing threats? Oh, it’s — it’s not a-a threat. It’s a promise. You and ava aren’t taking avery from me, and if you try, you will pay. Maybe whatever happened to you while you were away is having an effect, but you are not making any sense. It doesn’t matter where I was or what happened to me. And I’m glad I got here in time to hear about your plans to run off with ava and avery. That was months ago. Uh — no, ava refused to leave. Why are you bringing that up now? I heard about the plane tickets from spencer’s girlfriend! You’re saying esme told you about this? No, she must have got something wrong. Let me go get spencer.No, no, you got it all wrong. Running away is a pattern with you. Always has been. But let me tell you something. You and ava are not taking avery from me. She’s staying here. And I’m going to make sure of it.

I am confused. You just told me that the letter was entered into evidence, and the quartermaines set up a bunch of road blocks, but you plowed right through them. So what is it that they can do? It’s up to the court at this point, no? Yeah, but the — the quartermaines have a lot of influence in this town, a-and they like to throw that weight around to get what they want. I don’t know about that. I’ve spent a little bit of time with both michael and ned, and I find them both to be pretty reasonable men. Reasonable? Yeah. Michael handed over the letter. Don’t forget that. And I have every confidence that both he and — he and ned are going to come around in the end. Listen, I-I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I’ve dealt with the quartermaines for a long, long time. They are a tricky bunch. They are very stubborn, and they’re very devious. And they learned that from old edward himself. I can be stubborn, too. And I can be very convincing when I’m right. In fact, the other day, I had a conversation with ned. And I think I got through to him. This isn’t about austin. It’s about leo. What does austin have to do with leo? That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Fine. Proceed. So, austin noticed some of leo’s behaviors and spoke to me about them as a medical professional. He was concerned and thought that leo could benefit from seeing a specialist. Specialist? For what? To see if leo is on the autism spectrum. Mrs. Cassadine. Hi. I didn’t expect to see you here. Likewise. I’m hoping to speak to someone about possibly interning here. Uh, at spring ridge? I’m very interested in psychology. Um, spence and I are auditing some classes at pcu, and I thought some, uh, real-world experience would be good. Wow. Well, you would certainly be diving into the deep end.

[ Chuckles ] Well, yes. It is a prison, but it’s minimum security, and there are some unusual cases here. I sincerely hope you don’t mean ryan chamberlain. Oh! That’s right. Uh, he was your fiancé once. You need to stay far away from him, do you hear me? But my understanding is he’s locked in. Uh… he can only blink. So, y-you know about his condition? Everyone does. I-it’s very fascinating.

[ Chuckles ] And he’s hardly a threat. Ryan chamberlain is always a threat. As long as he can communicate, even by blinking, he can mess with your head. I had no idea. Well, you do now. Consider yourself warned. What makes you think spence’s dad is going to bora bora? Well, I was — I was talking to trina, and she said she booked two first-class tickets for mr. Cassadine and ava. You know, to celebrate calling off their divorce. Ava: I have to go. Excuse me. Ava! Um… may I call you ava? I just want to say I’m really happy for you. Why? I hear bora bora is beautiful. Uh, technically, I guess I’m — I’m going to an island, but not bora bora. Why did you think I was going there? Sonny made it very, very clear that he didn’t owe me an explanation, that his loyalty and his priority is with his family. Wait, you saw sonny? I thought we agreed you were going to let him settle back in with carly and let the dust clear. No, we did agree that, and I intended to do that. Uh, I went to the cemetery to see j, and… I ran into sonny looking at his grave site. Oh, how’d that go? He said to me that mike didn’t exist, so what we had wasn’t real. Okay, nina, sonny is going to go back to his old life. I know that. My head understands that. But my heart is confused. It’s just painful. You’re probably not the only one who’s confused. Sonny can’t pretend that his time with you wasn’t real. I mean, he has to care for you on some level. Which is probably why he didn’t tell carly about the two of you. Sonny might not want to admit it, but he’s protecting you.

[ Grunts ] You’re making a mistake! Let him go! Uncle sonny, stop this. Spencer, it doesn’t concern you. Of course it concerns me. He’s my father. What is going on here? Sonny is not in his right mind. He thinks that ava and i are running away with avery. You’re mistaken. F-father and ava are leaving. They’re not taking avery. I-it’s funny, ’cause he was — he claimed he wasn’t leaving.

[ Laughs ] I wasn’t! We — we aren’T. I don’t have any idea where any of this is coming from. Shut up. Stop lying. Let’s go. Get him outta here. No, no, no! Wait! Okay, spencer, your — your dad and I, we’re just going to have a little conversation. That’s all. Just show him the tickets, and he’s going to see that avery wasn’t going with you guys. There are no tickets. Okay, but cam said that you guys were already on your way — look, we lied about the tickets!We’re so, so sorry!

Nd sonnyhave never really gotten along, but we’re really happy that he’s alive and well. No, I’m really happy that he’s alive, too, sweetheart. Hey. Your father and I are always going to be there for you, no matter what’s going on, okay? You know that. Yeah, mom, I know. I’ve been hearing that my whole life. But I am old enough now to realize when there’s tension between the two of you. And whether you like it or not, it affects me. Okay. You know what? You’re — you’re right. Your mother and i were discussing sonny. Discussing him? How? Uh, when I suspected that sonny might be in nixon falls, I went there myself to check it out. And that’s when I confronted nina, and she confessed to everything. And then after sonny was in the fire, he got his memory back, and that’s when I-I offered him my jet to — to take him home. Well, good. Thank you. But why is there tension over that? Because your mother feels that if I would have told her about my hunch that sonny was alive, that she would have postponed the wedding to jason. Right? And I’m trying to understand why your father kept his hunch to himself. Right? Well… isn’t it better with it all out in the open?

[ Sighs ] Uh, he hasn’t told carly because he hasn’t had a chance, you know? He’s busy — no, really. He’s busy reconnecting with her and his family. I don’t know. I know. If he’s protecting anyone, he’s protecting carly. He knows her anger, and he probably doesn’t want it getting the best of her. Seriously. Don’t give me that look. I can see — okay. Austin: Hello again. Hi! Hi. Austin, uh, this is nina, my sister-in-law. Nina, this is austin, the doctor who helped deliver louise. Mm. Nice to meet you. Well, it’s an honor to meet you, and thank you for helping out my beautiful sister-in-law and her baby. It was a pleasure. I only wish I could have done more to keep them both safe. Are you kidding? You kept them alive, and I will forever be grateful that you were there that night. Yeah, me, too. You know, your sister-in-law, she’s kind of a superhero.

[ Sighs ] She gave birth, and then like moments later, she’s running through the woods, baby in arms. She’s feisty. Ooh. You’re feisty. He’s only saying that because I yelled at him. I was in pain, and he called me ma’am. I am truly sorry for that. But I’ve learned my lesson, miss maxie. It will never happen again. I promise.

[ Chuckles ] Austin claimed leo is autistic? No, no, just — no, he was careful not to offer a diagnosis. That’s what the specialist would do. Uh, because that’s a specialist’s job, not austin’S. Okay — uh, austin’s not even leo’s doctor. I mean, it’s a good thing, because he obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Has — has leo’s pediatrician said anything? No. And you went to olivia with this nonsense. That’s why you guys are on the outs. It’s not nonsense. I’ve done a little research on my own, okay? And I’m still, you know, learning the correct terminology, but I think leo is exhibiting some signs. Like what?

[ Sighs ] Well, like have you ever noticed how hard it is to get leo’s attention, especially when he’s focused on a toy? So the kid has a good attention span. That’s — that’s a reason to worry? He rarely makes eye contact. He’s shy, dad. Well, that’s what olivia says. But what if we’re missing something, okay? What if leo just sees the world differently than we do? Shouldn’t we know that? Shouldn’t we give him what he needs? What leo needs is for you to stop falling for austin’s mind games. Somebody has to start talking. There were no tickets. It was part of our plan. We were just trying to catch esme and spencer. Well, it was more like my plan. But we had no idea that esme — but I never meant for any of this to happen. Oh, so you tricked me? It was for your own good. Okay, okay. Take a breath, alright? Start again. Cam, joss, and I — josslyn was in on this?

[ Sighs ] We told esme and spencer that ava asked me to get them tickets to bora bora, so they’d think that nikolas and ava ran away together. But we never said avery was going with them. Esme made that up. Aren’t you guys too old for pranks? Mr. Corinthos, this wasn’t a prank. We were trying to prove that esme and spencer were behind ava’s stalking. We’ve been down that road. Spencer couldn’t have been ava’s stalker. You guys were at the party. I’m disappointed in both of you and josslyn, as well. You both owe spencer and all of us an apology. I’ll be speaking to your parents about this. And I’ll also take an apology from you, sonny. Or if you’re not man enough, you can just get the hell out of my house. Don’t press your luck. It’s not luck. You were wrong. Okay, stop. That’s enough. I’m the one who owes everyone an apology. They were right. I did it.

It ever occur to youthat austin might be trying to split your focus, you know, cause a rift in the family? Think about it, dad. If you’re busy worrying about leo, maybe you’ll drop the ball on austin’s case. I am not dropping anything. I have navigated takeovers and tricky mergers under far worse conditions. Oh, just like michael navigated a-a takeover while he was busy fighting for custody of wiley? Oh, wait, he didn’T. That was you who was in charge when valentin became ceo. Austin is no valentin cassadine. Yes, he may be trying to sneak in through the back door, but he is not using leo to do it. Really? Am I concerned about leo? Yes. Is he my priority? Yes. But I am handling this lawsuit. Speaking of which, how’s that going, by the way, hmm? Well, I just spoke to candace, our head attorney, on the phone, and a court date has been set. Wow. So austin is actually making progress. Uh, nothing is a done deal.

[ Sighs ] But this court battle is a completely separate thing than leo’s health. You sure about that? Because austin doesn’t seem to be. Brook lynn? What? Be honest with me. We have all seen how leo is completely antisocial. I mean, he doesn’t really have any friends. He prefers to play by himself. So do a lot of kids. It doesn’t mean he has autism. Agreed. But it can’t hurt to have him just checked out. I just don’t think austin is making things up. Right. He’s just distorting what he observed over a whopping 20 minutes with leo just to frighten and scare you, and distract you, might I add. Austin doesn’t care about leo, dad. He only cares about number one. Alright, I need to get going, okay? It’s been a really, really long day. Thank you for the conversation. Are you sure you don’t want to talk more? Yeah, I don’t want to talk anymore, okay? How about this? How about I call you in the morning? And I really want to see james, alright? Nice meeting you. Likewise.

[ Clicks tongue ] Oh, oh. Well, look who’s back in town. Hi, scott. Ugh, hi to you, too. Now, why did you go get your aunt involved with peter august? He was blackmailing you. Now liesl is god knows where. Uh, I was gassed and chucked out of a plane like a sack of potatoes. I-I didn’t mean to put aunt liesl in danger. I just asked for help. The plan was her idea. Well, it may have been, but peter august found out. Now she’s in danger. I just — I just keep telling myself that my aunt is more than capable of taking care of herself. No. No, no, no, no. See, she doesn’t have do that, because I’m in charge now, and I’m going to find her. Do you mind if I join you? With your ex lurking out there somewhere, you might not want to be alone. Okay, I don’t want to take advantage of your chivalry under false pretenses, so you should know there are two plainclothes cops outside keeping an eye out for peter. No kidding. Oh, but just because I don’t need you to guard me doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy your company.

And every now and then, you smile I’m sorry. Uh, trina wasn’t supposed to say anything, was she? I get it. You and nikolas want to keep it secret. But, I mean, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m, uh, practically family. I don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about. You, uh, leaving town? What about it? You know, I probably got it wrong. I can be so ditzy sometimes. Just, uh, forget I said anything. Yes. Well… goodbye. I’m really glad that I ran into you. You know, I’m only at dad’s to pick up my laundry. I’m pretty sure your dad only installed that washer and dryer just to lure you here. It’s very possible. Well, you could call me spoiled, or you could say that by bringing my laundry here, I am freeing the machines near the dorms for students who don’t have family within a 5-mile radius. That’s my girl. Mm. Are you going back to the dorm tonight? Yeah. Cam, trina, and I, we’re… working on a project. Spencer, you don’t have to say anything. Just stay out of it. No, no. Let him talk. I was the stalker. The reason I knew about ava getting the cockroach for valentine’s day wasn’t because I found it online. It was because I sent it to her. And the bear and the creepy letters and the vandalism to the art studio. I’m sorry, trina. Spencer… I wanted ava out of our lives. I mean, she already betrayed me once when I needed her to testify against valentin. How could I ever trust her after that? How could we ever trust her after that?! I mean, really?

[ Cellphone ringing ] The night of your party, ava’s car was set on fire. It couldn’t have been you. That was esme.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] The grounds are all secure. Great. We’re going out. But dr. Quartermaine said we all get dessert. I’ll buy you a cookie. We’ll call bailey’s nanny on the way. Here, you drive. Leo. Hey. Kind of late for you to be up playing, isn’t it? What’s the matter? Leo? Can’t sleep? Jax: You know, it was the pasta sauce that trina gave you and your reaction that tipped me off. Plus, I thought I saw sonny nixon falls right after I was shot. You did? Yeah, and, uh, well, nina — nina convinced me that I was dreaming. Wait, she lied to you after you got shot trying to protect her? I — god. I cannot believe nina. God, this is so twisted. I-I don’t think she was acting out of malice. No, who cares why she did it? We spent nine months thinking sonny was dead when he wasn’T. No, you’re right. You’re right. What nina did was unforgivable. So does this mean you’re over her? For good this time? I’m really glad that you and my aunt found each other. I really missed a lot being in nixon falls. Yeah, with sonny. Maxie explained it all to me, how peter august was blackmailing you. Great. So you think I’m horrible, too, keeping sonny away from his family all this time. No, no, no. I-I — hey. I don’t judge anyone. I just felt that it was much more enjoyable in port charles without sonny corinthos. I wish you would have kept him in that podunk town. We’d all be better off. Well, obviously, scott, not everyone feels that way. Sonny, he’s a really good guy, and he was missed. And his loved ones are thrilled to have him back. Ohh. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for him, too. Esme torched ava’s car? Only because I told her to. She went along with my plans out of a sense of loyalty to me. It was my idea. I’m responsible. Just me. You know, I heard about that bear with ryan’s voice. You — you left it for avery? It was — it was never my intention to scare her. I was trying to scare ava. Yeah, but you used my daughter. Your cousin. You implied that there was a threat. Yeah, but — but there wasn’T. Alright. You know what? I’m gonna — I’ll — I’ll take this up with you later. And, hey. We’re done for now. I’ll, um — I’ll give you guys some privacy. I just saw mr. Corinthos and his men leave. I thought he’d still be mad, but he just said, “thanks, trina.” Why do you look so unhappy? Spencer confessed. Wasn’t that the plan? Yeah, but didn’t you see the look on his face? How could I be happy about that? Yeah. It’s seriously messed up. We should tell joss, and we should also leave. No. Not until she gets here. Dad. Say something. Please.

U were terrified the nightthat louise was born. I remember. And I believe that you were terrified when you found out that peter had been spotted. And from what I’ve come to learn about peter august, y-you have every right to be terrified. And yet here you are, living your life, in spite of everything that’s happened. You have real courage, maxie. Don’t give me too much credit. I was terrified that peter would come back for me somehow. But now that I’ve had time to think and prepare my mind, I assure you, if he comes for me, he won’t get the best of me this time.

[ Sighs ] Have a seat. Order whatever kind of dessert you think monica would like. Brook lynn! Isn’t it a little late for deception business? Stay out of my family’s business. You are my family.

[ Chuckles ] I know what you’re up to, and it’s not going to work. Um, brook lynn? I think at this point, it’s up to the courts to decide that. This isn’t about your lawsuit. Stop trying to use leo to distract my father. I would never use a child. Ever. I just want what’s best for leo. Well, leo is none of your concern. You might have quartermaine dna, but you are not family. Far from it. You know, sometimes I have trouble sleeping. But I have to keep trying, because I have to get up and go to work in the morning, just like you have to get up and go to school, right? I want to play. I know you do. But you need your sleep. We all do. Hey, why did you get out of bed? Did you have a bad dream?

[ Humming ] Leo? You can tell me. What’s the matter? Leo. Leo. Sorry about the delay. Thought ava would never leave. You want me to say something? And what would that be? Spencer, you hated me because I left you. And then you wind up causing ava to do the same thing to her little girl?! And for what?! There was no threat! We were happy. We were building a life. We were building a family together, and we would have let you into all of that. So why? Why would you do this? Do you hate me that much? No, fa– no, father, I don’t hate you. Okay, then please tell me that this is a horrible mistake and that none of this is true! What isn’t true? Scott, really? Well, now, you’re not the first girl that has fallen for sonny’s dimples, slicked-back hair. He’s bad news. I’m going to leave it at that. You’re wrong about sonny. And you’re wrong about me. Here. Why are you giving me this? Why are you giving me your card? Because sonny is very, very dangerous. And you know who’s more dangerous? Carly. So, you’re going to have two courses of action. One would be legal. The other would be…

[ Squelching ] Yeah. Watch out.

[ Door closes ]

[ Footsteps ]

[ Sonny sighs ] You started without me? Yeah.

[ Sighs ] I got your text about dr. Sullivan. How’d it go? He got me — got me back on my old prescription. And he says I’m doing well. That’s good. Something on your mind? Not something. Someone. Nina.

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